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12 WEEK YEAR : Accomplir plus en 12 semaines qu'en 1 an

Published on: December 22 2022 by Coachs en Mission avec Ling-en Hsia

- The 12 Week Year is a system designed to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals in a shorter amount of time.

- It involves breaking down annual goals into 12-week segments, focusing on specific actions and measuring progress regularly.

Sub-Heading 1: Benefits of the 12 Week Year

- Achieving more in a shorter amount of time

- Increased focus and accountability

- Adaptability to changing circumstances

- Improved motivation and momentum

- Better alignment between actions and goals

Sub-Heading 2: How to Implement the 12 Week Year

- Start with a clear vision and specific annual goals

- Break down goals into 12-week segments and identify key actions

- Create a plan and schedule for each week

- Measure progress regularly and adjust actions as needed

- Celebrate successes and learn from failures

Sub-Heading 3: Tips for Success with the 12 Week Year

- Stay focused on the most important actions

- Use visual aids to track progress and stay motivated

- Build accountability through partnerships or coaching

- Stay flexible and adapt to changing circumstances

- Reflect on successes and failures to improve future performance

- The 12 Week Year can be a powerful tool for achieving goals in a shorter amount of time.

- By focusing on specific actions, measuring progress regularly, and staying accountable, individuals and businesses can accomplish more than they thought possible.

- Whether you're looking to improve your personal life or grow your business, the 12 Week Year can help you accomplish more in less time.

12 WEEK YEAR : Accomplir plus en 12 semaines qu'en 1 an

Today, I want to talk to you about a book that has been incredibly helpful in organizing my goals and business plans. It's called Thoiry Week Hier by Bryan Barren and Michael Oenning. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their productivity and achieve their goals.

Why this book was written:

The authors of this book realized that the months of November and December were the most productive in terms of sales for many companies. This was because they had set goals the year before and were now working hard to achieve them before the end of the year. However, the authors thought, why not have this same mentality throughout the entire year? Instead of setting goals for 12 months, why not set them for 12 weeks (which is about three months)? This way, it's a shorter period of time that is more achievable and allows for more focus and productivity.

What the book covers:

The book covers a lot of different topics related to setting and achieving goals. It talks about setting goals for each week, each day, and even each hour. It also covers the importance of reflecting on progress and adjusting goals as needed.

The book's companion:

In addition to the book, there is also an agenda that complements it. The agenda includes sections for setting weekly intentions, tracking progress, and setting tasks for the upcoming week. It's a great tool for anyone looking to implement the strategies discussed in the book.

Overall, Thoiry Week Hier is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to improve their productivity and achieve their goals. By setting shorter-term goals and tracking progress, you'll be able to accomplish more and feel more motivated along the way. So, if you're looking for a way to boost your productivity and achieve your goals, I highly recommend checking out this book and its companion agenda.

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