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1950 car ads

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

1950s Car Commercials: A Blast from the Past

In the 1950s, car commercials were all about innovation and excitement. From revolutionary new rides to powerful engines, car companies competed fiercely for the attention of consumers. Let's take a look back at some of the most memorable car commercials of the decade.

1950s Car Commercials:

- Amick Chevrolet: The new Motorama Chevrolet was more than just a new car - it was a new concept of low cost motoring. With a new glide ride front suspension and anti-dive braking control, the Chevrolet promised a revolutionary new ride. The Palvin head turbo fire v8 engine and two new blue flame sixes provided new power, while the touchdown overdrive gave greater driving flexibility and gas savings. The show car styling let you travel proudly in the new Motorama Chevrolet.

- Oldsmobile: The new rocket Oldsmobile promised a new word to describe that Oldsmobile thrill - oh well the mobility. With new rocket engines and fuel economy that matched the down-to-earth price, the 58 Oldsmobile was a hit. The new style was more than just a new silhouette - it was a new shape of motion in all five cars of the forward look.

- Chrysler: The Plymouth Belvedere was one of the great new cars of the forward look, with a Chrysler gas turbine engine that was the first turbine engine ever to be successfully installed in a standard passenger car. The turbine special was just one of many research projects in progress at Chrysler Corporation, and as each new advance was perfected, it would be made available to consumers to keep them ahead in car performance, safety, and styling.

- Imperial: Imperial was the finest automobile, no matter what price range or model you were interested in. With styling leaders and the best value among the 93 models of the forward look, the newest new cars in 20 years were the 1957s. They were available at your dealer, wrapped and ready like a rocket.

- Chevrolet: The new Motoramic Chevrolet was a new era in automobiles. With 43 distinctively different interior styling choices, new fabrics, new colors, new treatments, and a whole new design in bodies by Fisher, this new design provided great new strength, rigidity, and roominess. The revolutionary new ride plus new power of the new Chevrolet turbo fire v8 engine and two new blue flame sixes made it the new motoramic Chevrolet.

The 1950s were a time of innovation and excitement in the car industry. These car commercials promised revolutionary new rides, powerful engines, and cutting-edge styling that would make consumers stand out from the crowd. Today, these commercials provide a nostalgic look back at a time when cars were more than just a way to get from point A to point B - they were a symbol of style, status, and innovation.

Classic Car Commercials of the 50's

Hello, I'm Truman Bradley speaking for your local Chrysler dealer, and tonight I have a real challenge for you. We believe that 15 minutes a year can change 15 years of car buying habits, and that's especially true if you now drive one of the two major competitive cars in Chrysler's price class. In fact, every day more and more folks just like you are making the big switch to the exciting new '56 Chrysler. But let's spend a Saturday morning with the owners of this sleek new power-style Chrysler, and I'll show you some of the reasons why.

- Truman Bradley introduces the challenge of switching to a new car and highlights the benefits of the '56 Chrysler.

Reasons to switch to a Chrysler:

- The forward look of power in motion: The new power-style Chrysler emphasizes power even when it's not in motion.

- Modern design: Chrysler engineers adapted modern jet plane designs in this new Chrysler.

- Push-button driving: The ease of push-button torque flight drive is a major selling point.

- Driving pleasure: Slip behind the wheel of a new power-style Chrysler and experience driving pleasure for yourself.

- America's most smartly different car: The Chrysler stands out in all the smartest places.

- Truman Bradley encourages listeners to visit their Chrysler dealers and see for themselves what driving pleasure really is.

- He promises that 15 minutes at the dealership can change 15 years of car buying habits.

Hello, I'm John Larkin speaking for your Kaiser-Fraser dealer. Tonight, I'm going to take you back over one of the most thrilling experiences I've ever had. I'm going to show you what happened when we literally tried to tear the Henry J to pieces. We put the Henry J through some of the toughest, roughest tests in the world.

