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#1 Mortgage Ad To Generate Mortgage Leads On Facebook (34 Mortgage Leads Per Week!)

Published on: December 10 2022 by Jason Wardrop

#1 Mortgage Ad To Generate Mortgage Leads On Facebook (34 Mortgage Leads Per Week!)

#1 Mortgage Ad To Generate Mortgage Leads On Facebook (34 Mortgage Leads Per Week!)

What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video I'm gonna show you how to generate mortgage leads
So I'm going to show you the number one mortgage ad
To set up on Facebook as well as Instagram and this is with all of the new updates
That Facebook has recently made. They just changed everything for housing mortgage real estate
And so I'm gonna show you guys actually how to set that up. So you're compliant with Facebook
So your ad doesn't get disapproved or your Facebook Ads account doesn't get shut down
so with that said
Let me just jump onto my computer so I can show you step-by-step
how to actually get this set up and running for your business
So here we are inside the Facebook Ads manager
Now if you wanted to go through and create a mortgage ad completely from scratch
This is what we're gonna do. We're gonna click on this create button over here. This is creating a new Facebook ad campaign and
this brand new update that Facebook just made with their
Algorithm and compliance issues and all that stuff in the housing market with mortgage with real estate. That is a special ad category
Okay, so it says some audience selection options are unavailable for as related to credit
Employment or housing?
So basically what happens here is once we get to the targeting options of who we can go through and target with our ad
We're restricted a little bit on that but guys
I have run a lot of ads in the real estate space in the mortgage space and usually this has had absolutely zero
effect on my lead quality the lead costs and everything so
is basically just so that they can stay compliant with the government not going to trouble there and not discriminate and
discriminate against certain people
So we're gonna do is just gonna click on this box. So let's check that
I'm creating a campaign for ads and a special app category
and if you think you're sneaky and you think you can get around this
Your ad is going to get disapproved
And if your ad this has proved too many times what they'll do is end up shutting down your facebook ad account
So just click on here. It's not a big deal. It's really simple to do
So it says I'm creating a campaign so ad category. We are in the housing space
So this is ads for real estate listings homeowners insurance mortgage loans, which this is obviously falls into that category
Or other related opportunities, so we just check on that
And then down here says what is your marketing of Jeff?
Right. So with our business what we want to do is want to generate leads
We want to get someone's name phone number email address. Perhaps take them through some sort of application
Schedule a phone call so we can actually tok with them about their needs
So there's two types of objectives that I like to use with this
Okay, one is lead generation where we're creating something. That is called a Facebook lead form
which also that's actually what we're gonna create today, and the other one is
Conversions and conversions is leveraging something called a landing page and a landing page is basically a simple site
It's not your main website. It's a simple site. The whole goal is to convert website visitors into actual leads
Okay, so there they both kind of have their place. They've worked very similar, but for this example
We're gonna choose the lead generation option which obviously as a mortgage broker. That's that's what you want
You want more leads right? So we're gonna click on this and then coming down here. We can give this campaign
Whatever name we want, so we're just gonna say
mortgage leads
and this campaign name right here is just for your uses so you can kind of keep track on what's going on with everything and
Then scrape split test and can't pay a budget optimization. We're not gonna do that right now. That's some more advanced stuff
You really don't need that. Okay, so coming in here
We're gonna click continue and we'll give this a name and we'll just call this
Let's say we're going for mortgage leads in the Denver area. So we'll say Denver, Colorado
So Denver mortgage leads and once again this ad set name, this is just for your use
It's not no one else is gonna see this so you don't need to worry about that
okay, and then Facebook page, you're gonna choose your Facebook business page, so
Usually what I like to do is have a facebook business page that is personally branded so branded with your name
So for this example, we will use
We'll just use this realtor demo page because I don't think I have a mortgage one
Or mortgage broker out there
and like I said you want this page to have your name because a
Lot of times you guys like having your company name your company logo like social media is a social engagement
Plan for platform people want to engage with other people not businesses not logos, not brand names or anything like that
So you want to go through and you let's say mortgage broker right here
And then also if you have never accepted Facebook's Terms of Service for using their lead ads
You need to go through here and just say hey, I agree to the terms and conditions. Okay, so all that that's super easy
It's basically saying that you're gonna be compliant with their whole ads setup, which if you're following this tutorial right here
You'll be compliant. You'll be good to go
Okay, then down here
Dynamic creative we can skip over that catalog we can skip over that that's not gonna pertain to us and then these custom audiences
This is like if we're going
initially for a broad audience or we're trying to go and hit everyone in the Denver market in the Denver area and
click collect new leads
We're not gonna worry about these custom audiences right here
down the road if we want to go and we want to hit anyone say like this visit our website or any past leads any
