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7 Secrets to Success with Amazon FBA

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

7 Secrets to Success with Amazon FBA

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7 Secrets to Success with Amazon FBA

create a launch group before you even
launch your product on Amazon this will
blow up your sales from day one and get
you a ton of reviews right away your
product page needs to be optimized for
sales and later in this video I'm going
to share with you ten secrets on how to
dramatikally increase your products
conversion rate and I'm going to show
you the number one mistake that
beginners make when creating their
product this one little secret of
creating a coupon code can increase your
sales by 50% if you do it correctly PPC
is the secret that the professionals are
using to get more sales and in my
opinion this is the most powerful most
profitable advertising tool in the world
and I'll share with you these secrets on
how to properly use amazon's PPC
platform later in this video the coupon
stack is a ninja trick that will make
your customers want to buy multiples of
your product this will increase your
sales which will increase your sales
rank which will in turn get you even
more sales the number six secret is you
need to make your Amazon product stand
out and this is the biggest mistake I
see beginners making and this is why so
many beginners fail at Amazon and I'm
going to show you how to completely
avoid this but by far the biggest secret
to success on Amazon is picking the
perfect product and at the end of this
video I'm gonna share with you exactly
how I found my six-figure passive income
product and I'm not even gonna share
with you what my product is and by using
this method you can get started selling
on Amazon with almost no money and this
is the biggest secret and by far the
best way to make money online that I've
ever found and I want to see you succeed
and avoid all the pain I had to go
through finding out these secrets so
let's get started with number one which
is one of the most important secrets one
of the most powerful tips nobody is
toking about and that is a launch group
a launch group is where you basically
get a group of potential customers
people that would potentially buy your
product into a Facebook group it can
also be on an Instagram page or an email
list personally I recommend doing all of
them but by putting people in a Facebook
group it's very powerful this allows you
to share your product get feedback on
your product on your logo on your design
every aspect of it so that when you do
go to
launched on Amazon the people in your
launch group are gonna feel invested in
your product they're gonna buy it on day
one they're gonna also be more likely to
leave reviews Amazon will see this spike
in sales these high quality reviews and
they're gonna know that you have a great
product on top of that by leveraging the
launch group you're gonna make a better
product because you're gonna be showing
them the design and they're gonna be
giving you real-time feedback so that
when you do go to launch you're gonna
have an amazing product to sell if you
want to learn more at a properly launch
your product on how to properly utilize
a launch group I have a video up here
and I'll put a link down below as well
but launching your product is only part
of the battle you need to have an
optimized product page you need to have
a good title and you need to make sure
it contains lots of keywords things that
people would search for on Amazon to
find your product but that's not enough
you need to make sure that it's entiking
to your customers as well you also get
five bullet points and this is a chance
for you to highlight the benefits of
your product again make sure it contains
lots of keywords that your customers
might be searching for by putting
keywords in the title in the bullet
points Amazon knows what your products
about and it's more likely to rank you
higher up in the search result the main
image is probably the most important
part of your product page and this is
where most beginners make a mistake put
as much energy and effort into making a
good main image as you can because this
is what people look at before they click
on your product I recommend using a high
quality computer-generated image and if
you need a referral to someone you can
join my facebook group and I'm happy to
share with you who I personally use this
allows you to get the perfect picture
and one more note about the main image
is you want as little white space as
possible you want your image to take up
as much room as possible it'll make your
product look bigger in the search
results and pop more you also want to
add as many other images as you possibly
can your product from different angles
and all the benefits all the ways to use
your product this is important because
not everyone's gonna read your
description or your bullet points so
highlight the benefits of your product
is best you can other than the title in
the main image the reviews section is
probably the next most important you
need to do everything you can to get as
many good reviews as possible if you
haven't yet get a trademark as early as
possible this will allow you to get
brand registered in Amazon which will
allow you to add branded content and
this is just another chance for you to
sell in your products put
in there put nice descriptions and again
use the section to convince potential
customers to buy your product you can
also add a video and this allows you to
convey things you might not be able to
in images and I also highly recommend
putting yourself in the video letting
people know that they're buying from a
real person and you can use the
questions and answer section till
alleviate any concerns potential
customers might have about buying your
product the third secret is to add a
coupon code and this is a ninja hack I
only recently found out about and if
there's a lot of amazing thing the first
thing it does is it makes your products
stand out in the search results people
are more likely to click on your product
if it has a coupon code because that
little green badge that says save 5 10
15 percent and then when people do click
on your product they're more likely to
convert into a sale because they feel
like they're getting a deal it's easy to
set up a coupon code I'll put a link to
a video down below on some more
information on how to properly set up
your coupon code PPC advertising with
Amazon is extremely powerful extremely
profitable and there's two main types
there's sponsored products and there's a
sponsored brand let's tok about
sponsored products first within
sponsored products you can either do
product targeting or keyword targeting
and keyword targeting is basically where
you say I want to show my ads in this
search results when people type in
certain keywords for instance you might
tell Amazon every time someone types in
peanut butter I want to show my ad and
I'm willing to pay a dollar for every
time someone clicks on my ad and goes to
my product page now contrast that with
product targeting which is where you
tell Amazon which products that you want
to show your ad on and it could be
products that are competitors of yours
or it could just be other products that
you know that if someone buys that
product they'd also be interested in
your peanut butter now banner ads on the
other hand is very similar to keyword
targeting product ads but instead of
just showing your product it's actually
a complete banner at the top of the
search result with all these different
types of campaigns they have manual
bidding where you pick the keywords or
the products that you want to target but
they also have a really nifty feature
called automatik targeting which you
basically tell Amazon I'm willing to pay
a dollar a click you do what you think's
best and surprisingly that actually
works really well Amazon actually does a
really good job at finding you
profitable traffic I have a complete
video diving way deeper into
PC I'll link up here I'll put a link
down below as well the coupon stack is
another hack that my mentor actually
taught me and the way it works is you
basically give a discount any time
someone buys more than one of your
product and what this does is it makes
people want to buy more when you know
you're gonna save money there's a part
of your brain that gets triggered and
you say hmm maybe I do need two of these
or maybe I can give one to a friend
again this is very powerful because
Amazon sees that you're selling more
which means that it's more likely to put
you higher up in the search results
which in turn means you're going to sell
more product it's very easy to set up
but if you want me to do a video about
this leaving a comment down below also
if you want more information about any
of these leave a comment down below
we're almost at what I consider the most
important secret but this secret is
still very important and that's that you
need to make your product stand out this
is why old-school private labeling is
dead no longer can you just take a
boring product put it up on Amazon and
expect to be a millionaire overnight you
need to make your product stand out
because if your product doesn't stand
out nobody's gonna click on it and if
nobody clicks on it from the search
results no one's gonna buy your product
I've already toked about a lot of ways
to make your product stand out a good
main image a good title lots of reviews
but by far the most important way to
make your product stand out is secret
number seven and that's to be selling
the perfect product to me the perfect
product to sell on Amazon is a product
that you create it's got to be unique
there's got to be something different
about it when I quit my corporate job I
started a dance clothing company
something I knew nothing about I just
knew that it had the potential to be
profitable it was a grind ideally the
product that you sell on Amazon would be
a product that you are passionate about
something that you really wish existed
in the world this will make it so much
easier to do every step of this and you
don't need a lot of money to get started
you can use Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to
crowdfund your product and within a
month of launching on Amazon I hit the
goal that I had when I first quit my
corporate job making six figures passive
income if you're interested in learning
even more I'm creating a step-by-step
course and you can get on the wait list
by clicking up here make sure to LIKE
comment and subscribe and remember to
enjoy the journey

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