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3 Shopify Tips For BFCM (Do These Today!)

Published on: December 3 2022 by Dylan Pondir

3 Shopify Tips For BFCM (Do These Today!)

in this video i'm going to be discussing
three shopify tips for black friday and
cyber monday
if you have any plans of selling during
this huge consumer holiday you do not
want to miss this video
at the very end i'm going to throw you a
bonus to help you jump start
your progress and get prepared for bfcm
let's do this
how's it going my name is dylan pearson
i'm the founder of ponder.com and
in today's video i'm going to be
teaching you three crucial tips that
i've learned over the past
five years to crush black friday and
cyber monday
before we jump into the video if you are
new first of all welcome i'm super happy
to have you here
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so let's go ahead and get into these
three tips to help you
crush black friday cyber monday
my first tip for you is to spend two
days rebranding your website i know i
whenever someone finishes their website
they never want to go back and have to
put in the work to modify it but trust
over the past five years of doing
ecommerce i've learned on the years that
i go ahead and rebrand my website and
i'll discuss the details of what
involves in rebranding
when i actually perform a rebrand on my
website i have higher conversion rates
higher average order values and a higher
amount of revenue
so with that said right now i'm going to
show you how to rebrand
in plenary brand of your website in just
two days
so i know a two day rebrand sounds like
an overwhelming process but there's
really three main aspects of the rebrand
that i want you to focus on and step
number one of
any rebrand that i do for consumer
holidays is i look at
where are the locations that the 90
of consumers are going to really be
focused on on black friday we're going
to be looking at places
like amazon mainly the home page
websites like
best buy
websites such as overstok
so this is all day one
on day one you want to be focused on
doing your
research you want to be looking at
places like amazon best buy and
overstok look at their websites
look at their home pages and you can go
do that right now about a month and a
half before black friday
the reason that i always look at these
three is because these three
websites are really main places that
people shop for sales
and by getting inspiration from what
they're doing you're also going to be
able to build
trust and resonate within customers that
have already shopped on these websites
so day one is made for research go to
these websites
figure out what are they doing are they
doing images with
snow hats on them are they doing neon
colors and signs that say black friday
cyber monday
what are they doing write it down and
take note
take a day do that do not rush it and
you're going to get a list of everything
that these companies do
that inspire the customer to make a
now you have your list of research and
it's time to actually implement
day two is solely built for a couple
number one creating the
designs what you're going to find and
what i found every year
is that these websites place a huge
focus on their images they'll take their
logo they'll add a snowflake they'll
their product and put it on a different
color background with neon
text and neon signs at this point you're
probably saying i don't have graphic
design skills well that's not an excuse
there's websites like canva which are
completely free and have
these templates ready you could go on to
and pay five dollars for someone to do
this for you you could go on to upwork
have this done for you you could call up
a friend who could do this for you
there's no excuse get at least five
images made next
what you're also going to notike is the
terminology the way that they have
headlines of different discounts and
sales and ex
exclusivity um limited amounts of people
take note of what they're saying and
implement it specifically
your announcement bar on shopify take
use of that
change your product titles
to clearly state what the sale is so
it's the first thing that the customer
when they land on your website and
you might need to actually shorten
the amount of text on your website why
in the world would you would you want to
remove and minimize the amount of text
on your website
well what you're going to notike on
these other websites the big three
is they're very straight to the point on
black friday cyber monday it's one of
the rare occasions where you don't
have to spend a lot of time convincing a
customer to buy something
and along with that customers don't want
to have to read for a long time on this
they're going to be wanting to make
purchases in decisions as quick as
to go then find additional sales it's
it's a rush
it's madness you don't want people to
have to read
half of a novel to figure out what your
product does
straight to the point and this is how
you do it product
title be descriptive with the title um
you know label the main aspects of your
product in the title
also in the title you want to put the
sale the offer that you have
then below it you want to put additional
put three to five benefits
and finally you want to do
a bit of social proof and by social
proof images
get buy your product have your family
take some picture with it
i'm not saying go create fake reviews
i'm saying create
pictures of the product that you're
going to be selling in real life
