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5 FREE TRAFFIC METHODS To Make 6 FIGURES With Affiliate Marketing

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

5 FREE TRAFFIC METHODS To Make 6 FIGURES With Affiliate Marketing

5 FREE TRAFFIC METHODS To Make 6 FIGURES With Affiliate Marketing

how much would your affiliate marketing
business change if you could drive
300 leads every single day to your
website or to your affiliate links
without spending a single dime on paid
traffic we're going to show you on the
screen right here that's exactly what
we've been doing and this video is going
to show you exactly the
sources that we're using to do it and
how we're using those sources to make
this work
okay so you can see here starting this
is wednesday september 2nd we got 299
300 visitors 298 you can see it's pretty
flat we roughly get 300 people to our
every single day using free traffic
strategies that we're going to show you
inside of this video
it was literally just two years ago when
i was spending almost a
million dollars on ads inside of my
business in order to drive
the same amount of revenue that we're
getting today and a lot of that is
because we've
transitioned over into these free
traffic sources and while they've taken
a little bit of time
we no longer have to spend money on paid
ads the first one we're going to tok
about is quora
and quora is awesome because it can
actually turn into a totally passive
income okay
so we're going to go to my my stats here
inside of quora and you can see i've got
about one about 1500 1300
views on my artikles in quora in the
last 30 days and if you go to my core
channel you'll see that i actually
haven't posted a single thing in the
last 30 days
which means that all of this traffic is
completely passive
okay zero work once you do the initial
setup and you can see here we can
actually see all the different questions
that i'm answering
on quora in order to get these clicks
that were that we're looking for
all right so you can see here we tok a
lot about click funnels we tok a lot
about making money online that's pretty
much what all of them are about because
that's what i do and that's the
products that i'm an affiliate for now a
lot of people will try to say oh well
cora will remove you're not allowed to
use links and quora and things like that
and that's kind of like an iffy ground i
use links in about half of the
comments that i put out on cora and i'm
doing just fine as you can see
so you can see this one right here it's
got about 327 views 330 130 views things
like that
and you can see if we click over to some
of these i'm linking to videos
i'm linking to different artikles you
can see this one probably links to an
artikle in my blog
there it is or another youtube video so
you can link over
not directly typically to an affiliate
product though i have done that
but you can link over to your blog which
obviously then can convert them in
multiple different ways or you can link
over to your youtube videos
and do the same thing where you convert
them inside of the youtube video
so all you've got to do on quora is kind
of the same thing you do everywhere else
you've got to pick a niche you've got to
pick a group of questions that you want
to focus on
okay and so for me in the beginning this
was click funnels and it took me
maybe eight to ten posts as you can see
on the screen here
that's kind of at the bottom you are the
most viewed or a most viewed writer in
the topic of click funnels okay and that
was eight to ten posts in
for a fairly major affiliate program
where core actually ranks for quite a
few keywords
and i'm eight to ten posts in already
being one of the most viewed writers in
this topic
okay and i'm able to send those people
to my youtube videos to my blog to all
kinds of places where i can then convert
these these people who are asking
questions and legitimately
wondering about click funnels so i'm
going to show you kind of one of the
things that i do that i think works
really well
i go to my uh you'll type in something
here for example you can type in
click funnels or make money online we'll
type in make money because it's a little
more broad
okay and then it's i'm going to give us
all different kinds of things core is
kind of confusing with everything it's
we focus on questions so we'll get
questions right here
and you can see these are all these
different questions that people have
now the problem is a lot of these older
ones have got you can see here hundreds
of answers okay
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of
answers which makes it harder for you to
be the one to get your answer to show up
you know yeah there's a ton of people
following that question but there's also
ton of people that are going for it i'd
like to sort by past year and kind of
hit the newer questions if i can
so you can see here with that many
people following there's still a good
amount of traffic to it
so you can see it like how do you profit
from a market crash how do you make
apart from your regular job these are
side hustle people right how do i earn
money during the coronavirus that's
happening right now
if you're quarantined how will you make
an income um stok market questions how
do i earn money in this lockdown period
you can see these are all
recent questions and if we click into
okay this one has less than 100 answers
this one right here we'll click into
that one
this one has 77 answers okay so the
competition has gone dramatikally down
we now have an opportunity to and that
one's got a hundred plus answers
