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$288,000 in a Month Drop Shipping on Amazon and Comparing eBay and Amazon drop shipping to FBA

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

$288,000 in a Month Drop Shipping on Amazon and Comparing eBay and Amazon drop shipping to FBA

Tyler hey what's up mark give me one
second this okay that's better so yeah
so it's recorded so this isn't going to
be like well we'll see but I didn't
think it'll be too much over like a long
video so those of you guys on YouTube do
you have a fine time yeah okay sweet so
those guys on YouTube should know Tyler
if you don't know who he is I did a
video with him maybe a week or two ago
I'll put the link above and he is a
friend of Matt gambrel I did a video
with him like two or three days ago who
is like pretty much a legend at amazon
drop shipping and he helped Tyler set up
he's helping Tyler I assume he's helping
you like trim the bees and stuff to do
what they need to do and I don't really
want to go into it I want to tok just
briefly about like your experience with
Amazon so far not necessarily strategies
and that type of stuff but just like
general experience how long have you
been doing it how long it take to grow
the account and then if you could give
me any comparison was it like evening
yes so I guess I've been doing hems on
now for maybe five months okay and come
on so my past my past 30 days is
actually I have it on my phone I'll just
share it right now on the screen my past
30 days is almost 290 K so I don't know
if you can see that Jesus [ __ ] yeah I
see it yeah so it's it's crazy how much
it slowed down though recently yeah you
Bay has also slowed down a little bit
too because like yeah yeah yeah I mean
you should pick back up though I feel
like people just stop buying clothes
once you sort of Christmas because
they've already done their shopping or
whatever but and they suppose it's a
Monday now also on something they don't
expect yet delivers over the weekend and
stuff so yeah yeah
so yeah five months is how long I've
been doing Amazon um and you should you
poor Santana's dropshippers group no
like I think it was like one way you hit
like two hundred or two hundred twelve
thousand something yeah that was on eBay
I should the post I shared on Straub
shippers had the Amazon phone screen
shot and the eBay screenshot with it so
that's all yes so it started off like it
am sounds weird because with eBay you
kind of have to build the account a
little bit and it's like if you list a
thousand items on eBay you're not gonna
gate like sales like someone who's
listed a thousand items over time right
right alright with Amazon it's like if
you're starting a new account well to a
point because you have to you have to
have an account old enough to be able to
win the buy box right and that's
something that you know Matt what is can
teach people to do whatever but it's
basically after 90 days of selling
that's when you're able to start getting
the buy box so you so took you 90 days
to get the buy box for me I actually did
private labeling before I started doing
so I was able to get the buy box like
right away because of the fact I had
already done the private labeling
importing from China and I was selling
corn whole lights and actually it was a
pretty successful yeah it was pretty
successful I just stopped because I got
way too into drop shipping um and it was
it was a hassle packing everything up
and putting labels on it whatever so I
already had it like a seasoned Amazon
account and Amazon is actually there
they actually treat you better in terms
of like they don't sus they're not as
suspect of you if you've done private
labeling in the past and they go in to
drop shipping because a lot of times you
know like people who are dropping on
Amazon end up having issues and their
accounts can get shut down
whatever yeah he's got a lot of
experience I know in the video he says
he's on 12 different occasions he's had
accounts suspended but so I actually
started with like a really good account
you know on Amazon and I was winning the
buy box
run away and it was basically just like
like how to get back to the point of a
thousand items like if you list a
thousand items on Amazon you're gonna
see sales like right away like a
thousand items worth of sales
whereas eBay you have to kind of grow us
and I feel like you Bay I feel you baby
puts brakes on people almost like
they're like oh wait slow down your
sales your night I feel like I have no
evidence of that but I've seen it happen
too many times to like not believe it
yeah yeah exactly exactly so like I said
Amazon's just about the number of items
you have and what listings you're on and
what your margin is so it's yeah so I
you start very fast on Amazon and it's
almost to the point where you're not
really prepared for it unless you know
even when someone tells you like what to
expect it's kind of like you just have
