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1960s newspaper ads

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Fun is often associated with happy moments, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious food and treats. From cakes to coffee, and even mouthwash, brands have found ways to make everyday moments more enjoyable.

1. Pillsbury Delux Golden Yellow Cake:

- Watching a child enjoy a Pillsbury Delux Golden Yellow Cake is a fun experience

- The fluffy white frosting adds to the excitement

- Extra shortening makes the cake moist and flavorful

2. Old Virginia Goodies:

- Old Virginia preserves, apple juice, and other snacks are made from fresh ingredients

- These tasty treats are perfect for any occasion

3. Nyquil:

- Nyquil is a new nighttime cold medicine that relieves major symptoms

- It helps users get a good night's sleep

- It is a unique and effective solution for those suffering from a cold

4. Bounty Paper Towels:

- Bounty is a paper towel that attracts and absorbs moisture like magic

- It is made from a special formula of six ingredients

- It is more effective than other leading paper towels

5. Instant Folgers Coffee:

- Instant Folgers coffee is made from mountain-grown beans

- It is known for its rich and flavorful taste

- It is the perfect coffee for any occasion

6. Crest Toothpaste:

- Crest toothpaste reduces cavities by up to 42%

- More dentists recommend Crest than any other toothpaste

- It is a trusted brand that can help keep teeth healthy

7. Scotties Tissues:

- Scotties tissues come in a new magic oval box that makes it easy to grab just one at a time

- The tissues are soft, strong, and sneeze-proof

- They are perfect for everyday use

8. Montclair Cigarettes:

- Montclair cigarettes are low in tar and nicotine

- They have a modern menthol flavor

- They are the perfect cigarette for those who want to smoke without compromising on flavor

9. Beech Nut Baby Food:

- Beech Nut baby food is made from natural ingredients

- It is tested by over 2,000 babies to ensure taste and quality

- It is the perfect choice for parents who want to give their babies the best nutrition possible

10. Ozone Fluid Net Hairspray:

- Ozone Fluid Net hairspray holds hair in place without making it feel stiff

- It is perfect for any hairstyle and can be easily combed out

- It is the perfect hairspray for those who want a natural look

From delicious food to everyday products, brands have found ways to make life more enjoyable. These products are perfect for any occasion and can help make even the most mundane moments more fun.

Kodak Film & Camera Ads 1950s-1960s

Kodak is a renowned brand that has been providing innovative cameras and film products for many years. In this article, we will explore some of the latest cameras and film products that Kodak has to offer.

New Kodak Signet 50 Camera:

- Built-in photoelectric lightmeter

- Takes the guesswork out of exposure

- Easy to use

- Cost: $82.50 or as little as $8.50 down

Kodak Brownie Movie Camera:

- Easy to use

- Great for beginners

- Black and white or color film options

- Cost: $32.50 or as little as $3.25 down

Brownie Movie Camera and Projector:

- Save memories of Christmas and other special occasions

- Project movies on the big screen

- Cost: $78.25 or as little as $8 down

Kodak Brownie Automatic Movie Camera:

- Shoot movies in bright sunlight or deep shade

- Correct exposure without adjustment

- Automatic electric eye light meter

- Cost: $74.50 or as little as $7.50 down

Kodak Automatic 35 Camera:

- Beautiful color slides

- Right exposure every time

- Fine fast lens

- Cost: $89.50 or as little as $9 down

Kodak Motormatic 35 Camera:

- Most automatic camera

- Advances film and sets lens by itself

- Electric eye adjusts lens for right exposure

- Cost: visit your Kodak dealer

Kodak Signet 40 Camera:

- Stylish and smartest color slide camera

- Easy to use

- Cost: $74 or as little as $7.50 down

Brownie Movie Camera Turret Model:

- Three kinds of movies: sceneries, medium shots, and close-ups

- No need to move

- Cost: $79.50

Brownie Star Flash and Star Flex Cameras:

- Inexpensive cameras that take black and white snapshots, color snapshots, and color slides

- Easy to use

- Cost: starting at $8.95

Retina Reflex by Kodak:

- Great camera for professionals and advanced amateurs

- Acclaimed worldwide

- Cost: visit your Kodak dealer

New Pony 2 Camera:

- Simple to use

- Great for beginners

- Makes color slides as easy to take as snapshots

- Cost: $26.75 or as little as $3 down

Kodak offers a wide range of cameras and film products that cater to the needs of both professionals and beginners. Whether you're looking for an automatic camera or an easy-to-use one, Kodak has got you covered. With its innovative products and affordable prices, Kodak continues to be a popular choice among photography enthusiasts.

