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3d facebook ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

How to Create 3D Photos on Facebook

Have you seen those cool 3D photos on Facebook and wondered how to create them? In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating 3D photos on Facebook.


1. Open the Facebook app and search for Facebook 360.

2. Like the Facebook 360 page and close the app.

3. Reopen the Facebook app and go to a post where you want to create a 3D photo.

4. Select a photo and click on Create 3D photo.

5. Move your phone around to capture the depth of the image.

6. Post your 3D photo on Facebook and enjoy!


- This feature is only available on iPhones that have portrait mode (7 Plus, 8 Plus, and 10 series).

- Make sure to like the Facebook 360 page to enable the 3D photo feature.

- If your photos are not in portrait mode, you can change the album settings to make them appear as such.

Creating 3D photos on Facebook is a fun and easy way to make your images stand out. Follow these simple steps and impress your friends with your 3D photo skills!

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2023 (SECRET)

Creating effective and profitable Facebook ads requires three key things.

Firstly, you must nail message-market match, which means making sure your message resonates with your target audience's pains, problems, fears, and frustrations.

Secondly, you need to follow the 40-40-20 rule, which states that 40% of your success depends on your understanding of your market, 40% on your irresistible offer, and 20% on your copy and creative.

Lastly, you must use the marketing rule of seven, which suggests that it takes around seven touch points to get someone to take action.

To achieve these goals, you need to do your research, target your ads effectively, and follow up with potential customers through email or custom audiences.

By following these guidelines, you can create ads that truly resonate with your audience and ultimately lead to higher conversions and profits.

Design Facebook Ad Graphics That Don't Get Ignored (7-Figure Ad Designs)

In this video, you will learn how to create effective Facebook and Instagram ad graphics that can grab people's attention and overcome banner blindness. Our brains can only process limited information, so they tend to filter out what is not important and focus on what matters to us. This is why we need to create ad graphics that stand out in the right way and contain elements that are uniquely interesting and specific to our target audience.

Tips for Creating Effective Ad Graphics:

1. Understand how our brains filter out ads based on placement, design patterns, and formats.

- Studies show that our eyes track to the center of a webpage and ignore ads at the top and on the side.

- Ads that use design patterns and stock photos that are stereotypical in an industry can also be easily filtered out.

- Using an overly bright and loud graphic can also flag an ad as an ad and get ignored.

2. Create graphics that contain elements that are uniquely interesting and specific to your target audience.

- Represent a particular challenge or struggle that your audience experiences in an exaggerated way.

- Catch on to current trends in visuals and memes and use them in your ads.

- Look at what's working on other platforms such as YouTube and Instagram and adapt them to your ads.

- Use native formats for Facebook and Instagram, such as square or portrait images.

Creating effective ad graphics is not just about standing out but also standing out in the right way. By understanding how our brains filter out ads and creating graphics that contain elements that are uniquely interesting and specific to our target audience, we can create ad graphics that actually grab people's attention and lead them to take action.

How to: Upload 360 Video Tour to Facebook

In this article, we will discuss how to upload a 360 video on Facebook and optimize it for better engagement. We will cover various features and tools available on Facebook's video platform to make the most out of your 360 video.


1. Downloading the 360 video file: Share the video file and download it. Select the top file as it works best with Facebook's 360 platform.

2. Uploading the video: Navigate to the video section on your Facebook business page and upload the video from there. The video dialogue will be different from the timeline post.

3. Adding details: Give your video a title and description. You can also tag a product or service if you have one. Choose a thumbnail and select a language for captions.

4. Advanced features: You can add polls, directional tools, and tags to enhance your video. But, it's best not to complicate it too much.

5. Publishing the post: Schedule the post, make it a premiere or backdate it. You can also syndicate it to other pages to increase its reach.

Uploading a 360 video on Facebook is a great way to showcase your product or service. With the right tools and features, you can optimize it for better engagement and reach. So, try these steps and host a virtual open house or any other event to attract more customers.


