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$100/Day Dropshipping Tutorial For BEGINNERS

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

$100/Day Dropshipping Tutorial For BEGINNERS

$100/Day Dropshipping Tutorial For BEGINNERS

what does it take to do a hundred
dollars a day
minimum with an e-commerce store if you
have no experience how do you utilize
shopify and their platform to drop ship
products that you haven't seen and that
you have not yet purchased how does that
and how do you get started that's
exactly what we're going to tok about
inside of this video
we're going to get very practikal on the
bare bone basics
on how to start this we're going to tok
about the facebook ad strategies
so that this is something you can
actually turn around and replicate
within the next 15 minutes or less
all right if you're looking for this
video make sure to smash a like button
and if you have any questions throughout
the video
feel free to drop it in the comment
section and i would be more than happy
to address it
in another video okay in a moment i'm
actually gonna go
inside of my screen break down a little
presentation i created for you guys that
i don't lose my train of thought
and i'm gonna show you some examples i'm
gonna tok about what this looks like
so that you can get a very good picture
in your head of
what this process is now obviously
something like this is going to take 10
20 30 hours to explain properly so this
is just kind of a highlighted summary on
some main points so that you know
what you're going to have to do if you
want practikal step-by-step
live examples um showing you a lot
bigger numbers than this
i do have a program it's the only place
where i teach exactly what i do
the main focus of that is how i went
from zero to seventy thousand dollars a
day in sales
in under two weeks just giving you one
out of many examples
from my stores i show you all sorts of
things inside my own ad accounts
holding nothing back showing products
showing all the ads and literally
letting you watch me scale
live so if you want to see that make
sure to reference the link in the
it's a little bit discounted right now
and we just dropped a bunch of really
cool new examples inside of there
so i'm sure you will love that all right
let's jump inside of my screen
start going through this so that you can
learn how to do over a hundred dollars a
with zero experience all right so a
hundred dollars a day
first of all that's not profit if you're
doing a hundred dollars a day in revenue
the first point we have to tok about
here is what is your profit margin
probably twenty to thirty dollars a day
now an extra thousand dollars a month
could definitely help a lot of people i
mean hey i'll take an extra thousand
a month it's extra money right the cool
thing is we're going to tok about the
reason why this is important
as soon as you hit 100 a day there is
and i promise you i've been doing this
for four years
there is virtually no difference between
this 100
mark and doing 200 doing it 300
it does not take a lot of shift and it
takes no extra time
it's actually harder to get to 100 a day
than it is to go from 100 to a thousand
so let's tok about that let's break all
of this down
why is this easy okay it's simple
it's it's easy there are things that you
have to learn
and there is work that goes into it but
ultimately it is fairly simple because
to hit a hundred dollars a day you can
do this with pretty much
any product that's at least somewhat
decent i have given
many examples i will throw some up on
the screen now just of random products
things i have sold over the years um and
pretty much all of these have done
thousands of dollars in sales for me
basically everything that i'm popping up
on the screen randomly throughout here
i've sold probably 50 to 100 different
products i have just
run through so many different things a
lot more than that have been tested and
not worked so it's just a constant game
of finding products that already have a
history of selling and that have what i
like to call that wow
factor a wow factor is something where
it makes you
stop and think wait well what's going on
this is really cool for an example
a pair of swim trunks that change colors
when they get wet i mean that's pretty
crazy i
you know i would literally love to own
one of those so you know it was kind of
a wow factor in
whatever you think whatever pops into
your head first when you're looking at a
someone else is probably going to think
the same way so any decent product you
can do this with now
your base spending limit on facebook is
a day so if you've never run facebook
ads before you have a facebook profile
you can go to business.facebook.com and
open a business
manager it'll take you less than 60
seconds super easy to do now you have
access to
run ads through your facebook ad account
and the spending limit that they give
you is 50 a day
that's that's the maximum they'll let
you spend in almost every situation
but once you hit that 50 a day for a few
days you have a good history of making
that payment every single day