um but we now have an opportunity to be
able to answer these questions and not
compete with nearly as many people this
one has only got
14 answers okay so we've only got to
compete with 14 people or write a better
answer than 14 people
and that's a whole lot easier than
trying to you know write a google blog
beats thousands or even tens of
thousands of blogs going for that exact
same keyword
as you are the next major way that i'm
driving these free leads is through
and as you can see my pinterest channel
is way down and that's largely because
we're transitioning over to a new
uh we hired a new person to run our
pinterest account and there was a 30-day
window where we didn't post on pinterest
and you can see we kind of paid for that
but you can also note that we still got
000 impressions without posting for
those 30 days without having a pinterest
manager or anything like that
so it's another one of those passive
sources where you can actually drive
lots of leads without
you know running your business day after
day after day
so you can see here we've got all kinds
of things going on inside of our
pinterest account
and pinterest is really interesting
because it's a search engine just like
google just like youtube
pinterest is a search engine but it's a
visual search engine
which means instead of having to write a
2000 word blog post
okay you can just have a simple pin that
that takes you you know just a few
minutes to put out like this one right
here or this one right here
all you've got to do is have a simple
pin like that and uh
and people are searching for for you
know keywords that you're seeing inside
of here will be able to see it and if
you can catch their eye
you'll be able to get them to click over
now producer is also cool because
there's actually three different ways
that you can
turn these these visitors into leads and
into customers and
paying customers and so pinterest one of
the easiest ways is they actually let
you directly
place an affiliate link inside of a pin
so i could make a pin like this
i could take a course you know i could
become an affiliate for a course on
how to make money on tiktok which
there are courses out there like that
so when you go to add your pin you'll
add your image that's the eye-catching
image right
you'll add your title and your
description and these are these are kind
of your way of telling pinterest hey
this is what this pin's about here's who
you should show it to the people that
are interested in
these different things and then you can
add a destination link
and you can directly link to your
affiliate product okay you can link just
straight up if you want
to the course you know this person's
tik course you're an affiliate for or
to click funnels or to legendary
marketer or whatever it is that you are
an affiliate for
you can directly link to them you could
have a pin that says hey the best host
for you know the best
host program for beginners and then you
just add a link to bluehost
boom it's that easy so that's one option
the next option is you could send them
directly to
a blog post and then you could capture
their email and pop-ups and things like
so if you go to the buildapreneur.com
blog you'll see i send a lot of my
pinterest visitors
to individual blog posts and then i
capture them with pop-ups
so for example um i might send people to
an affiliate marketing checklist which
is something that people on pinterest
are looking for
that's why we wrote this artikle and
then as they come here and they look
around okay i start to make them offers
see they try to leave i make them
another offer and then you can capture
their email
send them an email and sell them the
third thing you can do on pinterest is
you can send directly to bridge pages so
you don't have to send them to a blog
i send a ton of my visitors to these
free these free
items that i offer my free affiliate
course my free messenger bot course and
honestly what does the best on pinterest
is my free copywriting course
but uh but i send people to all these
different courses you can see here
and they go directly from pinterest to
here and my pin will say something like
free sales funnel course or free you
know xyz
they put in their email right there and
then they head over there
and i can sell them on a bridge page so
you can use
uh you can use bridge pages and free
landing page offers
to send people from pinterest directly
there so there's a myriad of ways that
you can you can use
pinterest to promote your products you
every time you put out a blog post you
can put out 10 pins to your blog post
10 pins to the free offer the blog post
offers and then 10 pins directly to the
affiliate link
that are mentioned in the blog post and
you've now got 30 pins out there
you know little pieces of digital real
estate doing work for you
the third traffic source we're using is
facebook groups
and many of you guys are in the facebook
group that i've created called
automation nation where we
teach affiliate marketers how to
automate their businesses
and you can see here it's up to about 15
000 members okay and that's that's 15
000 people that have given me their
email address
and i now have access to an email and
inside of my group
you can see here it gets you know nine
thousand uh interactions and pieces of
engagement uh
every single you know every single month
you can see right here about nine
thousand people are active so nine
thousand members that are actively using
this group
that i can now market to when i want to
launch a new affiliate product when i
want to launch my own product or promote
you know something anything i want
