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1 product dropshipping store

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

How To Make a One Product Shopify Dropshipping Store 2022 (FASTEST WAY)

so you're trying to make a Shopify- one product, one click checkout- Shopify Drop Shipping Store. well, you've come to the right place. this is by far the easiest video that will get you a working Shopify Drop Shipping Store. so, without further notike, let's go to the study and let's get working on this store. what we need to do is we need to get some apps to run on our store. first app you want to get is called Luke's reviews. it is 9.99 for a whole month, but once again, you have a 14 free day trial. so if you do cancel any time before the 14 days, you get it for free. after that, you want to go back to home, browse Shopify Drop Shipping apps and search instant checkout. now this is the app we want. the only downside to this app is that it's only a three day trial, although it's only four dollars for a month. normally people also use an app that transfers the data from AliExpress onto your Shopify store, although I personally don't use apps like that, I just copy and paste it and then change- change the words in the description myself. so now you want to go to customize theme. you come here to add theme and visit theme store. now the theme you want to search is refresh this one. right here is what we will be using for the website today: try theme. once you do scroll down, you will see that it is loading. you just need to wait for it to load and shortly after you can add it to your store. once it is done, you do just want to click publish. so just click customize. and now it brings you to this page here. so, to start off, I have changed up this left side here and I will show you exactly what I have done. so with the slideshow, you want to have two not showing. so how you do that: you just click the not showing button, but you still have one. you get rid of the featured collection. you have a featured product here. how you do that is you scroll to the bottom, add a section and click featured product. after you've done that, you just drag it up here using this. under that, you'll have an imagery text and then have a multi-column. the thing with this multi-column: instead of having all four showing, you want to only have two showing. remove the image with text. remove another image with text, the featured collection, Rich Text. remove all of them. now there will be an imagery text up here. what you want to do is you want to drag it down under the rich text. you're going to have the multi-column showing, but only have one showing instead of all four. hide the blog post and also hide the email sign up. after you've done that, your website should look something like this: after that, you want to go to Colors. now, something you want to take into consideration when choosing the color is the product of your color, because these colors will, overall, be the colors for your page. now you go to Accent 2 and you change this to a dark grayish color. you want to copy this code right here, scroll down to text, change it to the same code and scroll down to outline button and change that to the same code. remember, this is my example, so you don't need to use the exact same colors as me- the gray I do prefer you using, but with accent one. change that color to the color that represents your product. now onto the page, you want to come to announcement bar and go to welcome to store and provide them a discount. so straight away I just write ending soon, 60 off. so they come in the store and straight away see that there is a discount now with the header. you're probably thinking: how do I make this look better? now what you want to do is go to a website called canva. they do provide you with either a free trial- you can use it for free but have limited did access- or you can pay for an account. what you do here is you come, click, create a design, custom size and just put 500- 500.. you come to these elements, click the square. and now what you want to do is you go back to your website, come to the color theme, get the accent 2 color code and put it in this color code here. so now the background for your page would look like that. for this example, I will be doing something pretty plain, although you can use your creativity and create something a lot better. here I have downloaded some text. you can download text if you want. for this one, I'm just going to use Arista Pro trial fat and just put LED boxes. now, with this text here, you want to go back to your website, get the accent one color code, color that, go to the color for this and then put in that code here. so now it will look something like this. you won't save it, you'll take a screenshot and you just hover over it like this. why we're doing this is because if you save it, the proportion on your web website will look completely wrong and the logo will be very small and you won't even be able to read it. once you do all of that, you can come back to your website, go to default logo, change, select image and you'll have to add in your image here. as you can see, ours is right here. you just click that and you got your logo right there. you click select and what I like to do is just put this all the way up to 250.. so now it looks something like this: once you do that, you get out and you go to slideshow and click on this one right here and select an image. I do recommend, before you start making your website, get all of your images ready and upload it to this part right here. I do highly recommend that you get gifts as well. the way you can get gifts is you just write in your product on Google and you put gifs at the end, go to images and you have a whole bunch of gifs here. boom, now I've added all of my gifs or images in here. for the top part. I like to use a gif purely just because it grabs the customer's attention here. for the heading, you want to write something that will entike your audience. since I'm using a Galaxy Star projector, I will write: turn