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3 Keys To Create Facebook Ads for Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

3 Keys To Create Facebook Ads for Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping

The above is a brief introduction to 3 Keys To Create Facebook Ads for Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping.

Let's move on to the first section of 3 Keys To Create Facebook Ads for Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping!

3 Keys To Create Facebook Ads for Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping

what is up YouTube Dillon Pearson here
and welcome to my video teaching you
exactly why your Facebook ads aren't
working I'm covering the three main
problem areas that if you're doing
something wrong in one of these areas
your Facebook ads are just not gonna
work I see it happening a lot it's
happened to myself so here's one of my
old ad accounts I scaled this I didn't
track all the purchases but this was
scaled to about three hundred twenty
thousand in revenue over the period of
three and a half to four months and what
you'll see here is that my Facebook as
we're working I was losing money all
through this period and I changed these
three specific things you're gonna learn
in this video and then I ended up doing
seven thousand dollar days repeatedly
consistently four thousand five thousand
three thousand dollar days so you know
changing these three things just made a
huge difference so I really wanted to
share it with you all and I hope you're
ready for the video if you're new to my
channel welcome I'm super glad you're
here I Drive high-quality content like
this two times a week so if you're new
make sure to subscribe and notifications
on and also I'm gonna be holding a free
consulting call a 30-minute consulting
call with one of my subscribers when I
hit 500 subscribers so make sure to
subscribe and smash that like button
help drive some new people to channel
greatly appreciate it and let's jump
right into it so this is this is the
three reason your Facebook Ads aren't
working and if you notike I had to match
this shirt to the background got the ice
cream in there just for that summer vibe
you know so yeah let's let's kill this
you guys so the three reasons we have
the creative this is the biggest problem
area that I see the creative just is not
up to par so I'm gonna show you examples
of creatives that you should really try
to replicate in your own advertising
campaigns and what you should avoid next
we have the offer and buy the offer I
don't mean like buy one get one 50% off
I mean your headlines your copy etc so
we're gonna cover some good examples of
some great offers and stuff that you
want to also replicate more on your
service or product
and finally we have the AOV the average
order value average order value is what
drives profitability so I want to give
you example I've had a few brands that
averaged a 6 to 7 percent conversion
rate and I've had another one that
averaged a 1 percent conversion rate if
I was to ask you right now was the 6 to
7 percent conversion Restore more
profitable than the 1 percent 99 percent
of people are going to say yes but in
reality it wasn't so the 1 percent
conversion rate had an average order
value of a hundred and twenty dollars at
a 75 dollar margin the other one had a
about a 25 dollar profit margin so the
one with a hundred and twenty dollars
average order value was way more
profitable so average order value value
is what drives profitability and is
necessary in facebook ads 2019 and going
in 2020 here and then finally I'm gonna
give you guys a secret bonus tip at the
end of this video something that I
utilized on that store of the the ad
graph that I just showed you to figure
out what was wrong and I figured out
these three things by using this secret
tip that I'm gonna give you guys at the
end of the video so stik around for
that it's gonna be huge
all right so number one the creative so
what is wrong with your creative why is
it not working
well there's a few things that you need
to be doing number one the creative
needs to engage the viewer in 2019
Facebook has dramatikally shifted away
from showing viewers anything to only
wanting to show viewers what viewers
like to see and this includes ads so
Facebook had a lot of issues with the
data leaks and just a lot of bad
publicity and overall their user like
happiness scores just dropped and so
they're focusing even with
advertisements I'm providing the
advertisements that people that might
not want to purchase still enjoy so
everything that I create for my own
personal ads my clients ads I focus on
making anybody that sees it say wow I
need to tag my friends so they can see
this if my video or my image
aren't doing that I don't release them
what you're gonna see when the creative
engages the viewer is super low CPMs
which is gonna just be able to drive a
lot more impressions at a really cheap
cost which is ultimately gonna drive
more sales if you improve your offer and
your average order value so just
engaging everybody on facebook with a
with an ad that's eventually gonna sell
something it's gonna is gonna be the way
to go so make sure your creative engages
the viewer shorter is better