60s 70s Celebs Vintage TV Ads

The following article discusses various topics, from riding in expensive cars to the new Volkswagen fastback sedan, and even military benefits. We will explore these subjects through the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, and colloquialisms.

Riding in Expensive Cars:

- Joey thanks someone for taking her for a ride in an expensive car.

- The speaker questions the need for such an expensive car.

- CPAs are mentioned as a profession that makes money.

New Volkswagen Fastback Sedan:

- The fastback sedan is introduced as a roomier Volkswagen model.

- The car has a powerful air-cooled engine that can reach speeds of 84 miles per hour.

- The trunk is located where most cars have their engines, and it is quite spacious.

- The car also features an electric clock and wall-to-wall carpeting.

Twice as Nice Rich Shampoo Golden Conditioner:

- The shampoo and conditioner are promoted as a product that cleans, shines, and tames hair.

- The natural brightener in the shampoo is said to enhance the hair's reflective properties.

- The product is advertised as a two-in-one solution that simplifies hair care routines.

Military Benefits:

- The article mentions that joining the military can offer financial benefits.

- The speaker notes that military personnel may receive free housing and 30 days of vacation per year.

- The article implies that military service is associated with adventure and the opportunity to travel to famous places.

This article presents a diverse range of topics and uses a variety of language techniques to engage the reader. By exploring the themes of expensive cars, Volkswagen's new model, shampoo and conditioner, and military benefits, the author offers a glimpse into different aspects of modern life.

A Look At Clever Ads From The 1960s to 1980s

Boston has a unique history that has been captured through old advertisements from the 1960s through the 1980s. Brian Coleman, pop culture kingpin, has gathered these ads and flyers and compiled them into two books called Buy Me Boston Volume 1 and Volume 2. In this interview with GBH and Henry in The Hub, Brian discusses how the project came to be and what these ads say about Boston during that time period.

Main Points:

- Brian credits the original project to two people, David Bieber and Kay Borne, who had incredible archives of Boston's history saved.

- Brian saw himself as someone who could help with the sharing process and became a curator of these ads and flyers.

- The ads and flyers from the 1960s through the 1980s showcase Boston's creativity during that time period.

- Boston after dark ads from the late sixties were meant to blend in with the reading of the newspaper and were meant to be looked at.

Through Brian's project, Buy Me Boston Volume 1 and Volume 2, we can see Boston's unique history through old advertisements and flyers. These ads showcase Boston's creativity during the 1960s through the 1980s and give us a glimpse into what life was like during that time period.


In this article, we will be discussing various advertisements that promote different products. These ads use different techniques and styles of writing to attract the attention of potential customers. From Scotch Perkins by Simmers to Lyle's new Legend Axminster carpet, each advertisement is unique in its approach.

Scotch Perkins by Simmers:

- Full of goodness, ginger, and spice

- Oven-fresh and delicious

- Simmer's secret recipe for crumbly crispness

- Perfect for special occasions

- Similar to Scotch Perkins, Simmers' butter biscuits are also delicious

Lyle's New Legend Axminster Carpet:

- Made in Scotland

- Nine modern, colorful designs

- Luxury carpet that lasts a lifetime

Ruff Puffs Candy:

- Introducing the new candy chant, Challenger

- Like the champ, Cedia Ross Puff Candy Bar

- Biggest and best value at Robin's Ross Park

- Absolute knockout candy champion of the world

These advertisements are a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of marketing. By using various techniques such as idioms, transitional phrases, and colloquialisms, these ads appeal to a wide audience. Whether it's promoting a delicious snack or a luxury carpet, these ads are sure to capture the attention of potential customers.

What Flying Was Like in the 1960s

Flying has undergone significant changes over the past 60 years. In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane to explore what air travel was like in the 1960s.


