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6 Steps to 6 Figures with Shopify - Finding Great Products Print On Demand

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

6 Steps to 6 Figures with Shopify - Finding Great Products Print On Demand

6 Steps to 6 Figures with Shopify - Finding Great Products Print On Demand

okay in this video we're gonna look at
products all right I've been having a
lot of people ask about print-on-demand
and just for some basic training and
some guidelines and I think this is
going to be really good as a as a solid
introductory level look at selling with
print-on-demand okay and this is a huge
category it's by no means can I cover
everything in this video but I think by
watching this video people will have a
much better standing of how
works specifically one of the main
challenges people have this what makes
items sell right because it's different
than drop shipping okay what makes a
drop shipping item sell is different
than what makes it print on demand item
sell as in like the the customer
psychology and how you should be
creating your products okay and then
also with just some really good tips and
ideas about how to do your niche
research how to find product ideas and a
great designer recommendation as well so
just by starting I want to point out the
the actual trend right now I can I know
that this is from 2018 okay and it's a
little bit dated but I'm quite positive
that the top categories for 2019 and
2020 again will be very similar alright
and the point of this is to show you
that apparel and accessories are like
the top-selling categories okay
now not all of these does it mean that
people are buying print-on-demand type
items right like in coats and jackets
for example or shoes and dresses like
they may be buying drop shipped items
brand items as well but the point is
here in all of these categories that you
see on the screen there are print on
demand options which means there is
opportunity for anybody right because
what print on demand does really well is
it's about customizing about
personalizing so these things are
commodities right somebody may buy a
shoes from their favorite Nike brand but
it doesn't mean if they see a cool
really pair of cool sneakers or shoes
that it's like customized with a design
that they love say for example The
right now obviously that would be a
trademarked item but just as an example
you could print The Simpsons on a pair
of shoes right and if they love the
Simpsons then they may buy that okay so
these are just to get you thinking
some people think print-on-demand is
just t-shirts and largely what I'm going
to look at as examples in this is
t-shirts because it's a great base to
understand and t-shirts are still
t-shirts are still whether you believe
it or not you know some people think
like Oh t-shirts man that's saturated
yeah I mean yeah people it is saturated
but t-shirts is still like the biggest
selling category of print-on-demand
items for most top fulfillment companies
that are doing millions and this is not
just me making this up I've done a lot
of research in working with a
print-on-demand company called motif
we've been developing a Shopify app
called merch hero and you know one of
the things we looked at in the t-shirt
and hoodie category is that that is
still by far one of the largest selling
categories that people are doing very
well in it just takes creativity right
it takes the challenge some people have
with print-on-demand is compared to drop
shipping drop shipping is just like you
find an idea and you sell what you see
you don't have to actually take it a
step further other than creating good
marketing around it with print on demand
there's this extra layer of getting a
design made and and creating something
unique for a certain audience and so
that's I'm going to try to cover and and
tok about in here and these are just
like all the different types of items
that you can you can print or then
people do well in each one you could
build a niche store just around kids and
baby clothes or watches or necklaces or
socks and shoes or canvas right there's
multiple brands out there doing just
canvas and killing it brands did you
know big big brands that have been built
based off shirts hoodies tank tops right
so print-on-demand
is also not something that has to be
like its own
type of store right some people think
like well do I do a dropship store
print-on-demand store you can do both
can be a standalone store on its own
okay but it can also supplement just
about any other thing out there which is
what's so special about print-on-demand
it's great for branding it's great for
customization and personalization it's
great for upsells and cross-sells right
you could be drop shipping products in
the fishing niche and then also start
your own line of shirts and hoodies
right you could be offering some sort of
coaching service and people that are
part of your coaching service you give
them a free t-shirt right when they join
or some kind of free swag some kind of a
free backpack or a pen or pencil or
notebook right like a private label or
even just your own product in general as
a local business or as any type of
business or product you could make
matching t-shirts that match your brand
or you know some other sort of funny
product or unique product that has to do
