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$3,420/Day LIVE Case Study (Shopify Dropshipping)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

$3,420/Day LIVE Case Study (Shopify Dropshipping)

$3,420/Day LIVE Case Study (Shopify Dropshipping)

how do you do over three thousand and
four hundred dollars in a single day on
shopify what does the store look like
what types of products can do this and
then obviously how do you run the ads
that is exactly what we're gonna tok
about inside this video
and in fact i'm gonna show you inside of
an ad account so first of all i want to
apologize if the quality is a little bit
lesser i'm not in my youtube studio
currently in an airbnb
as i am moving and you guys are going to
see all of that soon so
i want to jump right into this video i
made a presentation for you so you can
really see this and have a visual idea
instead of me just toking about it so
make sure to smash a like on this video
if you've been looking to do anything
ecommerce related
whether it's on shopify or not this is
the video for you so
let's get into it okay so like i said
three thousand
four hundred dollars in this specific
instance three thousand four hundred and
twenty dollars that extra twenty that's
two days of chipotle money with guac
okay so the thing i always want to point
out whenever i share numbers i always
say this on the channel this is not
by any means me bragging whenever i
share a number it is purely for a
learning experience
and the cool thing is i've made a lot of
these different types of tutorials and i
love to just show live examples because
i'm a visual learner so i hope that
helps you as well
just kind of me explaining how it used
to help me a lot back in the day
so the number actually doesn't matter
this could be three thousand dollars
five thousand dollars ten thousand
dollars or even a hundred dollars a day
and that's the point with e-commerce
there is no limit the cool thing is it's
not like a job
where you're trading your time for hours
and even if you get a raise from 20
an hour to 40 a double it's really hard
to make more than double because you can
only work so many hours right
so that's the great thing about here
what i'm about to share with you can
really make you a whole lot more money
and also assist you if you've never made
any money with shopify so
let's get into it i want to let you guys
know for everybody who's been asking
about our advertising agency
right now as of when this video is going
up for roughly the next week or so
you guys are going to get a couple of
really cool bonuses if you partner with
us inside of our agency
just for those who don't know what it is
we only work with about three dozen
and we've been doing that basically all
through 2020 started towards the end of
quarter one
what we do is we don't charge people a
ten thousand dollar a month retainer or
twenty thousand dollar a month retainer
in fact we charge a super small retainer
and then we take a percentage of the
the thing is we've actually had some
issues by running it like this
um and there's more back end profit for
us because we scale the heck out of some
of these stores
the problem we've had which is kind of a
risk for us is we've had multiple
clients one literally last week
not pay us the profit share so what we
do is we tok to each person
individually you know we always like to
make sure that we're in communication
this is something that's long term
because we don't make any money up front
and in fact it's such a big time
investment we want to make sure that
it's something we're going to do long
term so
what you can do inside of this video if
you click the top link in the
you guys are going to be able to fill
out a quick form you're going to be able
to get on a call with one of our client
managers inside of our agency
they'll walk you through all this but
i'm gonna throw you guys a cool little
bonus for every client that we have
currently right now
who's gonna be getting set up we're
gonna give you a free video ad for your
product a free store if you don't have
one yet this is perfect for beginners
as well as access to a free training
that goes through exactly how to execute
your end of the partnership so
what we do summarize in 10 seconds we
run all the ads we pick the products and
we test all the products
but what we do when we find a product we
tell you to go put it on your store so
you build the product pages
but we give you that template on how to
build the product page
so that's what that training that you're
getting for free is going to include so
that you can do it very efficiently
but again we do all the research we run
all the ads it's very little time
investment for you
yet you can watch and learn if you want
to learn how to do this as well so make
sure to check that out with the top link
in the description something i've only
mentioned a couple of times because
obviously we can't work with thousands
of people
nonetheless though you can jump on a
call with one of our client managers and
at least
ask questions and have the entire
process explained to you okay
so let's start going through this
specific example right the purpose of
this youtube video here number one i
wanted to show you a screenshot of the
sales obviously here on the shopify app
uh a little over three thousand dollars
in a day i always focus on upwards
movement but there's always a little bit
of confusion when i tok about
growth okay so a lot of people think
about upwards movement or growth
