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$135k In 30 Days (January Breakdown)

Published on: December 8 2022 by Chris Conrady

$135k In 30 Days (January Breakdown)

$135k In 30 Days (January Breakdown)

what is going on everybody it's Chris
here with another new video hopefully
you're having a great day so it's been a
while since I have posted here on in the
YouTube channel it's starting now
starting today I do want to start
rolling out tons of content almost on a
daily basis right here on the channel so
as most of you know I have had another
store in the works for the past couple
months that my partner and I have been
in the process of automating and just
trying to find the right people we're
starting another store this week it's
actually supposed to go live and the
turkey party has just been finding the
right people and being able to find
people that see our vision see the
company vision and just being able to
train them up to standards but I'm happy
to say or about 95% of the way there
so speaking of this store $135,000 just
last month so pretty much the last 30
days as I'm recording this I want to
take the time in this video to really
just break down for you some of the
things that we have capitalized on just
this month actually just last month and
hopefully you will be able to see that
this is absolutely possible for anybody
it's an actual business that once you
get up and running in automated you
don't have to spend all your time inside
of it you don't it's not a 24/7 thing
this current store is actually doing
about twenty thousand dollars per month
of actual profit and that's just with
one to two hours per day at work the
system is lucrative but you have to put
in that initial work so what we're going
to do is we're gonna hop on over to my
computer right now and I want to break
down for you everything from last month
so that really you can see what was
going on all right so let's get into it
all right so I went ahead and outlined
everything right here and for those of
you that are new to this channel maybe
you're not inside of my Facebook group
I'm actually focusing on building a
brand that's what my partner and I are
focusing on two previous Shopify stores
that we had we were sourcing product
from China using Aliexpress and it just
was not something that we could be
excited about customer loyalty was not
there email open rates were not high and
because of this we decided to change our
dynamic and last August and build a
brand from scratch and the easiest way
we seem to be able to do that was with
print on demand a fast shipping times
and great customer service and be able
to customize all these products and hit
these passion niches so the profit for
the month was about $20,000 our an spend
was about 20
$2,000 in the conversion rate was about
2.6 percent now I've had people ask me
Chris why is the profit so minimal given
your ad spend is only $22,000 well the
answer is because it's print on demand
we are sourcing product here in the
United States and the products are a lot
higher quality and because of this there
is a higher price to pay especially when
trying to build a brand ecome store
owners that are seeing profit margins
between 30 and 40 percent are most
likely sourcing the product from China
using Aliexpress but in my opinion this
is more worth it than that
sourcing from China we found just to be
a customer service nightmare and the
product was subpar quality and it was
very very hard to build a brand Bentley
a brand is obviously going to cost more
money but in the end it's awesome a lot
more rewarding
so moving on right now a few of the
things we focused on just last month the
entire month of January first off Ricard
if you do not have this app installed
into your Shopify store definitely go
into solid throughout the entire month
and actually recover dust about $5,000
in abandoned cart sales through
messenger which is absolutely crazy
so those of you wondering we are only
using the messenger feature inside of
Ricard we are not using the abandoned
cart emails the pop-up feature just the
messenger feature this is extremely
powerful because the messenger bot I
think is going to be the next big thing
if for e-commerce if not already
consumers are becoming more accustomed
to making purchases through messenger
and it just gives you the ability to
build your list up faster and reach your
customers in a completely different way
so this month we actually capital
there's a lot more on building our team
it's crazy some of the things I hear
from our VA is saying that econ store
owners that have hired them before give
them very minimal to no training and
pretty much leave them in the dark and
just send them you know updates every
now and again via email we did not want
it to be like that our VA s are in the
loop and they can see our company vision
just as much as we can and that's how we
always wanted it to be we actually have
our V A's in side of what's app
conversation so everything from ordering
to customer service and then a mean
group chat for everybody
the company so that we could always
communicate about what is going on if
there's an unsatisfied customer or a
question about how to handle a
partikular return then they can message
us and us the owners can direct them on
where to go we've realized that the team
is definitely one of the most important
aspects to building a brand they need to
be able to see your vision just as much
as you do customer service is very very
important and we have stressed this too
you know this VA s that are working for
us how to deal with pretty much every
type of situation out there how to
handle returns and we have different
systems for like I said pretty much
everything in terms of what to outsource
I would definitely recommend the tedious
tasks such as customer service and
ordering so that you can focus actually
focus on building the business and not
working inside of the business all right
so thirdly email marketing I think a lot
of econ store owners forget about this
and how important it is and how much
money there is to be made on the back
end let me just note that Facebook ads