with what it is you are not only is it
great for branding because it's makes
your store unique and stand out it's
also great as something you can offer as
additional items to customers that can
be personalized for them customized for
them upsells cross sells or again you
can create an entire print-on-demand
store if you want to just as a brand but
just don't don't think of it in one way
like this can work so many different
ways all right now if you are looking at
just like specifically focusing on
as in you know finding a niche and and
you want to get started with this
business model selling print-on-demand
stuff then what makes a good niche all
right number one specific okay so you
don't want to try to be something for
everybody you want to focus in on a
category and we'll tok a little bit
more about this towards the end I have
some some like really good pointers for
how you get specific number two
passionate all right people are only
going to buy custom or personalized
items around stuff they're passionate
about okay and it has to be passionate
in a way that people spend money on it
all right this is just think about when
your if your
making about a niche idea like our
people passionate enough about this that
they're going to spend money on it okay
that can be the big difference sometimes
between an idea that seemed like say for
example selling items about your city
okay that may seem like a good idea but
maybe you're in a city that people
aren't really that passionate about
being from that city they don't really
care so are they really gonna spend
money on stuff that's customized about
their city right but on the other hand
say something like a sports fan right
now you got to be careful with sports
stuff because there's a lot of trademark
rules about colors and logos and things
like that but this is something where
you know people are really super
passionate about sports and their teams
and things like that so you can do
really well because people spend money
they're easy to target okay meaning that
like half the battle and print-on-demand
is is getting good designs made so the
easier the audience is to identify the
more specific you are then the better
it's going to be in your testing phase
and and not too saturated obviously
right like when you're in your research
phase you don't want to be trying to
sell the same shirt or the same thing
that a hundred other people are already
trying to sell design concepts that work
for almost any niche I'm going to just
read them first okay and then we'll look
at examples wordplay this is basically
when you're kind of using a clever turn
on words right inside jokes and humor as
always is always good this does really
well with hobbies and with with sports
and stuff us-versus-them is another
thing that can that can be really good
with jobs it's like the Second Amendment
with politikal issues right the US
versus them is a strong motivator
pride and heartfelt
okay the heartfelt stuff can be super
corny sometimes but there is a major
audience of people that especially has
gifts right like the family niche when
you're buying it as a gift from say like
like the grandpa shirts or the you know
to my daughter or to my son or never
you know in like all these types of
shirts the that are out there that have
been done over and over again you know
all based on that heartfelt type of idea
so a wordplay example I shoot people
okay this is a camera photography niche
right obviously and the play being there
you know shooting people as in taking a
photography shot and I'm using t-shirts
here because they're just such great
examples and these designs they could be
used across multiple products right it
doesn't just have to be t-shirts some of
these could be used on like coffee mugs
or or just various different types of
designs but these are these are good to
kind of just get the juices flowing and
look at some examples okay
sweeping habits by profession right
teacher engineer student nurse
inside-joke because nurses are always on
call right they work really long hours
so basically the joke being that they
never get to sleep
us-versus-them example this is an
American proud to be a patriot type of
thing you know we're Americans this and
it's not everybody right but again just
an us-versus-them example offended I'll
help you pack
right very simple and one thing you're
going to notike about all of these as we
go through them as the designs are not
necessarily complicated right and you
can sell with complicated designs I'm
not going to say that you can this
complicated designs in the art can do
fantastik right but it doesn't need to
be alright a lot of times we print on
the man if you notike what's really
going to connect with people is the
messaging it's the messaging and print
on demand that makes it work that's why
it's different than drop shipping drop
shipping is usually about solving some
sort of problem or something that's
really cool or unique or some sort of
gadget print on demand is all about the
message because you're just selling on
commodities you're selling on items that
people can get anywhere t-shirts
leggings notebooks while our coffee mugs
right so the only thing that's different
and special is
message that you're creating and a lot
of times the message doesn't need to
need to be designed in an overly