whatever you want to call it
in terms of day by day sales and while
it's great to see your business go
up every single day that's impossible in
my opinion i doubt there's ever been any
for years that has gone up every single
day there's fluctuations but here's how
you can think about it
upwards motion doesn't have to be your
revenue or profit
it can mean increasing something
anything so check this out
it could mean putting in a better email
system it could mean
getting a better average order value
increasing your profit margin
making a new ad creative the way you can
think about it is
what did you do today to advance your
business what did you do to move forward
closer to a goal so think about it like
that it doesn't always have to be a
dollar amount it can be something you
that will help you in the future hey i
set up three separate emails today in
the flow of sequences
that we have for our customers who
purchase a product to help our customers
have a better experience
that is so beneficial because now as you
start scaling you get more and more
they're all going to have a better
experience so that's great you worked
towards a goal today so
think about it like that now i want to
jump right into the advertising before i
tok about some other things that we
really focused on with this store in
let's go through the ads this is where i
geek out and have my fun okay
so this is a screenshot from inside the
ad account this is a multiple day view
um i don't know exactly what the
timeline is
but nonetheless i wanted to break this
down i think it's like two and a half or
three days
so as you can see a 2.8 roads all the
way over on the right it's nothing
very very healthy nonetheless probably
about a 37
margin about an 18 cost per purchase
this right here spending 4 200 to make
back about 12 000 so roughly a 3x return
on your money
that's not pure profit of course you
have product cost and your operational
cost inside of there
but take a look at what was running i
want to point this out because as you're
at that
50 100 2 300 000 a month mark in
revenue with the product that's you know
sub 200
you're gonna have a lot of stuff like
this running if you're following my
strategy and what we focus on inside of
our facebook ad program
because this is so simple and there's
there's like next to no risk so
you have a lot of like 100 150 50 75 300
a day cbo's inside each of these cbo's
you're going to find no less than two ad
sets and probably no more than
five eventually we will have higher
budget cbos with
more ad sets you don't want to go less
than two and just have one because
then it's basically the same as running
an ad set a cbo is meant to optimize
between the ad sets inside of there to
target different things or run different
video ads
to split tests that's what it's called
it's an a b split test or an abc
split test against multiple things to
see what's working the best so
what i recommend you do is if you have
sales coming in and by the way
for people who do have sales coming in
you should definitely be working with
our agency
because we can scale your stuff very
quickly this is definitely not just for
people who are starting
it is very very effective for people who
want to scale so maybe you're doing
three thousand dollars a day and you
want to go to 30 but you don't know how
you don't have the infrastructure we can
help with suppliers and payment
processors and ad accounts and
literally a thousand different things so
nonetheless if you're starting from
get ad sets working get multiple
interest you want a bunch of audiences
as many as possible that are working
then you start grouping those into cbo's
campaign budget optimizations
you can start with those at 50 bucks a
day 75 100.
that's kind of your entry level cbo each
with about three ad sets that gives your
ad set enough diver
excuse me that gives your cbo enough
diversity between those ad sets
to give a little bit of money to each
and kind of see which ones pull in
which one's pulling in more results and
then it'll put a little bit more of the
ad spend on there
so it's not a crazy high cbo the highest
budget cbo i've ever run was twenty
thousand dollars a day on just one cbo
and it was really cool to watch it start
to place that spend
i've done that same budget on a three ad
set as well as a five
so it was cool to see how it starts
allocating the budget you'll see some
similarities with the lower budgets here
but take notike some of these are 1.96
that's still profitable so why would i
kill it
2.87 2.7 1.4 1.3 2.5 2.7
this one is fairly new this has been
running for two and a half days
this is probably at that point where you
have to do one of two things either kill
the entire cbo but before you do that
before you kill anything
take a look inside of it because let's
say there was three ad sets running
inside of here
and one of them spent basically all the
money spent two hundred dollars
out of the 240 and the other two ad sets
got the sales and barely spent any
well you could just adjust the cbo by
killing one of those ad sets
so i always look to modify before i have
to kill because obviously killing
something is a little bit more of a
definitive solution it's like hey
there's not really a backwards step you
can take if you realize you make a
mistake so
either you're going to modify it or kill
it but always look to modify first
don't jump the gun okay now slide number
five here
this is relating to this store in
partikular because it was just slapping
super well so you guys know me