Today, I am going to show you how I created a cool 3D effect in my latest product commercial using After Effects. By placing 2D objects in a 3D space and orbiting the camera around them, I was able to achieve a realistic 3D look. In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step process of how I did it.


1. Import all the clips of the apple, bottle, and ginger into After Effects.

2. Create a new composition and name it Ginger Shot.

3. Place all the clips into the composition.

4. Create a camera by right-clicking and selecting New Camera.

5. Make all three layers 3D.

6. Move the apple to the left side and the ginger to the right side.

7. Create a null object and make it 3D.

8. Connect the camera to the null object.

9. Rotate the null object on the y-axis to orbit the camera around the objects.

10. Select all layers and rotate them on the y-axis to create a 360 rotation.

11. Play with the position of the objects to get the desired look.

12. Create a background using a radial ramp and change the colors.

13. Enable depth of field and adjust the focus distance and blur level.

14. Play with the position of the layers to add depth.

15. Duplicate layers to create a unique animation.

Creating a 3D effect using 2D objects in After Effects is a simple process that can enhance the overall look of your product commercial. By following these steps, you can achieve a cool and realistic 3D look that will impress your audience. Don't forget to share your results with me and subscribe to my channel for more tutorials. Thank you for reading!

Simple Formula to Create Amazing Facebook Video Ads in Minutes

Facebook video ads are a highly effective type of creative that can greatly benefit your marketing efforts. However, there is a significant difference between a great ad and one that fails to perform well. In this article, we will explore everything you need to create a fantastic Facebook video ad that also works on Instagram. We will cover equipment, video length, style, structure, and editing tricks to increase engagement and performance.

Equipment Needed:

- Smartphone with a camera

- Tripod

- Lavalier mic (recommended)

Video Format:

- Square or vertical (portrait)

- Provides flexibility to use on various placements, including reels and stories

Video Length:

- Aim for 60 seconds or less

- Gives flexibility in placement on various social media platforms

The Hook:

- Contrarian take or opinion

- Lean into fears of your audience

- Evoke curiosity

Connecting with Pain:

- Demonstrate understanding of audience's pain, struggle, or challenge

Introducing Yourself:

- Briefly introduce who you are and what you do


- Explain the solution and its benefit to the audience

Call to Action:

- Tell the audience what to do next to get the solution

Editing Tricks:

- Use attention-grabbing visuals

- Add captions or text overlays

- Use music to set the tone

- Incorporate humor or emotional elements

In conclusion, a great Facebook video ad can greatly benefit your marketing efforts, but it requires attention to detail and careful planning. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a video ad that engages your audience, increases performance, and ultimately drives conversions.

Cara membuat desain facebook ads dan membuat mockup aplikasi menjadi 3D

How to Create a 3D Object and Apply it to Design

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a 3D object and apply it to a design using Figma. We will also include tips on how to make your design more dynamic and creative.

Step 1: Install the Factory 3D Element Plugin

- Make sure to install the Factory 3D Element plugin before starting.

- Click on Community and search for the plugin.

- Once installed, close and reopen Figma.

Step 2: Prepare your Screenshot and Design

- Take a screenshot of your desired application design.

- Open Figma and create a new file.

- Set the frame size to 1200 x 628.

- Import your screenshot and design elements.

- Create a background for your design.

Step 3: Make Your Design 3D

- Select the Factory 3D Element plugin.

- Use it to create a 3D object out of your design elements.

- Use the gradient tool to add a color gradient to your object.

- Adjust the transparency and shadow to make it look more realistic.

Step 4: Add Text and Other Elements

- Use the shape tool to create text boxes and other design elements.

- Adjust the size and color of your elements to match your design.

- Use vector symbols to add more creative elements to your design.

Step 5: Apply Your 3D Object to a Mockup

- Install the Mockup plugin and select a mockup frame.

- Use the frame to place your 3D object in a realistic context.

- Adjust the rotation and perspective to make it look more dynamic.

Creating a 3D object and applying it to a design can be a fun and creative way to add depth and realism to your designs. With these tips and tools, you can easily create dynamic and eye-catching designs that stand out.

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