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3 Shipping Methods For Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

3 Shipping Methods For Shopify Dropshipping

3 Shipping Methods For Shopify Dropshipping

obviously there's a major issue right
now in the world of e-commerce the
coronavirus Koba 19 the pandemic that is
going on right now causing major delays
with fulfillment and manufacturing this
is killing a lot of ecommerce businesses
so I've been getting asked over and over
nearly every single day what is the
current situation of your businesses and
to be honest they're doing better than
they ever have and that is done being
dead serious here so what I want to show
you is actually some of the results that
I'm generating really quick before
continuing with this video if you could
just tap the like button for me it's
greatly appreciated
also don't forget to subscribe before
heading out to get notified of any
videos that I release alright so here we
are in one of my attik consonant as you
can see this ad account was launched on
March 4th right at the peak of the
coronavirus since then I've spent eight
hundred and forty four dollars in
generated six thousand seven hundred and
sixty two in all reality it's a little
over seven thousand but my return on
adspend according to Facebook is eight
so every dollar that I've put in I've
generated eight and I will refresh just
to show you all of it is real so as you
can see in reality the the rose is about
nine but if we look at some of my my
pretty crazy days that I've had here so
I remember the March 14th this was a
crazy one I spent 22 generated about a
thousand for a return on has been a
forty one I just had another crazy day
what was it was it Thursday I want to
say this Thursday let's see no Thursday
was a little bit slower I think it was
let's see Wednesday yeah so this was a
crazy day 123 spent it was actually 1800
generated for a return in reality of
about 13 so overall just crazy results
there's three main business aspects that
I'm doing to overcome the situation that
the pandemic has caused I'm gonna be
honest it did kill one of my businesses
one of my businesses was doing $100,000
months and it is now dead I'm working on
finding a us a manufacturer but until
then it's on pause I had the Shopify
plan on pause so obviously obviously if
that was my only source of revenue that
would have been pretty catastrophic
luckily though I have
other methods that I'm currently using
inside of my businesses to generate
results just like what I showed you so I
want to I want to explain these three
different strategies and kind of give
you ideas of how if you think outside of
the box you can overcome any situations
that are actively happening in the world
number one is ali-baba dropshipping
that's right I didn't say Aliexpress
well I've been doing is finding
manufacturers that are actively running
and open and using them to dropship you
might be wondering well how do you
integrate this with Shopify like how do
you find these these suppliers and it
does require extra work but the thing is
is the extra work is needed in current
situations like this so for those of you
that are ready ready to put in that
extra work Alibaba drop shipping is a
very viable option so here's what I do
first I identify the products that I
want to sell I then go into Alibaba
find four to five manufacturers and I
initiate a negotiation as though I'm
ready to buy bulk inventory so I'll ask
them for their prices for 200-300 units
I'll negotiate down and once I hit that
bottom baseline number I then ask them
if they can provide drop shipping on
average about two out of five will
provide drop shipping the rest won't so
once you find one and you've negotiated
that price down and they agree to drop
shipping there's another step that you
want to do to ensure they can actually
dropship and that is figure out how they
will hand handle your fulfillment so
what I do is I generate CSVs and then
upload these CSVs to my Shopify with
tracking numbers once they're fulfilled
but what I do to test these
manufacturers is I'll export a CSV with
test orders that actually are just gonna
be shipped to my house my relatives
houses so I'll do like three to four
orders I'll send this to that
manufacturer and sure that they can
actually dropship in a timely matter
next when doing this you want to make
sure that they're shipping via UNIX
press Y U and Express it's an official
ecommerce fulfillment service that can
get around seven to eight day shipping
times right now with the current
situation at least that's what I'm
experiencing obviously the the future is
uncertain this might change by the time
that you watch the video but as of today
seven to eight days shipping times of
via UNIX press so Alibaba drop shipping
with UNIX press fulfillment is still a
very viable option if you want to drop
ship from China the next method that I'm
using is USA manufacturing and
fulfillment this most likely will
require you to order bulk inventory 100
units to 500 units up to a thousand unit
minimum order quantities if you have a
few thousand dollars ready to invest in
with capital into your inventory this is
a perfect option this is the optimal
option for you with this I have a
manufacturer in a different state or in
the same state that you live in and they
will actually produce the product for
you with your branding high-quality
Quality Assurance everything is
essentially guaranteed so you know
you're getting a quality product that is
going to deliver customer satisfaction
then you can work with a 3pl such as
ship Bob
that's not exactly who I work with but I
have spoken with them they are a good
company so that is someone that's very
easy to get set up with and will ship
out your orders and deliver them within
anywhere from two to five business days
once you place that bulk inventory order
with a manufacturer they ship it to ship