we focus a lot on margin we focus on you
know making sure that we're having
consistency inside the business and i
don't care if the margin is
13 or 38 percent as long as i can scale
the heck out of it i understand the
different industries
are going to give you the opportunity to
make different margins so don't think
that you have to have a 40
because you don't so for example inside
of here this store specifically we're
using one of my favorite upsell apps
candy rack this is kind of what it looks
like here on the shopify app store a
little breakdown explanation
but normally with candy rack i like it
because it offers you the
in my opinion the best visual offer
for having multiple upsells so here's
what it looks like here let me zoom this
in slightly just so you can get a better
this one right here if this was your
product up top this bicycle
it upsells three things it's a little
drop down bullet point menu that shows
three separate things so what i normally
do when i'm starting to test a product
and it's starting to get some traction
one of the things i focus on is
launching three upsells
and that's why it fits perfect inside of
this ad because it fits right into my
my strategy is a lower price an equal
price and a higher price it's very
so what that means is if your product
right now is selling for forty dollars
you'd to upsell maybe a 15 product a 40
one right the equal price and maybe 100
product give multiple price points now
in this example
i didn't even have three products we
could upsell it was a very specific
product there wasn't much stuff that
relates to it
that would really make sense to do an
upsell so there was only two
but it was working really well people
were spending about 35
on their average purchase price for the
product with their variant
and they were spending about 14 on
another upsell all day long
we had such a high take rate so that
really helps increase your margin
and you don't need to sell that upsell
product as much as you possibly can
because you don't have to pay for the
customer it's not a front-end ad right
you already paid for them so
yeah that's kind of touching on upsells
that's something i focus on a lot
and it's definitely something i focus on
once it's working so here
let's dive a little deeper into what's
next what do you do once something is
starting to make money
here's kind of the steps that i take
almost in reverse
so a lot of people get lost in the sauce
i see this all the time people who start
making a couple thousand dollars a day
in revenue profits coming in they're
touching their first 10 20 000
profit months and that starts to kind of
take over
in their head because what i see happen
they stop focusing as much on the
business and it does well but they're
scared to expand so then it slows back
and then they get even more scared so
they keep retracting and they keep
turning off the stuff that's around
breakeven because why would you run it
at break even well you're acquiring
customers but they're thinking in
contraction mode so they keep killing
that and eventually goes back to zero
and yeah maybe you have some money left
then you have to taxes but you don't
have anything long term right so it
might be great for some quick cash
that's why shopify is super cool
but here's what you want to do here's
what i do i religiously
focus on ignoring like 90 of what most
people focus on
when starting a shopify store i don't
care if the store is perfect
i don't care if it's a paid theme i
don't care if i set up the perfect name
or a great logo
so once i find a product that works
because i'll have to build multiple
stores potentially
i'll have to test multiple products
until i find a winner here's what we do
and it's the same thing for our clients
after the winner is identified then we
put two things behind
some research time and money so what i
do is i'll go back and i'll redesign the
store i'll get a paid theme or whatever
is applicable for that product whatever
would make it look the best
i'm usually putting at least five hours
of work in here the great thing is i'm
not the best at building stores and i
really don't like doing it so i have a
team of people who do it now
and if you don't want to build a store
you can check out the link below we we
offer shopify stores at
cost for like 100 bucks with product
research already done for you
but uh i'll put in additional time
myself if i'm working on something more
advanced so for example
let's say it has seven products on the
store right or it's a niche store like
seven products ten products twelve
i will go myself i don't really have my
product team do this once a product is
what i'll do i will go in and write each
product description myself
i will set up the pricing exactly right
i myself will go in and work on some of
the apps like the email marketing
i'll work on setting up the upsells and
then for the email marketing i'll work
on two flows
initially both for abandoned cart and
the other one for post purchase
so both of those super basic email flows
can help you bring in a lot of extra
customers that were missed
and for the post purchase a lot of extra
customer dollars from customers that
were already acquired
right so you get to kind of resell them
and also re-engage with your audience
the third thing i'll do is i'll order
the product this is something i tok
about all the time as soon as you know
your product is working
you should order it for a couple of
reasons number one for the purpose of
custom content but there's two things