to experience all the frustrations and
everything of like Amazon holding your
money for example you don't realize how
much that's gonna actually affect you
until your sales start growing yeah yeah
exactly so I mean they're holding I mean
I have to have pay ability right now
right um and I'll tok about that in a
second but I want to tok about like the
first major issue I had with Amazon was
actually almost it almost stopped me
from wanting to do drop shipping on
there altogether when I first put pay
ability on my Amazon account what
happened was Amazon thought someone
hacked into my account and changed all
the bank account information and
everything like that on the account so I
had I think it was close to $5,000 worth
of pending orders on Amazon that my VA
team had already placed the orders on
Walmart so yeah my five thousand dollars
worth of orders and I couldn't get into
my account to see what was going on
because Amazon was locking me out and I
and they're the customer support for
Amazon is sort of like the seller
support is so much harder to deal with
they don't believe you Bay yeah they
they don't play in they don't they don't
give they have like lots of barriers
like they don't give information it's
not like they're just one person then
you got to tok to another person
whatever so thank you yeah and so once I
got into my account two days later I saw
every single order was canceled right
and all of these items were already
shipped out to walk from Walmart to the
customers on Amazon right it was $5,000
worth of items eventually Amazon said
you know put together an excel sheet
show us the shipping information
whatever and they actually paid me back
for every single I don't out yeah they
paid me back for every single one and
they made the situation right but it's
just it was mind-blowing to me that
Amazon would just jump the gun and
automatikally assume because I changed
my bank account information on there
because that's what you have to do with
pay ability that it was like someone
hacked into my account and they thought
they'd like someone was gonna try to get
my money transferred to their you know
bank account whatever and bailed the
orders were we're fake and it's just it
was crazy that happened and I was
freaking out a little bit because this
was when I had just recently quit my job
it was like wow first yeah yeah and on
top of that like when the week I put in
my two-week notike at work I actually
got a seven-day restriction on eBay so
it's like all these things were
happening at the very beginning of like
we did not decided to quit my job start
now my doubts too but the Amazon thing
that was kind of nuts and luckily Matt
Matt Matt toked me down from from like
the edge and I uh uh yeah I was ready to
jump off Amazon for sure and then I was
now I'm happy I stayed with it um it's
yeah it's crazy like I like i said
amazon made it right how long it took to
get you this money back like how long
were you like like like [ __ ] what am i
doing i think it was like maybe two
weeks so that's a long time yeah yeah
yeah well imagine being like you know
$20,000 in orders luckily I was small
then so
so it was only a couple days worth of
orders you know but that's the kind of
stuff that can happen on Amazon that you
know you just got to be prepared and you
got to stay calm and like I said Amazon
ended up making it right in the end but
yet for some people they can't you know
they can't afford to have $5,000 just
out there I would assume that most
people watching this video can't just
like lose $5,000 right yeah and I was
mentally preparing myself like one day
in day three I was like I'm probably
gonna eat this 5k but in the grand
scheme of things you know I'm gonna make
a hundred thousand a month one day so
five thousand right now so with the
accounts Matt had told me about before
he said that he was like I was worried
about them cancelling the order so Matt
was kind of like at the very beginning
saying it you know you don't need to
worry about it Amazon doesn't cancel
orders like that like if they're just
putting your account on hold they think
someone hacked into it all that so no I
Matt hadn't heard of it before happening
like so I guess it was just yeah it was
it was a weird situation but yeah I mean
like I said it it got fixed it got
resolved so it's nothing that I think
people should be worried about I'm it's
it's it's gonna be like you're in in the
end you're gonna you're gonna get what
you know you deserve which I got my
$5,000 back so it was like barriers and
hiccups right because like too many
people all the people that fail only
toked about the barriers and most
people who succeed only toked about the
success right but yeah interesting when
you when people who have found the sex
tok about the madness so that like the
guys who the only time you'll fail is
when you give up right so the guys who
like thinking about giving up would buy
okay there is like light at the end of