it's almost 2020 and people do not have
long attention spans it's going down
every single year so the quicker that
you can make them say WOW and also make
them understand what your service and
product offers the better so I've
notiked that last year 55 seconds you
know in that time range was working
really well for me now all of my edge
ranging in that 15 to 30 second range in
there performing way better my costs are
a lot lower and people engage with him
more because they don't have to watch as
much so also one thing I want to like
want to mention is I don't know this for
sure but I'm sure Facebook's algorithm
does play aspect in this if you think
about it if you have a 60 second long
video and someone watches like 5% that's
only like 10% of the video watched
around that whereas if you have a 20
second long video and someone watches 10
seconds that's 50% watch so to Facebook
it looks like almost everyone's watching
half of your videos next up the first
three seconds of your video need to
peace stop people from scrolling
Facebook it is made for entertainment
it's made for people to see the family
and friends stuff so in order to get
them to actually stop and doing what
they enjoy and take notike to what
you're putting in front of them what
you're paying to put in from the front
of them you need to make sure that first
three seconds that starts Auto playing
it's gonna grasp them and grasp them in
to the point that they want to watch the
entirety of the video so make sure the
first three seconds stops people from
scrolling it should contain the most
shocking portion of the video
I always put like the peak moment of my
video even if it's gonna be later on in
the video at the beginning in that first
three seconds just to make people
stop if they don't stop they're not
gonna watch it you're not gonna get a
sale so you got to make sure they stop
the first three seconds is how you do it
I'm in one one of the metrics you guys
can look at that I've really been
finding success and really something
just to measure right from the get-go is
if 50 if greater than 50% of your first
2,000 viewers watch more than 95% of the
video it's a good creative and the
reason you know if it's around that 50%
markets you know you could go with it
still but I'm really looking for greater
than 50% of my first two thousand
impressions first 2,000 viewers in the
in the column that says 95% viewed I
want two thousand if I have two thousand
viewers I want a 95 percent view to be
greater than a thousand if that's the
case that creative is good to go it's
good to scale too so if you're not if
you're getting like let's say 20% watch
95% work on the creative before really
putting money into it because ultimately
it's gonna just cost you more it's gonna
waste money so make sure you're creative
if it's hitting this metric watch it
your your site so this is like one of
those things you can look at really
analyze to be like okay I'm good to go
so next up we have the offer so the
offer is made up of these aspects and
what I want you to focus on is your
landing page your headline copy and
social proof those are the four things
that make up a an amazing offer and what
you need to realize is that if you have
a good creative and if you you engage
people people will click through to the
offer so getting them off of Facebook is
no longer the problem and if people
aren't if you if you're not driving to
sales but people are leaving Facebook
because they're so interested and
learning more about your product or your
service then it's completely on your
offer and that's the problem area with
your Facebook Ads
so number one landing page Facebook
loves less than three second load times
they're gonna show it to more people
because not everyone has a good cellular
connection so if you're loading a ton of
images and videos right off the start
you have a slow loading time it's gonna
cost you more to show to people so less
than three second time is optimal if you
can do that you're set less than seven
second load time is required though
you know there's a there's this is where
like a lot of those videos that teach
you to use a bunch of different plugins
and stuff really actually are not good
to do because those are loading external
scripts onto your page causing the page
time to take longer to load so be very
very very specific with plugins apps and
images make sure the images are actually
the small size and you're not just
sizing them with CSS or percentage that
will help headline it should resonate
deeply with the customer you want to
resonate with the problems and the
emotion of the customer number three
copy it should play off the headline and
continue drawing on the emotion so you
you just want to keep leading that
customer in that emotional journey of
their problem or the issue that they're
experienced and then explain the product
as the solution and finally social proof
social proof is crucial in these days no
one really buys without reading reviews
so make sure to get testimonials reviews
customer photos and then you can cue the
chi-ching sound that's what makes up a
great offer and I'm gonna take you into
real offer pages that are killing it
right after this next slide here
so finally average order value these are
the main three things that make up