have changed they are not the way that
they used to be it is a lot harder now
to close a customer and make that sale
than it was a year ago at least in my
opinion when I used to do influence of
marketing I would be able to put out an
ad up on Instagram and just get say
laughter sale after sale 2,000 dollars
off of a $50 shout-out yes you can still
do that
that is still very very possible but it
was a lot more it was a lot easier a
year ago and than it is right now so
because of this having proper email
automation set up for the backend to
actually be able to make that profit and
become profitable off your Facebook Ads
is vitally vitally important yes you
could still be profitable on the front
end but like I said I'm out of that
profit is going to come from the back
end one of the things we have been doing
is sending out two email campaigns per
week and we have been making a lot of
money from this so one day we'll
actually send out sale campaign toking
about any product or 40% off sale
whatever it is give a discount code and
then the next day we'll say hey the sell
is ending now is your last chance and
surprisingly we will get more sales out
of the second
as opposed to the first day with all of
that extra urgency we have an email list
of 20,000 people on top of that we also
have back-end automations for
post-purchase we have about a five-day
sequence for after the customer makes a
purchase that is something that we are
looking to expand coming into this month
retargeting this is also something
really really big and I think a lot of
econ shop owners also forget about this
a lot of your money is going to come
from retargeting a lot of our visitors
that come to our product page they're
not making that purchase we're making a
ton of money on the backend through
these simple retargeting ads it's
absolutely crazy we actually have about
four retargeting ads running right now
with different variations for each post
so it's four different posts in the
budget for each post really just depends
on what our cost per purchase is so for
example one of them is running at $30 a
day the other ones running at $20 a day
and then we have two of them running at
I believe $10 a day it just depends on
like I said what the cost of our
purchases and it's broken up into
different view content brackets so
everybody that visited the site within
three days and then eight days lastly we
decided to test different price points
and this really really opened up our
eyes because we kept increasing the
price but there was no difference in our
conversion rate we actually upped it up
by five dollars before we started to see
a difference but that gave us a lot of
insight into how we can actually make a
lot more profit onto the front end and
when you really start to add it up and
you're making thousands and thousands of
orders per month it really can make a
lot of money by doing this so I would
definitely recommend testing different
price points for your product and
finding out what's gonna work best now
that is what we focused on for the
entire month just a few of the things
that we capitalized on I do want to tok
about Facebook Ads of Limit Play said
this is a very very simple breakdown in
terms of strategy and what we have going
on inside of the Facebook Ads manager I
do want to make a video that's a little
bit more in-depth but like I said this
will give you some insight for now so
right now we have about three different
winning products into the marketing mix
right now we have one main winner which
we're targeting USA buyers and
international we have one minor winner
which I don't really know what's going
on with that it's it's making us
some pretty decent money but like you
said nowhere near when our main winners
making us in terms of whether there's
scalability to do that I'm still kind of
playing around with it and then lastly
we do have one right now that is
becoming a winner we had no success with
it right here in the US and targeting
USA buyers we took it internationally
and it's doing very very well so we are
in the process right now of scaling that
as far as the strategy okay as far as
the strategy behind our facebook ads
play center this is a very very simple
breakdown for interest targeting we have
simple targeting so we're toking no
more than one to two inner s per ad set
makes with a bunch of different look
like audiences so for one of our winning
products we have about about 10 to 12
different handsets running like a send
makes quick look like audiences and
simple interest targeting now what do I
do when it's trying to test a new
product what I do is I started off at
$10 per day start the auto ad set off at
$10 a day and if it is profitable in the
first two days I will duplicate that ad
set to $50 per day
give it about two more days if it's
still profitable I will duplicate that
to $100 a day now as I'm duplicating
these ad sets I am still leaving the
other ones running as long as they are
profitable as long as they are
profitable there's really no reason to
turn them off and I will increase or
decrease the budget as needed so if I
take it up to $100 per day and it's
still super super profitable then I'm
gonna start scaling it by 20% after that
or maybe even bump it up to $200 it just
depends on what my cost per purchases
but if my cost per purchase really
really Rises when I duplicate to $100 I
might scale it back to $70 or just
deleted overall and keep the $50 and $10
ad sets running in the background so
that's a look at really the Facebook Ads
strategy and breakdown don't over
complicate it there's really not much to
it in the grand scheme of things it's
really just all about testing and
looking into the data so moving along
right now things that we do want to work
on for this new month of February
email marketing this is so so critikal I
know I toked about it like I know a lot
about it but I feel like it's one of
those things that you
never really stop learning I want to
capitalize a lot more on the email
automation post purchase like I toked
about all we have right now is a
five-day post purchase sequence which is