any room into your own personal Galaxy. get rid of the subheading and instead of it saying shop now, make it say buy now. now, with the button link. you click it and you want to go to products. you see here there's no products. so now we step back from our website. make sure you save, exit and then go to products. now you want to go to AliExpress and find your product. once you have found your product in AliExpress, you come back to your ad product. you write in your product name: this is a Galaxy projector. what I like to do after the name is go write TM. click on this one, bonomarkcom. you want to double click this TM sign. go back to your products and paste it right there for your description. you come to your product. you just scroll down. you read Show Yourself, start projector. Yep, this is a bad example. normally they would have a lot more information. you can either copy and paste and change it up a little, or you can write your own description for it. this is the description I came up with. now for media, you can go to your AliExpress supplier and you can screenshot these images simply just by either going here, right clicking, save image, as, although you will need to message your supplier and make sure that you have their permission to use their images. however, a better way I like to do this is to get an image, put it into canva and put your own label on it for the sake of this video. I have done this prior, so this is how the image looks, although if you would like a detailed video on how you can brand your own products, make sure to let me know down in the comments below and I will make a video for you guys. now you come down to price. what you want to do is you want to look around for your competitors and see where they are pricing their product. at and with that, you will want to lower your price so you have a greater chance at selling your product. for this, I will put 36.99. make sure you always end your product in 99, as it is a psychological trick on making people more entiked to buy your product for the compare it price. this is a number that makes your item look like it's on sale. so for this example, I'm just going to put 99.99. do not charge tax, make sure you're not tracking the quantity. this is a physical product and that is about.

How To Build A FREE BRANDED One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify 2021

this is the exact strategy that we use to create and design our shopify stores, and our six figure and seven figure stores have the exact theme as the one i'm showing you right now. and check out this beautiful website, look at all these crazy animations and look how branded and beautiful this website looks. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille steiner and it's the econ king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be showing you, step by step, how we create and design our shopify stores for our six figure brands and our seven figure brands. now this video is gonna be completely for free. i'm gonna be giving you the theme upload for the product page and the home page. we use an app called page fly, where you upload these templates on there and you can just straight away start editing them, and i'm gonna be showing you today, for around about 30 minutes to an hour, exactly how we edit these things to make them look so good and so professional. now i would really appreciate if you guys can smash the like button and take some time out just to keep smashing it and leave a comment and let me know if you appreciate the content. any video feedback you've got for me, any upcoming videos you want to see on the channel. any form of support would be widely appreciated because, at the end of the day, this is the exact thing that we're using for our shopify stores, and the proof is on the channel, because if you look at our case studies, it's the exact same thing that we use on the videos in the case studies when we reveal our shopify store. now we also have a free telegram chat. make sure you join that so you can get any feedback or help with the stores that you're creating today. so the first thing that you need to do to start creating your one product branded shopify store is you need to create a shopify account and make sure you use my link, the ecom king link, to get your shopify store for exclusive benefits and deals. now there will be a link to my ecom king deals website, because a lot of the websites on this page you will need to be using for this video. so if you want to get exclusive benefits and extra free trials, make sure you use this link now. once you've got your shopify store, make sure you go to the app page and you download page flight from the app store. it's a completely free app and you won't need to pay anything, which is the amazing thing about this video: everything is completely free. now, once you've done that, you need to click on the app and it will take you to this page right here. once you've done that, you need to head over to where it says home pages. now, just to give you a brief explanation of what this is: pagefly is basically a website builder within shopify which can give you some really beautiful looking websites, as shown in today's video. now, when you get into this step, you need to find yourself a product. so if you haven't already got yourself a shopify product to sell, make sure you've got one which actually comes with decent images. so what i've used today is: i've used a website called peekster to find the product that i want to do today, which is the auto face tracking tripod, and if you look at the aliexpress link, this is the product that i'll be using in today's video as the example. now, once you've got your product, what you want to do is you want to head over to where it says import, and then you want to go to select files, and then you want to go to downloads, and then you can see that i will link this in the description and in the telegram chat, which is the upload template. you want to click home page open and then you want to click i understand and then import. and then, once you're