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100% Honest Results of Our First Amazon Product

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

100% Honest Results of Our First Amazon Product

100% Honest Results of Our First Amazon Product

it's been a month since I launched my
Amazon product and we wanted to share
with you the real results to be a
hundred percent honest and for me it was
mixed feelings I it's only been a month
and I didn't do as well as I was
I am super proud of myself for getting
to this point already and so many months
went into creating the product but I was
hoping you would do a lot better than it
did and for me too I'm really proud of
Arianna but I was really expecting this
product to blow up and it did well but I
don't know if it did as well as I was
hoping for it to do I think we
procrastinated a lot and for me I wanted
this product my very first product to be
perfect which is not very realistik at
all and I think I helped with that
procrastination because usually I will
I've launched products before on Amazon
and now I'm teaching my girlfriend how
to do it and so I'm used to having all
the control so I kept also wanting
things to be perfect so I kept delaying
the launch date which ended up being the
one of the big mistakes one of the big
takeaways I want to tok about in this
video is how to avoid that and that's
why I wanted to make this video is for
everyone that's about to launch a
product on Amazon or about to start on
their Amazon journey I want to go over
three things and our town is going to
share a lot in this video and the three
things are first up how how I taught her
to create and launch a product I have a
very different method than what anyone
else is teaching out there I think it's
my opinion I think it's better then the
second thing is we're gonna go over her
actual numbers like all the numbers be
very transparent I'm even gonna share
we're gonna share what her product is
which I know most people don't do but I
think it's a really cool product I want
to share it with you guys and the last
thing is we're gonna go over the top
three mistakes that we made these
mistakes are my fault and if we could do
it over again we would have done it
totally different we would have saved a
lot of money and maybe our result at the
end of the month would have been dude
there would have been a lot a lot better
let's start with how we created the
product and I wanted to create passive
income for myself apart from my
full-time job that I wasn't fully
enjoying I wanted to pursue something a
little more fun yeah and when she first
came up to me asking me how do I
passive income at one point she's like
well maybe I'll write a blog maybe I'll
do all this different stuff and I
already have I make about four I do 40
thousand 50 thousand dollars revenue
about ten to fifteen thousand dollars
profit pop Amazon from from one of my
products and I wanted to teach her how
to do this and and I wanted to learn
yeah a lot of people teach private
labeling on Amazon and what I do is
somewhat similar to that but it's what I
call creating a passion product and we
want to explain what a passion product
is yeah it's something that you're
excited about that's something that's
like new or think something that you've
notiked that is missing in someone's
life and you wanted to create that in
yours it's a unique product it's rather
than like private label eggs taking an
already existing product and slapping
your own label on it creating what I
call a passion product is creating
something unique different that doesn't
already exist and the next thing I want
to tok about I will share a few more
details on how to do it but I'll explain
what her product is and why it's unique
it was something that wasn't already out
there but one of the benefits of
creating a passion product is you can do
a Kickstarter you want to tok about the
Kickstarter is major especially when
you're starting off and with me I don't
have that much money to even really
create a product at the beginning and so
with Kickstarter it's a great platform
where you could share your idea you can
even have just a prototype of it you can
even have to have the product to get and
you set yourself a goal mine was $5,000
uhit which I hit rate in one month so
it's 30 days or I think you can make it
shorter depending on what you want and
and that really boosted my confidence to
really pursue the product to be honest
there's interest people help me raise my
bowl and people were buying this product
before it even existed that five
thousand dollars she raised on
Kickstarter helped pay for the first
production run to be honest it wasn't
enough to cover the full first
production run but I really believe in
this product so I loaned her about nine
thousand dollars yeah the other part of
this is creating what I call a product
launch group and the product launch
group they support you on Kickstarter
and then once you go launch on Amazon
they'll be one of the first ones in line
to buy your product and they'll leave
review okay so let's go into the numbers
and then let's share what Ariana's
product is so how many have you sold in
this first month in the first month 150
which is pretty good yeah I was
expecting more but really we were both
expecting it should be we'll tok about
that was one of the big mistakes we made
we thought it was gonna be a lot more
than 150 but how much revenue does that
translate into a little over three
thousand so three thousand dollars
revenue and remember that doesn't
include the Amazon selling fees Amazon
selling fees are about fourteen hundred
almost fifteen hundred dollars and
there's the cost of the product which is
about almost a thousand dollars yeah
yeah so I mean at that point the profit
yeah is not too high yet so all in all
there's about a thousand dollars profit
now keep in mind that doesn't count the
total number we still have a lot of
units in storage and the total number I
saw seven thousand dollars worth of a
loan that the company owes me if it's up
tiknically it's our company's I think
the company still owes me I honestly
believe the number that we sold should
have been a lot higher and I take full
blame for this this is because I made
three pretty big mistakes the first
mistake we made was our launch strategy
and even though we did a decent job the
launch group which is the most important
thing if you get one thing out of this
video before you launch on Amazon make
sure you create a launcher it gets
people excited they're at the beginning
stages of your product so they're
helping create it overall you know their
opinions matter so much that's and
that's the whole point of the launch
group is before you even launch your
product you get people's opinion on what
logo should I use what do you think
about this feature or that feature of
the prod
and when you finally do go to launch on
Amazon you'll have a ton of sales and a
ton of reviews right away which Amazon