well they're going to raise it and
they're going to start raising it
automatikally and buy
a lot so with this basic 50 a day
you can totally be hitting 100 a day in
sales another reason that it's easy to
do that with the 50
is because you only have to target
interest which is easy
inside of their ad platform if you
haven't seen it they have a search bar
lets you search for who you want to
target for an example if you are selling
a phone case
you could target iphone apple phone case
uh smart devices tiknology phone
accessories all these different things
are things with tens of millions even
hundreds of millions of people
all you got to do is target that's
really not complicated and i'm gonna
give you a breakdown in a moment of how
you should run your ads kind of what to
do inside of there
but it does become very simple now the
reason that this is important a lot of
people don't think about this
i've seen so many people by the way with
zero experience do this over and over
and over again so i know you can as well
this is important because it both tests
the product
and it builds data so what do i mean by
not every product you run is going to
work not every product i run works
so you run your product and if it starts
making sales great because now you're
getting data
you're getting customer data every
single time you get a purchase facebook
studies that customer they get all their
information from the internet
and get to see hey this is where they
shop this is where they live this is
their age this is their demographic
and they put all these statistiks
together so that down the road facebook
can really help target the right
and that's going to make you a whole
bunch of money and if the product
doesn't work
cool you just keep switching until you
find one that does work all right
and again if you guys want to watch me
do that live and do all this different
stuff from a much bigger perspective
starting from zero literally nothing
seen multiple different examples of this
just be sure to reference the program
that is linked in the description
now like i said opening a facebook
business account
very quick very easy spending limit is
going to be 50 bucks a day
you should launch at least five ad sets
i would recommend ten dollars a day you
can do five dollars a day if you want
you can do a couple at 20.
i recommend 10 a day because it has a
little bit more than kind of their
minimum budget that facebook likes which
is usually five dollars you can run it
lower than that
but usually running five ad sets is
going to give you enough diversity to
five separate interests like phone case
apple iphone accessories pick five
different things that relate to the
market that you're selling to
right so if i'm selling blue light
glasses for example just randomly block
the blue light on your computer
i'll target glasses bloggers
you could see if there's anything
related to blue light tiknology because
it's been blowing up
uh you could target flux if that's an
interest which is an app that takes a
blue light out of your screen
all sorts of different things target
people who work online work from home
all that stuff you just try it you test
that's the point of this
so you run five ad sets each with a
different interest at ten dollars a day
then you let those run for about two to
three days you want them to spend about
25 bucks
and then you can make a decision ideally
one or two of them
or more is gonna have at least one sale
and if that happens you want to kill
all the other ones that don't have a
sale and then you leave that those ones
and duplicate it and this is where you
know personal strategies come into place
where you can duplicate it raise the
budget duplicate it break it down
but the biggest thing you also want to
do is duplicate it
and run more interest now because you
took away some of the spending that you
turned off
replace that spending with more interest
that relate to that one
specifically right so you can just dive
deep so if i'm selling
leggings for an example women's leggings
i might target fitness
yoga meditation let's say meditation
worked okay cool now i'm gonna go more
into the meditation space
i'm gonna target different interests
around that so you test different
inside of the audiences to see what
works i hope that makes sense it's
fairly simple
but you just keep testing it's a game of
testing okay
now in the event that you get no sales
which can happen it happens to me
there's a few things that can mean but
the first thing you're going to want to
is turn off everything that's running
find a new video ad or a new picture to
and launch two or three more ads on
different interests
with a different picture or video and if
that doesn't work
you're not getting sales consider
switching your product that's the
testing phase like every week you can
just switch products until you find what
and since you're only spending 20 30 40
50 bucks a day it's a really low budget
but as soon as you find that winner
it won't be hard to beat a hundred
dollars a day 150 a day
in fact i had a client recently we're
running their ads and they have a