the tunnel yeah and it helped me too
like I had someone to look up to for you
know experience with it and like I said
be like keep me calm on the whole
situation I just I really trusted Matt's
a word on everything like his opinion on
how Amazon worked so yeah so and now
it's so now like everything's been
pretty smooth since then I haven't had
any any issues anything like that with
the Amazon seller support where like
I've had to contact him or anything like
that it's it's literally been smooth
like since that point and they're the
crazy thing about the whole the whole
amazon selling though job shipping is
like I said Amazon holding the money and
you having to find the capital so the
capital requirements for Amazon are
insane like you can't grow your business
if you don't have money or if you don't
have pay ability if you don't have it
like my thing is to get the ability you
need to have solar system out so you
need like you can't and that's what I
want I wanted to bring that up
especially like like when we put up much
training right I don't want just like
anyone to just spend the money and buy
the training I was telling Matt about
that like you need to have some money to
get going because this is a whole
different game I mean I think we're more
money but you have to and this is Matt
would not help me with Amazon until like
I had proven myself with eBay right so
it's like you have to be a successful
drop shipper almost on eBay if you're
not if you can't be successful on eBay
there's like absolutely no chance I mean
that's just the truth of the music
people people think you know that that
someone's gonna come along and solve all
their problems whatever because they
can't get it going on eBay and they
think that like the traffic's the issue
they think like all these other things
are issues they're gonna be just
completely screwed on Amazon if they if
they don't at least if they're not at
least making a thousand bucks a month on
eBay let's say like just just mom just
to be able to sustain a business right
to get down
nonsense right and that's a lot of what
I try to cover in on the channel because
I think that people being prepared for
that is one of the more important things
about success as opposed to like yeah
yeah you could know what to do but the
second your emotions takes you and like
totally on your asses that's it right
yeah no you're right you're right it's
it's crazy
oh yeah but going back to the capital
requirements I wanted to bring this up
and like kind of give people an idea of
how serious you know it kind of is so
with pay ability they hold 20% of your
money right they pay you as soon as the
item is shipped so like if I sell $100
item today and I have low tracking
tomorrow then you know pay ability is
gonna give me 80 percent or 80 let's
just say it's a hundred dollars after
Amazon fees so capability is gonna give
me $80 and then they're gonna hold $20
in a reserve right so what's that how
long is the reserve so the reserve is in
its whatever the balance is in Amazon so
Amazon pays every two weeks right so if
Amazon pays 100 K then they'll released
$20,000 like from the reserve or
whatever you know so um like whenever
Amazon pays that money so right now I
have close to $40,000 in my pay ability
or reserve and on top of that $40,000
that I can't touch I have another I
think it was two hundred and something
orders on on Amazon 214 orders right now
on Amazon pending in plus other ones
that like I guess the tracking sometimes
there's a lag too and like what they pay
you if the tracking doesn't show like
yeah they would miss the two weeks and
then you have to weigh the extra two
weeks or sometimes a month yeah so I
40,000 of my reserve and then I have
about thirty five thousand on like
coming to me that pay ability is from me
from Amazon so I've got $75,000 out
there right now that I can't use at all
for my business
so just yeah yeah I mean yeah it's funny
but it's like it's like you don't
realize this like I wait until it
happens you know what I mean like you
know you at that point you're just like
you think everything is going smoothly
and then yeah you have to figure out a
way to grow and if you don't have money
or credit lines or anything like that
you're not going to grow so without pay
ability and I've been thinking about how
I can cut back on using pay ability and
I've had offers for people to share
their lines of credit with me and and
whatever an engine it's just like I
don't I don't know how many people I
want to get involved yeah exactly
whatever it's it's pretty crazy but you
have to really be creative with keeping
track of your money and I make try to
earn back my products and that's the
thing because if PLT helps right but
it's not a hundred percent solve problem
because if you were to scale to like if
you were to scale your business with out
payable Jen only Amazon you did way more
credit no yeah you would have to you