waiting for that to import, you want to head over to product pages and you want to do the exact same thing: go to import, go to select file and scroll down to the product page version and click open and click i understand and import. now, once you've done that, guys, you want to head over back to the home page section and you're going to be seeing this right here now. once you've done that, you want to hit the three dots and you want to hit publish and then, once it's published, that will make it the primarily theme on your current website. then, once you've done that, you actually want to click on it and then that will take you to the editor. so once you click continue, that will open up the page flight editor and, as you guys can see, the theme has opened up and, as you guys can see, it looks absolutely beautiful and it just makes life easier for you guys to start your journey editing the website. so the first thing that we're actually going to do, guys, is we're going to start off with this first section up here right now. now, the first thing that you need to do is you need to upload an image of your product. now the image that you want to upload here is an image of somebody using the product in a hd quality image. so if i head over to aliexpress, you also want to download this chrome extension called aliexpress image downloader. it will be in the description. it just means makes it easy for you to download images of aliexpress. you want to be using images that really show your product in a very hd quality image. so this is the image that i will be using, because it shows my product and somebody happy using it. so if you can find something similar to this for your product, that will be really, really cool. so once you've done that, you want to click on the image, you want to click this little file and you want to hit upload from computer, and then what you want to do is you want to select that image. so that's the image right there. you can see i've got it selected, and then what i'm going to do is i'm going to click open and then it's going to upload that into the database. once you've done that, you want to head over to the heading page here and you want to click it, and then you want to select the end of the text and then you can see you can edit it. now what you want to put here is your product name. so if i actually take you to this site here- because this is just one that i've already made, just makes it easier for when i build it with you, guys, you can see here it says: discover the smartest gimbal. now, obviously, my product is all about gimbal. it's basically a 360 face tracking gimbal. so you want to give your name a really cool name which is short but sweet but it also gets people intrigued. so saying, just so you'll be discover there. and then, whatever your product name is, with quite a cool, funky name, so i've called mine the smartest gimbal. so once you've done that, guys, you want to head over here and you want to put your wording in there. and then, once you've done that, you want to then move over to this bit here, which is the review section, and what you want to put here is: you want to put: our customers love us. so you just want to copy that and this will also be in the description so you can make it easy for you guys to copy and paste from. you just want to quickly go from here and you want to change that wording to where it says: our customers love us. now, once you've done that, you want to then start picking a color for your website. now i'd recommend that you pick the color for your website in three colors: white, black and a third color that will be the primarily color in your logo. now i'm gonna be showing you how to make a logo at the end of the video, not at the start, because i've already done it loads of times and i don't want to bore you. but again, i will show you at the end of the video. now, the three colors that i'm gonna be using is white, black and this pink color, because pink color is the one that looks really, really nice and it's the one that my audience will relate to the most, because a lot of people are gonna be buying this are from the women audience. men will buy it, but i'm going to primarily focus on the women people for this one. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to make my website that nice pink color. so i've used this chrome extension called color picker and, as you guys can see, it lets you pick the color of your

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One Product Store VS General Store For Shopify Dropshipping 2023

so the number one question that most dropshippers ask, especially at the beginning, is: should I use one product store or a general store? when testing out new products, most known gurus tell you conflicting information, so it's really hard to know which one is best to use. so in this video, we're going to put all the assumptions aside and we're going to take a real life data from the experiments that I did yesterday to determine which store you should choose to get the best results. stay tuned. welcome back, guys. now for those of you who are my returning viewers, thank you so much for watching another video. I absolutely love having you here. please leave your comments down below and I'll make sure to reply to every single one of them personally. now, if you're new here, however, my name is Jacob wikowski and at the beginning of this year, as a complete newbie, I decided to put this entire drop shipping industry to test. I wanted to see if it really is as easy and effortless to succeed with dropshipping as a newbie as all those dropshipping gurus make it look like how to become rich. no, no, how I'm? I'm asking now in all honesty. it was very hard journey. the first seven months I lost over 18 000, tested over 25 different products, made bunch of mistakes and nothing has worked for me, so it definitely wasn't as easy as I was expecting it to be. however, in the middle of July, I finally found my first winning product and only two months later I recovered all of the losses that I gathered in the