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Published on: December 22 2022 by Franck PIERRE - Workshop for new entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a challenging task, and there are many steps involved that can lead to mistakes. To avoid these mistakes, it is important to have a clear understanding of the process. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in creating a SASU and how to avoid errors.

Step 1: Choosing the right legal structure

- Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different legal structures

- Research the requirements for a SASU

- Consult with a legal professional if needed

Step 2: Registering the SASU

- Obtain a SIRET number

- Register with the appropriate authorities

- Ensure all necessary documents are submitted

Step 3: Defining the purpose and activities of the SASU

- Clearly define the purpose of the business

- Determine the activities the SASU will engage in

- Ensure that the purpose and activities align with the legal structure

Step 4: Establishing the capital and financing of the SASU

- Determine the initial capital needed for the business

- Decide on the source of financing

- Ensure that all financial records are accurately maintained

Step 5: Hiring employees

- Follow labor laws and regulations

- Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each employee

- Ensure that all necessary contracts and paperwork are completed

Step 6: Maintaining proper accounting and tax records

- Keep accurate records of all financial transactions

- File tax returns on time

- Consult with a tax professional if needed

Step 7: Adhering to regulations and laws

- Stay up-to-date on regulations and laws related to the business

- Comply with all regulations and laws

- Consult with a legal professional if needed

Starting a SASU involves many steps, and it is important to avoid errors along the way. By choosing the right legal structure, registering properly, defining the purpose and activities of the business, establishing capital and financing, hiring employees, maintaining proper accounting and tax records, and adhering to regulations and laws, you can avoid common mistakes and set your SASU up for success.


In this video, Pierre from L'atelier des nouveaux entrepreneurs discusses the different steps involved in creating a SASU. He acknowledges that many people struggle with the paperwork involved in creating a company, and that many applications are rejected due to incomplete or incorrectly filled out forms.

Main Points:

1. Deposit of Capital: This is an essential step in creating a SASU. The deposit involves putting the capital into a bank account, and in return, receiving a certificate of deposit. Pierre recommends using professional banking services like Caisse d'Epargne or Shine instead of traditional banks.

2. Advantages of a SASU: One of the most significant advantages of a SASU is the limited liability of the shareholder. The shareholder is only responsible for the debts up to the amount of their capital contributions. This also means that the shareholder's personal assets are protected from any debts incurred by the company. Another advantage of a SASU is the ability to choose between paying income tax or corporation tax. It is also easier to transform a SASU into an SA (Société Anonyme) if the company needs additional funding.

3. Steps to Create a SASU: The first step in creating a SASU is to draft the company's bylaws or statuts. This involves setting up the rules for the company's management, including the purpose of the company, the location of its headquarters, and the distribution of power. Pierre recommends using a professional service to draft the bylaws, as any mistakes in the bylaws can be costly to correct.

4. Conclusion: Creating a SASU involves several steps, including depositing capital, drafting bylaws, and registering the company with the relevant authorities. While creating a company can be complex, using professional services can save time and money in the long run.

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