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2021 Black Friday Ads: Release Date?

Published on: June 6 2023 by pipiads

Every year, businesses see a significant increase in sales and profits during the core two to three months leading up to the end of the year. This is due to various sales and holiday periods, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. To ensure success during this period, it is crucial to utilize the different tools available in Google Ads campaigns.

Top Four Tools for Google Ads Campaigns:

1. Countdown Timer: This tool can be added to Responsive Search Ads for search campaigns. It creates a sense of urgency by letting users know exactly how many days or hours are left for a sale or promotion.

2. Promotion Extensions: This tool allows businesses to display promotions in their search and performance max campaigns. They can offer monetary or percentage discounts and can be site-wide or for specific products.

3. Price Extensions: This tool displays individual products or services in boxes beneath the ad and shows the price and an extra description. A minimum of three products is required to use this feature.

4. Crossout Price: This tool can be added to the Google Merchant Feed to display a crossed out price with a new discounted price on Google Shopping Ads. This creates a sense of urgency and makes the ad stand out.

By utilizing these four tools in Google Ads campaigns, businesses can ensure success during the upcoming holiday season. It is crucial to optimize e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads by following the checklist provided and using the tools effectively. With proper planning and implementation, businesses can maximize profits and sales during the holiday season.

Facebook Ads Black Friday Strategy & Ideas [2022]

Sail season is coming up and more specifically, Black Friday. In this video, the author shares some suggestions and thoughts on how to make the most out of this sale. People tend to spend a lot of money during this time of year, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being the focus. The author emphasizes that there is a right and wrong way to crush it during this time. The offer, creatives, strategy, and overall account structure all need to be well thought out in advance.

- Sail season is coming up, and Black Friday is a major event

- People are naturally spending a lot of money during this time

- There is a right and wrong way to make the most out of this sale

Creative Strategies:

- Calling out the sale in multiple different ways

- Using a simple GIF slideshow

- Using best performing videos and adding a sticker with the sale on top

- Copy should be clear and concise, capitalized with emojis

Building Assets:

- Building up customer base and email list ahead of time

- Switching to a lead campaign to gather email addresses

- Use drip email marketing campaigns to keep customers engaged

- Send two to three emails per day during the sale

Account Structure:

- Consolidate accounts into one core campaign

- Choose a broad ad set for targeting

- Optimize for purchases during the sale

- Consider using dynamic creative to optimize for each individual person

Offer Ideas:

- Site-wide discount

- Buy one, get one

- Discount threshold

- Free shipping threshold

- Bundling products together

- Have a well-thought-out plan for the sale

- Make sure the offer is enticing but also profitable

- Build up your email list and customer base ahead of time

- Use simple and effective creative strategies

- Keep your account structure basic

- Use dynamic creative to optimize for each individual

- Consider bundling products together for more diversity

The Only 3 Ad Creatives You Need for Black Friday

Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is often overcomplicated, but there are only three ad creatives that marketers should be running during this time. This article will cover those creatives and answer some common questions about BFCM.

Ad Creatives:

1. Simple Image Graphic: A clear image that showcases the brand, best-selling products, and discount code. This type of creative works well during BFCM because people are actively looking to buy, and CPMs tend to be lower.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC) with a Gifting Angle: Reach out to top-performing creators and ask them to create content with a gifting angle. Compilation videos featuring multiple creators can also work well.

3. Top-Performing Ad with a Headline or Dot Whack: Simply take a top-performing ad from the past year and add a headline or dot whack to showcase the offer. This type of creative works well in addition to image graphics.

Additional Creative:

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA): If a brand has a lot of products, DPAs can be useful. Be sure to include specific copy or primary tech that highlights the offer.

Common Questions:

1. When should you launch your ads for BFCM? Most brands launch during the week of Thanksgiving, but some may launch on Thanksgiving or Black Friday itself.

2. Should you change your ad copy? Keep it simple and put the offer front and center.

3. Should you do an auto discount or a promo code? Either option can work, but an auto discount may be more user-friendly.

4. What type of offer works best? The best offer is the brand's best offer of the year. Discounts of 25-30% tend to be popular.

By focusing on the three ad creatives mentioned above, brands can have a successful BFCM. It's important to keep the offer front and center, and to test and analyze different types of creative throughout the year to prepare for this time. While the economic climate may make things more challenging, testing and adapting can help brands succeed during BFCM.