will see and that will snowball into
more sales but but on top of that two
people in the launch group will share
with their friends and share with their
friends so you're really getting a
spread of people that will be interested
and all that being said even though Ori
only did a good job at the launch group
I should have given her more tips on how
to do an even better job and since since
phyno cards i've come up with a lot of
different strategies if I were to launch
a product again soon which I will be I
would make sure and do a lot of things
differently the second mistake is we
took way too long
to actually create the product and get
it launched from the time that we
launched on Kickstarter to the time that
we launched on Amazon was longer than it
should I so I waited till after the
Kickstarter to even begin the process of
researching for my product getting in
contact with the manufacturer a designer
and so enjoyed yeah we waited even
longer than that I think this is where
it comes back to fear and I don't know
how I don't know if you saw it in
yourself a lot but I definitely thought
there was some fear of you wanted the
product to be perfect I did and I took
all summer so at this point I think June
until September to really research make
sure that I had people edited like it
really took a long time because I wanted
it to be great if this is my first
product like I needed it to be perfect
and again for me I think it's it was a
lot of money that I was loaning to this
company I mean it's obviously it's our
company but I'm used to having a lot of
control like when I create an Amazon
product directory anything in general I
want it to be you know really good and
it's scary when you hand over that much
money and you say here's here's control
of it and I believed in the product
that's obviously why I did it and
because we waited so long to get the
product up and running we ended up
having to pay for air shipping to try to
get the product in time before the
Christmas rush yeah and to the
Kickstarter people oh yes wait they
haven't even received the product yet
yes and so we had to airship which kind
of increased 30
as a it being damaged a lot of the boxes
kind of got possible for one of the
bottles so yeah that's another tip for
you guys out there if you are gonna
airship it and your product is something
that could potentially get damaged make
sure you have them double box it or we
had a first round where it wasn't double
box you notike how many damages there
were is about in five inventory yeah one
money gone and so we contacted the
manufacturer we asked them hey let's do
something else it's double box it let's
like make sure we're telling the
whoever's I think it's FedEx or whoever
brought it over you jo-jo
hey like take extra precautions write
fragile whatever it is to really help
because that's a lotta lost money
yeah and a lot of time lost because then
I had to have the manufacturer said new
lids new boxes to replace everything and
it's just so ultimately because we
waited so long that cost me an extra few
thousand dollars in doing air shipping
which you I don't necessarily recommend
for your first product it depends there
it's a little bit easier it's time you
have because I mean the see shipping was
kind of a pain in the butt though right
or not entirely I thought it's gonna be
worse with all of like the bleep thing
yeah coming into the country and customs
and all of that but you hired someone
ultimately I hired someone but it's
still you have to keep track of it and
yeah also money like it owes over $1000
yeah I mean he's way cheaper though than
air shipping
yeah air shipping was I think maybe two
three thousand dollars for the same
amount that $1,000 was by sea and so and
I'm still opening boxes like we have a
ton of boxes that I haven't gone through
yet so I don't know how many damages are
or yeah weighed less so this this
is the sea shipping is way less than the
air shipping as far as damage so just
keep that in mind
but the mistake I want to leave you with
is get on it quickly
don't wait and for us we have the
constraint of trying to get it in time
for Christmas which is why we paid for
the air
the third and final mistake that we made
with launching the first month of this
product right I mean it's really my
fault I should take the blame for this
we ordered too much of the product we
ordered 2,000 units of our product and
probably didn't need that much right
away and that's the reason that I ended
up loaning the company money and so by
loaning the company money we were able
to produce more which lowers our per
unit cost but it's also if we would have
produced less I want to even needed to
loan the company money and you know yeah
and actually another thing about that I
would have liked less foxes too because
actually having the physical product I
realized there was something they wanted
to change I also get through 2000 units
to make those changes for my new run
yeah that's that's another reason don't
go so gung-ho
I was very gung-ho because for me I I
created my product that is selling I'm
making pretty good money from it I mean
I quit my job six years ago and I
finally found what I considered this
method the passion product formula and
my girlfriend comes to me and says hey I
want to create passive income and I'm
like 100% do this thing it's gonna blow
up from day one and I probably should
have been a little bit more cautious I
thought we were gonna sell 500 units at
least during the leg you know bracelet
court you know the first month yeah but
we sold a lot less than that so be
careful you know you can dip your toe in
the water you don't need to order a ton
of units like we ordered 2,000 units
right out of the gate
overall I'm extremely impressed with you
babe I'm extremely impressed with Ariana
for a launching Vino card which is her
product it's amazing she created a
product from scratch and this was
something that she wanted it was
basically two wine flash cards it's like
a wine tasting game a wine course in
flash card form is what we call it it's
there's nothing else like there that out
there and that's what's interesting
about the passion from like creating a
passion product is you create something
that does not exist and you're not you
don't have competition you create a new
category so for that I'm extremely proud
of you and
yeah and for anyone out there if you
want to create your own passion product
I have a video I'll put right over here
on step by step how you can create your
own passion product I'm also going to be
coming out with a course on how to do
this I'm working really hard I'll be
launching in a few months if you want to
get on the wait list I'll put the links
up here other than that guys please
subscribe comment down below and like
this video we'll be sharing more updates
on how the product goes thank you for
watching and remember to enjoy the

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