One that's like knows who we are. This is where we would go through
And add those custom audiences of all of our website visitors all of our leads and all that
But this one what we're doing is setting up a broad
Mortgage league campaign so that we can go and brand ourselves more in our local market
Okay, so then coming down here
Locations obviously if we are in Denver
Marketing for those specific type of leads. We don't want the whole United States. Okay, we're gonna do
Denver Colorado, so we'll choose that right here
And then this like by default it says everyone in this location
We don't want everyone in this location because there's could be people traveling through for business for leisure. Whatever it is
so we just want to have people who live in this location cuz people who live in the location are more likely to
Need help with a loan
and so we want to just target specifically those types of people and then another update that Facebook made with this whole like
Special add category. I've been showing you you used to be able to say hey, I only want people in the Denver area
And so it'd be like a very small
Communities like just the Denver area or you could go down to as small as a 10-mile radius
Well now they let you go down to a 15 mile radius and that is the minimum, which honestly at the end of day
This works great because this gives us a bigger audience in
Facebook's algorithm actually works a lot better
Within larger audience. Okay, because what happens is you run the ad and over the first couple of days
It's just learning you'll see right next to the ad campaign. You'll save in parentheses. They'll say learning and
What is doing is find out what types of people are
engaging with your Facebook app what type of people are actually
Opting in and becoming a lead and then the longer that campaign runs its able to optimize and find more people
Just like the people that have already been opting in
Okay, cuz like a lot like a lot of people think that Facebook is all about getting your money and all that which they are
However, they're gonna get a lot more of your money the more successful you are with their platform, right?
So it's actually in their best interest to get you the best results, which sometimes it can take four to five days for their whole
Algorithm to learn and really just like adapt to who your ideal target customer is
But then every single day it keeps running. It keeps learning keeps getting better
And so these big audiences actually have been what works best for me and my business as well as my clients businesses
Right then coming down here. Another thing. You can't target based off age anymore, which might be thinking
Well, like I don't want to market to 18 year olds
Don't worry, just like I explained Facebook's algorithm will actually take care of all that for you
They're finding the sweet spot is like 28 to 34
They'll just narrow in on those types of people and gender right here
Jenna really doesn't matter even though they don't let you select it because
Either gender no matter what gender you are
You're gonna be looking for a home loan at some point if you're gonna go buy a house, right?
so then coming down here languages I
usually like to do English and I'll just do English all
Us/uk same same type of thing
If you speak Spanish or a different language that you have a large market in your specific area
You can throw that in but for this one, I'm just gonna do English and then as far as the detailed targeting, okay
I like I found it best for my ads to go through and leave them wide open with the big audience
Like I've just been explaining to you
If you do want to get a little bit more and I've seen some people
Say like they have their opinions of like, oh, it works better if you have some of these detailed targeting options
go for it and some of those are gonna be like
Okay, because the thought is if someone is interested in silho, they're gonna be searching on Zillow
they're in the market to go through and buy a home which which I see that I
understand that I've done a lot of testing both ways though and
The open interest usually works better for me and my clients
but you can kind of split test it you can have one ad set where it's targeting everyone just
open-ended and then you can have another one where it's going through and saying hey Zillow then Trulia and
then let's say redfin some of these different options and
Some of these options actually with the special ad category
Don't pop up as if if you were not choosing the special ad category. Okay, so we'll just say for this example
Trulia and Zillow that narrows it down about five hundred fifty thousand
Which that's still a large enough audience that the Facebook Ads algorithm is going to work
Well, so you don't have to worry about like, oh is that too small of an audience? Usually if you're getting like
75 thousand 50 thousand or below that I
Would say you're probably getting a little bit too targeted
Okay, and usually like I like to keep at least a hundred thousand or above with my audience sizes
But obviously if you're in a smaller town
Then you might have a smaller audience just by nature of having less people in your community. Okay now coming down here
Automatik placements recommended I used to not recommend this although Facebook did but they're targeting everything has gotten a lot better
and so I just leave it open-ended right here for recommended and
Then coming down to our daily budget, right? This cost control is optional thing right here. I would just leave it
That's a bidding system that Facebook uses
But usually they can just optimize it all for you
so you don't have to work like this is just more advanced stuff that you don't really have time to get into that and at
The end of the day it's not like it's not 10x effective. Like it might be slightly a little bit effective
But really it's at the end of day
It's it's not worth the time to go in and test and be continually tweaking all these things for or mortgage business
So the next thing is our budget
What we want to do down here is choose. What type of budget we've got, right?
