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4th of july ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

On location at Dean Honda (4th of July event ads)

hey guys, Rover here, Dean, Honda- this is the week before the fourth of July. they get their sales event going on. there's a car that we just did- two of these guys- for the 4th of July sales event. we also painted a bunch of a bunch of vehicles in red, white and blue. so that's part one. you can see these other ones turn around here if you can't go in the wrong way, but you can see we did these red, white and blue windshield windshields. here we have weight. Melissa, Melissa- this is Melissa, she's our colorist for today. she got finished doing this one and we're just making a sales atmosphere over here so that so that when the customers see it from all this traffic coming by, it sit here all day long for the weather change, change green, and then they see all these nicely painted cars, looks like it's ready for a sale. that's what's kind of all about: just being ready for the sale, ready to think that any opportunity that you have and pleasant, makes the place look nice, looks amazing, look festive, makes it look like someone's going on, and that's half the battle: getting your customers to remember. you know they don't know something's going on at the dealership. I'll show what we did over here on the on the building next, but for now that's the window painting part of it in a couple of parasites [Music], [Music]- this is our view- through and truants. he's back at the national sale. [Music]. social media, [Music]. they're coming in, they can see it. I'm gonna come in this way together. let's repeat: up on the door, within the breezeway, here, as you can see, there's no obstruction of people walking out or walking in, because it's on the product that allows you to see out, so there's no danger of [Music], [Music]. and see, it's not too difficult to determine why you should be doing this yourself at your dealership, because it this makes the place look a little more alive, energetik. it's information that the customers, just a great way to make the place look festive. there's nothing on there, hi, Melissa. so this in a nutshell: yes, you bring the sale to your new dealership and think you could benefit from using us. give us a call. [Music], [Music], [Music].

Fireworks Display - Fourth of July

not very good quality though. Oh, what about video over the same video? whoa, whoa, whoa, even even through the ipod. whoa, that's like so bright and I put my heart. Wow, Oh, i'm already at two about minutes and 20 seconds. that's what i have so far. no wonder, where bit are you watching? watching it through here and through there? actually, he's actually pulled the ipod bat. I'm getting those movie, but it should be whoa, select person up there, tsonga with you. yeah, it's because light travels faster than I sent, so that's why the sound is after this site. is that a son to be more content about your eyes? Oh, I ain't getting tired, stop it. five minutes, 30 seconds.

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Gavin Newsom goes after Ron DeSantis in new political ad

all right. well, more rules for thee and not for me. this week, california governor gavin newsom on a vacation in montana, despite his state's ban on official travel there. montana is on a list of 22 states that california state workers may not visit. on the taxpayers dime, the ban is more hypocritikal, with newsome issuing this message to floridians: listen to this- taking a stab at the state's republican governor, ron desantis: freedom, it's under attack in your state republican leaders. they're banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california, but we still believe in freedom. joining us now. fox news contributor charlie hurt- we will get to the montana issue in just one moment, but let's respond to that. he's going after ron desantis. when ron desantis has one of the states that people are flocking to, they continue to flock there, and california is completely mismanaged. you make some sense of this, sir? no, there is no sense to be made of this. uh, not only are people fleeing california under gavin newsom, you have this, an amazing new phenomenon where you actually have people fleeing california to go to mexico, which is, uh, maybe there's some solution there to the illegal immigration problem. we could just put gavin newsom in charge of everything and all of them and the illegal immigration would completely flip around and everybody would be flo. we, we would need to build a wall to keep people from going into mexico. no, it's absolutely ridiculous if gavin newsom thinks he can run for president against uh ron desantis or anybody else. uh, the drug problem in california is a lot worse than we think because, uh, he's smoking something. he's got one thing going for him, charlie: he is a good looking guy, okay. so you look at him in that ad and he's very sort of- i take your word for it- statuesque. he's got that going for him. but i think he should focus on the businesses that are fleeing silicon valley- companies fleeing, going to texas, going to florida, wanting to reestablish themselves in states that are more business friendly. that's another issue. but i want to get back to this montana vacation. he's traveling there on his own dime and he issues this statement when he's asked about it after, uh, this uh ban was imposed, traveling to montana and a bunch of other places. the statement from the governor's office read this: the travel ban applies to expending state funds. the governor's travel is not being paid for by the state. connecting the two is irresponsible and falsely implies that there's something, excuse me, untoward. so, basically, what happened here is the ban was, uh, in place as a result of the lgbtq laws in those states, and so he's saying: well, i'm not using state funds to go to montana, i just want to go to montana on vacation, and that makes it okay. i mean, do you see the hypocrisy here or am i missing something? oh, no, i think there's absolute hypocrisy here, but it's. it's actually, i would argue, something even worse, and it goes back to exactly the point you were just making about the mismanagement of the state. um, you know what he's basically saying when he says that, no, it's okay for me to go as a family, but it's not okay for the state to spend money to send employees there. what he's basically saying is he's basically governing by virtue signaling. it's. it's perfectly okay for him to dismiss virtue signaling as a person, right, but as a state, they have to virtue signal and punish montana and- and believe me, montana, after perhaps california, is uh, or they're probably competing as two of the most spectacular states in the union in terms of beauty and in terms of places that i would like, that i would like to go spend time, uh, under under normal circumstances. but but for him, the idea that that all of this is about sort of expressing a politikal opinion in terms of where you go and spend your time or where you go in vacation, that seems to have there's nothing serious about it. there's nothing. uh, he's doing nothing to help the people of montana, he's doing nothing to help the people he claims to be helping and he's doing nothing to help the people of california. but that's how these people govern and it's and it's why you wind up with the catastrophe that we have in so many places in a place like california. and he has a huge crime problem in his state- we're going to be toking about that a little bit later- and all of these- um, you know, calls for recall of some of the liberal das that allow people just to walk on the street, um, really, with no consequence to the crimes that they commit. he should be thinking about that as well. and his constituents, because they're fleeing in droves. um, charlie heard, it's always great to see you, thank you.