obviously giving a sales we're making
money from but I want to take that
further I want to extend that I want to
add a loyalty program into it and just
make a lot more money in the back end
and I want to put some email automation
in place for the wheel funnel that is on
or I've started the wheel EO app that's
on our website so when people put in
their email and they don't buy from us
they'll also get into an automation
where they learned a little bit more
about our brand and we can eventually
close them on the product so next who
are we so we're building a brand that is
the point of this store right now that's
why we changed our dynamic that's why we
stopped sourcing product from Emma
Express we want to be the recognized
leader in our space we want customers to
come to us we want to build a loyal
following so I I really really want to
capitalize on our brand this month and
really just think about what are we
known for we want to build a loyal
following of customers who see us as the
leader in this industry a loyal base of
customers that will shop with us and
nobody else so we really really want to
capitalize on our brand as a whole get
more recognition out there and up the
influence and marketing influencer
marketing definitely not something to
miss especially right now with influence
and marketing being on the rise
word-of-mouth right now is extremely
extremely powerful a lot of purchases
now especially in our store are
influenced by our current customers we
get a ton of organic sales so with this
brand that is something that we really
really want to capitalize on next right
here would be Facebook Ads we do want to
get this cost per purchase down we're
still very very profitable with our
Facebook ads but there are some Adsense
we are not profitable um you know our
profit margins range anywhere from
fifteen to thirty plus dollars and we do
have some assets where the cost per
purchase is over $19 now on the front
end it is not possible and some ecome
store owners would turn them off but the
way we see it we see them as profit
because we are looking at the lifetime
value of these customers many of these
customers that make a purchase from us
do come back and make a second purchase
many of the customers that make a
purchase from us also make a purchase in
the post email sequence that is what we
look at when we are looking at the data
on facebook but overall we want to get
the cost per purchase down I think there
is always room for improvement and we
also want to test a lot more products
into the store like I said we have about
three of them right now what we really
really wanted to scale and amp up the
marketing within these coming months I
think that this store has a lot of
potential especially since it is being
automated now my partner and I can focus
a lot more on growing the business for a
couple months now we have been doing a
lot of tedious tasks and doing a lot of
training which is a hundred percent
worth it in the long run but now I think
is prime time to really scale up this
operation and to really just see what is
it what it's made of so next we will
also want to focus a lot more on a
current customer base so maybe even add
in like I was toking about a loyalty
program something where we can to get
these customers to keep purchasing from
us over and over again I'm thinking
targeting you know amping up our
retargeting a lot more with customers
who visited us within the last 90 days
something along those lines to get these
customers purchasing from us again and
again again next is expanding customer
service and project management as we are
growing we are getting a lot more emails
per day customer service is something
that we want to be 100% we do not want
there to be any doubt if RVs have
questions about anything they can
message us but if there is an
unsatisfied customer we want to get to
the bottom of it and find out what
exactly the issue is we don't want
emails to go you know we don't want
emails to be unresponded to that's a
completely no we do not want that to
happen we want comments to be responded
to on Facebook because the biggest thing
with building a brand is customer
service on top of that is project
management we do want to switch up some
of the rules and get a project manager
to take on a little bit more lead with
what actually happens and what kind of
email campaigns are going out and really
just making sure that every
thing is flowing in the right direction
lastly I do want to see how we can
leverage the messenger bot a lot more
than we already have we have a messenger
bot right now of about about 3,000
people but we're not using it too much
really we're just using it for
retargeting we do send out broadcasts
every now and again but I think right
now it's still sort of an annoyance to a
lot of people so I'm really just trying
to think about how we can use the
messenger but a lot more yes it gets a
sales but at the same time I think a lot
of people are still not accustomed to
buying through the messenger bot so like
I said something that we want to
leverage a lot more but I do still look
at it as a major major cash asset just
like an instrument profile or a Facebook
page that will really really come in
handy when we decide to sell the company
so guys that is a look at pretty much
everything that we did throughout the
entire month of January broken down I
hope this helps some of you if you have
any questions please do not hesitate to
drop a question down below drop a
question down below with the video
suggestions you have like I said I plan
on rolling out a lot more content on the
channel with things that we're testing
inside of the business and just
everything about it building a brand
because that is what I'm so passionate
about go ahead and like the video
subscribe to the channel if you have not
already and go ahead and click the
notification bell so that you can get
updates for when the next video comes
out and be sure to join the Facebook
group if you have not already there is a
ton of free value inside of there so
with that I'll see you guys on the next

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