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8 Ways to Boost Your TikTok Ads Spending

Published on: November 17 2023 by Chase Chappell

8 Ways to Boost Your TikTok Ads Spending

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Issue
  3. Increasing Your Budget
  4. Staircasing Your Spend
  5. Limiting the Number of Creatives
  6. Switching Conversion Events
  7. Turning Off Non-Relevant Placements
  8. Considerations for Comments and Engagement
  9. Ensuring Policy Compliance
  10. Checking Your Ad Account Budget


In this article, we will discuss the common issue of TikTok ads not spending and what you can do to fix it. TikTok is a powerful platform for generating sales and results for your brand or business. However, if your ads are not spending, it can be frustrating and hinder your success on the platform. We will explore eight different strategies that can help you get your TikTok ads to start spinning and converting.

Understanding the Issue

If your TikTok ads are not spending, it is crucial to understand the possible reasons behind it. There may be several factors at play, including budget constraints, creative optimization, placement settings, and policy compliance. By identifying and addressing these issues, you can increase the chances of your ads delivering and achieving the desired results.

1. Increasing Your Budget

One of the most obvious reasons for ads not spending on TikTok is having a low budget. If your daily budget is set too low in relation to your product or service cost, TikTok's algorithm may not prioritize delivering your ads. It is recommended to double your budget initially and test if your ads start spinning. If not, gradually increase it until you see delivery.


  • Higher budget allows for better visibility and reach.
  • Increases the chances of conversions and sales.


  • Higher costs associated with higher budgets.
  • Requires careful monitoring to avoid overspending.

2. Staircasing Your Spend

If increasing your budget does not result in ad spend, consider staircasing your spend across different ad groups. This involves allocating varying budgets to different ad groups, allowing you to identify the optimal spend level. By testing different budget tiers, you can determine which ad group budgets lead to ad spend and adjust accordingly.


  • Allows you to find the optimal spend level for each ad group.
  • Provides valuable insights for future budget allocation.


  • Requires additional testing and monitoring.
  • May lead to higher costs initially during the testing phase.

3. Limiting the Number of Creatives

Having too many creatives in your ad groups with a small budget can prevent your ads from spending. TikTok's system is not as optimized as Facebook's, and having numerous creatives can hinder its ability to deliver your ads effectively. It is recommended to limit the number of creatives to two per ad group. One can be a spark ad from an influencer or your page, while the other can be a non-spark ad created directly within TikTok Ads.


  • Streamlines the delivery optimization process.
  • Improves ad performance by focusing on a smaller number of creatives.


  • Limits creative variety and testing opportunities.
  • Requires careful selection and optimization of the chosen creatives.

4. Switching Conversion Events

If your ads are still not spending, consider switching the conversion event from purchase conversions to add to cart. Allowing the ads to run with the add to cart conversion event for two to three days can help kickstart the ad spend. Once the ads start spending, you can switch back to purchase conversions to optimize for sales.


  • Helps overcome delivery issues by targeting a different conversion event.
  • Allows for testing the effectiveness of different conversion events.


  • May result in delayed sales optimization.
  • Requires monitoring and adjusting the conversion event settings.

5. Turning Off Non-Relevant Placements

To maximize your ad spend on TikTok, it is essential to select TikTok as the only placement option. By turning off non-relevant placements, you ensure that your ads are efficiently delivered and optimized specifically for TikTok's platform. If an ad creative does not fit other platform placements, it may not deliver at all.


  • Improves delivery efficiency by focusing solely on TikTok placements.
  • Ensures your ads are aligned with TikTok's content style and vibe.


  • Limits the potential reach on other platforms.
  • Requires careful consideration of target audience and platform preferences.

6. Considerations for Comments and Engagement

Another factor that can affect ad spend is negative engagements or comments on your videos. These negative interactions can hinder the performance of your ads. By turning off comments, you can avoid potential drop-offs in ad spend and ensure consistent delivery. Monitoring and managing engagements play a crucial role in optimizing ad performance.


  • Reduces the impact of negative engagements on ad performance.
  • Provides a controlled environment for delivering ads without distractions.


  • Limits the potential for user feedback and engagement.
  • May require additional monitoring and moderation.

7. Ensuring Policy Compliance

TikTok has specific policies regarding ad creatives and content. It is essential to ensure that your ads comply with these policies to avoid delivery issues. Ad creatives should align with TikTok's content style and vibe. Additionally, you need to have complete and accurate information on your landing page, including shipping details, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and product information.


  • Ensures your ads meet TikTok's guidelines and requirements.
  • Prevents potential ad delivery issues due to policy violations.


  • Requires thorough understanding and adherence to TikTok's policies.
  • May require adjustments to ad creatives and landing page content.

8. Checking Your Ad Account Budget

Lastly, make sure your ad account has sufficient budget to cover the expected ad spend. If your manual payment schedule runs out of budget, your ads will not spend. Switching to automatic payments or adding additional budget to your ad account can help avoid delivery issues related to insufficient funds.


  • Ensures there is enough budget for ad spend.
  • Prevents disruptions in ad delivery due to insufficient funds.


  • Requires regular monitoring and management of the ad account budget.
  • May require budget adjustments based on ad performance and goals.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase the chances of your TikTok ads spending and ultimately achieve the desired results for your brand or business. Remember to monitor and analyze your ad performance regularly, making adjustments as needed to optimize your campaigns for success. TikTok provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a large and engaged audience, and with the right approach, you can unlock its full potential.


  • TikTok ads not spending can be a common issue faced by advertisers.
  • Increasing your budget and staircasing your spend are two strategies to overcome ad spend challenges.
  • Limiting the number of creatives and switching conversion events can optimize ad delivery.
  • Turning off non-relevant placements and managing comments and engagement provide better control over ad performance.
  • Ensuring policy compliance and checking your ad account budget are crucial for successful TikTok ad campaigns.


Q: Why are my TikTok ads not spending? A: There could be several reasons for your TikTok ads not spending, including low budgets, incorrect conversion events, too many creatives, non-relevant placements, or policy compliance issues. By identifying and addressing these factors, you can improve ad spend and performance.

Q: How can I increase ad spend on TikTok? A: To increase ad spend on TikTok, consider increasing your budget, staircasing your spend across different ad groups, limiting the number of creatives, switching conversion events, turning off non-relevant placements, managing comments and engagement, ensuring policy compliance, and maintaining sufficient budget in your ad account.

Q: How long should I test different budget levels before adjusting? A: It is recommended to test different budget levels for at least a few days to allow sufficient time for ad delivery and performance evaluation. Observe the results and make adjustments based on the data collected during the testing period.

Q: Can I retarget video viewers on TikTok? A: Yes, TikTok recently introduced the ability to retarget video viewers. By creating custom audiences based on video views, you can retarget these viewers with future ad campaigns and potentially improve ad performance.

Q: How can I ensure my ads comply with TikTok's policies? A: To ensure your ads comply with TikTok's policies, carefully read and familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided. Pay attention to content style, ad creatives, landing page information, and any industry-specific restrictions. Regularly review ad notifications and make necessary adjustments to maintain policy compliance.

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