would have to have like an unlimited
charge card for probably like an Amex
Amex plum or whatever like like my gold
card my Amex gold I've only got a 69
thousand dollar credit line so I mean
like I maxed that out and paid off max
it out pay it off like you know
regularly um but it's yeah it's it's
wild and it's funny too because like two
weeks ago I I was looking to my accounts
and I was just doing like a balance
sheet of all my of all my money and I
was like wait I'm missing like 70 grand
where's this and then I called Amex none
of my payments had gone through because
they were too large like at a time like
I was doing like $30,000 payments on my
credit cards whatever and they had to
call the bank and have a three-way
conversation and get get my like my
payments verified that is
I have never had that problem until like
a week ago without with one of my cheese
cards like I made a big payment and they
had to do they're like can I call the
back as I sure yeah yeah so I'd like
then I figured out you know like there
was this lag time and when Amazon pays
pay ability so that was a that was like
extra money that I didn't realize I you
know what should have been counting in
my balance sheet and then also the the
credit cards so it's like when you when
you like when you're running a business
like the eBay in Amazon business
together everything kind of it's you
have to you have to try your best to
keep records you're not gonna do it a
hundred percent efficiently when you're
especially when you're just focused on
growing you know and not really exactly
like that's that's the hardest part and
like for for example when I first
started eBay I didn't care about the
records as much as I did just about
generating sales like I kept like I kept
some some really sloppy
you know spreadsheets whatever so now
I've got to go back and figure out all
that stuff for tax purposes like the
first three months I drop shipped I was
yeah and then I realized that for that I
was I was gonna take it more seriously
and I knew once tax time came if I
didn't get my [ __ ] together now then it
was just going to be a complete mess so
I mean it's trying to figure out what
cards I use for what if a new gift cards
have to find like it took yeah I say
maybe like if I remember correctly maybe
six weeks of like three four hours every
single day getting that [ __ ] together
yeah brutal and I try to use GoDaddy
bookkeeping helps a lot and you can
actually link Amazon seller central to
GoDaddy bra well so I mean that's that's
helped me a lot but um yeah I mean did
you have any other questions about like
Amazon or anything like that with
specifically we just kind of naturally
in that direction right yeah okay what
are they like obvious questions what
type of margins you toking about I know
and I know the exact margin like even
toking to math it's like kind of hard
to pinpoint without sits now with
numbers because he's toking about the
profit and then the the feasible using
Amazon ability and then also the cash
back or whatever and which cards and all
that stuff but you have I know Matt's
his is like between 10 and 12 or 10 14
or something I can't I think that's what
he said on the video what yeah he's got
a lot more products than I do so I
actually have to put my margin a little
bit lower in order to still be able to
compete and like make make money and
stuff compared to him just cuz like I
said he's got some like he might
actually have maybe six to seven times
more products than I do on his account
so yeah so I compete a lot on cash back
credit card cash back my front end
margin is probably it's around five to
six percent for the front end but then
ya know it's it's not it's not terrible
no and I have a lot of like lower
selling items I've notiked where I
unsecured like I put a minimum margin
you know of of two dollars and fifty
cents or whatever like whatever I decide
to put for the week and it actually
raises your margin selling you know a
$20 item or whatever then and having
that minimum margin of two dollars and
$50 item you know for example so yeah
it's a lot more work for like da's to
fill the orders and and stuff like that
but you know you're getting a higher
profit margin and then the cash back I
mean that's one thing people people tok
about cash back and there was a recent
post on under your video actually a four
formats video or the one the interview
you did with Matt someone posted on
there and was like toking about how
cash back doesn't really like count or
something for a cash flow that yeah I've
gotten every every single or 90% of
transactions I've done through top
cashback I've got
and it's been as high as 8% before one
right yeah it's like over $300,000 like
it's how much he's made on on top
cashback and I mean I this month I got
over 2k last month I got over 2k I've
got tons of like probably $20,000 worth
of pending cash back payments between
two cash back accounts so yeah I mean
