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2022 Print Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this episode of Building Bad Brands, Tony Hardy, founder and director of County Creative, talks about the dead medium of print and the best print ads of all time. He emphasizes the importance of a good print advert, which should stop people in their tracks, be memorable, and generate buzz online. Despite the belief that print advertising is dead, it is still very much alive and kicking.

Best Print Ads of All Time:

1. IKEA - Advert for Cots and Cribs

- Designed an advert that went in the local press for 50% off cots and cribs for expecting families

- Mothers had to pee on the paper, which was a doubled pregnancy test

- Created a lot of buzz and shock online

2. KFC - Ad by Mother London

- Rearranged the letters KFC to FCK, as in We've Ran Out of Chicken

- Showed an empty bargain bucket

- Capitalized on a negative buzz and turned it into a positive advertising campaign

3. Marmite - Ad Campaign during Brexit

- Famous for dividing the nation with their Love it or Hate it campaigns

- During Brexit, they went with a new advert: Hard Breakfast, Soft Breakfast, No Breakfast

- Played on Brexit and executed a beautiful campaign

4. McDonald's - Iconic Stacks Campaign by Leo Burnett

- Stripped away the logo and typical colors

- Listed out the ingredients of the menu item beautifully colored like the menu item itself

5. McDonald's - Follow the Arches Campaign by Cassette

- Used the McDonald's logo as a directional device

- Played with the shape and directional challenges

- Ronald's branding has always been on point

6. Stabilo - Ad Campaign

- Took black and white photography from the past

- Drew the highlighter down and pulled their face in to change the focus of the picture

- Highlighted first ladies, scientists, and mathematicians that have been lost in great historical photos

7. VW - Think Small Campaign by Doyle Dane Bernbach

- Flipped the narrative of car adverts in America and Britain

- Told the boring story of owning a very small VW

- Skyrocketed sales

8. WWF - Horrifying More Horrifying Campaign

- Two posters: one with a shark fin coming up a wall and one without

- The idea was that a world without all of these wonderful animals is more horrifying and more terrifying

9. Share a Coke Campaign by Coca Cola

- Personalized bottles of coke with people's names

- Drove everybody in a frenzy trying to find coke with their names on

- Perfectly executed by the Coca Cola Company

In conclusion, these print advertising campaigns have proved to be some of the best of all time. They were effective in stopping people in their tracks, being memorable, and generating buzz online. Despite the belief that print advertising is dead, it is still very much alive and kicking.

Print Ads vs. Digital Marketing (RESEARCH-BASED)

Why Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Print Advertising

Small business owners often think of their local newspaper when it comes to advertising, but there are more effective ways to get customers in the door.

Reasons why digital marketing is more effective:

1. Lack of Data and Insight:

- Print advertising provides virtually no data or insight on how an ad is performing or customer perceptions.

- The customer path to purchase is more complicated with the internet, and businesses need data on demographics and psychographics to develop an effective marketing strategy.

2. Weight of Digital Interactions:

- Only 23% of Americans read the physical newspaper, but digital interactions influenced 36 cents on every dollar for in-store purchases in 2014.

- Most people visit an average of 26 websites and perform 33 Google searches before making a purchase.

3. Advantages of Digital Content:

- Digital content is flexible and adaptable, and businesses can change their messaging to fit the current climate.

- Digital advertising is far more efficient in customer targeting and has a higher reach per dollar spent.

- With digital, businesses have more control over their budget and can monitor the data behind their content to make changes and improve results.

While print advertising can still be effective on a local level and supports local newspapers, digital marketing offers more insight, reach, and efficiency for small businesses. Additionally, people are increasingly avoiding banner ads and are more motivated to read editorial content, making content marketing a more effective strategy. By providing helpful content, businesses can walk beside their customers and show them what they know and how they can help without shouting in their face.

Tips for Print Advertising - Ideas for Print Ads

In this article, we will discuss tips for print advertising, including newspapers, billboards, Yellow Pages, ads, flyers, and magazines. We will cover the rules and objectives that apply to print advertising and how to make your ad stand out in a noisy environment.

Tips for Print Advertising:

1. Keep it clean and uncluttered: Your ad needs to stand out and have contrast, with a bold headline and imagery. Do not clutter your ad with loads of text. Use lots of text only if it interests your audience after they've been convinced that the ad is worthy of their attention.

2. Have a main idea or concept: Communicate one main message and stick to it. Do not try to communicate everything about your company, products, services, and promotions in a small ad. This will dilute your message and render it ineffective.

3. Have a strong headline and image: Your headline should either immediately communicate your idea or intrigue the viewer to give more attention to the ad. Compliment that strong headline with a strong image that conveys emotion.

4. Focus on benefits: Focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than the technical aspect of things. Remember the feature-advantage-benefit concept, where the benefit is the ultimate selling point.