Minimum that I would say to go is $10 per day. And the reason why I say $10 per day is because
Facebook like let's say your average cost per lead is 8 bucks. Okay, so cost $8 to get a lead, which is great
But if your daily budget is only $5 per day
Then you're not even ever giving yourself a shot to generate that $8 lead because you spent $5 and then Facebook's algorithm
Resets every single day. So you spend 5 bucks and then reset spends another five bucks spends another 5 bucks and
You're not even giving yourself a chance to get that one $8 lead
Okay, so I would start out at a minimum 10 bucks and even be safer
I'd be in like the 20 $25 range all depends on your budget, right?
So if you don't have this budget, then I would start out at will say the $10 range right there
Okay now moving down here. We're just going to go through it says add set make it zero leads
It's because your budgets not as high will hit continue right here
We are going to go through it. We've chose our Facebook page and
we're gonna choose the single image or video ad right here and what we're gonna do for the image what I like to do just
X out here right here. I like to just use one of their free stok images and we can just type in here a
okay, so like pictures of homes work great for the mortgage space or you can even you know
if you have some kids right there that actually that's a good one and all these uh,
All these watermarks with shutterstok once the ad actually goes live
You won't be seen that
So something with kids something with a cup right here, if you've got like a dog or something like that those work really well
So like, you know, let's choose this one right here
It's unselect these other ones. We'll hit continue and
Then I've got some
Copy and paste Facebook ad copy that I use so let's just go grab that right here. So we got the add tab
So let's just grab this
Copy and this is gonna go in this primary tik space
So this is gonna be like what you put in the actual post, okay
So this is they saying his comment that homebuyers have to put down 20%
So it's kind of taking that myth and saying look you can get down you can get into a home for a lot less
So that you can lower your rent payment
So your mortgage can be less than your rent all that good stuff, and then we've got scrolling down here
We've got our headline. So we've got this this main part that they can read. We've got the headline
Find out if you qualify
and if you guys want this
Facebook ad copy and paste text all this stuff right here. Just drop a comment down below I can share that with you guys
No problem. Don't have any any worries about that
And then down here the call to action
we'd like to use learn more and then an image you can use you can see like
just an image of a home now a quick tip if
An image of your of a home like this. This home doesn't look like an image of a home in your area
Don't use it use an image of a home that looks like it's in your area
Right because like homes in Miami might look different than homes in Denver
so you just got to kind of make sure that it connects with your local market and
Then sign up like we said we were gonna use learn more instead of sign up
Because that's just what's work better. It's a little bit less like hey sign up right now
People don't like to go and sign up for things, but they're interested
They'll want to learn more and then this description right here. You can throw something in here
It's not necessarily gonna show up on your mobile phone
So I usually don't like to do that and then this display link that's optional and since we're using a lead form
I usually am not going to go through and throw anything in right there. Okay, so now coming down here
We've created the Facebook ad campaign. We've done all of our targeting right we've set up the Facebook ad
So this is what people are actually gonna see so kind of breaking this down. This is what people are gonna see
This is who's gonna see it. And then this is what our objective is
We're going after leads
Now when someone clicks on this learn more we are gonna create a Facebook leave form, which it's a simple pop-up
It'll pop up and will ask for like their name phone number email address. The cool thing about Facebook lead forms is Facebook will automatikally
Pretty fill all that info info with like whatever type of information they have on file for that user
Which a lot of times that is more accurate information than if you're having somebody type in
Their info where they could be like John Smith that John calm or something
So I'm just like bogus info that you're not getting quality data
Anyway, so now we're gonna do is come down this instant form right here. We're gonna create a new form and
We can give this a name use. I like to give these names because if you don't give it a name right now
It usually hits it's very hard to go back and I actually have never found a way to go back and edit
It's just like a painful process. So we'll say buyer
3% down right here. And so we'll say form type
Will go for more volume, okay?