🔥Kohl’s Black Friday 2021 AD🔥

Hello everyone, it's Mary and we are here with the third full Black Friday ad release. While it's still early to make definitive decisions on what's the best deal, I'll provide the offers here, but stay tuned for when more ad leaks are released. We'll look at full comparative analysis per categories for best price savings across the board in different stores. So, as we see with Kohl's, you're going to see in my description box, I'm going to link the blackfriday.com so you can look at all the different ads that are going to be coming out, including this one. I also link the Kohl's ad so you can look at it very clearly there as well.

Here are some key points from the Koh

*3 EVENTS* 2022 Walmart Black Friday Dates Released | Details, Tips & Tricks

- Walmart's Black Friday deals for days

- Returning for the month of November 2022

- Explanation of Black Friday


- Three weeks worth of events plus Cyber Monday

- Early Access for Walmart plus members

- In-store deals starting on Wednesdays

- Limited supply in-store for hot items

- Event 3 in-store deals start on Black Friday

- Black Friday is no longer as chaotic as before

- Other stores to consider: Target, Kohl's, Meyer

- Black Friday has become an entire month of sales

- In-store shopping experience has changed

- Share thoughts on Black Friday in the comments

- Stay subscribed for more details.

Top 5 Coolest BLACK FRIDAY Commercials

The holiday season is here and with it comes the much-awaited Black Friday sales event. Dodge, Macy's, and Amazon are just some of the many retailers offering amazing deals and discounts on their products. Get ready to save some serious dollars and check out what's in store for you this Black Friday!

Dodge Black Friday Sales Event:

- Music Applause Music so Music dodge power dollars to all and to all

- Out of my way, you better watch out power dollars are coming to town at the Dodge Black Friday sales event!

- With amazing deals and discounts on their range of vehicles, you can finally get your dream car at a fraction of the price.

- Don't miss out on this opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Dodge and feel the power of its engine.

Macy's Black Friday Sale:

- Yo, I'm going to Macy's Black Friday sale.

- Yeah, I know it's pretty cool. It starts at midnight.

- Get Justin Bieber's Sunday gift set and donate two dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

- Only at Macy's, the Black Friday sale starts at midnight.

- Don't miss out on the chance to grab some amazing deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week:

- This Black Friday deals week, let the deals come to you!

- Here it comes, the deal that called out to you from amongst thousands of others with Amazon's deal notifications.

- With amazing deals on electronics, home appliances, and more, you can save big on your purchases.

- Get the rated rp2m now starting at 199 and enjoy the best deals of the season.

This Black Friday, get ready to save big on your purchases and make the most of the amazing deals and discounts being offered by retailers like Dodge, Macy's, and Amazon. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on your dream products at a fraction of the price. Happy shopping!

Top 10 Costco Black Friday Deals 2021

Black Friday is here and Costco has some amazing deals to offer. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 Black Friday deals at Costco in 2021.

1. Laptops:

Costco has some great deals on laptops this Black Friday. The MacBook Air is available for $800, while the HP 17.3-inch touchscreen laptop is available for just $499. The LG Gram laptop and MSI Prestige laptop are also on sale for $1200 and $999 respectively.

2. Robovac and Stick Vacs:

The iRobot Roomba i8 is available for $580, while the Shark Ultralight Stick Vac is available for $150. The Dyson V10 cordless stick vac is also on sale for $349.

3. Home Appliances:

The Homedics Cool Hot Mist Humidifier is available for $60, while the Dyson Pure Hot Plus Cool is on sale for $249. The Vornado Whole Room Heater is also available for $49.99.

4. Cricut Maker Starter Bundle:

The Cricut Maker Starter Bundle is available for $280 at Costco.

5. Kitchen Appliances:

The Nutribullet Blender Combo is available for $69.99, while the KitchenAid Nine Cup Food Processor is on sale for $70. The Ninja Foodie Five-in-One Indoor Grill is also on sale for $140.

6. TVs:

Costco has some amazing deals on TVs this Black Friday. The LG 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV is available for $1299, while the LG 55-inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV is on sale for $1099. The Vizio Home Theater System is also available for $190.

7. Streaming Devices:

Costco is offering a Roku Ultra and a Roku Streaming Stick bundle for just $100. The Google AC 2100 Mesh Four Pack is also on sale for $180.

8. Home Security:

The Arlo Pro XL Spotlight Cameras are

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