5. Have a plan: Know why you are advertising in print and match your message to the demographic you are targeting. Consider the frequency of your ad and the medium you are using. Give careful thought to your strategy.

Print advertising is still a powerful tool for small businesses, but it requires a different set of rules and objectives than advertising on a website. By keeping your ad clean and uncluttered, focusing on one main message, having a strong headline and image, focusing on benefits, and having a plan, you can make your print ad stand out in a noisy environment and communicate your message effectively to your target audience.

How to Design a beautiful advertising (AD) poster In MS word || Brand advertising Design

Welcome to TR Graphic Skills where today we will be designing a poster for a water bottle brand advertisement. Here are the steps to create this design:

1. Page Setting:

- Select A4 size paper from the layout menu

- Zoom out to view the page properly

2. Background Credit:

- Draw a rectangle and right-click to select Format Shape option

- Choose a beautiful blue gradient color for the background

- Add a white rectangle below the blue one to create more white space

3. Name of the Brand:

- Write the name of the brand, such as WB for plastic bottles

- Increase the size of the text and change the font style to make it look like a logo

- Color it white

4. Subtitles:

- Write what the company does, such as plastic bottle company, and increase its size

- Change the font style and color it black

5. Picture:

- Insert a PNG picture of water from the Picture option

- Make it in front of the text and adjust its size and rotation

- Write a little detail below the picture in a text box

6. Design:

- Use free transform shape and draw lines to create a beautiful design

- Change the color and add points to make it look more attractive

7. Conclusion:

- Designing an advertising poster using Microsoft Word is easy and efficient

- You can make any other changes according to your preference.

Selling Print Ads For Profit On eBay - Part 2 - Processing

- Part two of vintage print ad series

- Going to take apart a magazine and show process of preparing ads for listing

Ads in Magazine:

- Good Housekeeping magazine from June 1929

- Removed spine using hair dryer

- Selected ads: Old Dutch Cleanser, Victor Radio with Elektrola 1929, Hump Mobile, Dole Pineapple, Cream of Wheat, Post Toasty Cereal

Trimming Ads:

- Used Carl Paper Trimmer (18 inches long)

- Trimmed edges and took care of frays or rips

- Trimmed ads look neat and presentable

Photographing Ads:

- Can use regular camera or cell phone, but scanning provides highest quality

- Used Epson ES400 duplex scanner

- Set dpi to 400 for crisp and clean images

- Scanned ads go into folder called eBay Photos

- Part three will cover listing ads on eBay and categories to list in

- Like and subscribe to channel for more vintage print ad series videos.

eBay Video #1 Introducing Our eBay Store and Discussing Vintage Print Ads

In this debut YouTube video, Marty from Disney family 515 discusses eBay and their store. They have been doing this full-time for a little over two years and have found success in selling vintage print ads.

Categories of items sold:

- Vintage print ads

- Collectibles (including paper items)

Vintage Print Ads:

- These are from Life magazines from 1936 to the early 70s

- Each magazine can yield between 10 to 20 ads of decent quality with name brands

- Marty has listed around 700 vintage print ads

- The ads were done really nicely with fantastic artwork because radio and newsprint were the main sources of media

- People collect specific items like DeSoto cars

- Marty offers free shipping and has a top-rated Plus designation

- A sheet of paper from a magazine can sell for $16.99, which is a premium price

- Marty uses his iPhone to scan the ads

Examples of sold vintage print ads:

- Reynolds aluminum from 1956 sold for $16.99

- Smith-Corona typewriter from 1957 sold for $16.99

- 7UP from 1953 sold for $16.99

- Packard engines from 1945 sold for full price

Marty has found success in selling vintage print ads from Life magazines. He offers free shipping and has a top-rated Plus designation. People collect specific items like DeSoto cars and various sodas. Marty's pricing model is good and a sheet of paper from a magazine can sell for a premium price. He has sold many vintage print ads and plans to make more YouTube videos in the future.

Selling Print Ads For Profit On eBay - Part 3 - Listing

In this article, we will discuss the process of listing vintage print ads on eBay. We will cover the various steps involved in creating an effective listing, including choosing the right keywords, selecting the correct category, and filling out item specifics. We will also provide tips on how to create an appealing item description and set up your shipping and payment policies.

Here are the key points covered in this article:

- Always include the words vintage print ad in your title for better visibility

- Start your title with the year of the magazine issue

- Choose the right category to target the right audience

- Fill out item specifics accurately to help buyers find your ad

- Include the month and year of the magazine issue in your item description

- Use a fixed price, but allow best offers and returns

- Set up your shipping and payment policies

- Use a custom label or SKU to keep track of your inventory

Overall, creating a successful eBay listing for a vintage print ad requires careful attention to detail and an understanding of what buyers are looking for. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of making a sale and growing your business.

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