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10 Winning Products to Sell in November | Tiktok Ads 2022

Published on: December 7 2022 by NAZERATI

10 Winning Products to Sell in November | Tiktok Ads 2022

The above is a brief introduction to 10 Winning Products to Sell in November | Tiktok Ads 2022.

Let's move on to the first section of 10 Winning Products to Sell in November | Tiktok Ads 2022!

10 Winning Products to Sell in November | Tiktok Ads 2022

what's up beautiful people it's November
another beautiful month to be alive
today we're going to tok about 10
products that potentially can make you a
lot of money so make sure you stay till
the end of this video I got you the
alley link the product name the product
page competitors got a sale
um everything you need to go ahead spy
on these products uh and run the ads for
this product and then test it
so a lot of people be asking me well how
do I find these products how do I do my
product research before we get started I
use this tool PP ads to spy on people's
ads to see what people is doing what
people's are testing I put the link down
below so if you want to go check it out
I have a link down below alright let's
tok about the first product winter is
around the corner and slippers are kind
of a big deal uh I myself uh scale the
type of slip bird not the same one and
I've seen a lot of people selling
slippers slides these kind of stuff and
let me show you this is a brand new one
that I found that I haven't seen myself
anybody really selling or scaling first
I want to show you the actual video
because I couldn't even find the video
for this product so this is the product
and I found one video that was similar
to this product you might be able to
find better videos but that's a good
sign if you can't find the videos exact
product videos that means that that
product is not saturated and it could be
a good product that you may want to
order you may want to make some good
videos for let me show you this is a
kind of like an example video that I
found but you know let me show you
kanakia it's kind of cute okay
a lot of angles you can go with this you
know people that have cats
this is really cute okay I don't even
have cabin I kind of want it this is
super super cute product super
passionate obviously people that have
cats gonna be very passionate about this
product and in general I've seen a lot
of people scaling like slicers like
bunny slides there's like there's this
uh shark slide one that I saw even the
mentor version and then there was the
summer version of it but anyhow so these
things do really well there's a lot of
different ones also that I've seen on
AliExpress I highly recommend you guys
go ahead and make some good videos for
it order the product and maybe test it
out the next product is a face massager
um winter is around the corner the air
is getting dry is a good time to start
selling face stuff now I'm not saying
getting into Super into cosmetik
Cosmetiks I don't really recommend
selling like eye cream or anything like
that but I've done a lot of research
I've been doing so much skincare
recently and honestly I don't want to
get into it exactly what it does but
they actually work it's supposed to have
macro micro one I forgot what it is so
for a lot of people that would be like
okay does this work whatever there's
blue and red light therapy that I mean
actually proven to work on the skin on
the chin I don't know it's supposed to
like a little bit give you a little bit
of you know lift so these are the
products honestly I kind of want to try
it out just to see you know how it is
but this is one product winter is around
the corner is a good time to sell these
you know scale these products by the way
if you stay tall until the end of this
video I want to tell you how you can get
access to the link of all these products
I'm gonna give it out you just gotta
watch this video till the end and I'm
gonna tell you how you can access these
videos I'm gonna give it out
um just say till the end of this video
and let's go like this video
help your girl grow on on YouTube
um the more you like And subscribe and
all that stuff it helps the channel grow
so go ahead and like the video and if
you're not subscribed what are you doing
go ahead and subscribe I'm gonna post a
lot of valuable videos like this you
don't want to miss that do you you know
okay let's go to the next one uh the
next one oh this is really cool I kind
of want to buy this all right this is
just kind of got excited I really like
this game I don't know exactly what it's
called Uh this one was called wooden
hook ring toss game uh this is actually
a really good video not gonna lie
could be you know could do some
re-editing but this is a really decent
video for this it shows exactly what the
product is
um it's a good the game stuff is they
sell it really good in winter time
because people are staying in more it's
getting cold they're not going out as
much so anything to get people
entertained inside is is a good thing to
go about and this is one product I'm