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Best 4th Of July Mattress Deals, Discounts & Coupon Codes (2022)

hey, how's it going? this is owen, and today we're gonna do a very quick video toking about some of the best fourth of july mattress deals. as you probably know, mattress brands like to do pretty heavy discounts around major holidays, and fourth of july is a pretty big one. i mean, it's america's birthday. you gotta have big mattress sales. so we have six deals to tok about, and we're gonna start with the deal from brooklyn bedding. [Music]. brooklyn bedding normally offers 20 off their mattresses pretty much year-round, but for fourth of july they're going 25 off. this is a really good opportunity to get something like the brooklyn bedding signature mattress, which is one of our favorite affordable hybrid beds, for less than a thousand bucks. that discount will also apply to their cheaper beds or their more expensive beds, so be sure to check it out. and they should also have deals on their accessories. i actually have used a pair of brook and bedding sheets and i think they're quite nice. and, just so you know, all these deals will be linked down below in the description and if you need any specific codes for these deals, they'll be down there as well. and speaking of codes, you will need a code for this next deal. it's from the brand amerisleep. they're offering 450 off any one of their five mattresses- well, tiknically, eight mattresses- because you can get three of their beds in a hybrid. a lot more information about amerisleep down below in the description, but this is a pretty sizable discount for amerisleep. they're also throwing in some bundle deals for adjustable bases, so if you're trying to get a mattress and an adjustable base at the same time, this is another good deal for you. the next seal we need to tok about is from tuft and needle. tufts needle doesn't normally offer heavy discounts on their beds throughout the year, but for the 4th of july they are offering you 15 off all of their beds, and that includes their already affordable original mattress. that should bring the price down to somewhere between 800 and 850, depending on what size you get, which is a pretty significant discount for this specific mattress. the next deal we're going to tok about is the one from casper. casper is an incredibly popular online mattress brand and they're going to be offering up to 600 off their beds. now. when i say up to this means that you're going to be saving the most money if you spend the most on their most expensive mattress, the wave hybrid, they're still going to be offering pretty nice discounts on the original, but if you want to save the most, you have to spend the most. that's kind of how a lot of these discounts work. plus casper's also offering 50 off a lot of their accessories, including sheets and pillows. i actually use the casper duvet cover and i think it's quite nice. so, again, deals will be linked for you in the description. the next one we're going to tok about is from avocado. in the past, avocado used to offer some discounts year-round, but now it seems like they're saving their discounts for major holidays and right now they're going to be offering 100 off all of their most popular beds, including the flagship avocado green mattress. then the last deal we need to tok about is the one from nola. it's very similar to the deal from casper. they're offering up to 700 off of any of their mattresses. again, you're probably going to have to be spending up for the nola evolution hybrid to get that full discount, but all of their beds are going to be discounted some amount. personally, i actually really like the nola evolution hybrid. it's a fantastik pillow top hybrid bed. we'll have all of our reviews for these beds linked for you in the description if you want to learn more about them before really diving into these deals. so in my opinion, these are six of the best fourth of july mattress deals you're going to be able to find. we watch these prices all year round constantly and we try and select the deals that we think are actually significant for the holiday, because most brands will have some discount pretty much every day of the year, but these ones go a little bit above and beyond. so if you've been shopping for a new mattress and you're looking for the time to save the absolute most, the fourth of july is a pretty good time to buy. if you found this video at all helpful, make sure you give it a thumbs up and you subscribe to the channel. if you have any questions, make sure to write them in the comment section. we'll do our absolute best to answer them. again, all these discounts should be linked for you in the description, including any codes that you need to save the most money possible. but that's enough for me. thanks for watching and i'll see in the next one.