complicated or fancy way as long as it
looks good okay and we'll tok about
that as we go a pride example for
veterans I'm the veteran my oath of
enlistment has no expiration date right
this would only mean something to a
veteran but this veterans have a lot of
pride in being a veteran so then you
know that's that's what somebody would
buy this and heartfelt example only the
best dads get promoted to grandpa again
simple design something that probably a
kid a daughter son would buy for their
grandpa and it works just based on the
heartfelt passion right of wanting to
give it as a gift really a grandpa I
wouldn't buy this form so either his
wife my buyer or the kids might buy it
or even the the grandchildren might buy
it but you know like this is kind of the
the whole gift idea that works really
well in the family niche alright and
again you notike these designs are clean
they look good but they're simple
they're not overly complicated designs
you could get this made on Fiverr for
you know 10 15 bucks really alright
three types of design categories okay is
breaking it down a little bit more
evergreen designs which means you could
sell them at any time
there's trending designs which are based
on current events and then of course
seasonal designs that can be based on
season and holidays all right and you
can mix and match these two of course
but these are types of categories to
help you just further breakdown right I
just looked at design concepts that work
in some examples and then here's design
categories that that work as well when
like when you're looking for ideas so
this is an evergreen example this could
be sold any any time of the year my wife
has an awesome husband okay
very simple but it works and and this
has been has been even taken when you
see ideas like this
times you can personalize it a step
further right my wife has an awesome
husband who's a trucker you know my wife
has an awesome husband who is tattooed
my wife you know like I'm just
spitballing examples here but my wife
has an awesome husband with a beard you
know and there's different ways that you
could personalize the item even a little
bit more when you see an original design
concept has worked like this but maybe
it's already been sold too much but you
want to think about how could you do
something similar to a more specific
niche trending design make liberals cry
again 2020 this is a politikal trending
design for America for people who like
Donald Trump people who are a Republican
right and another trending design best
mom ever this would be something
trending for Mother's Day okay you've
met buy as a gift for your mom trending
design based on a holiday st. Patrick's
Day okay so this is something st.
Patrick's Day the Irish clover the lucky
clover in there with the American flag
and then of course designed for green
because people wear green on st.
Patrick's Day
seasonal design example this is one that
people do every year for Christmas they
do the ugly sweater designs now there
are ways that you can do print-on-demand
and do full all-over prints that would
even be better and take it a step
further but this is just a quick example
to show you
seasonal right the ugly sweater design
concept for Christmas specifically and
then finally combining categories is
another way you can do this one you have
a niche and you're combining it with a
trend where you have a niche you're
combining it with a season you have a
niche you're combining it with an
activity so let's look at some examples
here's a trend with a niche bug of
Thrones okay so it's combining the niche
of people who like pugs with the trend
of Game of Thrones when it was super
popular especially around the last
season coming out right and they took
the pugs and this one's more complicated
right this actually requires a good
designer who took all these pugs and
then basically designed them to match
Game of Thrones characters Mitch plus
season I just want to bake stuff that's
the niche baking and watch Christmas
movies all day
all right so seasonal being at the
Christmas movies and again when you see
stuff like this your mind can be
thinking about how you can apply this
right the baked stuff and Christmas
movies could kind of be intertwined with
different stuff right like I just want
to I just want to I just want to let's
let's say I'm trying to think of an
example I just want to drink beer and
watch football games all day right like
that's another example that and then you
would change obviously the little the
little icons and logos in there but that
would be a different niche of niche you
know the niche would really be football
or drinking and the season would be
football season right niche plus
okay hiking in pizza all right now these
some of these designs like this one's a
little general this might be hard to
sell but you know you can it so I'm just
showing us an example because there's
multiple ways you could combine
something like this with a niche plus
and activity right where it helps with
your targeting on Facebook because you
know the niche you know the activity you
combine them together you have a
targeted campaign of people you know who
are interested in both of them three
questions four concepts that sell so
basically a challenge that a lot of
people have when they're getting designs