- John Larkin introduces the toughness of the Henry J and his personal experience testing it.


- Buccan Bronco Road: The Henry J took on a brutal washboard road with 15 jolting bumps every second, but its unique spring and frame construction soaked up the shock for a smooth ride.

- Thriftiness: The Henry J is the smartest, thriftiest full-size car you can buy with up to 30 to 35 miles per gallon and monthly payments as low as $49.

- John Larkin encourages listeners to visit their Kaiser-Fraser dealer and start driving the smart new Henry J right away.

At Oldsmobile dealerships all over the country, your Oldsmobile dealer is ready for spring, set for the wonderful motoring season ahead with a great series of surprise values.

- Oldsmobile dealerships are ready for spring and offer surprise values for customers.

Value of a Dynamic 88:

- Styling: The Dynamic 88 has a high style, crisp look of fashion line design.

- Comfort: The Dynamic 88 has wonderful ease of entry and exit with chair-height seats and deep foam cushioning.

- Performance: The Dynamic 88 is a rocket automobile with more zing than ever on regular gas.

- Customers are encouraged to visit their Oldsmobile quality dealer and experience the value of a Dynamic 88.

Chrysler corporation engineers developed an oraflow shock absorber exclusively for Chrysler corporation cars to provide a smooth ride on rough, rutted roads.

- Chrysler corporation engineers developed a unique shock absorber for Chrysler cars.

Benefits of the oraflow shock absorber:

- Boulevard ride: The oraflow shock absorber provides a smooth, soft ride even on rough roads.

- Soaks up bumps: The oraflow shock absorber absorbs more pounding and bouncing on rough roads than any other passenger car shock absorber in the industry.

- The oraflow shock absorber makes Chrysler cars the smoothest, easiest riding cars on the road today.

People everywhere are buying Mercury cars, and with good reason. Mercury has demonstrated that it's today's outstanding automobile value.

- People everywhere are buying Mercury cars because of their value.

Benefits of a Mercury:

- Economy: Mercury won the famous Mobile Gas Grand Canyon Economy Run, making it America's number one economy car.

- Power: Mercury set the pace in this year's Indianapolis Speedway race and has steady reserves of power.

- Comfort: Mercury is ahead of the rest in riding comfort with deep foam cushioning and chair-height seats.

- Customers are encouraged to visit their Mercury dealers and experience the value of a Mercury car.

More Classic Car Commercials From the 50's & 60's

In this article, we will discuss the importance of converting online boutique website visitors into sales. We will provide tips and strategies to help you increase your conversion rate and ultimately grow your business.

1. Know Your Target Audience:

- Conduct market research to understand your target audience's needs and preferences.

- Create buyer personas to identify your ideal customers and tailor your website's content and design to meet their expectations.

- Use analytics tools to track your website's traffic and user behavior to optimize your website's performance.

2. Optimize Your Website:

- Ensure your website's design is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

- Use high-quality product images and descriptions to showcase your products and their unique features.

- Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly to provide a seamless user experience.

3. Offer Incentives:

- Offer promotions, discounts, or free shipping to incentivize visitors to make a purchase.

- Use urgency tactics, such as limited-time offers, to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take action.

4. Provide Excellent Customer Service:

- Respond promptly to customer inquiries and provide helpful and personalized support.

- Display customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Converting online boutique website visitors into sales requires a combination of understanding your target audience, optimizing your website, offering incentives, and providing excellent customer service. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your conversion rate and drive business growth.

1950s Studebaker Automobile Commericals Ad Car

The Big News in the Low Price Field: Studebaker

Studebaker, the standout car in the low price field, is making waves with its new models. Craftsmanship with a flair is the driving force behind this exciting concept in automobiles. From luxury to performance, Studebaker has it all.