average order value and will allow you
to scale and drive profitability with
facebook ad campaigns without a good
average order value and a good margin
those the cost per purchase and those
advertising costs are gonna eat it away
and you're gonna be in the negative so I
don't touch products with small margins
they're just too difficult to generate a
profit with Facebook ads and the minimum
I look at is a thirty dollar profit
margin minimum so that's personally my
my go-to I know a lot of people do have
success with cheaper products and they
drive profitability in other ways but in
my opinion if you just get a product or
a service that's greater than $30 profit
margin you should be good to go and one
thing I do want to note is I usually use
like a four to five X pricing rule so if
I have a product that's ten dollars that
cost me ten dollars I'll sell it for a
minimum of like let's say thirty five to
forty five
so that keeps me that $30 profit means
but like if you have a product that's
$100 cost you're not gonna want to do a
$30 margin you would want like a $300
margin so I basically like I multiply it
by three or four minimum I multiply my
cost by three or four and that's what I
sell it at so that's a margins are huge
you want to make sure you have margins
number two upsells offer custom more
than one that one like more than one
product to unlock free shipping you can
give a discount on a similar product and
I do this in the cars so for example on
some of my stores buy three or more and
these are like $60 products too on some
of them so if you buy like two or more
three or more I'll give you free
shipping and you'll be some like shocked
how many people you know they view it
such a win for them that it's just a
psychologic aspect so make an offer
upsell people give discounts on a
similar product if you're selling I
don't know a hairbrush cell like some
hair ties or something like that just at
a cheaper price get people to buy more
from you once they've they're like arty
in that checkout process they're already
in the mindset of buying so when you
toss something in front of them it's
gonna be like a 50% chance that hit okay
and by that - number three subscriptions
these are this is something that I'm
really trying to get into now and focus
a lot of my businesses around because
subscriptions are guaranteed income
every single month every single week so
once you get a customer it's definitely
more of a lifetime value aspect but it's
a great way to like drive profitability
because let's say you have a nine dollar
cost per purchase on a nine dollar
product let's say you you know you
you've lost a little bit of money but
five months down the road from now
you've already made fifty dollars in
profit profit because it's still only
nine dollars that you had to spend to
acquire that customer so subscriptions
are a great way and there's a there's a
lot of different ways to do this out
there and I recommend just doing some
research if that's something you're
interested in doing so those are the
main key things so I'm going to show you
examples of these and then after those
I'm going to show you the secret tip
that's gonna change a lot of your views
on like what's going wrong with your
Facebook guys so first thing I'm gonna
pull the ad spy ad spies a great tool to
find like
and really new methods out there I'll
have a link for a free trial is an
affiliate discount it's like a 14 free
trial if you use that link so try it out
I'm completely free to do that and I
highly recommend it to great tools so
what I wanted to show you is this this
creative aspect so engage short a better
three second scroll stopper and here we
go so what you're gonna see is this so
this is a 30 second video good length
and what did you see in that three
seconds it would autoplay and you see a
napkin becoming a flower that's a scroll
stopper this is this is killer this is a
perfect example of what I'm toking
this is engaging people are saying wow I
sorted this by Wow so with ADD so I we
can actually go into the video into the
creative I should say here we go and it
launched July 3rd it's been three days
and it's scaled from 70 there's 7,000
likes to 11,000 so it's doing its
scaling really well getting crazy
engagement too so this is killing it
this is a perfect example of an ad wow
the user engaged them and like they
didn't even use need to use text it's
just like how often have you seen an F
can becoming a rose that you can plant
at a table and people can use so short
video this is something that you know I
would want to take people and just so
they could see it happen so this is a
perfect example of a good engaging video
shorter and it has that first three
second scroll stopper so now we going to
offer what I want to show you is here's
another one so this is one and this is
what I want you guys to incorporate what
I'm actually going to show you is a
click funnels offer page but if you can
incorporate this into your product pages
they're gonna convert a lot better and
your Facebook guys are gonna work so
landing page headline copy social proof
let's check this out so this is a you
know this draws on emotion this is this
is very very very emotional she made a
promise to her late father pulled
herself out of the slums of property
