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10 ads kills with smgs in a match

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Unlock The *NEW* "WELGUN" FAST In Vanguard And Warzone!

yo guys, welcome back to another video on our channel, and today i'm gonna be showing you guys how to unlock the new world gun that has just come out in the mid-season update of call of duty vanguard very, very quickly within game. it's super easy to get done. i'm gonna show you guys the fastest way to get it done quickly before we do jump into. if you aren't around it, be sure to subscribe to the channel notifications. turn on, there's any more videos on the channel. i'm on the road to 15k sub, so if you can, um be absolutely amazing. if you do enjoy a smash bros, up and let me know your thoughts on this world gun in the comments below. if you want to get my game plays live, i stream live over on twitch pretty much every single day. my link will be in the description for you guys. go and check out. i'm sorry, i'm a little bit more quiet, i'm sure, if i don't look too great, i'm sure the light's not on. it's like quarter past one in the morning right now, so i'm just gonna get into the video and show you guys a faster way to get it done. so, as you guys can see, all you have to do is get 10 kills with an smg whilst aiming down sight in a single match 15 times. so this can be done in other. this can be done in vanguard. we don't know what the requirements are for warzone, as it's not going to be out in a war zone, i believe, for the next two days. i could be wrong, but i believe it's the next few days. but if you've got vanguard, the fastest way to do it is obviously jump into that house and shipment and i'm gonna show you guys how to do it once you are in the game. okay, so obviously, once you are in game, all you're gonna need to do is pull out an smg. i'm gonna go with the mp40 and just make sure every kill that you are getting is whilst ads. you want to play a little bit slower because sometimes these won't track in games. so i'm going to show you guys me getting the 10 kills. i'm going to show you guys then what you want to do once you have got the 10 kills. so there is one with it being abs. like i say, sometimes these don't count, so what you're going to want to do is make sure you get about 14 to 15, just to be sure that you've definitely got it done, because the last thing you want to do is get out of the game and then it not be finished. so there's another like one. i'm gonna take that as i'm gonna get to like 15, 16 kills and then once i'm at that point- i mean, if you get shipment it's even easier than that's house, but even with das house it's really not going to be that hard to get done. so i'm going to get up to like say, 15, 16 kills. once i've done that, that's what i'm gonna back out of the game, because in theory with this- uh, like you could on modern warfare- you should be able to back out of the game, because i've done it with camos and things like that in this game and you can back out, whereas in cold war, if you guys remember, you couldn't actually back out and the progress wouldn't carry over. so, like i say, i'm gonna get like maybe 10, just under 10 more kills, seven or eight more kills. once them kills have been obtained, we are going to back out of the game and then the progress should be counting. and i was. i'm gonna do this in live time. i'm not gonna cut anything. i'm gonna show you guys me getting the kills and then i'm gonna show you me backing out of the game as well, so you can see that if it does count, then it will count. if it doesn't count, then obviously you guys will know that it doesn't count either. so when we get a couple more kills, like we say, making sure we are radius, the last thing, last thing you want to be doing is like half ads or like coming out of an 80s or anything like that. just make sure you're 100 ads the whole time, like you're definitely in a hard ads like this. as you can see, we've got a couple there, whereas that one, if i got that i've been a bit unsure about, just because sometimes the game doesn't track properly and it's annoying. but you just want to be sure, if you are going to take the time to get the kills, you might as well get the extra like four or five just to guarantee that it has been done within that game. because a lot, like i said, the last thing you want to be doing is backing out of the game and it not counting, because it's just going to be a waste of the game. the last thing you want to do is play for a whole game. so there we go. we got 21 kills. i'll get like maybe one or two more. okay, the game's finished anyway, so we'll let this one finish out. it's that easy, but you guys will should be able to back out the games. i will double check this in the next game that i play and i'll catch up with you once i've played that next game. but that's the first one done. as you can see, super easy to get 10 abs kills with an smg if you struggle. when you can't play like i do and run around the map, all you're going to want to do is take up a little corner behind one of the containers or something on shipment. and it's going to make it very easy for you guys to get done. just ads down both sides waiting people to come to you. it's shipment. people are going to be all over the place. if you get that house again, just watch the alleyways or just watch a certain angle where you know a lot of people are going to run through. slow yourself down, let the people come running through, make