first seven months. until this day, I'm making huge profits every single day with this same product, so Drop Shipping is definitely working. it's definitely profitable and well worth it. however, you do have to have a lot of patience and resilience when getting into this business. now you can watch my entire Journey on this YouTube channel, starting from day one, so go ahead and watch that after this video. so let's get back to the topic of this video. should you go with one product store or a general store when testing out new products? see, yesterday I decided to take my own money and run a real life test. I wanted to put this entire debate to the end once and for all. the end is, what I decided to do is to take my winning product, which is selling very well right now in a one product store, and put it inside General Store with the exact same product page, the exact same colors, the exact same text, the exact same reviews and, obviously, the same price and the same offer. so, basically, if you landed on the product page in a one product store or general store, it's all the same. you wouldn't see any difference. everything looked exactly the same. the only difference between those two stores was that one product store, obviously, was a lot more branded. the name of the brand related to the product. when people landed on home page it looked like a branded store. it was only everything about this one product. as opposite to a general store, the name was more generic name, Universal name, and also when people would land on a home page, they would see other products inside the store and it wasn't. isn't as brand towards this one product, as one product store. that was. that would only difference. however, most people say that when people land on a product page, they would never go outside of it. right, they wouldn't check out your home page, so it doesn't really matter whether you use one or the other. but is that actually the truth? let's find out. so this is my tiktok ads manager. as you can see, we had two different campaigns running yesterday. the first one is a general store campaign. the second one is one product store. now it's worth to mention that for both of those campaigns I used the exact same ads, the exact same settings and even the exact same pixel. so there was no difference at all in any of the settings or anything other than, basically, the home page of those two stores. that's, that's all it is, and the brand name. so let's take a look closer. you can see that both of those campaigns had pretty much the same cost. so cost per click for General Store was 1.9 cents per click on average, with one product store was 1.13. so four cents difference, not a lot, right? so the cost of the ads was pretty much the same, right? what we had to pay to tiktok to show our ads to 1 000 people was pretty much the same. okay, great. now as a total cost, you can see that the general store has spent 672 dollars, whereas one product store spent 875 dollars, and I'll explain why in a second. but before I do that, let's hop on to both of the stores and let's take a look how many sales they actually generated. so, starting with General Store, we have spent 672 dollars on ads, generated 714 dollars in sales. so immediately we can see it's not very well: 710 sessions, which basically is 19 orders. okay, not the best, but what happened in one product store, because maybe it was similar data? so with one product store we have we have spent 875 dollars. we generated 2254, 1199 sessions and 64 orders all together. so right out of the gate, we can see that the one product store is a huge, huge winner. but you may say, Okay. however, one product store has spent more money. well, the reason behind it is that when I was running ads for both of the stores, at the end of the day none of the ad groups inside the General Store campaign was bringing in the sales. it was losing money all the time. so at the end I decided to switch it off because it just didn't make sense. there was no way that this store would catch up with one product store after it was already losing by twice as many orders, if you like. so let's take a look at the summary. the General Store had generated 19 sales, which was 714 dollars in Revenue, with the ad spend of 672 dollars. now transactional fees and cost of goods. so all together, we have lost 286 dollars in a general store. however, with one product store, we generated 64 dollars. Revenue was 2 254 dollars, I'd spent 875 with transactional fees and cost of goods, we still profited 411 dollars. now, if you take a look at the conversion rates- like one product store's conversion rate is just a killer: 5.34 conversion rate as opposite to General Store, only 2.68. now, what is the moral of this story and this entire experiment? if I was only testing this product- obviously I know this is a winner because it brings me profits every single day- but if I didn't know it was a winner and this was just a testing phase, I would say to myself: this is a losing product, I'm not gonna run ads to it anymore and I would have moved on to the next product one more time. however, as you can clearly see, had I put this same product in one product store that is designed better, that has more branded name and basically looks more branded, it would actually be a winning product- I wouldn't lose money. I would actually make money and probably continue making money with this product because it's a winning product. so from now on, I will 100 only use one product stores when testing out new products. the data doesn't lie right, Market doesn't lie. we can assume one or if the other is better, but the data shows you exactly what you should do. so hopefully you liked that video and this will help you to make the decision whether you should do one product stores or General stores for your testing products. and for now, if you like this video, make sure to leave it a thumbs up, make sure to subscribe to the channel, leave your comment down below and one more time, thank you so much for watching and see you in the next one, take care.