probably gonna go test this after this
um so you know I highly recommend
testing this product next one gloves
with the lights this is really cool
I actually have something similar and
it's so practikal for people that have
like I don't know the garage or
something that they don't have the
lights or they don't they don't have
places that they can't easily look into
so let me show you what this product
exactly is it has a little like if you
see uh it's for you know if you're
getting in a place that has no lights
and you can use it you can use you know
you can pretty much see anything
honestly I think it's pretty cool too
whenever like you know you're
everybody's sleeping and you're getting
up and you don't want to turn on your
light you know real quick do that all
right next product I saw this product I
thought this is such a unique product I
would probably bundle this this is great
for grocery shopping is this stretched
back so it's a tiny bag that it becomes
really big right so look at this girl
it's like she's taking off all the stuff
like let's say she went grocery store or
whatever I don't know what she's doing I
think she's just using it as a bag but
look how small it gets you see how small
it gets let me show you the actual
um product on AliExpress so is this
little tiny bag I think it's really cool
a lot of States I know they charge for
bag if you go grocery show up shopping
or whatever so I can get two three of
these it stretches out you know you can
do your shopping and then it gets it
goes back to normal so it's pretty cool
product it's very unique it solves a big
problem so if you guys know me you know
I like to look at the certain categories
does this product solve a problem is it
passionate uh if it's not passionate it
has to solve a problem is it unique it's
very unique I've never seen the product
like this before so it's pretty cool
I've never seen anybody selling it I
would probably bundle it like three to
five or maybe do like buy two get one
free because it's I'm gonna assume it's
a cheap product you know
um if it's 277 for like let's say six
bucks if they get two because you know
it's shipping that is expensive you
probably can get it through your
supplier two or three for eight dollars
so you can sell it for 24.95 or 29.95
for three or you can do buy two get one
free or something like that that would
be cool so this is a product I thought
it was very unique it's great a lot of
States like charge for extra bags
um if you're in one of those States let
me know I know in California they would
charge you 10 cents for every bag that
they give they would give you in grocery
store I think Nevada is the same I think
I don't know in Texas is not I just I
moved to Texas guys you know it's pretty
cool here uh the next one is so I've
seen this one last year this time a lot
of people were scaling it I haven't seen
yet on PPS so when I go on PP ads if you
don't know what again if you don't know
what PP ad is I'm going to show you real
quick PP ads just kind of looks like
this and I can go take a look at the ads
I can search literally what people are
selling so like when I put anti-wrinkle
wrinkle patches nothing really comes up
or like they come up with they've been
like a long time ago or like September
or October yeah so it's been a while
this one just turn it off okay it's been
a while I would totally go ahead and
test this because there's a lot of like
you know it all these products even come
back every year they would come back so
I would go even test products that were
winning product last year I would test
it this year so it looks like nobody
really selling this which is great so I
would definitely go ahead and try to
sell it let's take a look at the video
first that's when I tok or like yeah I
read that I don't know I don't think now
I got that do I I don't even have Botox
on all right
maybe I don't
I saw like a video stitched that she
couldn't like move her forehead the next
day so we'll see how this works
my chocolate wait what
about tomorrow can you do a video
tomorrow yes
wait a second
wait a second I need to work
I'm selling myself the product all right
so can you tell you can tell these type
of videos do really well people that
like review the product and then tell
you something and it seems very genuine
those products the videos are really
really good so if you find a video that
is like super genuine people actually
just toking those things on tiktok
are like
Perfect Right the more people try to
sell on tiktok the less actually
clicks you get the less it performs you
want to make it super genuine you want
to make it look like genuinely you're
toking about the product you don't even
have to do a lot of edits people always
tok about my you know what do I do for
editing you don't really need a lot of
edits I just tell that it influencers
what to say what to do and I get their
videos and I just run it like that I
don't really do much editing with uh
with tiktok ads all right let's take
a look at this one uh last year again
