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3 Core Principles Of Ecommerce (Shopify Dropshipping)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

3 Core Principles Of Ecommerce (Shopify Dropshipping)

3 Core Principles Of Ecommerce (Shopify Dropshipping)

yo what's going on everyone hating here
coming back at you with the brand new
video and I want to ask a favor of all
you guys real quick I want you to drop
any questions comments whatever you have
down below because I'm gonna do a Q&A
video in a couple days so just flood the
comments section with questions I'm
gonna go through pick a ton of them to
see really good and you've seen a video
on that really soon so if you've ever
wanted to ask a question and get it
answered well here's your chance also
fun fact of the day a lot you probably
didn't know this and most you probably
don't care but I very frequently don't
wear shoes in my videos but um in all
seriousness today we're gonna be toking
about the three main core principles of
e-commerce you know and this isn't just
targeted towards beginner so if you
already have your ecommerce store going
you're making sales whatever I don't
care you're making a hundred thousand a
month and you're an expert watch this
video because this pertains to everyone
the first principle definitely targeted
towards beginners is what is drop should
be first of all I get a lot of people
even in the comments section on my video
specifically about Shopify dropship in
people asked me how many of the products
you're ordering where are you keeping
them okay drop shipping that's that's
what it is you're not ordering anything
until the customer does you're simply
the middleman I don't keep any inventory
like there there's no boxes full of this
I sell here that doesn't exist why
because you're just setting up a
storefront and you're bringing customers
you're connecting people that's all
you're doing
you're connecting a buyer with the
supplier and you're the middle person
taking a commission out of that you're
like Walmart except online but now into
the interesting stuff number two this is
the best time of year like if you're
just getting in a dropship in or you
already have it going and starting to
scale you could not be positioned at a
better time and let me tell you why
right now going in a quarter for like
the last three to four months of the
year this is when people are spending
the most money by far due to like the
holidays everything is just the biggest
like rush and people are spending so
much money shopping doing all these
things getting gifts whatever just by
far like like I know people for example
just give you a scale I know someone
who's made almost a million dollars up
to this point in the year and usually
does every single year but in the next
three months they're gonna make another
five million so it's just a
disproportionate scale it's insane so if
you're getting in there right now you're
by far the best time you can start
making some money you're I'm gonna go
with the easiest point of the year to
actually start getting some traction
which is good because hopefully in that
time you can build up an email list and
your pixel for Facebook which will make
you know the rest
the next year in 2018 a lot easier when
it's I'm gonna say not exactly is easy
to make sales
so definitely focus over the next couple
months I'm just getting results ASAP
trying to get it coming in as fast as
you can third thing and this is a really
big misconception that I see a lot of
people both experienced and absolute
noobs make and that's that we're bad oh
my god I'm a terrible person guys I I
drop ship stuff online what bad you
should all dislike this video
unsubscribe report my channel everything
on follow me on Instagram I'm just a
terrible person cuz I drop no
you don't do that I'm gonna tell you
what we're helping people if anything
you're connecting someone who has a need
with someone who can fulfill that and
you're the reason it's the whole
connecting thing like I just toked
about so you're fulfilling someone's
demand and making money along the way if
anything you're helping them because now
they can order the product and get it
sent straight to their door without ever
leaving their couch their fat asses can
stay at home and do absolutely nothing
while you make money and help them see a
lot of people think that dropshippers
we're just constantly hitting people
with hooks and you know shove and
down their throat well definitely some
people do that's not the case for most
people we're simply targeting people
based on what they're interested in so
we already know that they want it and
then we're selling it to them at a
better price than anyone else can that's
the reason ecommerce is an entire
industry has evolved and is blowing up
and taking over and absolutely
destroying big retailers it's because
the retailers have to pay employees rent
all these warehouses physical locations
store fronts everything they have so
much cost built up in the middle that
they have to mark it up and so you can
cut that down because you don't have
that cost you're completely online but
that's exactly why ecommerce is so dope
you can literally out arbitrage every
single major retailer Amazon Best Buy
Target Walmart doesn't matter all of
them because you can beat their pricing
and you have a more direct route to the
consumer you know they don't have to go
get in their car take all these actions
turn on the car put on their seat belt
hopefully they wear it drive to the
store get in and do all this stuff look
the only reason people even going to a
physical store in the first place is for
instant gratification because they want
that product right now whether that be
in an emergency or because they just
want it so if you can give them a better
price you know a much better deal on the
product usually they're willing to wait
for your shipping time so now even if
you're shipping a six seven hundred
dollar camera like this or freaking out
of cinema lobbies but abuts for dollar
30 and Aliexpress or $10 cloud goggles
whatever doesn't
you know a case whatever it is you know
they're usually willing to wait if it's
a steal of a deal so it's my point in
the video ecommerce is dope
you're not doing it there's a link down
below to a free trial free so start
testing it out you know why not get
things started get your feet wet
especially like what I toked about
coming into the end of the year quarter
four this is where the money is made so
really put your head down focus try and
get those results
I hope these videos are bringing you
guys a lot of value I'm gonna be pushing
out a lot of cool content over the next
week or so so definitely stay tuned to
the channel if you haven't already join
the family by hitting that nice-looking
subscribe button down below and drop
like on the video if you want me to keep
making more of these every single day
with that being said I'm gonna see you
guys in the next video but don't forget
to leave a comment down below with a
question that you have for a Q&A video
I'm trying to put together thanks guys
I'll see you in the next one peace

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