I'm and I know I'm gonna get that money
like I'm not worried about it so I get
include that on my amazon margin as well
as I think people who want to do drop
shipping should focus on a higher volume
you know like not worry about not
getting cash back today look at it as a
three month investment right you know
and then the credit card cash back to
that comes at the end of the month but
I'm getting 2% on that and I mean I'm
spending I'm spending like $250,000 in
products between eBay and Amazon you
know it's like I mean that's $5,000 a
month for four credit cards that's yeah
but I'd say my margin is like overall I
would say it's probably close to 10% and
then take it take out pay ability fees
right and that's so this this is
interesting to me so because you not
just you did ebay drop shipping amazon
drop shipping but you did you white
label and also so why would you come
here the three yes so a private labeling
it's margins work what you like what you
don't like yes so with with the private
labeling it was it was interesting like
you have to be kind of creative about
what you do I was actually having my own
listings and then I was also shipping I
was also shipping to like Amazon FBA
under other people's listings as well so
I was in a there was the same product
was the same name it was the same
manufacturer whatever so
Sam listen but your product was done for
like three or four different people
that's what you saying what it was it
was the same exact product but it was
like a different private label sellers
listing right right yeah well I had my
own listings I mean I was sitting on is
as well so I was making I mean I was
making probably 50 to $75 a day on and I
was selling like 10 to 15 units a day
and it was just frustrating because I
would run out of stok and then I would
have to wait for the stok to come in
and I didn't have much capital when I
first started doing that because I kind
of started doing that the Amazon FBA
with the eBay dropshipping so I did a
ton of capital so I was having to wait
and get paid from Amazon because I
couldn't do pay ability thing and I was
then I was having to buy like $2,000
worth east corner light send them in and
I yeah I mean it was it was good it was
it was a lot easier than people think
it's like once you find that product I
also I also did a light-up shoelaces and
the marginal knows were like terrible it
was it was a it was basically like a
product for me just to get into the game
now that was actually my first product I
bought 75 units of it was four different
colors yeah it was four different colors
it was 75 packs a fourth color pachtman
and cinnamon day Amazon and like I was
selling them for $15 making a dollar
after a whole so it was like it was
literally for me just to figure out how
this works right but that's what you
have to do I mean you don't really you
can't really care about the profit at
first you just have to do things to
figure out you know the money but that
was probably it's fun seeing something
that like you create kind of like with
your listing and like you find and you
know it's just one product that you can
focus on that was fun um the eBay
dropshipping it's really good if you
don't have a lot of money right like
that's that's the best way to get into
e-commerce is may drop shipping you
learn so much about how the market works
and just you you really start to like
in the process once you learn a lot of
drop shipping on ebay registers like oh
and then it may once you make a leave
for me once I made money I was allowed
to play like I bought I got into FBA
like I buy I don't not white labeling
but I file it down like overstok like
like I buy pallets of stuff and shipped
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so yeah so
yeah so so yes it's interesting so do
where do you think you go do you think
you you keep scale in the eBay and
Amazon do you think now that you have a
lot of cash flow would you also get back
into like white label and stuff yeah I I
think I want to keep scaling my my eBay
and Amazon businesses obviously in and I
am I'm continuously hiring V A's and I
could make a lot more money if I wanted
to if I just scaled back like my VA team
and worked on you know the eBay stuff a
little bit more or the amps up a little
bit more on my own but I would rather
just focus on just the growth and then
like you know they do the maintenance of
the accounts so that's my focus is
always just continuously growing on the
eBay Amazon side I want to get off pay
ability but I also want to get back into
the private labeling like just
researching you know products on I don't
know if you've ever use jungle Scout or
like unicorn hunter that so like
researching products trying to figure
those that out that's that might be how
I treat so I treated drop shipping in
2017 like really seriously and you know
I learned everything I could about it
2018 it might be private label
okay knows but I'm you know I'm still