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How I Make $100k/Month Dropshipping ONE Product

it's officially been one year since i started my shopify brand. yes, yes, thank you. thank you so much. i appreciate all the love, thank you, but the truth is i've experienced so many ups and downs along this journey, from facebook literally shutting me down multiple times to people cloning my exact website, ads and products. i feel like i've gone through it all. one year later, i have built the biggest brand in my industry and we're consistently doing around a hundred thousand dollars a month in sales, and this is all coming from just one main product. so in this video, i'll break down exactly how i've been able to sustain this one product for over a year and my plan to take it to the next level. so let's first begin with how i found this product and turned it into a brand on this channel. i've already covered exactly how i found this product, so i'll keep this part of the video short and sweet. the way i found this product was with my hybrid storage strategy. the concept is very simple: all i did was scan my facebook and instagram feed every single day, looking for products that were going viral. the two main things i'm looking for are tons of engagement and room for improvement. basically, is there an opportunity for me to create a better advertisement, a better website or a better offer for this product. i found a few products that fit this criteria and i started testing them with facebook ads on my hybrid store. a hybrid store is a clean, branded website that has a variety of products in the same niche or industry. this store is an exact clone of the one that i use to test products and find my winner. the store is very simple and clean. it has a branded and trustworthy feel, with a couple really cool products in the same industry, and on the fourth product that i tested, i found the one that i am still selling to this day. so how did i transition from a hybrid store testing products to building a full-on brand? let's tok about it. as you can see- for today it's around 1: 30 pm- my store has brought in around 2 800 in sales and over 900 in net profit. i'm gonna keep it 100 with you guys. today is an above average day. normally we see profit margins around 10 to 15, but on some days we see spikes like this and it balances it all out. i believe there's three keys to turning a product into a consistently profitable brand. the first one is creating a branded website. this is a store that is entirely focused around your product and it positions you as one of the top sellers of the product right away. when i first made this transition, i saw a much better performance. we had a higher conversion rate, people were spending more money on our website and a lot of them even believed that we were the original creators of this product. the second key is creating custom content for your ads. just like almost everybody else, i tested this product with videos that i found on youtube, tiktok, facebook and anywhere else. i could find this is a great way to test and validate a product, but it is just not sustainable for the long term. you run the risk of facebook shutting you down, people copy and pasting your video, and it's also not differentiating you from anybody else out there. many people over complicate this process, but it's actually extremely simple. all i did was grab my iphone and simply recreate the video that was already working for my product. i didn't come with some brand new concept or create some massive production. i just filmed a simple and clean ad that was modeled off of what was already working and that instantly made me more profitable, which made me confident about scaling this product. but before i started scaling, there was one last piece of the puzzle that i needed to complete, because i was drop shipping this product from aliexpress. the shipping times were horrible and the product quality was not that good, so i started working with a sourcing company out in china called ecom ops. they helped me find the highest quality version of my product and allowed me to use a much faster shipping line that they had access to. that's exactly how i spent the first couple months when i was starting this brand. i tested products. i found a winner. i created a branded website, made a custom video ad and improved the product quality and shipping time. let me show you a breakdown of those initial months so you know what to expect in that process. this is the first six months of starting this company. as you can see, in the testing phase i made around seven thousand dollars just trying different products. there was no profit in this month whatsoever. july is the month that i found this product and started to see some growth, with around sixteen thousand dollars in sales, and this was the time that i decided to go in on this product. august was the month where i launched the branded website and the custom content and, as you can see, this product scaled to over 50 000 in sales going into september. i knew that the product quality and shipping was not that good, so this is when i worked with the team to get those things better and once that was complete, i tried to push this as far as it can go. you can see, in october i did 94 000.. ran into some issues in november with facebook, like i toked about at the beginning of this video, and in december had the first hundred thousand dollar month for this brand, now going into 2021. i had a ton of momentum, but there was still a lot of work to be done, so at that time we officially entered the scaling phase. this is the most important part. i feel like a lot of people can get that initial wave of traction, but to keep a product going after a couple months starts to get pretty difficult. so let's break down how i was able to scale from 300 000 in sales in 2020 to almost a million dollars in sales in just 2021 alone. there's three main things that i focused on in 2021 that have allowed me to scale this product to where it's at. the first thing has been building a team. you cannot go on a journey like this alone. as soon as this brand started picking up steam, i brought on a few very important people. like i mentioned before, i brought on the ecom ops team to help manage all the fulfillment and product development. i brought on a project manager and customer service expert so that way, all of our customers could be taken care of and our operation could run smoothly, and this allowed me to have the highest level of confidence when it came down to pushing this brand as far as it could go. the second thing i focused on was optimizing my profits. after selling a product for a while, it gets pretty difficult to remain profitable. you're going to see your ads fatigue, you're going to see your product start to die a little bit and you're going to see your margins decrease. so you have to do the right things to make sure that you can maximize every single customer that comes through your website. a great example of this is setting up email and sms marketing so that way you can maximize every visitor that's coming to your website. and the biggest thing that i did to maximize profits in this time was actually launching a new product on our website as an upsell. the two products are complementary and go hand in hand, so it was a no-brainer to set this up, and once i added this to the funnel, my profit margins went up over 50 percent and this allowed me to be really aggressive on facebook and outbid everybody else that was trying to sell my product. so now that i had a great team, a solid product and we were maximizing every customer that came through our funnel, i decided to diversify my traffic onto other platforms. i started going hard on influencers, google ads and youtube ads and, since i had taken the time to set everything up previously, once i launched on these other platforms, i was able to see success pretty quickly. i think, when it comes to maintaining and scaling a product for the long term, this is really what it comes down to. it's all about positioning yourself as the number one seller in that space. you can try to scale a product for the long term.