i can do inside of this facebook group
to this to this large massive audience
of very niche
people and the key to doing well with an
affiliate with a facebook group and what
i've seen
most facebook groups struggle with is
they don't niche down enough
so for example affiliate marketing is
not niched down enough it's no way to
stand out
online on a facebook group especially
where there's tons of different groups
the people that are succeeding are going
levels deeper and deeper and deeper
you could say hey i'm about making money
online and specifically about affiliate
marketing and more specifically about
blogging and seo or more specifically
paid youtube ads or about the email
marketing side
or tiktok okay you've got to go
layers and layers down and you've got to
make your group the go-to group for a
very specific
thing when you do that that's what makes
when people think oh i've got a question
about tiktok and suddenly they come
to you
that's the one best thing is is you
become this this
overnight master of one thing and this
overnight celebrity involving this one
specific subject
the second thing is if you niche down
you now know exactly what the people in
your group
are interested in and you're able to
market to this
this group of people very effectively
because you know exactly who they are
right if your entire group is bloggers
looking to you know blogging affiliate
marketers looking to improve their
their blogging stats well every product
you promote to them can be very specific
and your group doesn't have to be
huge in order to start making you know
decent commissions from the group
so what i do inside of my group and the
way i make this work is i've got three
questions they have to answer in order
to get in the group
okay and it's um are you an affiliate
marketer basically that's my way of
and and knowing who in my group is what
i ask how much that all my business
brings in
i mean this this could be useful down
the road in a lot of different ways as
you can imagine
and then i require them to put in an
email okay and i'm going to show you a
little video right here where i show you
how i automate this whole process
but they put in their email they get
added to my email list
and i'm able to now start making money
um via email marketing and via facebook
group marketing to this
this large group of people so a great
example of what i'm toking about is
what's called comment
ladders so you guys that are in my
facebook group i've seen this before
but what you can do is once your group
starts to get big like this you can use
it to promote your youtube videos like
this video right here you can use it to
promote all kinds of things
you can see i said um you know a couple
weeks ago or a couple months ago who
wants access to a video where i
break down you know how how uh
clickfunnels dream car winners are
winning the car you can see 421 people
expressed interest in that so i can now
promote my youtube video to 421 people
i can also do that with affiliate offers
you can see here hey this guy just
released a killer offer
on funnels and who wants a link okay and
i've got 90 oh that was not an affiliate
offer i say not an affiliate
but you can see 93 people and this could
have been an affiliate link just as well
93 people said me i'm interested i'm
interested i'm interested and i've got
93 people that i can now send messages
uh not in this situation since i said
it's not an affiliate link
but i can and you know in any other
situation i can send 93 affiliate links
to people that are interested
and all i've had to do was make a single
what you know tweet basically size post
the fourth way is tiktok now i know
there's all these rumors and things like
that about tiktok getting
banned or bought by walmart or bought by
a million other companies
i think tiktok's gonna pull through
and still be legal in the u.s i cannot
guarantee it
but tiktok the reason i'm including
this is not because i'm good at tik
tok and not because i'm getting a lot
of traffic from tiktok
because as you can see on my phone
screen here i'm definitely not doing
but tiktok has become probably the
number one way for
new brand new affiliate marketers to
just blow up organically
within a matter of a few weeks so you
can see here i've only posted four times
but i've got 307 followers okay i've got
307 followers on my spencer hacks you
can see here i've got four videos that
i've put out
and that brought in 307 followers which
is kind of mind-boggling to me because
it took me about
20 giant youtube videos in order to get
the same thing on youtube
but i'm going to show you what the
really successful people are doing these
are some people that i follow
and one of them is thomas garrett's okay
so we're going to hop on and look at his
he's got 83 000 followers on tiktok
so we're going to look at him we're
going to see exactly what he's doing let
me give you a hint it's nothing crazy
okay um i'm never doing this again five
tips to grow on youtube free amazon gift
make money online number five okay and
these are 15 second video clips
and as you can see on this middle one
the make money online one he's got 39
000 views on that where he can now send
them to affiliate links he can send them
to his blog post he can send them to his
youtube videos
which is what he's doing in this
situation and you can see he's just
just tik-toking and posting 15-second
videos over and over again
you can see the numbers are
mind-boggling especially considering if
we went all the way back to the
beginning for thomas
it wasn't that long ago look right here
that was 121.