all in right now on drop shipping yeah
yeah it's it's too good of a business I
mean anyone who yeah anyone who can't do
this cannot do private labeling I
promise you that really it's that much
harder what the private label yeah yeah
I guess it law they're more variables
right there's more creativity involved
it more yeah there's a lot more
variables yeah they're for sure and like
a the capital requirements and
everything like that like being making
sure that your
you know constantly having products in
stok or on their way to the warehouse
or whatever that's kind of why I like I
said I kind I gave up on it a little bit
all right I didn't really give up on it
I just decided I would rather spend my
time doing something else like the eBay
dropshipping or whatever because I just
it was always like going out of stok
then I would send it in and then it
would go out of stok in that time yeah
so I admit that I had some like flaws
and you know in that business but I mean
it was fun like it was a good learning
experience for sure and then so one
other thing I know I'm keeping you for a
while um what how did you find the vias
that uses it v is it mattering and I
just want to ask because like it does
not be specific like how do you go about
training the beers I know a lot of
people are like I personally hire people
here Nicaragua because I'm just lucky
enough that like I can oppose I'm more
careful 320 dollars a month but how do
you go about high nm you fire them
regularly how do you monitor how good
they are at episode iron my steam isn't
seen like the girl at mine business team
is [ __ ] green yeah yeah so I mean do
you want to hear like the e baby is or
just the Amazon bas or both or what like
yes just that problem because a lot of
people who haven't scale their business
here's bas beers beers and then they
have [ __ ] people coming in like
honest job [ __ ] was good [ __ ] like you
neither be a I'll do it for you charity
you know I mean yes so I have you BAE I
have my my VA team split up into what I
call a growth team returns and tracking
team and then in order processing and
customer service team so my growth team
all they do is list right and it's it's
I found them on hub work it's one person
and then he got his sister involved and
his cousin and then they're located in
Pakistan I've had them for probably six
or seven months and they've done a
really good job listing Walmart items
and sniping like manually sniping
Walmart like I and I've been able to
teach them through videos and and all of
that right so that's that's how I teach
my bas anytime I want them to learn
do I create a video and it's like the
screenshare video and I explain to them
exactly how to do it and then you know I
could they go through it if they have
questions they ask me these people are
all really smart like all of my bas I
feel like they all have a college
education and it's crazy they the way
that you know the arbitrage is with like
you're the currency yeah it's you can
hire somebody for you know four dollars
an hour where in their country with a
college education they're only making
three dollars an hour and it's and if
they want to work hard for you because
they would not find that opportunity
elsewhere oh yes I live in the our
charger because I'm dropship in the US
and living in a country that like like
[ __ ] sheep yeah yeah you know
exactly yet I haven't experienced it yet
like I need to move to another country
for a little bit and you know so my
thing is ass down soon because it's
weaker there I was like yeah that's so
safe that's awesome that's awesome but
okay so for now like now I'm with my bas
I'm kind of trying to I'm trying to make
like have them all work together a
little bit more and to do that I'm
actually only focusing on Philippines
hiring people from the Philippines and
the reason behind that is because every
single person that I've hired from the
Philippines like I said they have that
college education when I have a Skype
conversation with them it's like I'm
having a Skype conversation with someone
in the US on them yeah English and
English classes and they're big on like
even the accents that they learn to
speak English in yeah and it's it's
crazy too because you're toking to them
on skype like just typing to them at
first and they're using like semicolons
and in places where I did not know that
it's grammatikally collecti uses to be :
like all of them type and speak like
perfect English like their their grammar
is better than mine uh it's crazy I've
been I've been trying to just focus on
hiring from the Philippines going
forward um and that's kind of what Matt
has done as well I mean I know Seoul
teams in the Philippines and actually
the way that I've been able to to have
my VA is on Amazon is they've basically
just been trained by Matt's BS so it's
been like a perfect you know air you
know for me and they're all they're all
great if you if you treat your VA is
