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2021 Dropshipping Boom

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 products that are proven to be successful and are currently going viral in the market. These products are handpicked to help you succeed in your Dropshipping Store.

Product #10: The Scooper with Weight

- This product is a genius as it accurately measures food and pet food.

- It has blown up on TikTok with nearly 450,000 likes and 10,000 shares.

- The competitor's website is poorly merchandised, selling it for only $19.99.

- The product is super cheap on AliExpress, selling for only $4.31.

- The product can be sold for $39.99 with proper branding and messaging.

Product #9: Heated Gloves

- This product is perfect for the winter season and viral every year.

- The competitor's website is simple and clean but lacking reviews.

- The product is sold for $45 on the competitor's website, but you can find a competitive product on AliExpress for $18.32.

- The product can be sold for a decent profit margin.

Product #8: Portable Car Heater

- This product is a two-in-one product that can unfreeze your windshield and act as a portable heater in your car.

- The competitor's website is decent, but they have three separate options for a simple product.

- The product is sold for $29.


Summer 2022 Dropshipping Products Guide

Summer is officially here, which means it's time for dropshippers to capitalize on the limitless opportunity of selling products. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the top 10 products for July 2022 that will help take your online store to the next level. We will also include competitor Facebook ads, ad copy, headlines, product pages, AliExpress links, interested tests, profit margins, and much more.

Product List:

1. Portable Fan - perfect for hot summer days, this fan is portable and can even charge your phone. Competitor sells for $69.99 with a profit margin of $51.18.

2. Splash Sprinkler Pad - great for kids and pets to cool off in the summer heat. Competitor sells for $34.80 with a profit margin of $29.67.

3. Horticulture Pods - speeds up the growing process of plants and great for gardeners. Competitor sells for $27.99 with a profit margin of $29.67.

4. Sprocket Anxiety Spinner - a fidget spinner-like product that helps with anxiety and focus. Competitor sells for $37.99 with a profit margin of $28.60.

5. Portable Baby Bed - mimics the shape of a uterus


If you're looking to make serious money with your online store, this is the article you need. In this article, we'll be giving you our top 10 winning products for December 2022.

Product 1: Magic Mat

- Solves a common problem of wet, slippery floors

- Anti-slip base and modern design

- Competitor product page sells for $35

- AliExpress link sells for $9.87 with over 1200 orders and 4.5 star rating

- Profit margin of $29.13

- Five interest tests: bathroom, Bath and Body Works, kitchen, shower, and bath

Product 2: Full Leg Massager

- Helps with muscle recovery, pain relief, and blood flow

- Competitor product page sells for $169.99

- AliExpress link sells for $86.85 with over 1400 orders and 4.8 star rating

- Profit margin of $107.82

- Five interest tests: leg extension, World Gym, well-being, Planet Fitness, and physical fitness

Product 3: Wood Name Piggy Bank

- Eco-friendly and safe for kids

- Competitor product page sells for $25.55

- AliExpress link sells for $7.84 plus $4.22 for shipping with over 2200

Start Shopify Dropshipping THESE Hot Products in 2021! (Winning Trends)

Hey there, it's Andrew here! I hope you're doing well. It's that time of the year again, and a new year means new e-commerce opportunities. I love doing these particular prediction type videos because number one, it's really interesting to see how these products actually perform over the year, and number two, it's incredibly amazing to see some of you, the audience, make sales from these products.

Product Suggestions:

1. 3D Printing Pen - This is a relatively low-cost product with potential due to the rising trend of 3D printing. It has a suggested profit margin of 40%.

2. Galaxy Cove Projector - This is a highly popular product with a growing trend of demand for light projectors. There are multiple variations of this product, and it has already sold thousands of units.

3. Fun

The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

Tick Tock Dropshipping: Finding Winning Products

Tick Tock dropshipping has taken the e-commerce world by storm, offering a unique platform to sell products to a growing user base. However, with the competition increasing, finding winning products can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when looking for a winning product and the top three methods to uncover them.

What Makes a Winning Product:

To find a winning product, it needs to have a wow factor, catch attention in under three seconds, be easy to market with different angles, have a price range of $15 to $45 with a 3x markup, be exclusive, have a broad audience, and be an evergreen product.

Top Three Methods:

1. Organic Method: Use hashtags like #Amazon, #Finestock, #Mademebuyit, and #Unboxing on Tick Tock to find new and viral products. This method is cost-free, easy to use, and lightning fast. It scored 41 out of 50 in our ranking system.

2. Paid Method: Use ad spying platforms like Adsera, Mania, and PP ads to find winning products. They offer filters to refine search results and provide insights into trending products. This method scored 37 out of 50 in our ranking system due to its cost.

3. Store Finder Method: Adsera offers a store finder feature that lets you search for stores with less than six months of operation, less than $250,000 in monthly sales, and trending on Tick Tock. This feature scored 36 out of 50 in our ranking system.

Finding winning

2021 Dropshipping Trends That Will Make Your Store Profitable OVERNIGHT!

The Importance of Subscription: Subscription is a key factor that can make your ecommerce business successful. It allows for predictable revenue to come into the business every month. With subscription, you can have free revenue coming into your business whether you like it or not. By adding subscription to your business, you can compound your revenue over time and continuously fuel your business.

Statistics on Subscription Box Industry: The subscription box industry revenue has grown from $57 million in 2011 to over $2.6 billion in 2016. In 2019, the subscription box market has totaled over $10 billion. This shows the explosive growth of subscription boxes and why it is important to add subscription to your business.

How to Implement Subscription: To implement subscription, you need to have a good value offer that outweighs what your customers pay for it. For physical subscription boxes, you need to show the value to your customers and compete on price

🔥 Dropshipping Trends | 5 Hot Trending Products To Dropship In 2021 - how to find winning products

Hello dear friends! We at Winning Products search for the best products from AliExpress and share them with you. All the links to the products we mention are in the description below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more winning products.


1. Onion Holder Handheld Simple Slicer

- Durable, rust-proof and easy to clean

- Large comfortable handle to prevent cuts and scrapes

- Unique stainless steel prongs to hold and slice onions hands-free

- Creative design tool and cute gift for cooks, housewives, chefs and kitchen workers

- Perfect for a home niche store

2. Magnetic Wristband

- Strong magnetic wristband for holding screws, nails, nuts, bolts, drill bits, and small tools

- Perfect for home improvement, construction, woodworking, carpentry, auto repair projects

- Provides a third helping hand when you need it most

- Broad market base

3. Modern Minimalist LED Wall Lamp

- Adopts LED light source for uniform light transmission

- Soft light effect, low carbon and durable

- Enhances the beauty of any room with its unique and elegant design

- Perfect for a light niche store

4. Eyebrow Pen Four Points Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Fork Tip

- Creates natural-looking brows effortlessly and stays on all day for eye makeup

- Gel tint comes off easily with makeup remover or oil cleanser with no residue

- Waterproof and gives a perfect temperament eyebrow shape

- Quick dry inks keeps your makeup long-lasting for all day

5. Adjustable Pet Car Safety Belt

- Keeps pets safely restrained and secure in a vehicle while driving

- Pets can sit, lay or stand comfortably in the car

- Attaches easily to your pet's harness and works with dogs, cats or other animals that can wear a harness and ride inside a vehicle

- Perfect for a pet niche store

We hope you found these winning products useful. Remember, all the links to the products are in the description below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more winning products. Thank you for watching!

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