sure you're 100 ads and then take them out. the game. that way it's very, very easy to get done. but, like i say, i'll quickly jump into another game: get 10 kills and back out and just check that you can get the 10 kills in that way and i'll catch up with you in just a moment. okay, guys, i'm gonna get maybe one or two more kills here, as i've got like 13, 80s kills right now, or what i think is 13. uh, so there's one. let me just play out until i die. we'll get the ads until i do die, and when i do, that's when we'll back out. but i should easily have 10 in this game. so i'm gonna back out now, and if the progress is two out of ten, you can back out of games, and if it's not, then what you guys are gonna have to do is just play the games out, which you know it's a little bit annoying, but with that thousand shipment being out, um, so there you go. it doesn't count if you back out a game. so the last thing you wanna do is back out of games. make sure you're finishing the games to get this gun unlocked, with it being das house and shipment. they should be pretty quick games anyway, especially when you get shipment, because it's tdm every single time pretty much. so they're going to be very, very quick. and then the dash house ones. if you get domination or something like that, it's gonna be a little bit longer, but the easiest way for you guys to go about unlocking this is literally just by playing it out and just getting the games done. like i said, if you want to slow yourself down, watch anyways. where you know people are going to come through, get your 1080s kills, get it done very, very easily. but yeah, i hope this video has helped some of you out. if it has be sure, smash big thumbs up. as you know. it's more than you can imagine. let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below. if you're not already subscribed to the channel notifications, turn on. please do make sure you go and do that, as we're on the road to 15k subs. like i said, my twitch link's in the description. i appreciate watching. have a great rest of day and we'll catch you in the next one in a bit. [Music] you.

How to Easily Unlock the Welgun SMG in Vanguard Multiplayer! (Easy Welgun Unlock Vanguard Multi)

hey, what's up? i hope you're doing well and welcome back to the channel. the season one reloaded update has just gone live for call of duty vanguard and in this video we're going to take a look at how to unlock the new wowgun smg in multiplayer. as of making this video, the season one reloaded update for war zone won't be going live until 9: 00 pm pacific standard time tomorrow, so the wow gun won't be available in warzone until then. so in this video we're just gonna concentrate on how to get it unlocked in vanguard's multiplayer. but before we jump into it, if you do find some value in this video, then please make sure to leave a like on it and subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with my other call of duty related videos, or if you'd like to further support the channel, then consider becoming a channel member. if you're keen to help out and support the cause, click on that join button just below this video to find out some more information. now, just like with all dlc weapons, in order to unlock the welgun, you need to complete a challenge in vanguard's multiplayer that challenges to get 10 kills with an smg while aiming down sights in a single match 15 different times. now, as far as challenges go, this is a pretty simple one, but in case you didn't know, in order to aim down sights or ads on a controller, you need to hold down the left trigger. or if you play on keyboard and mouse, then you'll aim down sights by holding down the left click button on your mouse in order for your kills to count towards the challenge. you need to make sure that you get your kill while completely aiming down sights, so try not to aim in and out mid-gunfight, otherwise it might not count. in terms of which weapon to use, i'd personally recommend using the mp40, as it's one of the strongest smgs in the game right now, and i'll chuck a class up on screen that you could use. as you'll be wanting to aim down sights as often as you can, you'll want to use attachments that are going to help you with aiming down sights faster, and also attachments that will give you better movement while you're aiming down sights. as of making this video, the ship house 24- 7 playlist is available, so i definitely recommend jumping into that playlist for some short and fast paced games where you'll easily be able to get your 10 kills while aiming down sights. if ship house isn't around, then another great option would be to jump into some games of free-for-all, where it'll be just as easy to get your 1080s kills per game. you'll kind of need to keep a mental note of how many kills you get while you're aiming down sights, as the challenge tracker bar won't progress mid game after you've gotten your 10 kills. it will only tik up once the game finishes. so keep that in mind while you're trying to get this challenge done, and don't try and be a cheeky bugger and get your 10 kills and then leave, because it's just not gonna work. now, if you've got any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below and i'll do my best to help out where i can. or, if you'd like, you could jump into the covert discord server, which will be linked in the description below. alright, good luck with getting this weapon unlocked. i'll catch you next time. you look after yourself and take it easy.