made is you know just understanding
stuff that sells right so here are three
questions you can ask when looking at
ideas and looking at designs to
understand number one will they connect
with this the they being the audience
the intended niche will they connect
with this item on an emotional level
there has to be like I said it's all
about the message right so there should
be some sort of emotional connection of
why they liked that and why they would
wear that will this item feel like it
was made for them okay really
personalize specific custom to that
will they get excited about it
another way of saying will they actually
spend money on this right they might
feel it was made for them but if they're
not excited about it then they're not
going to spend money on it right so if
you can say yes to all three of these
questions when you're looking at a
design idea then it's a good idea that's
something that you can move forward with
now where to find ideas okay
Pinterest is a great place to find ideas
and we're gonna what's let's see if we
can open up some examples here
all right so looking in Pinterest now
hmm excuse me so now the way Pinterest
works is it's generally gonna customize
to your niche so I have looked before in
the veterans niche and I have a case
study store actually I'll try to include
in somewhere else in Econ empires
Academy and so anyway Pinterest you can
come in and and Pinterest has changed
over the years they used to show like as
soon as you hovered over something
whether or not it had a lot of pins now
they don't but you can still open up
ideas that look good and excuse me and
get an idea and also look at other ones
that come up right so Pinterest can be
great because they give you you can see
like a lot of these the way that they
are made are made as good t-shirt design
ideas right now we're gonna tok about
finding a designer in the end but so the
niche here being I mean this this niche
would be kind of like a kind of like a
warrior soldier battle even veterans
maybe type niche like this could be for
example it doesn't always even have to
be exactly as you see it so this is a
cool idea in the sense of knight templar
okay which may have a niche of its own
out there but you could do this as a
soldier right and it's and have a
designer instead of having a soldier
here kneeling over
I'm sorry instead of a knight here
kneeling over have a soldier kneeling
over right and then your your audience
would be so
who are also religious right yeah
there's many many categories for
religion on there
Christianity Catholicism a bunch of them
right I don't need to go in the depth
those two alone are huge to cross with
veteran and soldier could already be a
good niche for something that turn this
design into okay so you're looking at
that as a way of finding ideas and
Pinterest okay and there are ways to
sort by sort by pins using something
like sword and social calm can sort by
re pins but you can still come in here
and just look and then when you're in a
category you'll get you'll get like
ideas you can even come to the store
like I can see this is something else
this store is unavailable and Pinterest
works I didn't even have to search for
that but Pinterest works based on
keywords right so like veterans and then
you see some of these things in here
right so you could come in to veterans
and actually look at some of these
designs and ideas that could be good
okay so it's just a one part Pinterest
is a great place to start the research
phase because it's all set you know
things like this okay it's good clothes
its memes its designs that can
oftentimes be translated very well into
into something that is a t-shirt right
so like this one is on red bubble
taking a long time to load but anyway
you get the idea
okay so Pinterest is one place to find
ideas Etsy is another all right sorting
social again has a way to rank top
things on Etsy as a paid way but Etsy is
a Etsy's a great place to find ideas
okay and I've used this time and time
again because there is so many good
stuff there's so much good stuff on Etsy
and yet it's still really underutilized
as a research and a selling platform and
so you can come here and say again let's
say we're looking at veterans shirts
because a lot of times these people who
are selling on Etsy are only selling on
Etsy they're not actually advertising
this stuff anywhere else and they might
be but the chances are a lot of times
they're running ads on Etsy right and
they haven't you know like they're not
doing it somewhere else
so coming through here you can just look
for ideas and the ones that show good
reviews are obviously ones that are
worth paying attention to but it's it's
also you have to be you have to really
look at it with a grain of salt because
like if I look at this one
okay 610 five-star reviews but if I open
the product itself the reviews are for
the entire store bradley's custom it's
not necessarily just for this shirt
prices are showing up in PHP again
because I am in the Philippines so
you'll see like the reviews at the
bottom are for the entire store not just
for that item but if you do happen to
see that there are a ton of reviews
showing up for that item that's great
but anyway this is you know like a place
where you can come and get design ideas
just seeing what other people are
selling like this one for example was
