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$0 - $123k in 60 Days Dropshipping CHALLENGE | Shopify 2021

Published on: December 8 2022 by Ac Hampton

- In recent years, dropshipping has become an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to start their own online businesses.

- One of the biggest appeals of dropshipping is the potential for high profits with relatively low overhead costs.

- In this article, we will discuss a specific dropshipping challenge that promises to generate $123k in 60 days using Shopify.

The Challenge:

- The challenge is called the 0 123k in 60 Days Dropshipping CHALLENGE Shopify 2021 and is run by a group of successful dropshippers.

- The premise of the challenge is to start a new dropshipping store from scratch and generate $123k in sales within 60 days.

- Participants are given access to training materials, support from the group, and a set of guidelines to follow.


- The challenge requires participants to use Shopify as their platform of choice.

- Participants must find and sell products with a minimum profit margin of 25%.

- Advertising must be done through Facebook and Instagram ads.

- Participants must adhere to strict budget limits for advertising and overhead costs.

Tips for Success:

- Find a niche market with high demand and low competition.

- Conduct thorough research on potential products and suppliers.

- Create a visually appealing and user-friendly website.

- Invest in high-quality advertising and constantly monitor and adjust campaigns.

- Build a strong social media presence and engage with customers.

- The 0 123k in 60 Days Dropshipping CHALLENGE Shopify 2021 is a unique opportunity for aspiring dropshippers to test their skills and potentially earn a significant profit.

- While the challenge requires hard work and dedication, following the guidelines and implementing successful strategies can lead to a successful dropshipping business.

- With the right mindset and approach, dropshipping can be a lucrative and fulfilling career path.

$0 - $123k in 60 Days Dropshipping CHALLENGE | Shopify 2021

Hey, what's up Supreme family! I'm back with another banger. It's officially Q4, and as we all know, this is the most profitable time of the year for ecommerce entrepreneurs. In this video, I'm going to share the exact steps I took to generate over $123,000 in less than 60 days.

Revenue and Profit:

- Generated around $122,000 from August 1st to October 1st, 2021

- Over 45,000 online sessions

- 7% customer rate

- 2.69% conversion rate

- Over 1300 orders

- Cost of goods was around $40,000

- Aspen was $53,000

- Great net margin of 21 and over $25,000 profit

Product Research and Validation:

- Specific validation method when choosing winning products

- Four questions to ask:

1. Does this product have an area of improvement?

2. Does this product have a market behind it?

3. Does this solve a problem?

4. Do I see longevity with this product?

- Reach out to private supplier for cheaper sourcing

Building a High Converting Product Page:

- Simplistic design with no more than three colors

- Featured product advertised on homepage

- Highlight current seasons for advertising

- Credible store with policy pages and order tracking

Apps for High Converting Stores:

- Sticky add to cart

- Frequently bought together

- Quantity break by discount

- Custom currencies


- Page speed booster

Creative Testing:

- Testing different creatives, videos, ad copies, and thumbnails

- Testing one variable at a time

- Metrics to look for:

- Cost per click under 5 cents

- Cost per unique link click under 6 cents

- Click-through rate of 7% or higher

- CPM between $4 and $6

- Average video watch time of 10 seconds or more

- Quality ranking, engagement rate ranking, and conversion rate ranking


- Cold audience interest testing campaign

- Warm creative testing campaign

- Hot creative testing campaign

- Vertically scaled campaign using abos or cbos

- KPI calculator for profitability

I hope this video provided some valuable insights on how to generate high profits through ecommerce. Remember, investing in people who are doing exactly what you want to do in this world is crucial for success. Don't rush into a product without real validation on a creative that works. And finally, always focus on profitability. If you have any questions or need help streamlining your success, DM me on Instagram with the word YouTube. Let's crush Q4 together!

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