around this time this product was doing
really well so let's take a look is this
like leggings with like this corset
is that how you say it I think so all
right waist trainer which is super cool
super unique at leggings leggings are
cool and then it has this waist trainer
so you know waist trainers are always a
thing so um I've seen people scaling
them last year I haven't seen anybody
selling them this year again how I go
about it I go on PPS and search the
words on tiktok ad search to see if
it's saturated or not if I see 20
billion people selling this product I
don't really go about be like right now
like not just you know so when you look
at the dates it's not right now so if
it's right now not a lot of people are
selling them that I would go after those
products but if there's a lot of people
selling them then I would not go after
those products cool next product I saw
these led dices
um I don't know if anybody I've never
seen anybody really selling these I
tried to look for it on tiktok ads I
couldn't find anybody I just saw this
like not proportionized video you can
probably cut it if you want to use you
know edit content whatever uh but these
are really cool you can charge them and
then they have lights like it's just
like really cool a lot of people are
passionate about dices apparently like
there's a whole niche in dice whatever
if you know anything about it let me
know but these are really cool really
unique I think like I said there's a lot
of people that are apparently passionate
about it so it would be something that
maybe you can get a different version of
it and then try to like show people
different games they can play with or
something that could tell a story I
would go about it like that honestly
it's really cool if you can come with
like a brand new creative or make it
super catchy that would be like the way
that I would go about it
all right next one I saw this one right
away I go on Amazon and I'm like I want
one I sell myself my own products
bag again that it folds is for traveling
and it gets bigger right so you can fold
it and put it in your actual luggage or
you can do that
it has so many different Pockets there's
a smaller zipper pocket in the front and
a larger one in the back and it goes
into your luggage
my favorite so it's pretty cool
I thought it was pretty cool that it's
foldable and it gets really small and
then you can get you know it can get up
really big again this is one of those
products I've never seen anybody running
around tiktok ads I've seen people
scaling it I saw actually right now
someone's scaling it on Facebook so it's
a good sign if someone's scaling onto
Facebook but nobody's selling it on tik
tok you can always try to create a tik
tok Style video and test it on tik
tok uh chances are it might become a
winning product a lot of products that
were winning products on Facebook they
could also become winning products on
tiktok so keep that in mind and let's
take a look at the last one this one is
for your pet uh it's called snuffle box
snuffle ball I've seen these on Amazon
over the years but I never bought one
because I figured the food would easily
fall out however you can see here that
it actually doesn't I love that it's
machine washable and quiet like the
supplement but gives him a greater
challenge this one comes in at least
this is another product that I was right
on Amazon trying to find it to buy it
from my docs so uh when I have this
feeling feelings and I like you know and
then on tiktok I don't find crazy
amount of videos or I don't see anyone
again I go on PP ads try to do an ad
search it would all the ad search would
come up I didn't find really anybody
selling it right now which is a great
sign those products are the best to
start testing this video is actually
pretty good like if you are about to
create another video for this product I
would probably like duplicate something
similar to this
um it really explains the product it
tells you why you know it's good for
your dog and all that stuff so this is a
pretty good video most importantly let's
tok about how you can get access to
these products these videos this
competition list all that stuff that I
have in there so I put all the things
that you need in here if you want me to
send a link to all these products the
AliExpress link the competition store
the videos and everything there's three
things I want you to do is make sure you
like this video And subscribe then hop
over to my Instagram make sure you
follow me there too and then DM me
November winning product products and I
will send you the link access to link to
all these products I do have a weekly
Mastermind if you guys want to be part
of it you can also DM me Mastermind on
my uh on my Instagram account the word
Mastermind I text you know I'll message
you back ask you a couple questions to
see where you're at with your business
if you're if you're a right fit and all
that stuff and go from there and I'll
see you guys on the next video

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