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500 Listings to sell $100k a month on eBay, Drop Shipping!!!

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

500 Listings to sell $100k a month on eBay, Drop Shipping!!!

500 Listings to sell $100k a month on eBay, Drop Shipping!!!

yeah yeah hold on all right the cameras
are done eating what's that
you don't you think I'm into so all you
you think is bad manners eat
tires also eaten so all the other
on YouTube
are you not eating
you time so Cheyenne I just made a
video toking about the new return
policy paypal jail and some others
I just uploaded it that publish in a
second but and we plan to do a video
analyzing one of the accounts like I
think we can analyze other job ship with
accounts on a weekly basis what and I
will do this in the next video but while
I was running the seller we're going to
analyze India she needs so you can see
how much it is actually
selling time in a comment what does a
comment about a hundred thousand so I
was saying you really only well I guess
it kind of depends on how you drop
shipping but for my for my method I
think I would only need like 500
listening to do over a hundred K in
sales month okay so yeah so two things
how much money would you make a profit
you'll make on that hundred-dollar
probably close to ten percent okay and
why you say you only need five hundred
listen it's like go into a little more
detail because I am i selling hundreds
of everyone I have about seven I have a
little over seven hundred have accepted
30 something missiles now but tell me
why you say that why you say you read
five verses because people don't
believe me when I say that okay so I
saved that because I mean for for how
I'm drop shipping I'm doing from Amazon
eBay right so
the difference between my method and I
guess other people who are watching or
doing David boost method so let me
compare that alright so david boost
method or ma let's tok about my mother
person so my method i'm selling at a
lower margin but i'm selling more often
so i don't need that many listings to to
get the hard margin but I have little
amount of listings
I can sell over and over and over and it
sells off then my profits compound even
though it's not as high as they've been
movement right now give me give me
example is you from Vietnam
yeah David we're gonna be at number also
yeah yeah yeah like I wanted I'm getting
back to what I'm gonna ask you but I
wanted to put like on one of our calls
like having a forward David son anyway
so what give me example what is your
most like my new soul item as of today
so like 1111
okay I mean it's kind of unfair for me
to compare with you cuz what's your
muscle item I mean it's probably not a
big number it's probably like 50 like I
had it all spread out I don't know I
don't keep toking about just selling
three months something like that
every me this item stuff yeah
right so that's arms and do you know how
much like how expensive is the item ah
I mean I have to go and check the items
I mean I sell a bunch of items over and
over and some some items sell like one
week and then the next week is to sell
and in the next week yourselves it's
kind of like on and off but overall it's
not calm down and generate me the to
that 100k I sell it for between sixty
and seventy dollars and it cost me
sometimes 40 or 50 like a clutch three
hundred forty and fifty five and it's an
item that people buy like multiple like
I had one person it's a shell
it's like a garage shell they are
telling our chart on youtube on ebay so
good luck you on youtube
my name is but one person one time
bought twenty three of them from right
one person and the supplier
I wouldn't say any supplies that make it
easier for these pockets of violence but
the supplier had a limit of ten per
order so I add on order the items and
three different things right but that's
what I'm seeing like when that person or
that 23 are you toking about like
fifteen hundred dollars and still
jest491 Oda again that doesn't happen
all the time right and like I have
somebody or a multiple of this item at
least once once every two weeks like
order like five ten so that's why you
see a child on something it's not unlike
a thousand so many people bought this
one item it's not drugs so yes
so yes I just wanted to like bring that
out really quick so people understand
that like I don't have some
secret we are selling a ton of with
little listens and a little less the
smaller mother listens because I have
I'm off people what the
yeah yeah I just I see well looking into
future I see myself with like having
around 1500 2000 to tell mm listen I
wouldn't go more than that
yeah and if I have that many listings
I'll probably do like 200k a month at
like I I don't want to be on yeah yeah
yeah I've seen your reason which which
totally makes sense cuz I'm already
dealing with somewhat of a issue but
looking at more further I would think
that there would be a lot more issues
have you ever tried yes really
now I have it so guys let me go and get
this stuff ready for the next coil tie
and Iaquinta analyzes pushes account and
tell you guys what we think all right so
have a good one guys subscribe to
Charlotte in description of the type
size channel and yeah the preacher I
have anti I'll tok to you like violence

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