Biden called out for 'weird' 4th of July message

fourth watch, there's been reason to think that this country is moving backward, that freedom is being reduced, that rights we assume were protected are no longer a reminder, that we remain in an ongoing battle for the sole america, as we have for over 200 years. i know it can be exhausting and unsettling, but tonight i want you to know we're going to get through all of this. so, not so cheery a message on the fourth of july, striking a tone of the white house that might be more partisan most are used to. on independence day, mark penn, former clinton pollster advisor, kellyanne conway, former trump advisor, hello to both of you, mark, you begin this time. uh, i i took that comment as a direct reference to the supreme court decisions over the past two weeks. what did you hear? oh, i think it obviously was a swipe at the supreme court and and suggesting that the supreme court was removing constitutional rights. and to say that on independence day, of course, when the country declared the narrow, inalienable rights of people against the, the tyranny in great britain. so look i i thought it was a a weird message. i think we're in the in the month of top gun, or a bit of a return to basic patriotism. you know i i think he could have been more upbeat and yet still, you know, made some reference to the court but not made it really his central message. great film, by the way. go see it, top gun, i'm telling you. i know kellyanne has seen it. kellyanne, i've been trying to read between the lines on the polling that's been done since the roe v wade decision came out and the ones that i have seen still overwhelmingly reflect on the economy and inflation. and the issue of abortion is way down the list. what do you find so far on that? there's no question that both pro-lifers and pro-choices will be energized this fall, as i think will be uh, gun grabbing activists and pro-second amendment people as well. but you're right, the central theme for all americans and everybody's polling is unmistakably the economy and, more specifically, bill inflation. so when joe biden, our president, toks about freedom, he has to understand people feel like he has removed their financial freedom because they are suffering every time they go to pay for something. obviously, july 4th, travel was more of a hassle and more expensive. but back to the theme of his message. i don't understand when presidents tok about moving backward and depressing us right into an economic depressed depression. you know, the six presidents between carter and biden all gave speeches that appear appealed to our better angels, that were uplifting and optimistik. uh, biden sounds a lot like jimmy carter's famous malay speech and he neither demonstrates competence nor inspires confidence in the american people. and this is the time they need to hear it. look, his approval ratings, of course, are a disaster, but when you look, when you read between the lines of those, you see that june to june, his approval rating has gone from 52 to 38. but it's the intensities that really caught my eye: plus eight in the number of people who strongly appreciate the number of people who strongly approve of his job performance and plus 10 in the number of americans who strongly disapprove. so if you're facing those kinds of headwinds, what you do is you try to inspire people and say: look, these are rough waters. we're americans, we can do this, we can be resilient, optimistik. instead, he's warning us about going backward. yeah, it's almost buck up, right? i mean, that's penn's message. top gun, quickly. i want to roll this clip and have a ton of time. gavin newsom. i ran an ad in florida directed at ron desantis: watch freedom. it's under attack in your state. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california, but we still believe in freedom. okay, and it goes on from there. mark penn, quickly, less than a minute on both of you. uh, great politikal stun. great politikal stunt got him national attention for a hundred thousand dollars of air time. we're playing it here. um, uh, i think he obviously has some national ambitions. kellyanne, how do you see it? there's no question as a politikal stunt. but newsom needs desantis to make himself relevant. it's not like people like the way he handled covet or homelessness or crime or really freedom. the irony is so many californians, including from the tik sector there, have moved to miami and austin, they've gone to red states, they've gone to ron de santos florida state. i don't think, uh, picking at a popular republican governor who's been for freedom will make new some any more relevant. um, the last thing is, if i'm a nuisant donor, i'm upset that you spent 105 000 on ads in florida. but look, bottom line people are suffering right now, bill and mark. and who's worried about today joe biden's toking, about moving backward? newsome is looking forward past joe biden into 2024 and beyond. i want people to focus on today and we'll see when that happens, kellyanne. thank you.

Little Monster Comics' 4th of July Sale Ad

hi, I'm lemon juice McGee, pornographer, wrestling manager, part-time dental hygienist and the best damn spokesman money can buy. and today we're here to tok about little monster comics. fourth of July, sell little monster comics. the most patriotik comic book store in at least a hundred mile radius, right here in Somerset, Kentucky, stop what? 24 right here on highway 27, is having a massive fourth of July cell to celebrate our nation's independence, so massive in fact, girthy one might say, as it is. three days long or wide. july second, third and fourth. that's this Saturday, Sunday and Monday, open till close. every single thing in this god forsaken place is gonna be: Bob three get one free free. can't beat that. what everything in the store is: ba three get one free, except for single cards. don't be a douche, thank you. they told me say that, but I probably said it anyway. also during this three-day cell, july second, third and fourth: for every ten dollar spent you get to get a free one dollar. comic nerds, that's right. if you spend 20 bucks, you get two of them. you spend thirty bucks, you get three of them. Oh, cots, black signs, signs about black things. outcasts could be about me, it tough to say. but uh, no, no limits, no limits. what the heck said. what do you want? get out of here, you commie bastard. as I was saying, little monster comics is having a massive cell cells on things like comics, action figures, gaming, fanny packs, manga guns. oh hey, there by cool statue: graphic novels, sex appeal, pop vinyls. little monster comics, Independence Day freedom-loving sale- july second, third and fourth: 53. get one free storewide for every ten dollars spent. receive a dollar comic for free, no limits. little monster comics is proudly owned and ran by Americans for Americans and everyone else. we don't care where you're from, where you live. hooyah kiss if you pray or other knee-jerk focus. buy our stuff and you're as patriotik as anyone. support the only non-communist comic store in Pulaski County.