not just product photos these three
right here are going to be the key
to someone really understanding um what
your products all about the benefits of
and social proof along with that the
other one detail
that i would add to this page uh is
information such as return policy
guarantee and shipping times
three biggest objections when it comes
to a customer buying add
any objection based answers
to your page at the bottom and that is
how you do a two-day shopify rebrand for
black friday cyber monday
step number two make sure you have an
optimized upsell
make sure you have a post purchase one
click upsell funnel
and make sure you have an sms and email
cross cell set up this all might sound
confusing if you're new to shopify if
you're new to e-commerce or even if
you're intermediate
some of those words are more buzz words
they're not very clear on
how to actually perform each one of
those so as i mentioned what is an
optimized upsell an optimized upsell is
when someone adds a product to their
cart there's going to be a pop-up with
another offer
either selling another quantity of the
product at a discounted price offering a
different product at a higher price or a
lower price
that's all an upsell is is simply up
selling the customers it's the same as
if you go to mcdonald's when you order a
burger they're going to upsell you a
and a fries so that's as simple as that
and what do i mean by an optimized
apps such as zipify and variety
of upsell apps simply found in the
shopify app store allow you to actually
test your upsells by split testing your
upsells you're going to see what offer
performs best
with your demographic this is extremely
important as adding on simply five to
ten dollars extra per sale
will absolutely sometimes double or
your revenue in the long run what is a
post purchase
upsell funnel very simply after someone
completes a purchase
instead of going directly to a thank you
page they will see another page with
upsell offers let's say the first upsell
is for
the same product but at 10 off that
customer can either then choose to click
and have that that product immediately
processed and added to their order
or if they hit no the reason it's a
funnel is because you can then
offer them a downsell you can offer them
something at a lower price point
maybe an even better discount once again
if they hit no or if they hit yes you
can then show them a third
fourth or fifth this is going to give
you the maximum amount of opportunity to
your customer into a higher lifetime
it's very important to have a
post-purchase upsell and shopify also
just released
a massive update to their their native
checkout where you can
install these native post-purchase
one-click upsells
finally sms in email cross sells
after someone completes a purchase or
even abandons a cart
you want to be making making sure that
you have an sms automation flow set up
to then sell them a different product
sell them more of the same product
offer discounts and same with email this
is one of the easiest ways to increase
your success during black friday cyber
and if you're not doing it you are
missing out tools like klavio active
campaign for email
they have these built in they integrate
with shopify and with text mark
marketing there's so many different
options out there to perform
this function so make sure you have your
optimize upsell in cart you have your
post purchase funnel upsells and down
set up and finally make sure you have
your sms and email
flows set up
step number three this is often the most
and one of the most crucial aspects
to a successful black friday cyber
monday campaign
you need to have a form of live support
on your website
it can be chat or it can be phone either
of it
which are going to help you generate
substantial more
in revenue why because the majority of
customers that you send in
aren't going to necessarily know your
product they're not going to be warmed
because it's black friday you're
spending more on ads you're hitting the
mass market and they don't know about
so there's going to be those trust
issues what's the best way to overcome
the trust issues
is simply hear the objection from the
customer customer in real time
and then provide them an answer to their
which breaks the barriers to them
becoming a customer
sounds overwhelming oh i need to find a
live support person i need to integrate
all these apps
oh i need to find someone to answer the
phone it is very simple all you need to
do is spend
an hour of your time go on google type
in live support for shopify
you're going to find everything that you
need to set this up in real time
they have people that will handle the
live support for you you just need to
provide them a little bit of information
about your product and your service
and you will have live support
throughout the entire weekend
those were my three shopify tips for
black friday cyber monday
once again it's very important to
actually act upon these just
listening to me recommend these is not
going to help you
act upon them and i guarantee you will
see success with three
these three tips along with that if you
are looking for a facebook advertising
funnel to implement and crush facebook
ads for black friday cyber monday
go ahead and check out the ponder funnel
training down in the description
that will help you get your facebook ads
ready to
absolutely destroy black friday cyber
thank you so much for watching the video
i will see you in the next one
dylan out