- New big Studebaker President V8, a car to dream about

- Sculptured steel exterior, inside luxury, and washable vinyl fabrics

- Flight-style instrument panel and roominess for true comfort

- Golden Hawk, a true sports car with family size big car convenience

- Three magnificent new Presidents, three big new Commanders, three handsome new Champions, three big roomy station wagons, and four sensational new Studebaker Hawks

- Built for comfort and safety, with suspension and steering systems designed for control and positive handling

- More brake lining per pound of car for safe, sure stops

- Power and torque for a thrilling driving experience

- All-around visibility for added safety

The big news in the low price field is the big news Studebaker. Craftsmanship with a flair is the hallmark of Studebaker, from the new big Studebaker President V8 to the Golden Hawk and the full line of Studebaker models. The best deal on the best new or certified used car is at your local Studebaker dealer. Don't miss out on the standout car in the low price field.

Car Commercials of the 50s and 60s

In this article, we will be summarizing various advertisements from the past that were used to promote different products such as cars and gasoline. These advertisements use different techniques such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms to capture the attention of the viewers.


- Ford Master Guide Power Steering: The advertisement features a woman effortlessly maneuvering a 1956 Ford car with Master Guide Power Steering. It highlights the benefits of this option such as reduced turning effort and increased driving pleasure. The advertisement ends with an invitation to test drive a Ford with Master Guide Power Steering at a local dealer.

- Dodge Inner Rivet and Welded Design: The advertisement promotes the durability and strength of Dodge cars by showcasing the precision and care put into its design. It emphasizes the use of both men and women in bringing the metals alive.

- Renault Dauphine: The advertisement presents Renault Dauphine as a fun and efficient way to get around. It highlights the car's maneuverability, special axle design, and driving economy. It also features a city and country horn and encourages viewers to try it out.

- Chevrolet 59 Chevy: The advertisement teases the release of the new 59 Chevy and encourages viewers to visit their local Chevrolet dealer to place an advance order. It also features Thunder Drive music and highlights the fun and excitement of driving a Chevy.

- Volkswagen: The advertisement promotes the simplicity and reliability of Volkswagen by showcasing the car's consistent design. It features an Italian designer who recommends a small change to make the car better - a larger rear window. The advertisement ends with applause and emphasizes the consistent design of Volkswagen cars.

- Super Shell Gasoline: The advertisement features a mileage test of Super Shell gasoline with Platform 8, one of its nine working ingredients to improve car performance. It showcases the extra mileage gained by cars with Platform 8 compared to cars without it.

- Hertz Rental Cars: The advertisement promotes Hertz rental cars as a way to change the pace and experience new things. It highlights the convenience of paying with the Hertz revolving credit plan and encourages viewers to let Hertz do the rest.

- Ford Edsel: The advertisement promotes the newest member of the Ford family of fine cars - the Edsel. It features the car's powerful V8 engines, elegant design, and exclusive Tell-A-Touch drive. The advertisement ends with an invitation to test drive an Edsel at a local dealer.

- Buick: The advertisement features Milton Berle singing about his love for driving his Buick with his sweetheart by his side. It promotes Buick as the best car on the road and encourages viewers to reserve one at their local dealer. It also features a segment with Mrs. Jane Sherwood, a keen automobile shopper, who shares her experience shopping for cars and highlights the value of Buick cars.

These advertisements from the past used different techniques to promote their products and capture the attention of the viewers. They highlighted the benefits, features, and reliability of their products while also encouraging viewers to try them out. Despite being from the past, these advertisements still hold value and provide a glimpse into the marketing strategies of that time.

1950's Car And Truck Commercial Compilation Vol. 1

In this article, we will be summarizing advertisements from various car companies in the 1950s. These ads promote the latest features of their cars and encourage readers to visit their local dealerships.

1954 Chevrolet Trucks:

- The 1954 Chevrolet trucks are loaded with brand new features, including new engine power, automatic transmission, and advanced design styling.

- These trucks are engineered to work faster, more efficiently, and more economically.

- Visit your local Chevrolet dealership to see the trucks behind the biggest truck news in years.