Bob or your 3pl that any greats directly
with your Shopify and from that point
you are ready to roll this is by far the
best thing that you could do in the
current situation even if you don't live
in the USA you can still get this set up
and running the USA is by far my most
profitable country my the country that I
can scale to in the grayness quantity
quantities so even if you're in Germany
or anywhere else in the world the UK you
can still get set up with a USA company
because all this is done remotely you
don't actually have to go in work
directly with these manufacturers it can
be done through email via skype via
phone so this is the number one option
if you have a few thousand dollars in
capital capital to get started you're
gonna get good unit prices your
customers are gonna be satisfied you're
gonna have recurring lifetime value and
the best part with it is once you build
a successful company with this method
you can then sell it for a few million
dollars so this is the number one way
that I
recommend it's definitely gonna require
the most upfront work but I think this
situation the pandemic that's currently
going on is really a good example of why
we should really diversify all of us as
e-commerce entrepreneurs should really
diversify our streams of e-commerce
revenue and USA manufacturing and
fulfillment is the most sustainable in a
secure way to guarantee your income now
we're on to the third strategy the third
strategy can still be done via
Aliexpress and longer shipping times I
sat down one day and I started thinking
how can I still work with these longer
shipping times without you know making
my customers angry having a lot of
charge backs and returns one strategy
came to mind immediately a pre-order
strategy I actually set this up and have
this running what I do is I've edited my
Shopify page so my Add to Cart button
says yes pre-order now I explain the
pre-order process in the product
description and it goes something like
due to the demand in the current
situation we have switched our
fulfilment over to a pre-order strategy
as a customer as soon as you place your
order you're gonna get it certified
you're gonna get a certificate
guaranteeing that your order is in our
queue and is actively being manufactured
and then below that I have our I have
all orders placed today and I bowled
today and underlined it just to kind of
plan that scarcity will be fulfilled
within the next two weeks so basically
what that does is it gives me a two-week
window that allows for that extra
shipping time so two weeks from then I
have a clay vo sequence that will email
them say hey congratulations your orders
been manufactured we're now preparing it
for fulfillment please allow three to
five processing days to get everything
packaged so there's another essentially
a week so now we're up to three weeks
window and then I say and then allow
another additional five days for
delivery boom we essentially have four
weeks to deliver a product and the
customer is totally satisfied with this
it's all psychology if I was to say
expect four weeks shipping times no one
be happy with that my conversion rates
would drop but if the the mindset is
that they're pre-ordering something that
is in high demand they have a time frame
they know exactly when they're gonna get
the site is clearly stated it's clearly
stated all over my website when the next
orders are going out and I'm keeping
them and I'm keeping them in the loop
with email sequences so I'm constantly
engaging them this has been working very
good for me and the great thing about
this is not only can you use Aliexpress
for this but you can actually use that
preorder income to but to put towards a
Alibaba bulk order so essentially you're
gonna get the cheaper prices and then
you can have that inventory shipped to a
3pl here like ship Bob and then that'll
even cut down on your pre-order times so
this strategy does work very well
currently I'm using it with Aliexpress
we're shipping times are very uncertain
suppliers where I was getting 7 to 14
day shipping times I'm now getting
anywhere from 25 to 40 day shipping time
so the pre-order strategy is allowing me
to really overcome that I am hesitant to
take this to the level of scareware
scale where I'm doing 100 to 200 orders
per day right now with this pre-order
strategy I'm doing anywhere from 20 to
40 orders a day and I find it to be the
sweet spot where I can still maintain a
really great customer service I have two
customer service support reps working
for me right now handling all the
pre-order emails overall those are the
three methods that I'm currently using
to create ecommerce businesses that are
performing better than ever even with
the current pandemic that is going on
with all that information said I get it
it can be confusing it can be
overwhelming to actually implement these
strategies yourself so what I am doing
is I have actually opened up my agency
to a done-for-you service this service
will allow you to have me build you an
e-commerce business and there's multiple
variations that you can have me build
you can have you build a store with the
pre-order strategy you can have me build
an Alibaba drop shipping company or I
can set up an entire man
facture an ecommerce company where you
have a supplier here in the USA you have
really good shipping times via 3pl and
you don't have to do anything I'll
create your Facebook Ads I'll set up
your marketing funnel all you need to do
is flip the switch and then take control
of the business if you are interested in
that done-for-you service I have a link
down in the description right now for
you to get access and more information
on it go ahead and click that and I will
be in touch with you very soon anyways
thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you in the next video
Dylan out

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