slightly higher tiket product
sells for like 150 to 250 bucks we spent
and made them over a thousand in day one
so testing can be all over the place and
that's the point
to figure out what works okay so
once you get something working okay i'm
saying the word
when when you get something working not
if you stik it out it's going to work
this is proven it's not like you're
you just have to learn max out your ad
spent every single day like we just said
so that you can get that limit raised
because you're going to want access to
more spending
i have ad accounts that let me spend up
to 120 000
a day right so most of them are around
fifteen to thirty thousand dollars a day
but as you're hitting that and maxing it
you can request a raise from facebook
now when you're 50 a day just hit that
50 and then they'll automatikally raise
it but once you're at a bigger number
you're going to want to speak to them
directly to to kind of get that limit
raised i usually to go by doubles
so i get it from fifteen thousand thirty
thousand thirty to sixty sixty to one
et cetera et cetera okay so again you
should need a good history of payments
then learn some scaling strategies if
it's working and you have sales coming
in even if you're breaking even
that is an exact perfect example of the
point where you should be doubling down
you should be learning scaling
learning how to take really good photos
or videos of your products and make
great creatives
how to target even better and learning
some actual strategies
you know if you see early signs of
momentum please take advantage of it i'm
saying this from someone who's been in
the industry
i've seen thousands of people try this i
have helped hundreds and hundreds of
people get results i've built
dozens of students who are making
millions of dollars a year i've seen
this happen
over and over and over again take
advantage of it when it's working
early on you know you don't want to just
let it die off so that's a huge thing
then once you're getting daily sales
coming in you're going to want to work
on a few simple things you know make
sure first of all your payment processor
is good
shopify payments and strike which is the
same thing
it's probably not a long term option
their fees are terrible
their payout times are not great and
they randomly hold money so look into
other payment processors you can go
through a direct bank you can go through
payment processors
payment processors payment aggregators
you can look up all that stuff you can
find some resources
then you're going to also want to make
sure you have a good supplier so if
you're selling phone cases you want to
get the cheapest price possible and you
want to get the fastest
shipping possible while still having a
great quality of your product
so start using your daily volume of
sales saying hey i have 30 sales a day
coming in
you can go to a supplier use that as a
negotiating tactik
to get a better price so that's
something you're going to want to do
um you can find all this stuff pieced
online there's different things here and
there and some stuff you have to learn
by testing
if you want to learn exactly what i do
how i do it and get access to all of my
connections like emails and phone
numbers for my suppliers
learning all this stuff specifically how
i get my video ads all of that
is found in the facebook ad academy
which again is the only place where i
teach what i do
i don't spread stuff out i tok about
stuff on youtube and then i actually
inside of there and i show you what i'm
doing and the back ends of
my companies so it gets really simple
now if you guys have any questions about
this i know we just covered a lot of
but the point of this video is to get
the ball rolling so go ahead and do this
today don't wait till tomorrow don't do
it this weekend
you know don't keep saying that just get
it done today re-watch this video
if you need to feel free to ask me any
questions make sure to follow me over on
you can dm me there but i post stuff
there all the time about facebook and
getting started and scaling just a bunch
of different stuff
you can also watch different videos on
this channel on how to build a store
how to create an ad how to scale your
facebook ads individual things
pieced together so just make sure to get
the ball rolling i want to see people
especially right now
taking advantage of the surge in online
sales to build a really cool online
business that can
ultimately lead you to do whatever you
want you know i've seen a lot of people
leave their job people be able to take
care of their families
travel some do all those things you know
whatever it is you want to do it just
kind of gives you
a few more options so i really hope this
video helped you in some way if it did i
would greatly appreciate it if you smash
the like button down below
make sure to subscribe to the channel
get a lot more content coming for you
guys soon
feel free to ask any questions let me
know what you would want to see in the
next video
and with that being said i'll be seeing
you in the next one peace

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