one that I used in the case study
because it is a good it's a good idea
right I'm a veteran myself so I know
that dd-214 is your paper you get your
document for when you when you when you
get out of the army I can't think of the
tiknical term right now but when you
get out of the army right when you out
says they give you a dd-214 right and so
dd-214 alumni is a clever idea because
it basically means that you were a
veteran in a different way of setting it
I'm kind of comparing it to the whole
school market right so for veterans
especially who maybe met and went to
college but then they graduated you know
from the School of the army as a veteran
so anyway that's that's the idea behind
it so it's a good idea for that niche
and I used it and I found that idea here
on Etsy and see you can actually see
here that there are reviews of people
who bought this item and loved it so
even more of a great indicator that this
was a good one and I believe it would
work both for women and men but you can
see that this one's kind of targeted
towards women veterans all right so X
he's a great place that you can get
ideas again just from keyword searching
other places to find ideas this is red
bubble Sun frog teespring
okay these are all places that are
basically marketplaces of people who are
they're open source market places right
where red bubble is basically the
platform and then they have all these
categories and artists just come here
and load their designs to their platform
to sell okay so you there's all you can
look at the categories right and then
break it down into different things that
you want to look at of items that you
could sell design ideas and there's so
many great ideas and inspiration you can
get just by coming the site so and I'm
not gonna go through it all right
because this is just what you should do
I'm just letting you know about the
sites in case you didn't already know
about some of these sites like red
bubble like teespring teespy by the way
is a great research tool but what I want
to show you right now let's teespring
teespring has kind of fallen t-shirt
gang isn't another one you could look at
teespring is kind of fallen off a little
bit and in recent years but there's a
lot of cool stuff on here by categories
so you can look at the different types
of categories
you can you can break it down into
different types of items and and see
what people are uploading the teespring
and you can search by keyword on these
items too and it's not just t-shirts
right they have leggings and they have
other types of things but you can search
by keywords on here to see what comes up
in certain categories right so this
actually looks like it could be a cool
design idea so right another good design
idea so they have so they have some you
know some sites on on this some other
ideas just by searching these
marketplaces and then also Sun Frog as
well Sun frog is another big one again
it's just open source so you I'm not
saying to go in here and steal people's
designs but you can get ideas not only
niches but see what's trending get ideas
of stuff that's working and doing doing
well right like this is you know clever
design right based on people that like
the game punch-out or Nintendo or you
know and this is not trademarked because
they just drew a character on a shirt
right so again you can come by searching
by categories right this gives you a
great idea because Sun frog is
categorizing obviously the top
categories that people buy in otherwise
they wouldn't be a category so it gives
you an idea of great niches that work
and then that you can come in here and
look at these niches and see what kind
of stuff you know clever
best mama in the galaxy best ad in the
galaxy written in the Star Wars font but
not copying Star Wars in any type of way
just playing on the words with the font
right like this one thought the horror
that's clever too right so you can come
get cool design ideas from these types
of sites okay I mentioned T spy I don't
think I did so I don't have it in here
but T spy is a way that this is still
one of the only and one of the best spy
tools for print-on-demand specifically
especially t-shirts specifically right
because what you can do when you then
they have a free trial that you can
count and then I think it goes to 47
dollars a month but teespy lets you
basically search trending campaigns
across all a lot of these different
platforms like Facebook Ads what's
turning on Facebook new designs that are
being launched what's trending on
teespring you'd like some of the
different niches and things like that so
teespy is something great to check out
too if you want a way that you can kind
of automate the research process now
let's tok a little bit about actually
getting into some practikal advice for
how you for how you choose niches
alright and this is not something I made
up alright I learned this from from just
kind of studying some of the great
people out there like Donald Wilson who
is the founder of gear bubble which is a
fantastik platform that you can use for
p OD if you don't want to sell on
Shopify I'll mention it here quickly
actually because they have actually
really blown up in the past couple years
I think they have more traffic now than
even teespring
and gear bubble is a platform right so
it's not for selling on Shopify really