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THIS SMG IS INCREDIBLE!!! Road to Atomic - Owen Gun (VANGUARD)

hey y'all, it's betters. welcome back to my channel. hope you guys are having an absolutely fantastik day full of positivity and happiness, as always and for today's video we are back on the road to atomic. today we're going to be going for the owen gun because i want to use it in war zone and i need to make progress, and this is gonna be the fifth gun in the series and it's it's almost april. everything's fine, everything's under control. it's fine. i have truly lost all concept of time. it's even 3, 44 in the morning as i'm recording this, but what better time to do some gaming than at 3, 4 in the morning, in the middle of the night, or is this early in the morning? well, i don't know. anyways, here's a quick word from our sponsor. hello, friends. before we jump to the video, i'd like to give a quick shout out to our sponsor for today, the cdl. after going to major one and enjoying the live cod, i'm excited to watch major two from home and watch atlanta face come back strong. my team, atlanta face, ended up placing second at major one, but i think it's gonna light a fire and push them to perform even better at major two. major two will be taking place in minnesota, but i will be placing myself right here and watching the live stream from home. if you are interested in watching the live stream as well, some good old competitive call of duty. the livestream will be kicking off at 3 pm eastern. from march 31st to april 3rd also, there are viewer rewards, as per usual. i will go ahead and show you some right now. i'm going to lean this way today. wow, i'm mixing it up. boom, there you go. i am so intrigued by this, this burger emblem. i don't know what's going on, but i do love the colors, love double xp. i don't know, it's very unique. it speaks to me. i don't, i don't know why. oh, also, if you want a chance to go against the cdl pros and warzone, there is the cdl resurgence reapers island. long story short: register your squad on game battles, grind a whole bunch of rebirth, become a top team to go against the 12 cdl orgs. there's a full-on bracket. so if you guys are interested in absolutely dominating rebirth island and showing the cdl pros who you are as a war zone player, uh, his last chance to register. so if you want to do that, feel free. only if you want to, you don't have to, but it is last chance. so just letting you know. and thank you so much, tdl, for sponsoring this video. i really appreciate it. i'm so excited to watch more cod. but now let's play some cod, shall we? let's hop into the video game. here we are back at the vanguard. so for today's video we're going for the owen gun. i have four classes here, as you can see: one, two, three, four- yes, i count, this class is my main go too. this one is for the hipfire kills, the ads kills in the close range. i have named them. now i'm being productive and smart. we'll go over the main, go to class really quick. um, i don't really know there's much to go over because i really don't use this gun much in vanguard. i'm gonna remove my face cam so you can see the class. get it got it good. i pretty much copied and pasted this class onto all three of these classes for the most part kind of sorta changed the attachments depending on the challenges. we'll take a quick look at these classes. here's the hipfire one. here's the attachments. i'm gonna remove my face cam. get it got it good. also, i do wanna mention i don't have an ammo type, because the one time i had an ammo type going for long shots or something. it wasn't working and my challenges weren't tracking, and i'm just not gonna risk it. i could go into a game and test it out. i don't want to. it's 3, 44 in the morning. did you guys know it's 3, 4 in the morning. anyways, uh, ads. yes, i'm gonna remove my face cam. get it got it. good. wait, lengthen's here, go away. i'm just not going to risk it. and the last class is the close range kills, as you can see here. um, oh, why do i have a sight on that? i don't know why. anyways, let's put this on there. yep, okay, here's the class gonna remove face cam. get it got it good. now let's go over the camos that we have to get. so i already got all the eliminations. i already got all the headshots. uh, i got all the multi kills. still gotta work on some bloodthirsties. i only need 12 more. i think i need one long shot. yep, i am not surprised whatsoever. there will be one glorious long shot. awesome, in this video. we've gotten all the close range kills, uh. and then we have to work on hip fire kills, which we're about halfway, and then you guys know these last three camos. uh, depending on um, the attachments that you use, you'll make progress. this one is the uh hip fire. there we go. this is the hipfire one with the three attachments that's listed there, which i already have a class on. um. this is the ads kills with the three attachments that already have a class on, and this one is the close range kills with