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3 Ways to get BIG Accounting & Bookkeeping Clients to Get B2B Customers for a Bookkeeping Business

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

3 Ways to get BIG Accounting & Bookkeeping Clients to Get B2B Customers for a Bookkeeping Business

The above is a brief introduction to 3 Ways to get BIG Accounting & Bookkeeping Clients to Get B2B Customers for a Bookkeeping Business.

Let's move on to the first section of 3 Ways to get BIG Accounting & Bookkeeping Clients to Get B2B Customers for a Bookkeeping Business!

3 Ways to get BIG Accounting & Bookkeeping Clients to Get B2B Customers for a Bookkeeping Business

so yesterday during a coaching call i
had a new account and asked me what i
would do to get new clients for an
outsourced accounting firm if i was
starting out today or in other words
like what should we all be doing to get
good business clients for our accounting
business now in this video i'm going to
share with you three things three
specific things that i would do to get
high-end business clients for my
outsourced and accounting uh bookkeeping
firm but i need a couple of like cover a
couple of things so that you can
understand the real vision and
underpinning of how it is that i would
go get clients there's some things you
gotta know about first so
um let's just dive in here real quick
now if you're wondering what the
outsourced accountant model is and some
of you are it's really where you provide
a full stack of services to clients but
focus on the most valuable things to
them rather than transactional process
things so what's valuable for a business
client you might be wondering
it's a number of things really but i
really think it comes down to three
primary things first is helping them to
reduce the amount of taxes that they pay
which is super important because it's
really the equivalent to printing money
for them if they do it right because
it's a bottom line deduction right then
the the second thing is helping them
make their business more efficient and
saving them from hiring other staff
people and then saving them time making
them more efficient and this is really
like the most valuable part of the
service that you're going to provide to
them and then the third part is that
you'll provide proactive advice and
guidance to help them scale their
business become a better business and
help keep them compliant so you're just
going to serve as kind of a cfo so to
save the
taxes that's important to save time and
increase efficiency those are all really
important and then help them scale while
keeping them compliant that's what's
really valuable to them
so in this model you're going to do the
bookkeeping the tax returns the
proactive tax reduction planning and
provide guidance all for a flat monthly
fee that will range between 500 and 2500
a month now you'll have a handful of
clients at 500 a month a couple at
fifteen hundred dollars a month and then
you have a couple more at twenty five
hundred dollars a month and it's good to
know that there's a couple different
levels like this
where your services will be different
so what you're going to see is that
those 500 a month clients are really
those successful solopreneurs where
they're making maybe between 50 000 and
200 000 a year they don't really have
any employees and their situation is
pretty basic then you're gonna have a
handful of businesses with like two to
ten or two to fifteen employees and
their revenues start to grow right there
the stakes are higher so for these
businesses the number of new employees
and contractors on the team increases
and the complexity of their operations
really start to increase as well their
demands on you and your team will be
increased and they'll also see you as
more of an outsourced employee which
means that fifteen hundred dollars a
month is much more reasonable because
it's the equivalent of them hiring
someone for 12 hours a week and maybe 31
bucks an hour this second group of
people sees you as a staff alternative
and they are great customers for you to
have then the third group of businesses
you'll have well have an increased
volume of help that they need the stakes
on their guidance and consulting you
provide is much higher and they'll be
much more apt to see you as an
alternative to as an employee and start
to value
you as more of like a cfo and as a
consultant right they also start to have
much more significant tax reduction
opportunities and they need more
proactive planning around their wealth
planning their tax reduction planning
even their estate planning so they need
to meet with you more often
and not only that but this last group of
people will have a need for management
reports and will be much more focused on
their goals and scaling their business
so they're really valuable
things to them are like dashboards and
reports management reports
and just another much more valuable
service that you can provide to them and
the stakes are larger right they're just
they have bigger problems and you can
charge more for it so you'll have simple
solopreneurs some mid-sized businesses
and then more complex businesses right
and now we want to find new customers in
all of these realms and so i'm going to
share with you these three things that i
would do to get customers but i needed
you to understand who i'm going to be
looking for as a potential customer so
now i need you to realize that there's a
difference between marketing and sales
and that's pretty important for you to
understand as we tok about this if we
want success
we need to not
have we need to have a combination of
both marketing and sales so that we have
messaging website traffic and the tools
in place to get synergy rolling and move
our business forward you know donald
miller is an author that i really look
up to and he says that sales and
marketing are like the two engines on a
plane there are two activities that will
actually provide the lift for your
business as you move forward so sales is
going to be us proactively pursuing
customers and marketing is going to be
running behind the scenes as a support
and it has to do with messaging too
another little quick thing to mention is
that when it comes to our marketing the
accounting bookkeeping and tax keywords
on google all trigger the the google my
business or the local review thing right
on the local maps which means that if we
consistently build up our credibility
with google reviews we can eventually
become the highest rated accounting firm
in the area and once we have that on our
side a compounding effect will occur
because people will they're much more
likely to click on a top rated profile
on google my business and then they're
much more likely to close with you when
they see that you have a resume of lots
of happy customers so as you get going
you'll want to get as many google
reviews as you possibly can that's
incredibly important as we're building
in fact i often recommend that
accountants say yes to just about
anything in the beginning so that they
can build up credibility through google
reviews so i do as many people's tax
returns and bookkeeping engagements as
possible even the more transactional
stuff that i said you don't want to do
in this business model just so that you
can get people to review you on google
facebook and build up your credibility
then over time as your google reviews
start to increase you'll start to see
that everything gets easier and easier
because you start to close more sales as
people trust you more and more because