right and you know you help them when
they need help and you give them bonuses
when you think it's right to give them
bonuses like that Boyle ask you like if
you get bonuses for like the guy to list
and stuff because like I am one person
that lists on one of my accounts and I
pay him like a small amount per seal so
he's like motivated correctly right
that's pretty cool that's a good idea
yeah so I give like I get bonuses when I
see that you know they've done a lot of
like a lot more work than I would expect
them to do like if they've listed 200
products in a day and then sure I'll
like think about giving them you know
even 20 bucks makes it makes these guys
so happy in these countries like like
here right my cleaning girl when I first
came was making like $150 a month yeah
chill with myself before so I I stuck
with her and I was just like to just to
understand like this when I first came
to the crowd and I would never work for
like I can't imagine that but what I see
the culture when I see the lady like for
instance I have friends like who have
farms like land is cheap as hell right I
have a friend who had like 300 acres
that she bought like sixty thousand
dollars but that's a whole other so my
friends with farms I like they have
someone working the farm for small money
but collecting all the food and then
eating off of this like consistently
right yeah yeah a lot of different
culture things that like I know some
people thinking about for years like
they did some poor country or something
like I'm living and seeing it and it is
not yes we had like benefited greatly
from it but it's not like that crazy
yeah and I it's funny too because I I
saw like just people's perceptions of
EA's in one of these um whatsapp
oops I mean with a bunch of dropshippers
one of one of the guys who's new and
then it was like well don't VA is not
know anything unless you train them and
it's like dude these people are
experienced like they know what they
know more about eBay sometimes than the
person they're working for you have to
they're people like they're smarter
people who have been educated you just
have to put your trust in them and then
like like a Nicaraguan people is not
gonna like allow them to drop ship on
you like not at all yeah like I did a
video with Yanis who's so like $15,000
for first month job ship and this one a
girl is a would for me right she is
doing her master's in marketing yeah and
she works for you yeah yeah that's crazy
that's so nuts I mean and that's what
people really have to get over it's
almost like an ego thing for them like
they're afraid that they really they're
afraid to like have a VA who's smart or
they think they're so much smarter than
their VA because it's just an ego like
you know whatever they need to trust
their bas or else you're never gonna be
able to scale your business by yourself
like you have to have and this is always
something Matt preached to me is he's
got one BA it was like the the head VA
right and of like his whole exactly so
um it's he trained her to be an
extension of himself like to know
everything that he knows and whatever so
that's kind of how I've approached my be
days where now I have one girl in the
Philippines who actually trained the
second girl I hired from the Philippines
and now the second girl from the
Philippines I hired just trained the
third person I hired from the
Philippines so it's like these people
they like once you teach one of them all
the knowledge just gets shared now and a
lot of these people are like well
ethically it's not discipline right like
yeah like I couldn't I think I'm a
relatively smart person right but like a
lot of the guys from that work for me
I'm more disciplined with like the time
and like it's a weird balance like all
the things I lack I fit it in with
people that have stuff that I don't have
you know yeah and yeah and sometimes I'm
aware not even by using the term fears
because when I see people described for
years it's like people like you hiring a
person this happen another country yeah
yeah it's like it's like people think
they they're had their hiring like a
piece of software they have to program
like that's not that's not it that's not
he has a picture on his cover feed or
something with like this real [ __ ] like
he's hiring like 2030 people in another
country change in their lives too so
it's not just like I should have toked
to him about that but I guess I'll do
that another video but all it is we're
doing is not just about yeah we make a
ton of money yeah we can buy you can buy
Lamborghinis yeah like I can do whatever
I want whenever I want but like even
behind that there are a lot of people
with jobs and like feeding their kids
and like like my assistant who works for
me for two years she has a kid she's a
single mother and she's making really
good money for Nicaragua right like she
just bought her house and like it's mine
this is interesting for me because I'm