it's for if you want to sell on their
platform but you can you can use them to
sell on Etsy or on Amazon as well or
right on their platform but you can also
look in the you can shop right you can
shop and look in their categories as
well right so it's not only a place that
you can sell but it's a place that you
can do research and see what's working
not just for t-shirts but for coffee
mugs for necklaces for like you know
look at this coffee mug here super
simple right but it's based on the
message of why it does so well to my
wife I love you then I love you still
always have always will its color
changing mug it starts out dark cold and
when you feel it it gets hot and that
message comes up okay and so really
really great place to get inspiration
and ideas to see what type of stuff
works on different types of items okay
now in toking about doing your research
your niche research to actually find
these ideas okay there
basically two styles of niche there are
traditional categories that are
interests like dogs cats veterans yoga
like all these major categories we were
just looking at and toking about ok
that's your interest based category
there's also demographics that define
people and define niches all right this
is like mom's or a dad or a sister
people older than 35 people who live in
a certain state people who are married
people who are single right like these
demographics can break people into
different categories also so the idea
here is using a combination of the two
of them I'm gonna show you how this
research strategy can help you identify
good niches to selling best traditional
niche categories I toked about this in
the last video as well pets
family hobbies professions these are
always the some of the biggest and when
I say niche like these are broad level
categories they have sub niches like
obviously pets could break down into
farm animals could break down into dogs
and cats and then even from there dogs
could break down into types of dogs like
Golden Retriever or pug or a Labrador
okay family as well breaks into the sub
niche of husband wife or girlfriend
boyfriend or brother sister or grandpa
grandma okay
hobbies professions same thing that's
obvious multiple hobbies and professions
with each one but these are huge
categories right and they're very
profitable and there's always new ideas
and new things that you can sell across
many many items to do well in these
categories no matter when you're getting
started where most people go wrong with
print-on-demand is they try to just
search by product first and then you
know they create these products and then
try to find people to sell them to the
better way to sell with pio to you when
you're getting started is to identify
who you are selling to first and then
create products specifically for them
because if you identify your audience
first you know who your audience is so
you remove that variable and all you're
trying to do now is cycle through
until you find one that works so when
you know who you're selling to it just
becomes a matter of testing designs
until your audience buys and you're
gonna keep collecting data on that
audience because your audience is the
same right so you have this audience you
know who you're selling to and you're
gonna be continually collecting data by
testing new products until you're able
to narrow in on something that works
here's the strategy okay and again I did
not make this up so I'm not taking
credit for this I'll credit Donald
Wilson for this but it's one of the best
strategies I've seen for understanding
print-on-demand helped me a lot and I
think it can help you a lot alright so
choose a traditional choose a
traditional passion based niche like
truckers or nurses right the traditional
category then you choose a demographic
that makes it more specific so you
understand exactly who you're selling to
once you have a niche Plus demographic
like the examples below not just
veterans but veteran moms or not just
family but married men not just cats
with single women not just truckers but
men ages 35 to 65 okay so this this
helps you identify and you could have
multiple audiences right so not just
veterans who are moms but or veterans
who are women but also veterans who are
who are men ages 25 and above right you
could have these multiple categories but
when you identify that niche plus
demographic now you know exactly who you
are selling to your specific on your
audience and it's just a matter of
getting designs made to test weekly
until you find something that works
right so family Plus married men your
idea would there would be you are
selling to married men
so mostly you're probably going to be
selling gift ideas to get a wife right
and so you could start testing different
design ideas that you see that are meant
to be given as a gift from a husband to
a wife maybe on necklaces on coffee mugs
on t-shirts right and and testing these
different design ideas and when you find
a design that works
in a category like family married men
then you could also test that design on
a different product so if it works on a
coffee mug you might work on a t-shirt
more it might work on a necklace right
different designs obviously we'll have
application in different ways text
designs tend to work really well based
on shirts necklaces and also coffee mugs