One Product Store Vs General store (Dropshipping 2022)

what's up, beautiful people, it's nas here. thank you so much for coming back to my youtube channel. in this video, we're gonna tok about one product store or general store. the amount of time that i get asked: should i? should i start a general store? should i start at one product store? how about my store? how about this? how about that? how about this? i'm gonna clarify all that stuff today. [Music]. before we get started, i'm gonna be giving away a 20-minute consultation call. uh, you know, to someone. uh, today is sunday when i'm posting this video, so i'm gonna be announcing the person by wednesday. whenever you win the consultation call, i'm gonna tag you. so this is what you gotta do, um, in order to win a consultation call with me. we can cover anything you need. you need to review your store, your products, your ads or whatever. uh, all you gotta do is make sure you go and follow me on instagram, then comment on my last uh post that i have what type of videos you want me to make on youtube. also, make sure you like this video and last thing you need to do is dm me the word consultation call and just wait till wednesday, and on wednesday, i'm gonna go ahead and tag you on a post on my story. uh, whenever you win the consultation caller, make sure you do that. and let's get into this video. first of all, just to make it clear: in this video i'm gonna be convincing you why you should be starting a general store. if you're just getting started with drop shipping, there's a lot of people reaching out to me asking me: hey, should i do a general store? but general stores are dead or this or this. i personally actually scale a lot of my products on general store. i recently started a niche store, not just because i'm i, you know it's better or the conversion is better. it's just because i was bored with my general store. there's no reason. i was just bored with the general stores that i've had. so i decided i'm just going to niche store, although i'm on product store again. but the reason i did it it was because i was bored with my general store, not because it was not converting, not because it was not- um, you know it was profitable or any of that. and let me tell you, if you're just getting started and you don't have crazy amount of time to just build these- one product store, buy domain. build one product store, buy domain, it doesn't work. the first product most likely won't work. there's all these people out there on youtube telling you that you need to start at one product store when they don't necessarily work on a first try or a second try or third try or any of that. especially if you're getting started. that could be very, very frustrating. the chances are the first 20 products that you've ever test is not going to be a winning product if you're just getting started. this is just a reality of the game. i'm here to keep it real with you guys. okay, in the beginning, you're learning, you're learning. i look at all these as a learning process. you know you're going to learn to make better creatives, you're going to learn how to put better product pages together and all that stuff. so that can be very time consuming and that's one number one reason why i would not start with a one product store if you're just getting started with drop shipping. here's some pros and cons that are put together about one product store and general store. i'm gonna go through them and i'm gonna get get to explaining why you should not start at one product store and why you should be starting and general store, one of the things that people tok about is that one product store, the chances of becoming a winning product is higher and they have higher conversion rate. now i gotta disagree with the with the fact that the higher chances of becoming a winning product, the reason is the products that the products that we're selling are for impulse buyers. i personally teach low tiket drop shipping, which means the products we're selling are under 60 bucks. now that means that people don't vendor around my store. i've downloaded hajjar. if you don't know what that is, it's an app that you can download on your shopify store. it shows you exactly what people do when they click on your ads. from the time they click on your ads and then get they go into your store. what do they do? when i have a winning product, i just kind of like just watch people what they do. maybe about two, three percent of people actually get out of my product page and click on other web like other pages of my store. why would i worry about the three percent? but 97 of people that are already decided that are gonna buy. they would go to my store, buy and leave. people don't think about it that much. when is it? when the product is 30- 40, they're just like buy leave. is not something that makes them think a little bit more. i notike when you go over, when the price goes over 60, 70, that's when people actually start thinking: okay, i got to think about it. let me see if this website is legit, let me see, let me see their refund policy, let me see this. but when you're selling products that are 30- 40, nobody really cares about going to your other pages of your store and think too much or over or question the store. okay, so that's number one reason why really, the conversion rate is not that different. i've tested one product store and the same product in one product and in a general store. the