never forget to appreciate who we have
life like by now your emotions are going
so when you click through to this change
your flow of energy to get unstuck from
disappointment and misfortune this is
the headline and what what happens is
anyone that's feeling that stuck maybe
just feeling that that level of
disappointment you know maybe things
aren't going right in their life you
resonate with this it brings a motion
front and center next up you have copy I
have never believed in anything so
science pure energy it's it's just it's
playing off of this headline just
continuously just drawing on those
emotions that the headline initially
brought forward like misfortunes rise
and one after another and we found
herself both bankrupt and lost in life
that that just brings emotions to you so
the copy here is great the social proof
I'm not sure if they did it here let's
see if they did essentially they are
using social proof because this this is
written by someone that uses this so
let's actually go through here's social
proof so once again our customers love
them people actually wearing the
bracelet and stuff so it's great this is
a great example of a perfect offer and
something you should incorporate into
your your pages in terms of the average
order value
there's not really a like a great
example to use because when I go to
websites I can't see the profit margins
but I can show you this right here so
with AD spy I saved a couple things the
other day a couple ads that I want to
show you so I know they had some some
upsells on there let's see let's check
this out I think this is it
whoops there we go
okay so check wonder patch availability
it's just a really good copy and offer
page go through and here's an upsell so
basically you get a lot cheaper
discounts when you buy more and then the
thing is is like when you pay on this
website they do a one-click upsell
afterwards so they offer you more what
appears to be like slimming slimming
products and whatnot so workout products
so these are upsells and you know
they're they're a great way to drive
edge average order value there's a ton
of different ways to do like upsells and
subscriptions and honestly this is like
the most basic one so really really do
your research and test out different
upsells see what's driving you the best
average order value so finally we have
the secret method the real-time customer
pull method so how do you know what's
preventing a customer from purchasing
and driving success to your Facebook guy
campaign if you don't ask them it's
nearly impossible right so here's a tool
that I use on every single brand I
launched I launched it and even if it's
converting really well there's always
still aspects to improve so I always
utilize this tool it's called lucky
orange and I'm not affiliated with them
in any way I don't get any type of
income off of this but they have
basically like it records people's
movements on the website and creates
heat maps but they have this pole
section up here so what it does is on
exit intent or at a specified time
periods let's say they scroll 50%
they've been on the website for 30
seconds you can have a poll pop up and
so here's an example of yeah this so
this is a basically what I do except I
wear mine is there anything preventing
you from purchasing today I just asked
that question and it's an insane amount
of people that actually respond to that
so if the hit know what would happen so
I think it'll show yes so if they hit no
it shows a it shows like thank you you
know that's I basically just say thank
you if they hate yes I say you know
sorry to hear
what is the issue and you can give them
options here but I usually just leave it
blank and let them type it out if
they're typing out price your offer
isn't good enough you got under the
website you need to focus on drawing on
emotions more because by the time they
see the price shouldn't they shouldn't
care they they just need to get your
product or your service that's gonna you
know solve their problems so if they say
price issue on your offer if they if
they give other reasons that's that
stuff you can look into but usually its
price I'm gonna be honest usually it's
its price so work on improving your
offer and this is like a great tool to
use if you're not using this you're
missing out on a ton of revenue because
once people once you have a great
creative people will click on Facebook
then it's on the rest of the factors as
all their - so then it's an offer so if
your offer isn't working this is a great
way to figure out what about your offer
isn't working and you know this is a
this is my secret tool right here that I
use on every single brand that I
launched so that sums up today's video
three reason your Facebook Ads aren't
working now you guys know how to fix it
and how to kill it thank you so much and
also make sure to subscribe if you
haven't you've got the time right now
just click the subscribe button you
don't want to miss out on the new videos
you know I'm always trying to drive
value this is what I'm here for this is
what the channel is here for so click
the subscribe button right now thank you
guys so much for watching and I will see
you next time Dylan out

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