and also as another tip right is you can
bundle these offers together or use them
as upsells on your store when you have
somebody that buys a design for one
maybe they'll be interested in buying a
design for another as well okay so
that's that's the basics on
print-on-demand it can it goes more
in-depth than that right I understand
but if you use that strategy and you use
those resources to find items then the
next step is really just finding a
designer who can get those items made
based on the type of product that you
want to put them on there are many I'm
not going to say that there this is the
only one there are many out there but
one that I recommend one that I vouch
for one that I've used many many times
for multiple stores is t-shirt fella a
friend of mine named Adam Kavala
it's a design company that he built in
the Philippines they do not just do
t-shirts they started with t-shirts so
that's where they got their name and
they do they are primarily doing
t-shirts right I'll be honest but they
are a full design company at this point
I've had them design my logos before
I've had them design t-shirts I've had
them design necklace designs I've had
them design ad creatives for me so they
are a full design company and they can
take basically any design idea you give
that right is the next step once you've
gone through the research phase once
you've identified your audience okay
basically the next step is getting a
design made so you have to take the
design to them
best to go to them with examples that
you've downloaded from Pinterest or Etsy
or wherever you're getting your design
ideas you know you send them the the raw
file copies and say this is my idea
right I want it to look like this here's
the concept
use this this one that I attached as an
example but change this this and this
right so you want to give them very
specific clear instructions and they
will give you fair affordable prices for
designs and you know that you can trust
them they're reliable they do good work
okay so that's my recommended resource
and that is the full training on p OD
just within like the understanding what
products sell what works in the p OD
market and you know how to how to
identify concepts that work and then
find ideas out there across different
platforms and then get those designs
made that's basically everything that we
covered here which is a really good
start for getting you into the p OD game
and as we go through the rest of this
right it just picks up this is a
different research method than
dropshipping different resources of
places to look then drop shipping but
you know after this point now building a
store launching and testing ads like
it's all going to apply the same to drop
shipping and print on demand it's just
this part that is different of finding
your ideas where to go to find the ideas
what is it that people you know really
connect with in print on demand that
makes them buy things and you know where
should i get my designs made alright so
thank you for watching this video
again I hope you got a lot of value out
of it for starting p OD with any type of
business whether it's its niche store on
your own or you're just adding it on to
some sort of store as an upsell or
branding or something additional that
you can do and remember print-on-demand
is about if you are as a final note i'll
say if you are doing print on demand as
your own store it's important to have
multiple items and offers because
selling on the front end right like
certain items sell better on the front
end than on the back end right so like
when i come up here
okay shirts shirts are low price front
end items because there's not you know
like when it comes to a shirt mostly
around the twenty dollar
unless you're a premium brand is where
you can sell a t-shirt for and people
will pay you're a marginal mat if you're
selling on Facebook ads it's not going
to be great as a front end product
hoodies it's much better there's a
better margin on hoodies necklaces and
watches much better marginal necklaces
and watches leggings good margin on
leggings right canvas good margin on
canvas not a good margin on coffee mugs
okay coffee mugs tend to work really
better on platforms like Etsy and Amazon
where people search for them but some of
these items can offer great upsells
coffee mug could be a great upsell for a
t-shirt or hoodie hoodie could be a
great upsell for a shirt okay you know
we're vice versa right necklace could be
a great upsell for a shirt or a watch or
if you're selling shoes then the socks
could be a great upsell it's all based
on what you're selling but just think
about that that you can combine items to
drive your your average order value
higher and this is a little bit more of
an advanced concept that you can look at
in more depth on its own later but the
the concept here would print on demand
the reason that I'm mentioning it is the
margins on some of these products can be
lower than on others and so you want to
utilize what you can the best right to
get good margins and that's either by
bundling products having upsells or
choosing the products you sell on the
front end to have higher margins okay
thanks for watching this video I will
see you in the next one where we start
toking about creating a good offer

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