the three attachments all right under the classes. drink some water. i'm feeling very chaotik today. i don't know why. i think it's just because it's really early in the morning, or is it late at night when it's like 3, 50, 4 am? is that late at night or is that early in the morning? drink some water. lovely wait, we don't have a charm. i want to put the hand. have you seen this little rainbow hand? it's a joyous thing. so i didn't know what's called joyous hands. i wound it. these are the four classes that i have. i don't even know if one uses one at all. i haven't played at all today. i haven't played vanguard multiplayer in a hot minute. let's just hop into something. what are we playing? should i do core? let's do chords to start out. i guess we'll do tdm domination, kill, confirmed and patrol to start out sound good. i can't hear myself think, dude, dude, dude, man, if i wasn't awake before, i am now. all right, let's, let's play the game. what class do i have? i don't know what am i doing. let's do the ads kills for now. i feel like that'll be relatively a good warm-up strategy. what is my sense? i am way too high of a sensitivity. i think i'm on 20, 20. wait a minute. i am the last i played this game. i was sniping my bed. the first ads kill the video. one more for bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty love that this thing kills quick. nope with how big this map is. why was there a grenade right there? why? i saw your feet? look at him jumping. no, bloodthirsty, though, thank you. oh my god, i just got model for two flashbacks. i thought, okay, all right. well, you just sit there, buddy. oh no, why'd that happen? nothing happened. why did he just? don't know what's so sad? the dogs look at them. climb how you climbed nothing. how did you do that dog? i need to change this retikle. that's a necessity. one more, please, please. the game's gonna end. no, no, no, no, no. oh well, i mean, victory is good, obviously. um, i got 19 kills. i joined late. uh, play the game, play the game. no, what site do i have? i don't even know what this is. i thought i had the slate reflector on. i put on a different reflector. okay, i mean, i'll try it, never mind. i don't like any of those retikles at all. back to the slate one. there we go, that's better. and a retikle: yes, see the little dot, that's what we need. why did i have that other one on? i'm so confused. uh, progress, look, we got 1780s kills. that was an lmg dude. this magazine size is not not my cup of tea. long shot, awesome, there it is. i told you it was gonna happen and we got it. let's go. camo, i'm stuck with a table. i'm stuck on a table. a table's got like the curves and stuff. it's one of those fancy tables i got stuck. well, one more. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no other c. thank you. oh, the ammo. oh, my gosh, that armor takes is running. that's so scary. i did not like that. oh, my god, i just swiped that from him. i'm so sorry. kind of we're good victory. oh, that was so much fun. how do we do? uh, 40 elims and 11 deaths. i'll take it, i can play the game. come on, no, okay, how are we doing? how we doing? uh, only needs six more blood thirsties, pretty easy. the ads kills are going, as expected, halfway done, and we got the one long shot that we needed, so that's good. i think i might just stay in quick play and just work on the ads kills until i get them all done.

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Master Sniping With This Training Exercise (CODM)

if you clicked on this video, your sniper name may look a lot like this, but after following this video i guarantee you'll come out hitting snipes better. last week i asked for 5 000 likes for a sniper training exercise and you guys delivered. so today i give you my end of the bargain. let's quickly go over the things you need. first, a proper sniper build. i personally use this dlq gunsmith build for training, but if you're crazy and you want to train harder, you can use this outlaw build. it's as fast as the locus and one frame faster than the lq's max ads. it's a no-brainer. but a proper hud and sensitivity for sniping is a must if you're trying to get better. however, you might find a more comfortable sensitivity once you start training. oh and fingers. you need fingers to play this game. we'll be taking a bit of a different approach this time, but you have to take notes of some things. first, enable data panel and quick reload for player parameters to track your accuracy and reload faster. reset your data to count your streak or accuracy, depending on the goal of each exercise. move to the next exercise only when you've completed the one before it. of course, we want to warm up our fingers for training and get used to the timing of when to fire as soon as your scope in. let's do some quick scope warm-ups. use these parameters shown on the screen and add three bots- quick scope and eliminate each target until you get 30 kills with 100 accuracy. you'll be dealing with stationary targets at times- campers, for