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2022: Youtube Ad Overload

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

YouTube has recently been experimenting with unskippable ads and viewers have been hit with up to 11 consecutive commercials in a row. However, YouTube has decided to end this experiment and limit the amount of unskippable ads for good reason. This article will discuss the recent experiment and its impact on viewers.


- YouTube's experiment with unskippable ads

- YouTube pays creators by raking in views through advertising

- Viewers' complaints about the high quantity of ads

- YouTube confirms the experiment is now over

- Unclear future for the application

Overall, YouTube's recent experiment with unskippable ads has caused frustration among viewers. While the company has confirmed that the experiment is now over, it remains unclear what the future holds for the application. As for viewers, the consensus seems to be that shorter ads are preferred over longer ones, even if it means watching more of them.

YouTube Ads Are Getting Insane and I Hate It.

YouTube Ads: How They Work and How to Avoid Them

As a YouTuber who relies heavily on ad revenue, I've become increasingly concerned about YouTube's aggressive approach to ads. In this article, we'll explore how ads work, how they impact creators, and ways to avoid them.

How Ads Work:

When you click to watch a video, YouTube starts an open auction for the advertisement slot. A bunch of bots then bid on the privilege to send you an advertisement, and whoever wins the bid sends it off. YouTube gives 55% of the money they earned to the creator and keeps 45% for themselves. The amount that advertisers are willing to pay changes a lot depending on factors like the viewer's age, location, and what time of year it is.

The Problem:

YouTube is becoming increasingly aggressive in their approach to ads, with some users reporting seeing up to 10 ads before a video. Additionally, mid-roll ads can interrupt videos and ruin the viewing experience. YouTube's solution to people using ad blockers is to punish those who don't by making them watch even more ads.


The easiest solution for viewers is to use an ad blocker like uBlock Origin, but this means creators won't receive any revenue from those views. Another option is to use SponsorBlock, which skips sponsored segments in videos and helps creators avoid commissions from sponsored services. However, ad blockers will soon be ineffective as Google Chrome is getting rid of ad-blocking capability in 2023.

For those who want to support creators but avoid ads, YouTube Premium is an option. However, it's pricey and includes unnecessary features like YouTube Music. Patreon is another option, where viewers can support creators with monthly subscriptions and receive rewards.

In the end, the optimal solution is the one that works best for you. Don't waste your time on ads, and support creators in ways that work for both you and them. As a creator, I trust that providing good and enjoyable experiences will ultimately lead to success, and I hope YouTube will address their aggressive approach to ads in the future.

Too Many Ads on YouTube? Open Letter

- YouTube ads are becoming too frequent and annoying.

- As an advertiser, I am concerned about the impact on audience engagement and the effectiveness of ads.

- YouTube needs to make changes to avoid oversaturating its audience with ads and to improve the user experience.

Proposed Solutions:

- Implement blanket frequency caps to limit the number of times a viewer sees the same ad.

- Use customer avatars or device-based frequency capping to stop showing ads to people who are not interested.

- Introduce new ad types, such as discovery ads, that do not interrupt the content viewing experience.

- Charge advertisers per impression rather than per view, to incentivize them to create better ads and reduce ad fatigue.

- YouTube is at a tipping point, and changes need to be made to avoid devastating effects on its user base and advertisers.

- Proposed solutions can benefit all parties involved and improve the user experience.

- I hope YouTube takes action to make these changes and continues to be the number one video platform on the internet.

Yay! More Ads on YouTube!

YouTube has updated its terms of service, giving it the right to monetize videos from channels that are not big enough to be part of the partner program. While some may be surprised by this move, it makes perfect sense for YouTube to run ads on videos that they don't have to share revenue on. However, there are concerns about how this may affect smaller content creators.

Main Points:

- YouTube can now monetize videos from channels not big enough for the partner program.

- It's surprising that this wasn't already a thing.

- YouTube gets to take all of the revenue instead of sharing it with the content creator.

- To be eligible for the partner program, channels need 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and over 1,000 subscribers.

- Some content creators have missed out on revenue due to not being in the partner program.

- There are concerns about YouTube preferring to self-deal instead of sharing with their partners.

- Transparency tools for measuring fill rates are limited.

- Some content creators have released one viral video but made nothing off of it because they were not in the partner program at the time.

YouTube's move to monetize videos from smaller channels without partner status may benefit the platform, but it raises concerns about the treatment of content creators. It remains to be seen how this change will impact the availability of ad inventory and how YouTube will handle conflicts of interest. Content creators should be aware of the eligibility requirements for the partner program and consider the potential risks and benefits of monetizing their videos on the platform.

Youtube is no longer watchable. Too many ads....

Hey everybody, welcome to Bad Media! In this article, I'll be discussing the current state of YouTube and why I believe it has become unwatchable.

Ads Everywhere:

- Over the past two months, YouTube has seen a massive increase in ads, placed at the worst possible times.

- These ads are making it unbearable to watch videos on the platform, as they interrupt the content and ruin the viewing experience.

- Even when watching music videos, they are now being treated like commercials, and we're forced to watch them to get to the actual content.

Length of Ads:

- The length of some of these commercials is ridiculous, with hour-long ads for Prager University and Ben Shapiro's shows being forced upon viewers.

- YouTube needs to understand that ads longer than the actual content are unacceptable and make the platform unwatchable.


- YouTube's recommendation algorithm is flawed, and it floods our feeds with similar content, making it difficult to discover new videos.

- The same videos are often recommended and uploaded, making the experience repetitive and boring.

Ad Placement and Timing:

- YouTube's ad placement and timing are terrible, with ads interrupting key parts of videos and playing at the worst possible times.

- Sometimes, ads are replayed, ruining the viewing experience even more.

In conclusion, YouTube's current state is unwatchable. The platform is overrun with ads, and the recommendations algorithm is flawed, making it difficult to find new content. The length of some of these commercials is ridiculous, and their placement and timing are terrible. Unless YouTube addresses these issues, it will continue to lose viewers to other platforms like TikTok.

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

Tending a garden can be tough, especially for seniors. However, Organi Bloom, an all-natural fertilizer, can make it easier. This article will explore the benefits of Organi Bloom and why it's the perfect choice for gardeners.

Benefits of Organi Bloom:

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Why Choose Organi Bloom:

- No harmful chemicals or additives

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In conclusion, if you want to have a successful and beautiful garden, try Organi Bloom. It's a reliable and safe option that will give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive. Don't wait any longer, give Organi Bloom a try and watch your garden bloom!

How To Block YouTube ADS on (Chrome & Edge) in 2022

- In this video, Shabazz explains how to block YouTube ads on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.


- Annoying ads interrupting YouTube videos on both browsers.

- Ads taking up time and requiring a countdown to skip.

- Some ads are non-escapable, making it frustrating for users.


- Use an extension to block ads on both browsers.

- For Google Chrome, search for YouTube Ad Blocker in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension for free.

- For Microsoft Edge, search for Skipper on YouTube in the Microsoft Edge Extension Store and add the extension for free.

- These extensions are safe to use and have been tested by Shabazz.


- Shabazz shows how to add the extension on both browsers.

- He demonstrates how to check if the extension is working by playing various YouTube videos with no ads appearing.

- He emphasizes that the extensions are free and encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and leave comments for future video suggestions.

- By using these extensions, viewers can enjoy YouTube videos without any annoying ads.

- Adding the extensions is quick and easy, and they are free to use.

- Shabazz assures viewers that the extensions are safe and encourages engagement on his channel.

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