your authority and credibility has
increased making you much more
trustworthy right so all that aside
here's the three things that i would do
to get customers so first off i would
make 30 phone calls a day cold calls
to contractors realtors home service
companies in my area just local small
then i would create an email and i would
set up a free hubspot crm tool and the
reason why i would do that is because
they have a template tool that you can
use and then i would call people with a
simple pitch that sounds something like
hey joe how you doing um this is my name
is rob and i actually own a little
accounting from right down the road from
you here in lakeville and i was
wondering if i could shoot you an email
just to introduce myself um because i'd
love to earn your business someday if
you ever need somebody that's like
really good at tax planning i'd love to
introduce myself and then see if they
let you just shut up after you say that
most of them will say okay and i'm
telling you if you do this
and you will you'll start to get emails
and be able to start conversations like
crazy as you do these calls partikularly
local this is about local calling but
you have to get in your 30 calls every
day i would do that with tenacity every
day getting in 30 calls every single day
i would personally focus on
subcontractors in the trades like
concrete framing companies roofers
windows electricians plumbers and home
services like duct cleaning house
cleaning lawn care landscaping
any construction anything outdoor
if you're looking for a list of
businesses to target then go to i have a
new website called
and and just hit the blog i have a blog
on there called 70 business niches and
i'll put it in the description here
because i actually sat down one day and
thought of every business that i ever
did business with and i put it all down
so anyways check that blog out now
i recommend cold calling but i'd much
prefer anyone that you have a mutual
friendship with to introduce you to
people right getting referrals much
better so ask your friends and family
for referrals
any business owners they know will be
somebody that you'd want to connect with
and just reach out and introduce
yourself i'll hit on that on a different
video but really i'm telling you you
need to make connections you need to
make those 30 calls a day and if you do
that you will create a mathematikal
inevitability that you will actually
close some clients like it will happen
the second thing that i would do is i
would start to do lunch and learns and
get to know every one of the offices for
real estate brokerages real estate
agents are really good clients if they
make more than about 60 000 a year and
you can even approach the brokerage as a
whole and ask if you can do some little
lunch and learns so basically they have
meetings every month or so and you'll
buy them lunch in exchange for being
able to introduce yourself and do a
short presentation so you got to get
that presentation done right you're
going to go in there and then you're
going to tok about like the five things
that you can do to lower your business
taxes and then you'll collect business
cards when you're done
keller williams remax exp and each of
the sub brokerages they all have a need
for services like what you're doing and
they're primed for your help because
generally speaking realtors are really
busy getting sales and doing what they
need to do and then they get caught off
guard about what they could be doing to
lower their taxes and then usually their
bookkeeping is just a mess real estate
agents are easy prospects too because
they have a need they usually pick up
their phone and they're really quite
simple cases for you to add a ton of
value so i would make sure that you have
lots of phone calls emails cold messages
and engagement with real estate agents
in your area so that you can help them
with their books their taxes and be
their outsourced accountant and then
really hit on the s corp too the last
thing that i would do to get clients is
that i would visit every bni group in
the area and you could do chamber groups
as well but specifically bni is where i
would look and and i would choose a
niche association as well so there's two
things here um you can visit bni groups
up to twice and then collect all their
business cards and then ask for a
one-on-one meeting with every single one
of those members now they're gonna want
you to actually join the group but you
get to visit twice and there's usually a
lot of bni groups you can make sure that
you teach and add value about how to
rest or like reduce their taxes and then
they'll become your advocate if you help
them you should always be teaching
connecting learning about them and
adding value that's the key here that's
how i went from zero to 150 small
businesses when i started so should you
join the bni group well i don't think it
hurts i think it's a good idea for you
to have a bni group that you're really
an advocate to but the key is to visit a
couple of them and get connected to as
many of those people as possible as you
collect business cards of any
professional that you've met
nurture that relationship get to know
them send them emails engage with them
on their social media let them know that
you care about them and you want to help
them then you'll see at each industry
level there's an association that you
can join and that you can work and you
can even do a trade booth right whether
it's the remodelers the general
contractors hvac professionals
electricians you'll see a ton of
associations out there and once you join
you can get really active on their
social media accounts you can make sure
that to go to their annual trade show
and buy a booth that's a whole other
thing but it actually works
now you can work these trade shows
um but you actually have to engage with
people and you should always be teaching
and giving presentations on the s corp
or even five different things that they
can do to lower their taxes and you
might earn the ability to get a meeting
with a ton of these guys again make sure
you're collecting business cards anytime
you meet a business owner collect their
business card and then nurture them and
then the last thing that i would do is i
would this is funny because this is like
what we do
i would create a marketing funnel and
website system that's really the core
foundation of your whole marketing wing
um i would create a marketing funnel
that consists of a great website a great
video sales letter and then a lead
generator in the form of an ebook that
people can download and then i would
dive into running some simple campaigns
on google like google paid search and
facebook and youtube ads you don't have
to spend a ton but it's something that
you should absolutely turn on paid
search with your google my business is
critikal but that's where you should
just call us or go to feedback ranch and
we'd love to help you we have a really
sweet couple of packages for accounts
where we do your websites your
bookkeeper websites and bookkeeping we
do your website your advertising we set
everything up for you then we do the
writing for you that's the biggest
difference i understand this niche i
understand your customer and i know how
to write so that things go well so
that's the three things that i would do
to get clients hopefully that's helpful
like and subscribe check us out on our
podcast on our youtube channel facebook
channel we're on tiktok now good luck
and god bless

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