example, or anyone heading straight towards you from long range. again, use these bot parameters and add three to four bots. like the previous exercise, get 30 kills with a hundred percent accuracy. remember to reset your data each time you miss. let's chill with the quick scopes. here's a quick word from our sponsor, raid shadow legends. everyone greet raid because they are celebrating three years this month. it's time to party because raid shadow legend's third anniversary as one of the top rpg games out there. month after month, and they still kept adding new content and game modes. just check out 120 levels of doom tower, hundreds of unique bosses and heroes, and it wasn't enough for raid to add new characters. so last year they added a whole new faction, shadowkit, a tribe of warriors from the far east that are looking to kick some ass. last, but definitely not the least, the newest and biggest addition to raid: the hydra clan boss, the biggest, baddest, scariest boss ever with multiple heads. wait, does that mean that they have multiple? with raid's three-year anniversary celebration, they are kicking things off with free gifts for everyone, with a full month of special events and tournaments with some of the best prices on offer. we're toking badass champions, pass and passive shards and a lot more. if you're not playing yet, hit my link in the description or scan my qr code here on the screen and get a special, huge birthday package through three champions and more. the gifts keep coming because all new and existing players can get a bunch of free birthday gifts worth over 25 dollars. click the link on the description and just enter a promo code- three years raid to get your hands on everything. and it's that easy. just click the link in the description and i'll see you in the game. let's take things up a notch and do real quick scope training. use these parameters and add two to three box. this will force you to track enemies and make micro adjustments, as well as training you to lead your crosshair before even scoping in. your goal is to get 20 kills while maintaining a 90 accuracy. for this, you're gonna do the same thing, but use these parameters and add four bots. this exercise is for taking down enemies that are far away from you, running towards a certain direction, wasting no time in tracking them. the goal for this exercise is to get 20 kills while maintaining 80 accuracy. enough with quick scopes, let's train our hard scopes. this one's gonna be easy for you. set your parameters, just like this. your goal is to get 30 kills with 100 accuracy. try to be centered once the bolt action animation is finished, immediately shoot and get the kill. this is to get accustomed to smd hard scoping and to your sniper sensitivity as well. whenever you're quick scoping, there will be times where you have to adjust mid scope and animation. and while you're hard scoping, you have to react quickly to an enemy that comes into your field of view. that's where flicking or drag scoping comes in. set your bot parameters and add four bots. scope in right, in the middle and flick to the nearest target you can see. i see flicking and drag swapping like the three-point shot of called mobile. so for this we're gonna be more forgiving to ourselves. so your goal is to get 15 kills with 50 accuracy. of course, we can't forget about movement, so we'll practike slight peaking with our snipers. it's completely up to you if you want to slide cancel but will train scanning for targets after slight peaking and quick scoping, immediately use these exact parameters to make the bots feel game like. your goal is to get 10 kills with 80 accuracy, doing it from each side. one of the moves you can also do is jump peeking again. once you jump, scan for a target and quick scope, use the same parameters from the slide peak training and aim for 10 kills with 80 accuracy from both sides. now we're entering the unnecessary part of the training, but i think it'll be helpful for mastering and finding your perfect sniper sensitivity. use these parameters and face away from the range sliding, then making a 180.. scan for a target, quickly scope in and eliminate that target. do this until you get 10 kills with at least 70 accuracy. now you might have seen profusey do this in game, so let's try to copy him. 360s are not needed to train for snipers but, like i said, it'll help you train your standard sensitivity, helping you center before you even scope in. your goal for this one is to get 10 kills while maintaining 80 accuracy. i'm gonna make sure you have someone to train with, so get your gaming phone and do this training with me from start to finish [Music]. so [Music]. now that we're done training, head on to ranked and see if your sniping improve. what's your number one sniping tip? let us know down the comments below. if you want to learn more about sniping, you can click this video right here. or if you want to know the best sniper rifles, you can use watch this one. thanks for watching. i'll see you in the next one.