okay that was uh this year so he started
this year in january and he's already by
the way it's september right now and
he's already at
um 80 000 followers
i know his youtube channel has exploded
from this he's got videos getting
hundreds of thousands of views and this
is all from posting little 15 second
clips on tiktok okay and you can see
here exactly what he's doing
now like i said tiktok is kind of an
enigma to me but there are people that
are teaching tiktok and there's a
link down below
to what i'm using to start getting going
on tiktok
it's a dollar 99 challenge that you can
join and it'll show you everything you
need to do to get your tiktok account
up and running what kind of posts to do
how to use the editor everything you
need to know to get started getting
results like like we saw here with
and the final and the best way in my
opinion to drive
traffic to your affiliate links is
youtube all of you guys know i love
youtube there's a lot of
reasons though that i love youtube the
biggest reason that i love youtube
is that one it's a search engine which
means that i can post
video today and it can yield results
for years in fact if we look in my
analytiks right here
my most watched videos in this period
you can see this one right here
is from 2019 okay so almost a year old
these ones are from this year this one's
from 2018 okay 2019
so at least three or four of my top
videos weren't even made this year
and so youtube is so powerful because
you really can build up a passive income
by creating these little pieces of
digital real estate online
that will generate views and then
generate traffic
and then generate leads and commissions
down the road but on top of that youtube
also has this social
aspect to you a social aspect to it
there are keywords on blogs for example
the keyword affiliate marketing
that i couldn't rank for if i tried for
you know two years straight and i bought
ten thousand dollars of the backlinks i
would not rank for the keyword affiliate
marketing but on youtube i'm able to do
it in an hour an hour after posting a
video i can be ranking number
i think the top i've gotten to is number
two for the keyword affiliate marketing
which is you know my direct audience and
it's huge search volume
this is a funny story in between the
time that i filmed this section about
and the time that my editor edited it i
posted one more video on tiktok and
that video blew up to over a million
17 000 new subscribers my youtube
picked up and got hundreds of
subscribers from the tiktok videos
uh dozens of email addresses captured
lots of crazy things happened on tik
tok just between the time this was
filmed and not
so kind of like we toked about there is
a lot of potential for blowing up on
okay well let's look at my stats here on
youtube and then we'll tok about how
i'm doing it you can see here
almost 50 000 views every month a
thousand new subscribers getting added
every month and this is with me putting
three to four videos a month okay all
these views these
50 000 views are me putting out three to
four new videos every month
and then you can see just off adsense
alone i'm making about seventeen hundred
so there's a nice little side hustle
change coming in there right and that's
not with me promoting my affiliate
offers but you can see here all i'm
doing is i'm making videos
um they're all geared around a product
so this is geared around me pushing
to an affiliate product called legendary
marketer this is for click funnels
this pushes people to my own course
okay this piece pushes people to my own
uh this pushes people to activecampaign
a product that i'm
um that i'm big on this pushes people to
zapier which unfortunately does not have
an affiliate program that i know of
there it is click funnels again click
funnels my own course
so each one of these videos is is
finding people that are searching on
with with a certain level of intent that
tells me
that they would be interested in a
specific affiliate product and what i
mean by that
confusing statement i just made is that
if i go to youtube.com right
and i know let's say that my course
affiliate secrets i know they're
in affiliate marketing right so i can
type in affiliate marketing and i get
all these video ideas here that i can
put out these are people
that are looking they're not looking for
my course but they're looking on youtube
for uh something that tells me they're
interested in affiliate marketing right
they're a beginner or they're looking
for how to do it this year or how to do
without a website
and i know that that person isn't the
perfect person for me to sell my course
or whatever you know affiliate offer it
is that i'm trying to sell and so
um all you got to do is use youtube
search algorithm like this
and you start answering these questions
and putting out good content around
these questions people are asking
and then you can refer them in your
descriptions so for example if you look
at a lot of these videos when i type in
affiliate marketing
a lot of these people in their
descriptions are pointing to their own
products or they're pointing to
affiliate products and then in the video
obviously they're mentioning that
there's a link down there in the
so youtube the absolute number one way
in my opinion to build an affiliate

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