conversion was like barely any difference and honestly, even if it's different, i don't think it's because of the one product, so it's just the lock. number two, uh, that i hear about the pros is that, oh, you grab data for this product so you can scale it longer. not necessarily, uh, and also, a lot of people think that they could make it a niche store or sell related products again. here's another thing with tiktok, facebook, instagram- the platform is so smart these days that you don't really ever have to worry about the data. even though they tok about not tracking people and all that stuff, they still track people. they still know exactly what you like. that's what you're still getting targeted with, the things that you even barely ever thought about, like two days ago at your grandpa's house, you know, um? so that's that's one thing. that data doesn't really. it doesn't exist. i actually notiked that brand new ad accounts do much, much, much, much, much better for me compared to the ad accounts that i already, like you know, had a lot of sales on. uh. that being said, though, uh, one thing about: if you consistently find a winning product on on an account, the chance of you finding and winning products on that account is higher. but i also notiked that brand new accounts do much better than all the counter didn't perform, if that makes sense. so data doesn't really matter. so i don't really see any benefit with starting in one product store just because of that either. now, these are the things that really really stop me from wanting to do at one product store. if i'm doing one product store, i can't test any other products. um, i have general store. i can test 10 products if i want to, and i can put it in one store, put them all in one ad account and test all of them at the same time. and no, it does not affect your data. i know a lot of people ask me this question. does it affect my data? no, pixel is this? like people tok about seasoning their pixel and all that stuff, but it doesn't really matter. it's this little code. and even tik tac on instagram, facebook, all of them. they said that most of your data is kept inside the campaign, so it doesn't really affect the other campaign consistently, even if you have completely different niches. i've literally scaled three products, completely different niches- and like i'm toking about the opposite, like in the same store with no problem. like is it does not. they don't affect each other. so don't worry about all that stuff. if they are going to affect the pixel, if they're going to mix up to mess up the pixel, it does not happen. it doesn't work that way. another issue that i have in one product store is not being able to bundle with any products. no, like you can't te.

How to Create a ONE PRODUCT Shopify Store in 2023 (Step by Step)

what's going on. my name is Simon and in this video, I'm going to show you, step by step, how to create a branded one product Shopify store from complete scratch. so even if you are a complete beginner and you have never built an online store before, after watching and following along with this video, you'll walk away with a professional and branded one product Shopify store. this simple but effective store setup is going to work for any product that you want to sell, no matter if you're Drop Shipping or if you're selling your own product. you have a lot to cover in this video. so turn your phone to airplane mode, get a cup of coffee and then let's get started building our store. foreign now, to make sure you get the best deal when signing up for Shopify, you want to make sure to use the first link Down Below in the description to sign up. this will take you to my special shoppie Fair landing page, where you can always find the best deals. so currently there's a three day free trial, which is going to be more than enough to set up our store, and then, after the three days, you're gonna have three months of using Shopify for only one dollar per month. so once you're here, simply type in your email address and then click on start free trial. when you get to this step, here you want to Simply type in your store name or your brand name. if you don't know what your brand name is going to be yet, don't worry, you can always change this later on. so just type in something random and then click on create store. once our store is created, we get to our Shopify dashboard, which looks like this: now, here the first thing that I like to do is go ahead and pick a plan, because this will allow us to use all the features within our free trial period. so we're going to go and click on pick a plan here on the top, and then here we want to go for the basic Shopify plan. this has everything that we need for our store and, as you can see, you get the first three months for only one dollar per month, which is almost free. so definitely a great offer. so let's click on choose this plan. here we're going to leave the billing cycle at monthly and then also add a payment method, and then click on Start Plan. now the next thing we're going to do is choose a theme for store. this is going to determine what the overall design is for our e-commerce site. so let's go to the left side, click on online store and then go to themes. now the theme that comes pre-installed with every Shopify store is the dawn theme. the dawn theme is pretty good, so you can check it out if you want to. however, I actually like to choose a different one for this