How To Unlock The Welgun Vanguard SMG In Warzone Pacific (Free To Play)

what's up? tuna legends, welcome back to the channel. in today's video we are jumping into warzone and today we're going over how to unlock the recently added vanguard smg- the well gun for those you that are free to play now. typically, i put this video out a little bit earlier, closer to the release of the weapon. however, there's been a lot of issues- bugs, of that matter, and just overall just non-tracking of the challenge. so i wanted to get the challenge tracking at least in some fashion before i shared with you guys any more on this. but by the time you're watching this, hopefully they get it fixed and if not, maybe this video will help you guys a little bit extra. but today you guys can expect some tips and tricks on making this challenge a little bit easier, as well as a best location on the map and a best loadout. that will help you guys along the way as well. but before we jump into the rest video here, if you guys do enjoy this content at any time or find this video helpful and anyway make sure you show your support for the channel- we're going down below and smashing that like button. let's go ahead. throw an easy goal of 50 likes on today's video as well as, if you guys like, find your way back to the channel for more called content. make sure you do hit the subscribe button, also, that notification bell, so we don't miss you in future videos. all right, so let's go ahead. first things first. in order to even get the challenge completed, you guys are going to need to know what that challenge is. so if you go to where you edit your loadout, scroll over to the smg category, go all the way down to the bottom, you will see submachine gun golf. under the vanguard weapons is the well gun challenge reads as follows: 10 ads kills with smgs in a match. it doesn't have a lot to be said here. it's pretty simple, pretty straightforward. you're gonna have to eliminate 10 enemies, a single match with an smg while aimed down sight. now, this is not one of the more difficult challenges. however, i think 10 kills is a lot to ask for for some players out there. some of you might struggle with this, but the great news is i have a best location on the map for caldera for you guys to achieve this the easiest way now. in some of my past videos i've always said: go to storage. we're on verdansk. it's super simple, and even in the last video i did where we were on caldera for the first time. i really wasn't sure what location would be best, but now we've kind of slimmed things down. peak provides a pretty good option because it is high ground. a lot of people go there. however, i have found that airfield is the best possible location on the map for caldera, especially running plunder. a ton of solo players go there. it's just the most populated area. it's basically that new storage, but it is on the caldera map. so if you guys are looking to do any of your challenges- level up your weapons and do anything- make sure you guys jump into plunder, head over to airfield and you guys will not be disappointed. now, that's the next thing i was gonna mention. plunder is your best mode to go to. the reason is is because you are looking to get 10 kills and it's going to give you the best opportunity to do that. considering it could be a 20 minute match, it could be almost 30 minute match in some cases. the longer amount of time you have to be better, making the challenge overall significantly easier. really, all you're going to be doing is eliminating players while we're making sure you are aimed on site. so the only hard part here is actually being able to tally up enough kills. now that you know a good map location and you also know what the challenge is, you guys are going to be able to set yourself up for success. you want to overall use maybe dead silence, so that way you can sneak up on players, make things a little bit easier. choose your engagements wisely, but- because dying is not really something you have to consider- you can do that as many times as possible and if you're landing solo and plunder, you're going to be able to keep landing in the same location. basically, don't worry about how many times you die, just challenge as many engagements as possible, put yourself in the best positions you can, and you guys will get this challenge completed in no time. the only reality here is you are going to have to complete this 15 different times and you will not be able to leave the match because, as we will get into it here, the tracking a little bit tricky with this challenge, so you're really not going to know if it's completed until you go all the way through it. now let's go ahead and dive into the classic that i recommend you guys use. most importantly, i tell people this all the time. if you guys are using an smg that you're comfortable with, that is truly the answer. however, some people are more interested in what i recommend and also what i used. so i will be sharing with you guys my mp40 class setup. let's go ahead and dive right into it, alrighty. so the mp40 class i recommend is as follows: for the muzzle, the 1929 silencer, the barrel, the krosnick 317 mm04b- no optik, because i love the iron sight. for the stok, the vdd 3, 4 m perk- we have momentum. second perk, we have quick rear grip. we have that leather grip. for the magazine, the nine millimeter 64 round drum incendiary ammunition and, last but not least, the m1941 head stop. now, the reason i chose the mp40 is it is probably one