You can go from the higher intent having them go through more steps to confirm their info for this one
We're just gonna go for a volume play because then the day
Say it like mortgage is the mortgage business is all about as a sales game. And so sales is all a volume game
Morally, so you get coming in we can automate a lot of the backend
But if we get more data more contact info coming through then we have more people to kind of sift and sort
Through through as we're going through the discovery phase of who's qualified who's not and the other ones we can just nurture the email marketing
Text message marketing facebook Messenger bot
Marketing like a lot of different things right there. Okay, so then we got this intro
This is optional. But what I usually like to do is do something similar to what I've got right here
Okay, so like find out if you qualify
So you just want to keep things consistent if they see something on an ad and they're like man
I'm interested in that well, whatever they click to
There should be consistent messaging from one to the next as you're moving about
That's why we want to keep the same image as well. And then we've got down here
You can go through throw on a paragraph of information
or you can have bullets of like
Get a quick quote. Whoa
Whatever it might be we're not going to spend the time to go through and actually put in all this information right here
But I just want to show you guys some of the different things that you can do
And then this questions part this is asking for their information
So I usually like to do their full name their email address and then also
Their phone number. Okay, so we'll grab their phone number right there because it's great to get it like name and email
But if you're actually going to be booking appointments you want the whole goal of this is to get more people on the phone
So then once you get them on the phone
You can get them in an in-person appointment and then eventually kind of discover their needs and help close the deal there
so a phone number is
Crucial to this whole process. So now over here
We've got full name email phone number
and like I said
The great thing about these facebook lead forms is it will autofill all this information for you?
Based off of whatever info that person has on file with Facebook. And yes
They can go and tweak and edit it and like change the bogus info
My experience people are lazy and they won't do that. And so usually you get some pretty good information right here
Okay, and then right here?
This is where you're gonna want to put your privacy policy
So if you don't have if you have a privacy policy link on your page
You want to throw it in right there if you don't what I found that works
it's probably is kind of like a little bit of a workaround if you can put in your Facebook page URL and
It will still work. So let me just grab my
Facebook page URL right here just to show you guys
So we'll throw that in right there. And then this thank-you screen
It's just basically like that confirmation once they've submitted their info. Thanks, you're all set. Your info has been sent to
You know, so and so this is obviously gonna be your name tap below to visit
my web site or something like that, or you can even say tap below to
Set up an upcoming
Appointment because then what we can do is we can send them to a appointment
Scheduling app that they can actually automatikally book calls on your calendar
So there's a couple different apps that we can use there's one that's called calendly. I'll just pull this up for you right here
this is a hundred percent free and
you can set what days of the week and what times a day that you're available and so after they opt-in over here and
They click view website. They're they're going over and you could say
Scheduled call
Ok, and then you throw in the link and you can choose what days of the week what times days you were available?
And so when they click scheduled call they're going to this calendaring software that syncs in with Google Calendar
It'll give you notifications. It's really nice or there's another one it's called schedule
Once this one in my opinion is a little bit more confusing to set up but it's another option
I know a lot of people love it. So these two calendly or schedule wants and
Then you have this right here in the website link section
And so let's just say obviously you're not going to throw in this URL
But what you would do is you would sign up
this one has a free account that you can go through and use and
Then create what days of the week what times the week you're available
It'll give you your own custom link and that's what you throw in right there. Ok, and then from here, we just hit finish
Alright so now we have created this
We missed something your lead ad requires a form. Oh, there we go. It actually it went through. Okay
It was just thinking through so so now we've got this form that we've created right here
and at this point all we do is hit confirm and
What is gonna happen is this Facebook ad is gonna go through?
Facebook's review process it usually takes less than an hour. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours
Especially in this new special ad category for housing. So just be patient with it and then once it goes live
Here's what you want to do
You want to give it at least four to five days to run on that $10 today budget before?
You make any decisions on if this ad is performing well, or if it's not performing
Well, okay
The reason why you want to give it four five days is because like I said Facebook's algorithm
It takes a few days to really kick into gear to really learn who your ideal
Customer is and so sometimes like we have a lot of clients that within the first couple of hours. They're already seen leads
They're like seeing three four five leads within the first couple of hours. However, some other clients depending on their area
it might be one or two or three days before leads start coming in because
Facebook still kind of doing that discovery and it just it really all depends on your area your demographic
The ad campaign that you're running so there's a few things so that's why I like to be patient with it
You know, if you're spending ten bucks a day, you're giving it five days. It's maximum fifty bucks John ously
You've probably thrown more than 50 bucks away at Trulia Zillow
You know realtor.com and these big advertising networks. Oh, really?
It's not that big of a risk to go through and test this out here
And this will show this ad on both Facebook as well as Instagram in the Facebook newsfeed the Instagram newsfeed
Everywhere. So anyway guys, I hope this video was helpful
If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up if you're brand new here to the channel
My name is Jason Wardrop and I break down different lead generation marketing strategies every single week. So make sure you subscribe
Hit that notification bell and if you got any questions drop a comment down below because I answer every single question
here on the channel
So make sure you guys get your questions answered by me personally down in the comments section
And with that said I will tok to you all later

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