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7 Ways to Get Listings Without Cold Calling

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

7 Ways to Get Listings Without Cold Calling

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7 Ways to Get Listings Without Cold Calling

cold calling can be one of the most
daunting and stress filled activities
that you can do as a real estate agent
to grow your real estate business and
that's why many real estate agents do
not do cold calling to generate business
although it's a great way to generate
listings so today i want to help you out
and give you the strategies that you can
leverage to generate real estate
listings without having to cold call but
first welcome to the channel my name is
jaime resendez and i help real estate
professionals grow their real estate
business through actionable content all
right so let's get started at number
seven we have cold calling's cousin door
knocking door knocking is very similar
to cold calling in the sense that you're
communicating with individuals that you
have no previous relationship with but
what i like about door knocking is that
you can do so many different things to
generate listings you can create content
of the act of you door knocking that is
great for another strategy that we're
going to tok about here shortly
secondly you get to familiarize yourself
with the neighborhood that you want to
work so if you want to farm a specific
neighborhood you're going to soon meet
all the neighbors and know where they
are geographically when i used to sell
books door-to-door a long time ago in
lynchburg tennessee we were taught to
reference other neighbors that you speak
to whenever you go up to the door and
that's something that you can do here as
a real estate agent and the reason that
works so well is because you're
attaching yourself to somebody else's
reputation somebody that is known in the
community so as soon as you name drop
names that are familiar to the person
that you're speaking with their guards
go down thus they're a bit more
receptive to speaking with you now the
trade-off with door knocking is that
there's only so many doors that you can
knock in a day so use your time wisely
because although this is a great
strategy for you to speak to the
homeowners face to face this is one of
the least scalable strategies that you
can do to generate listings now the
sixth strategy is very targeted however
it's gonna cost you a little bit more
money and that is leveraging direct mail
sending out mailers is one of the most
effective and scalable strategies that
you can deploy to generate real estate
listings however it's one of the most
costly ones because you're not only
paying for the service of somebody
sending out the direct mail pieces for
you you're also paying for the postage
and you're also paying for the materials
now with this strategy the best
investment that you can make is in the
list that you source meaning there's a
lot of power in knowing the history of
the home and the homeowner and there's a
lot of lists out there that give you
this information so you don't have to
blanket an entire farm every single time
you send a direct mail piece so as an
example you can weed out the individuals
that just purchased the home because if
they just purchased there's a high
likelihood that they're not getting
ready to sell anytime soon and the fifth
strategy is one that just has to make
this list and that's organic social
media folks listen to me it has never
been easier to reach hundreds thousands
into millions of people in the history
of ever you can do this for absolutely
free whether you're the facebook person
the instagram person the tiktok
person it doesn't matter you can reach
just like that so if you start
leveraging social media to build up your
brand to build out authority and provide
value you're going to be surprised how
many people reach out to you and here's
how easy it can be if you go to your
social media profiles right now and type
in what year did you buy your first home
in and press publish in most social
media platforms like facebook linkedin
and others you're gonna be surprised how
many people comment on that post and
what you've done now is created your own
prospect list because now you have a
list of people that you know are
homeowners and there's so many other
strategies when it comes to organic
social media that i can share however i
have to keep going so if you would like
a full video on all the organic
strategies to generate listings let me
know in the comments section down below
at number four i have to give it to
youtube i personally don't consider
youtube a social media platform i just
don't i see youtube as its own category
as a way to generate listings at scale
youtube is a fantastik way for you to
provide valuable information to people
that are actively searching for it so if
you provide information that speaks
directly to homeowners such as how to
sell your home questions to ask your
real estate agent what to avoid when
selling your home topics like that
you're going to have homeowners watching
that content and reach out to you take
one of my new youtube channels that i
just started about two months ago this
channel alone although doesn't have too
many views and too many videos is
already generating a ton of business
we're toking a lot of gross commission
income now if you're interested in
leveraging youtube in your real estate
business then check out the link that i
have down below it's a done for you
service where we take care of the
editing the design the strategy the
titles the descriptions the tags
optimization and everything at number
three we have social media advertising
you can pay these social media platforms
facebook instagram tiktok to run ads
to get in front of homeowners there's a
lot of videos in this very channel that
i show you the exact ad copies to use to
target these homeowners so we're not
going to spend too much time here i'm
just going to link it up here so you can
check it out but just know that this is
still a very viable way to generate real
estate listings we are doing this every
single day at number two we have your
sphere of influence folks it's
absolutely time to stop ignoring your
sphere there's a lot of your family
members that don't know you're a real
estate agent there's a lot of past
colleagues that do not know that you're
in real estate there's a lot of past
acquaintances that do not know that
you're a real estate agent and here's
the reality they need to sell their home
at one point or another and here's the
sad reality they're going to google to
search up a real estate agent that they
do not know have no relationship with
that they would have automatikally
reached out to you if they just knew
that you were a real estate agent and
you and i both know that and we also
know that it's very painful when we log
into our social media to find our cousin
at the title company closing with
another real estate agent so get your
sphere of influence list created today
list out all of your sphere on a piece
of paper on an excel sheet on notion
which is my preferred platform which is
free by the way list out everybody in
your sphere then sort them out by last
name and on the first day of the month
you're reaching out to everyone that has
a last name that starts with a on the
second day of the month you're reaching
out to everyone in that list that has a
last name that starts with b and so on
and so on so what you're doing is the
first 26 days of the month which there's
26 letters in the alphabet you're
reaching out to your sphere of influence
in a very systematik way so at the time
of this recording it's actually the 11th
day of the month so as you can see i
have to reach out to everyone that
starts with the k as a last name now up
until now we've been toking about
sourcing new clients people that are
brand new to our world that have never
used our services that's what we've been
toking about however how you stay in
business and make this a thriving career
for 5 10 30 50 or however long you want
to do this is by you reaching out to
your past clients people that have used
you in the past will most likely use you
in the future if they remember that
you're in real estate barring anything
disastrous let's just be real not
everyone's gonna use you again but for
the most part most will but i'm not even
toking about that i'm not toking about
reaching out to your past clients and
harass them to sell the home that you
help them buy what i'm suggesting is
that you leverage your past clients to
go out and find more clients for you
your past clients know a lot of other
leverage those relationships ask for
those referrals this is almost repeat
business because you have somebody that
has seen your skills your talents your
efforts firsthand because they trusted
you with their real estate transaction
vouching for you so the moment that
somebody asks your past client hey who
sold your house you want them to
immediately think of you because the
moment that your name leaves their lips
is the moment that that individual
that's inquiring is gonna stop shopping
around they're just gonna reach out to

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