of the more versatile smps and more than likely still the top tier smg of warzone at this time. so it is the weapon i went to. it is easy to control overall, i feel like it's powerful enough to just make this challenge fairly simple and even longer distance engagements. i had some pretty good success as well. but now that you guys know the challenge, you guys know where you should go. you even have a best loadout or class setup. let's just tok a little bit about the tracking of this challenge, because it is very tricky and it is the reason i didn't have this video up for you guys sooner. so when going for this challenge, i had many issues with the tracking. that's why i waited so long, like i said, and then i decided to test it again as i had rumor of some people reporting that their challenge was tracking and they didn't actually own the game but they weren't really sure how they got it to track. so i jumped in. i was able to track in over 20 kills and i wasn't seeing any progress on my challenge. i waited through the entire match, the end of the match, checks the challenge again- still no track. so i decided to do it with 10 attachments. i was thinking maybe the challenge isn't reading as follows- and i was jumping in again: getting over 20 kills, getting out of the match, not leaving before it was over. still no sign of it tracking. so i just thought maybe i'll try restarting the game. i want to restart the game and then check the progress of the challenge again. i did notike. i received two towards my challenge progress, which was the two matches that i had completed. so it isn't going to be able to tell you in-game whether or not you've got the 10 kills ads and it's counting. you're gonna have to wait all the way till the match ends. once the match is completed, you will have to then reset your game to see if the tracking is actually working. there is a lot of bugginess to this challenge. if you ask me, i do antikipate. they will fix it in the future. so if you guys are having issues with your challenge for tracking, don't give up. restart your game, go through a match, do exactly what i'm saying. i promise you guys we'll get this done in no time. that's gonna wrap things up for us here. hopefully the small amount of tips and tricks and hopefully me just explaining the challenge in general will help you guys along the way. thank you guys for all this poor days video, all the support on this channel and if there's something i didn't cover, make sure you guys let me know down in the comment section below and i'll be sure to address as many comments as i can. thank you guys again and i look forward to seeing y'all in the next one. peace.


hey y'all, it's betters. welcome back to my channel. hope you guys are having an absolutely fantastik day full of positivity and happiness. as always, i'm wearing the hoodie today. can you tell? i'm sure you can. it's on the screen, it's right there: positivity and happiness. and for today's video, we are back with another episode of road to atomic. yes, i'm still doing this series also. just a really quick note for y'all: um, i'm not doing the best as of recently, to be honest, i think that my uploads are going to be a little bit sporadic, um, so just a fair warning: if you guys want to know what's going on in my life, um, i'll leave a tweet down below. i end up tweeting about it, but i just want to just let y'all know i'm fine, i'm in high spirits today and, uh, everything's gonna be okay and i'm fine and it's fine. it's fine such as life. you know, look at this cat. what are you looking at? what do you want? what does she want? what? i think my other cat's about to jump up the audio panel. already, you'll see in a second. there it is. i couldn't time that any better. anyways, let's go ahead and hop, do some call of duty, vanguard, vanguard, call of duty. vanguard video game time to play. what is my hair doing? all right, i don't wanna tok about it. here we are back on some vanguard. so for today's video, i don't think i even mentioned the weapon that we're going for today. well, in case you wanted to know, we're going for the sten. so the sten, it kinda is not very good in this game, but that is okay. i love using underpowered weapons, so it's totally up my alley. uh, i'm mostly doing this because i have most of the challenges done, so i might as well. i would much rather use something else, but let's go ahead and take a look at what we've got. okay, we're going to take a look at the camo challenge, just super quick. um, i got all the elims. i got all of the head shots. i got all of the multi kills. i got all of the. no, i don't. i have a little more than half the blood thirsties, very good. i have a little bit more than half of the long range kills- long shot- awesome. um, this one. and i got this one done. i didn't mean to, i got it done on live stream. i made a class that had these attachments and i had no idea. so that's cool. good job, hannah, pat on the back, you're such a completionist. um, and then i gotta get this one done and i gotta do hip fire kills, i gotta do. oh, now that's that's done. this one has been done. it's done. so, depending on the challenges that i have to get done, i made a long shot awesome class, an ads class, a use cobutters class. you can use cobutters in the store. you could do that. um the cods shop. i will show you. i never shout out my creator code, but if you guys are interested, you can do code hello keyboard. you can do cool butters and you can add support. that's a thing you can