- In the 1960s, flying was promoted as a glamorous addition to the travel experience.

- Planes were designed with visually pleasing colour palettes, complementary service, and spacious legroom.

- The introduction of the Boeing 747 or jumbo jet in 1969 took roominess up a notch.

- The flight aimed to set a majestic tone, looking beyond the glamour.


- Flying was far less economic in the old days, with a high cost.

- After years of only having one class, TWA introduced a two-class system in 1955, mainly catering to the wealthy.

- An international flight from New York to Paris would have cost over three thousand dollars one way in 2021.

Eating and drinking:

- Despite being costly, passengers got their money's worth as they ate and drank like royalty.

- Multi-course meals were served complete with fancy silverware and tablecloths.

- Even economy passengers ate and drank well, thanks to complimentary food and drinks, largely why airfare was so high.

In-flight entertainment:

- In the 60s, people would stay occupied with bottomless glasses of wine, champagne, and other alcoholic beverages on the house.

- In-flight movies were introduced in the mid-60s, with the first picture screened being 1961's By Love Possessed on a TWA first-class flight.

- Reading books, magazines, and newspapers were also popular pastimes.


- Plane accidents were far more common in the so-called golden age, with 7.9 accidents per every 100 million miles in 1960 alone.

- The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 had only been passed two years earlier following a similar accident.


- Airline security has upped its game in recent years, with people having to arrive over an hour before their flight and going through security.

- In the 60s, people arrived shortly before their flight took off without any identification, and friends and family could even accompany you to the plane at no extra charge.

Flight attendants:

- Flight attendants were primarily women from the mid-30s until the 60s.

- Unfortunately, flight attendants were constant targets of sexism and unwanted advances, with stewardesses hired primarily based on appearance.

- Attendants could get fired if they got married or had children until the 1970s.

Dress codes:

- In the 60s, passengers were encouraged to dress as if they were going to an upscale restaurant, with flying marketed as a luxurious experience.

Pan Am:

- Pan American World Airways was a prominent player during the 60s, becoming revered for its efficient personnel and numerous innovations.

- Pan Am solidified its position as the top airway for international and overseas flights.

- However, by the mid-70s, the airline was in 1 million dollars of debt, leading to a gradual decline until it ceased operations in 1991.


- People of color were both overtly and structurally excluded from flying in the 60s, with segregation and discrimination widespread.

- However, the 60s marked a necessary turning point, with the first African American flight attendant, pilot, and woman to fly around the world solo.

Flying has come a long way over the past 60 years, with significant changes in cost, safety, security, and inclusivity. While the 1960s were promoted as a glamorous time for air travel, there were many underlying issues. Nevertheless, this decade marked a necessary turning point for the industry, leading to the more inclusive and safe air travel we have today.

Noble and Cooley Toy Drums - Newspaper Ads - 1960's and 70's

In this article, we will be discussing Noble and Cooley, the oldest drum manufacturer in America. They have a rich history, making toy drums during the Civil War era and later becoming one of the most well-known drum makers of professional drum sets in the world.

Ads for Noble and Cooley Drum Sets:

- 1966 LA Times ad: 20 inch complete trap drum set for $4.99, including a bass drum, side drums, foot pedal, and drumsticks. Inflation calculator shows this would be about $45.63 today.

- 1978 Newsday ads: Superstar trap drum for $10.99, and a trap drum set for $24.99. These ads have a cheaper version and a slightly more expensive one that someone could start playing on and get better.

- 1978 Disney-themed ad: Disney Rocket trap drum set for $13.99, which included a bass drum, snare drum, side drum, symbols, tone block, drumsticks, and a metal foot pedal.

- 1983 Evening Sun ad: Shirttails or Muppets trap drum sets for $15.99 each.

- 1985 Charlotte Observer ad: Diamond Rock trap drum set for ages 5 and up.

Noble and Cooley has been around since 1854 and has a rich history in making drum sets. They have made toy drums during the Civil War era, and later became one of the most well-known drum makers of professional drum sets in the world. Their ads in the past show that they have worked with some of the biggest cartoons and licensing deals at the time. Today, they continue to make unbelievable professional drum sets.

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