Chevrolet Cars:

- The Bel Air series is an entirely new kind of Chevrolet, offering luxurious interior with rich fabrics and fine appointments in every detail.

- In addition to the four-door, the Bel Air series offers a striking two-door sedan, a sports coupe, and a convertible of matchless smartness.

- Visit your local Chevrolet dealership and find out why more people buy Chevrolet's than any other car.

Dodge Cars:

- The new Dodge is not only big and rugged, but it is all the way through with superior engineering, materials, and construction.

- It offers solid engine performance and lasting year-in-year-out dependability, as proven by winning more AAA performance records than any other stok engine ever built.

- Visit your local Dodge dealership to experience the solid satisfaction of a new Dodge.

Plymouth Cars:

- The all-new Plymouth 56 offers revolutionary push-button automatic driving, higher power new V8 or six engines, and push-button power flights.

- It has everything, even a highway high-five record player, and is the car that's going places with the young at heart.

- Visit your local Plymouth dealership today to see and drive the magnificent jet age Plymouth 56.

Dodge Texan:

- The Dodge Texan is built exclusively for Texans and sold only in the Lone Star State.

- It features luxurious jacquard fabric interiors and all the great features like push-button driving and the world's record-breaking Red Ram V8 engine.

- Visit your local Dodge dealership in Texas to see the Texan today.

1958 Chevrolet Cars:

- The 1958 Chevrolet offers a smooth and steady drive with the most advanced suspension system on any low-priced car.

- It is long, low, and loaded with advanced features and sculptured lines, making it a beautiful moving thing.

- Visit your local Chevrolet dealership now to experience the real deep down satisfying experience of driving America's number one car.

Transportable Car Radio:

- The car radio in the new 1958 Oldsmobile is a transportable one, offering a luxurious experience in the car or out.

- The Oldsmobile Super 88 offers a thing of beauty and a close look at the radio's house.

- Visit your local Oldsmobile dealership to experience the beauty and luxury of the Super 88.

These advertisements from the 1950s promote the latest features of cars from various companies, including Chevrolet, Dodge, and Plymouth. They encourage readers to visit their local dealerships to experience the beauty, luxury, and satisfaction of driving these cars.

Hilariously Non-PC Car Ads [1960 Ford Galaxie]

This article is about a fashion photographer who falls in love with his models and a car that he is passionate about - the Ford Galaxy.

The Ford Galaxy:

- The Ford Galaxy is a car that the photographer loves and is quick to point out.

- It was featured in Vogue magazine and is known for its sleek design and unique roof.

- It is a luxurious car with fine interiors and built-in comforts.

- It is one of Ford's best-selling cars and is loved by many.

The Photographer's Love for Models:

- The photographer falls in love with all his models, especially the ones who pose with the Ford Galaxy.

- He cannot resist their beauty and charm.

The Ford Galaxy and Modern Art:

- The photographer's wife takes him to an evening of modern art, and he finds inspiration in the Ford Galaxy's design.

- He sees the car as a work of art with graceful lines and elegant proportions.

- He realizes that the car is a perfect blend of form and function.

The Ford Galaxy and Ocean Racing:

- The photographer is a man who lives for excitement and competition.

- He owns a 50-foot ocean racing sloop and a 1964 Ford Galaxy.

- He loves the Galaxy's clean and functional design, which mirrors his own taste and judgment.

The Ford Galaxy and Stability:

- The Ford Galaxy's wide thread design gives it greater stability and control.

- It is a quality engineering feature that is also present in the Thunderbird.

The Ford Galaxy is a car that has captured the hearts of many, including a fashion photographer and an ocean racing enthusiast. Its sleek design, luxurious interiors, and built-in comforts make it a car that is loved by all. The wide thread design is a quality engineering feature that adds to the car's stability and control. It is a car that is both beautiful and functional, a work of art that can be enjoyed on the road.

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