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5 Tips to Soft-Sell To Your Facebook Group

Published on: December 5 2022 by Social Media Examiner

5 Tips to Soft-Sell To Your Facebook Group

5 Tips to Soft-Sell To Your Facebook Group

- Do you need more leads?
What if I told you that Facebook Groups
are the answer to generating more leads
and more sales?
Stik around and I'm gonna show you the five ways
to leverage your Facebook Group
in order to get an endless stream
of the perfect prospects and new clients.
(adventurous music)
If you're not gathering email lists
from your new Facebook Group members,
then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.
We know that growing your email list
is a great way to nurture your audience
and to get sales.
All you have to do is ask
your new Facebook Group members
when they join the group to provide their email,
and voila, you have free leads.
Now you're able to nurture them
through your email
and convert them to sales.
Let me show you how to set that up.
First, all you have to do is go in
and look at your members' questions.
Facebook makes it really easy to find
where you enter the three questions
for your new members to answer.
All you have to do is type in
that they can provide their email address
and you will send them additional information.
Usually, about 50% of your new members
will provide your email address
right when they join.
Next, you should be pinning your Lives
and really prominent posts as Features.
The amazing thing about Features
is that it gets you extra visibility
in your own group.
All you have to do on any Live or any post
is to click the three little buttons,
drop down, pin it as a Feature,
and now, once anybody comes into your group,
the first thing they see
is what you've pinned as your Feature.
And as an added bonus,
once they've seen that first video,
they just start seeing past videos
every time they log in.
That means things you recorded months ago
can still get you clients.
Okay, here's a little pro tip.
Every time you go live,
you should be casually mentioning the name
of your programs or offers right in the video.
Build up familiarity for what you actually sell.
People will wake up in the middle of the night,
thinking about you,
and it is a great way to get new clients.
Another great way to get clients
is to use Guides within your Facebook group.
Guides act a lot like course content
that you can share with your members.
All you have to do is go click on
the "Group settings"
and then add in the Guides feature.
Now, you can use those links to put in posts
to tell your members about courses that you have,
getting on a call with you,
content that they can buy.
This is a really great way
to increase your visibility
because you are not linking outside of Facebook.
Now, even though Facebook is all about community,
it's still important that you are constantly
telling people about what you sell.
You need to have a weekly billboard post
that lets everybody know
what they can buy from you.
It's important to remember
that even though some content
you put in your group
won't get massive engagement,
a lot of people do see it
and will remember exactly what you sell.
Billboard posts are a great way
for people to recognize
and know what you sell
so that when they hear your Lives
and the Features, or when they go to the Guides,
they're actually remembering you
and buying from you.
And finally, you need to be doing
short flash sales within your Facebook group.
This is absolute gold.
One to three-day flash sales,
where all you're doing is posting once
or twice a day to let them know
that something you sell is on sale,
just for your group.
People will eat it up.
I remember back in the day
when we used to do one-day flash sales
and we'd pull in 10k-plus
off of a group of only a couple thousand people.
This is a really awesome way to periodically
sell to your Facebook group
and really reap the benefits
of all the work you've been doing
to build engagement.
In order to maximize
selling within your own Facebook group,
you really have to have an engaged group first.
Luckily, there are some really easy steps
to be able to create massive engagement
and an ecosystem in your group
that doesn't require your constant attention.
Go check out the next video to go see how.

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