inside of there
for your ads number one pictures for
carousel retargeting
you want video ads you want testimonies
you want to make all this cool stuff
that's unique that this
you know only you have that video
because you filmed it right it speaks
about your brand
but also for your store so you want to
make sure you get custom photos for your
store because
the better quality that is once you
already have a bunch of customers coming
the higher the conversion rate and the
higher you can sell your product for so
little things like that
number four i'm not gonna lie to you
guys even though i put this on this list
i'm not a logo guy i'm just not and i
understand um
some people who have huge companies they
live and breathe by logos logo logo logo
i'll put a little attention on it but
it's not my main thing and
i haven't needed to do it it's never
really been a big thing for me that has
you know making or broken a store so i
just didn't focus on it a lot
maybe that's a mistake myself but i'll
have something made and i'll spend 50
bucks and get a little logo that's
something simple
you can do for branding down the road
and number five
very very important this will pretty
much make or break the lifetime of the
in the e-commerce space is your supplier
so what you should do depending on how
you started out maybe you're already
working with a private supplier or
you got to look at a few factors
obviously your pricing that's important
but what is your shipping time
because as you start to scale your
payment processors
will absolutely have a problem if your
shipping time is over
two to three weeks so you have to make
sure that you really reel in that time
you're working with the right supplier
who can send out a product that you've
already verified the quality of
and maybe at this point now that you
have 50 sales a day 100 sales 200 sales
a day coming in
you can start negotiating based on the
volume you have as well as the future
potential volume because you can say hey
we're scaling to the five percent a day
rate i mean that's very fast
you know so you can negotiate get a
little better pricing and even work in a
deal for some
custom packaging especially your product
is really small uh this is great to do
with like jewelry or clothing where it's
like not that big of a package
it's not a box it's just a package a
package is a lot cheaper and you can get
really cool packaging for like 30 cents
and that can have your social media on
it that can all really help with two
things branding but also your customer
so they're less likely to charge back
complain it feels more legit
it doesn't feel like it was drop shipped
and that right there is what you could
basically call
optimized drop shipping i mean that
right there is just super super
great in terms of the structure because
people are not going to be complaining
you're not going to get a lot of
negative comments
and that overall is going to help you
out long term so
that's kind of the main focus there and
those are a few key things that go into
doing three thousand five thousand ten
thousand dollars in shopify
even just a couple hundred bucks but
focus on the product first
focus on the ads like the little ad
strategy we toked about there
get sales coming in that's something
i've lived by for four years
and it works for a reason i've run over
50 different shopify stores
i've done over 10 million dollars in
sales i've been in this industry for a
while i've gotten the opportunity to see
a lot of stores as well
both through clients you know a couple
dozen clients that we've worked with for
quite some time
i've gotten to see a lot of setups i've
sold products in all sorts of industries
so i have a great perspective on seeing
this work and seeing things not work so
i just wanted to jump on here and give
you guys this information as quick as
possible for free so i really hope you
enjoyed this video
if you got any value it out it would
mean a lot if you helped me out real
fast by dropping a like down below
make sure to subscribe and comment
something i don't care if you like or
dislike the video make sure you do
something okay drop a like drop comment
let me know if you liked the video if
you didn't like it let me know if
there's something you want to see here
on the channel
or if there's a question that you have
that was sparked off of this video okay
make sure to check out that top link as
well in the description if you're
interested in working with our
advertising agency even if you don't
know much about it just fill out that
form and you can jump on a quick call
with one of our client managers who can
explain it to you
again we can really only bring on right
now just being honest about eight to ten
new clients a month
but nonetheless it's something i wanna
start slowly putting out there
because maybe this will be the right fit
for you in six months you know we love
working with people
who already have sales coming in because
we can jump in optimize and scale
there's no real testing period for
testing new products but we can
definitely do that as well for you so
you get a couple cool bonuses and
whatnot it's really not that expensive
just that small retainer and a
percentage of the profit so we're having
a lot of fun with that i'm super excited
to see what happens during 2021
i hope this video helped you out in some
way make sure to stik around the
channel for some more content
and i'll be seeing you in the next video

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