storm. so when we scroll down, we can see a couple of free themes that we can also simply install onto our Shopify store. or, if you want to have more options, you can click on visit theme store right here and then you get to this page where you can find multiple themes for all different kinds of stores. however, most of these themes cost around three hundred dollars. I would recommend to Simply go with a free theme, which is exactly what we're going to do in this video. so the themes that I recommend the most for a branded one product store is either the refresh theme or the sense theme. I find that both of these themes are very easy to customize and work for pretty much every type of store. now, for this store, I'm going to use the sense theme, so I'm going to click on ADD right here once the theme has been added. we want to click on publish and then again publish, and now we have updated our store theme to the sense theme. now, before we go ahead and customize our store website, I want to First add the product that we intend to sell here on this store. now, if you're selling your own product and you're building a branded Shopify store for your own product, then you want to Simply go to products here on the top left and then you want to click on add your products. then you can simply type in the title of your product description, add the product photos, enter the price and so on. however, I know that many people watching this video are actually Drop Shipping from places like AliExpress, CJ Drop Shipping and so on. so I want to show you in this video how to Simply import any product from AliExpress directly onto your Shopify store, which makes the process a lot easier, and it would also make the fulfilling process a lot easier once you get your first sales. so I've decided to build this store for this specific product right here. this: this is an electric mini portable blender that you can basically use on the go. it has a good reviews here on AliExpress and we can get it for around 25. I also found a similar product here on CJ Drop Shipping- see the GTA Drop Shipping. they have us warehouses so you can get quicker shipping times, which is a lot better, obviously, for your customers. so just to make it clear, because I see a lot of people are copying the stores that I show you how to build in my YouTube videos- I don't recommend you sell this product right now because it's already very saturated. so I'm just using this product as an example to show you how to build a one product Shopify store. so to import our product directly from AliExpress, we're going to use a tool called deezers or de-essers. I'm going to leave a link to this tool Down Below in the description, so click on that link, then you get to this page right here now. once you're here, click on try it free and then simply create your account. once is logged in, we're going to click on Shopify and that will take us to the Shopify App Store where we're going to click on add app, then click on yes and then install app. then here we're going to go for the free plan and click on get started and then link our account to AliExpress. so we're going to click on AliExpress and then, if you're already logged into your AliExpress account, you're going to get to this page here. but if you're not logged in or you don't have an AliExpress account yet, simply Follow The Prompt, create your account and then you get to this page as well, where we're going to click on let's start importing products. then here we can simply skip the tutorial, and that takes us to the deezer's dashboard. now we also want to add the deezer's Chrome extension. so we're going to go to home on the top left and then click on Chrome extension, click on add to Chrome ADD extension and then, to always have our deezer's extension visible here at the top, we want to go to the puzzle icon and then make sure the pin here is blue, and that will pin our deezer's extension here to the browser. then we also need to log in again with our extension. so we're going to go to the deserts extension, click on deezers here, which will take us back to the deezer's homepage, then click on login and that should automatikally log us into our deezer's account. now, once that's done, our extension is working, so we can go back to AliExpress, the product page where we want to import the product from, in my case, for this store. as an example, I'm going to import this product here. so now, because we have the extension, we have now a new button here that says adds to Deezer, so we're going to click on this button and then we can see that this product is now being imported to deezers, and when that's done, we can go back to our deezer's dashboard and click on import list here on the left side, and then we should see the imported product right here. now, before we import this product to our Shopify store, we want to also click on edit product right here and then go to variants, and then here you want to go through all the different variants and delete every variant that you don't want to sell on your store. to delete any variant that you don't want to sell on your store, simply click on the trash icon here on the left side and then click on yes. when that's done, we're going to click on Save, and now we can send this product to our Shopify store by clicking on the orange Shopify icon. then I'm gonna untik this one here and make sure the also publish to online store is tiked, and then click on push to Shopif.