do. um, just just letting you guys know. uh, king kong and the godzilla and i don't know. man, i never promote this code. i don't know how to, i don't know. anyways, um, what was i toking about? um launched an awesome ads and headshot. thank you, those are the challenges we gotta go for. this video is a mess. drink some water. it's, it's good for you. i highly recommend it. drink you some water, because water is the nectar of life. it rained today, it was lovely, the earth got a drink, and now i'm gonna have a drink of water, lovely. okay, what shall we play? hmm, i want to do hardcore because the sten is not good. yep, this is. it could put me on ship. whatever, i'm just walk, play, just play, just play. sub pens. this map exists. i haven't played this since 2021. should i go for long shot? awesome, sure, i forgot to have a burst on this gun. good to know why. why must you do this? oh my gosh, alongside awesome teammate, awesome i. what are you serious right now? climb the box. climb the box. it's a box. you're a soldier. climb the to box. who is shooting me? please don't do that. what they're seeing? excellent, is that a person? what is that? whatever? gotta hit, get hip fire kills too. yes, i cannot tok today. why am i recording today? i don't know. i'm in a really good mood. good job, dog. you're doing great. do you guys ever go about your day and then you wonder what your pet is doing at that very moment in time? i do that all the time with my cats, with my dog, with my snake. i don't know why i think about it with my stik, because odds are he's not doing anything. he's just sitting there in his rock. see the sten, is it? the damage is not good, it's fine. we'll get this done and we'll be free locked. awesome, two bursts and hardcore. just want to reiterate: i forgot how to slide cancel. there's guns, there's bullets, what's going on? one more for bloodthirsty. no, i don't know where he is. i don't know what i'm doing. [Music]. are you afk? i don't know. bloodthirsty though. no, good, fire kills. i need those. you know, i just realized i didn't go through my classes before i started just playing the game. i'm so sorry. after this game, i will show you all the attachment setup that i have. don't do it. awesome, why, why? what were the physics behind that victory? that's a great first game. i got 25 kills and seven deaths. i'll take it. did i play the game? probably not. i don't think i did anything. super fantastik, nope. well, that's cool. sometimes you just gotta be your biggest. no, i wanna team runner-up so we all get a vote at least. okay, okay, that was a good match, all right. so here's the classes. so sorry, i meant to show this. um, this is my long shot. awesome class. i'll remove my face cam so you can see it. get it, got it. good, i'm gonna keep my face cam off. i'm gonna show you guys. the ads class as well. get it, got it good, cool, great. and now for the headshot. thank you, class. here it is facecam's still off. get it, got it good. i don't use this thing in vanguard multiplayer, so i don't know how to build it and i don't really care. i ain't using it after this anymore. so, whatever it's time for the long shots, this will be fun. he's got double barrel shotguns. do you see that? oh, he's. he's coming over, isn't he? i found i thought i was ready. i wasn't ready. sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. i didn't get the hip fire kill, so maybe i should focus on that. the dude called in his guard dog and then he actually whistled in voice: chat, hi, dog. that was actually kind of cute. the minute i go to scratch my nose- are you kidding me? this thing are a little bit painful. it's okay, we will rebuild. awesome, long shot, awesome. but this thing is moving. i'm so sorry. i saw nothing. who are you wrong? so awesome. oh, that's an enemy, got it. i'm so sorry. once again, i gotta figure it out. man lost it. awesome, you know, you just know. you know i do have to figure it out. [Music] mine's awesome, awesome dogs. bring me the dogs. oh, no, excuse me, i i was never here. i gotta go. please, let me get the dog. i see the dog. i want no plea fire. no, please, dog, no, no, i was one off of getting the three in one game. that's so sad. okay, let's check out the progress we made super quick, um, in regards to hip fire kills, i've gotten a couple, not too bad. i need about 27 more. i can do math, um, but there's these. only nine more. that's great. and long shots. look at that. i only need four more. that's great. still got to work on these head shots, which it's only 50 instead of 100 now, so that's not too bad. also, got to work on the 80s kills, but that's easy. i don't know this map. this is cool. oh, it's like a city. that's cool for the godzilla and king kong thing. i like that. i don't know if i can get long shots on this, so i'm going to switch my class. i'm going for some ads because, oh, that's got to be a long shot spot, isn't it? i'll just go radius. what the heck why i got him. oh, my gosh, this gun is not working for me. i'm gonna be honest. where did i go? long shot, but it's not with the right clap. wait, no, i, i. i was trying. awesome, that's right. yay, this ads class is just ridiculous. i'm not a fan. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i have no web about weapons. i have a weapon. it's just not good. oh, they're trying to say bullets. there we go. are you kidding me? look at the tiny fire trucks. are you kidding me? this is adorable. he looks straight out of cars. look at him. he looks like he's a