here and I'm seeing it change in their
lives like insanely yeah I mean yeah I
mean your success is directly tied to
her success now because the better you
do and that's that's how my views are
also they actually you know tell me it's
I feel like it's like my store there's
what a VA would like says to me you know
that and that that makes me feel good
that they have that interest that I have
in it because they they first of all
they like working for me I'm not like
demanding I don't check in on them I
don't ask like what they're doing on a
daily basis who's running smoothly so
like there's that aspect where they can
basically be a freelancer but you know
work full-time for me or whatever and if
my account goes under their job goes on
during yeah exactly
someone else so yeah yeah I I like my VA
team a lot right now on on both eBay and
Amazon so it's it's been it's been going
well I actually have only had to fire
and the girl actually used to work for
eBay as a customer support cool in the
Philippines she just would not respond
to anything that I asked of her I
thought this was like a gold like I
thought this is like oh my god I can't
believe I found this person how she not
scooped up by by every dropship brunette
right was on up work yes it is
interesting too okay I don't know if you
watch I know you watched my videos
you've seen Carlos in the videos right
yeah like he came up from Costa Rica he
goes to work for Amazon customer service
in Costa Rica's right so I know that
video where you toked about that that's
crazy so maybe you'll have more success
see all these things come together you
know I mean you can't see you guys using
people overseas and like like I'm over
here and all of this is just interesting
to me and I hope and a lot of these
videos I want it is real it's real
businesses right it's not like you just
clicking some buttons on the internet
that magic is going to happen yeah
that's right you really do have to build
out you know strategy and build out a
team and just have it all flow well
together so it's it's a real business
for sure and that's that's what I tell
people too and I'm doing this like I'm
running a company I'm not wrong I'm not
and that's that's another thing if you
don't treat it like that you're not
gonna make money like own a company what
I toked about my other in the other
video we did where if you treat it like
a hobby you know you're gonna make hobby
money if you treat it like a job or a
company you're gonna make that kind of
money that you want to make yeah and I
see when you said that I think one of my
miss love mistakes were like one thing I
lack in the training of the DHD any guys
is that we have guys settle down hundred
thousand and fifty thousand maybe 150
thousand right but like I haven't really
done a lot of videos on scaling it past
that and I know that [ __ ] because I
choose it like I deliberately I've so
like on the phone two thousand one month
but like customer service was insane and
I chose until I keep my around a hundred
Anna it's interesting because I'm seeing
it like yes everyone is making money but
no one is skin as much as they could
yeah so yeah I think I'll take that from
you guys and like try to like like a
short example of that more you know yeah
exactly I mean all the only thing you
have to do to scale is just keep
building out your team you know so yeah
I think one of the things like one thing
that he loves me back from that is it I
did this YouTube thing like I don't
think people realize how much time like
this like there's some days I put seven
[ __ ] videos right yeah and that's
like I'm not just like let me just pull
some videos like those think actual time
like we sat here for almost an hour
right and then yes at the last video was
an hour then Matt was an hour so like so
I think that is where I can and that's
why I like it to be new guys because yes
I'm a successful drop shipper but if I
continue then doing this YouTube thing I
would never be the more successful drop
ship where we get it like a lot of my
focus is on this so having you guys
having the opportunity interview guys I
show the YouTube viewers that you could
scale this and see an amount and not
just listen to mark selling like a
little over million a year like you
can't it like Matt so like almost 9
million dude like what the [ __ ] yeah
that's a lot of money it's it's it's
wild man it really is wild like this can
be real like it must be photo right but
well yeah anyway let me not take you any
more Tyler that's a whole lot for your
time dude I know you're busy and
hopefully I don't know when we can tok
again maybe enough maybe sometime in the
middle of January I'm trying to get you
guys to come down to Nicaragua like I
mean I'm trying I'm trying to go to I
like every other week like hey man you
ready to go to Nicaragua next week
this guy he's a busy guy yes yeah okay
well if you do enough convincing and I
do enough convincing I really yeah all