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$2000 Earned Facbook Ad Setup from Scratch - | Beginner Friendly | Teespring

Published on: December 21 2022 by Golden Rules - Money Motivation & Ideas

Looking to make some extra cash with Facebook ads? A great place to start is with beginner-friendly Teespring campaigns. In this article, we'll go through the process of setting up a Facebook ad campaign from scratch and earning 2000 in profits.

Step 1: Choose a niche

- Research popular niches on Teespring and pick one that interests you

- Use keyword research tools to find potential niches with high search volumes

- Consider the audience you want to target and what type of designs would appeal to them

Step 2: Create a design

- Use a design tool like Canva or hire a designer to create a design for your niche

- Keep it simple and eye-catching

- Use phrases or images that would appeal to your target audience

Step 3: Set up a Teespring campaign

- Choose the product type (t-shirt, hoodie, etc.) and color options

- Set a price and a sales goal

- Write a compelling product description and add high-quality product images

Step 4: Set up a Facebook ad campaign

- Create a new ad account if you don't already have one

- Choose your campaign objective (traffic or conversions)

- Set your targeting options based on your niche and audience

- Create ad copy that highlights the benefits of your product and includes a clear call-to-action

Step 5: Launch and optimize your campaign

- Monitor your ad performance and adjust your targeting and ad copy as needed

- Consider running split tests to see what resonates best with your audience

- Don't be afraid to pause underperforming ads or campaigns

By following these steps, you can set up a profitable Facebook ad campaign for your Teespring products. Remember to stay patient and persistent, and don't be afraid to pivot your strategy if necessary. Happy selling!

In this article, we will discuss how to use Facebook Power Editor to promote your t-shirt campaigns. We will cover the process of creating campaigns, ad sets, and ads for your different shirt designs.

Creating Campaigns:

To begin, log into your Facebook account and open Power Editor. If you don't have Power Editor installed, it is a free Chrome plug-in that can be downloaded easily. Download all the data and go to Not Uploaded and Campaigns.

Creating Ad Sets:

Create two campaigns, one for Bleed and the other for One More. Create five ad sets for each individual shirt design. Choose Page Post Engagement for both campaigns to encourage fan engagement.

Targeting the Right Audience:

Choose your target audience by selecting specific interests and behaviors. For example, if you are promoting a Chicago Blackhawks t-shirt, choose Chicago Blackhawks as the interest and Purchase Behavior for the behavior.

Setting Your Budget:

Bid $25 on each ad set and set your budget to $25 per day on each ad set. You can use optimized CPM for the campaign.

Finalizing Your Campaign:

Create ads for each ad set and link to the appropriate fan page. Double-check that your tracking pixel and audience are correct before finalizing your campaign.

Using Facebook Power Editor is an effective way to promote your t-shirt campaigns. By creating specific campaigns and targeting the right audience, you can increase engagement and drive traffic to your products. Remember to double-check your ads and budget before launching your campaigns.

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