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9 Quick Ways to Find Products to Resell from Your Couch

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

9 Quick Ways to Find Products to Resell from Your Couch

9 Quick Ways to Find Products to Resell from Your Couch

so today we're gonna cover nine ways
that you can go
and source products directly from your
home or
your couch okay because the reality is
you don't actually have to go out to
retail stores or thrift stores or
and spend hours of your time searching
products and scanning products
you can do it all right from home okay
now if you prefer to do that i know a
lot of resellers actually kind of
enjoy the process of going out to stores
and scanning and like
it's almost like a treasure hunt to find
like a good product or source a product
that way
physically in the store if you enjoy
that then more power to you that's
totally cool
but this video right here is not for you
right so in this video we're gonna tok
about nine ways that you can find
products sourcing directly from your
home or your
couch as the video title uh obviously
says right
so i'm going to cover them all i've got
them listed right here and i use
every single one of these in depth i've
done them
you know some of them are more scalable
some of them are more beginner friendly
if you don't have a lot of money or you
don't have a lot of time
you know so i'll cover specifically what
it is
how you can use it and who it's more
geared towards right like the benefits
and the drawbacks of it okay
so the first one is one that i've toked
about a lot and that is coupon websites
okay and
if you're a beginner and you don't have
a lot of money
but you have a lot of time then this is
perfect for you right so what a coupon
website is and i have a full playlist on
this actual channel if you want to learn
more about coupon websites
how to actually go about using them and
a number of them you can always as well
all these like all these websites are
linked down in the description in my
cheat sheet not
every single website but it'll give you
i think 70 to 100
uh sites that i use now it'll give you
coupon sites as well as some of the
other ones in here
um so you can go grab the cheat sheet
100 free use that then come back to the
playlists on this channel
there will be a playlist for pretty much
every one of these
coupon included okay and you can watch
tutorials of how i source their coupon
resell them in the entire strategy
behind it okay so coupon websites
are basically websites that house amazon
products and give you coupon codes
to buy them right in this case everybody
wins the amazon seller wins who lists
their product there because they get you
to buy their product
and they get a sale on amazon which
helps rank their product higher right
the coupon website wins because they
obviously charge the seller or list
their product there
and you win because you get a coupon to
buy a product that has a retail value of
like ten dollars or twenty dollars
or forty dollars or whatever it's
different product to product right
and you get it at a cheap price so for
example let's say you buy a 20
product with a coupon code and you buy
that product for 150
well now you have an 18.50 potential
profit margin if you sell that product
back online right so that's kind of how
coupon websites work again there's a
full cheat sheet with a bunch of coupon
and a full playlist on this channel that
will show you countless tutorials of how
to actually go about doing this but i
just kind of want to give you the
overview and let you know that you don't
have to go out and source products
physically in person
and waste your time scanning if you
prefer to do it from home right that's
exactly what i do okay
so that's coupon websites in a nutshell
now key here is do not sell these
products back on amazon
it used to work don't do it anymore it's
not worth the headache instead resell
on sites like am excuse me not amazon
resell them on sites like ebay poshmark
um facebook marketplace offer up and the
list goes on and on okay
but that works very very well especially
if you're a beginner to build up like an
initial nest egg of money to then invest
into a more scalable form of reselling
and source products that move a lot
faster for sites like amazon that you
can obviously
you know gauge the sales velocity and
make more money faster okay
the next one's very similar to coupon
and that's cashback arbitrage again
there's a full playlist on this channel
on cashback arbitrage
if you want to see many different
tutorials as well as many of those sites
are also listed in the cheat sheet
so cashback arbitrage is very similar to
coupon arbitrage
and basically what a cash back website
is is it lists the product
for full retail again everybody wins in
this equation again right
the seller wins you win because you get
a free product or a very very cheap
product via cash back
and the website wins because they charge
a seller right so
in this case you would potentially go
buy that same 20 product but instead of
getting a coupon code you'd spend
20 on it you'd buy it full retail from
amazon and then the seller would
refund you or rebate you and give you
cash back for that product now sometimes
depending on the website depending on
the actual product right and depending
on the cashback that's listed
you can either get a free product or
sometimes you're paying a very small
minimal fee that's like a dollar a
dollar fifty
so it's very very similar to coupon
arbitrage in that aspect and the coupon
but same overall gist again do not sell
these cashback products back on amazon
you can sell them on those same sites
right ebay
poshmark mercari facebook marketplace
offer up
etc okay now the next one is one of my
favorites especially and cashback is
also geared more towards beginners like
coupon obviously
the next one is one of my favorites it's
more still on the beginner side but it
also allows you to
scale up a little bit better right so
it's a little bit more intermediate
although it still does take your time
and that is liquidation websites now
there's two main basic ways to approach
liquidation websites
i'm not going to cover sourcing
liquidation for amazon because that's a
completely different thing
but i will cover sourcing liquidation
for you know the same websites that
we've covered already right ebay
poshmark mercari
etc etc and what liquidation websites
let you do is yes
the drawback of it is you have to spend
more money ahead of time right
so you can't spend like a dollar fifty
on a product and potentially sell that
for like eighteen dollars right
where your your risk is relatively low
because you don't need a lot of money to
or spend money and get your money back
via cash back right
with liquidation you generally not
always but you generally have to spend
more money
usually it's at least a hundred dollars
minimum all the way up to like a couple
hundred bucks to even a couple thousand
if you really want to scale
and you really want to go after a
valuable palette right so a palette is
uh it's kind of like a box it doesn't
always have to be like a palette
it's just a number it's it's a phrase
that basically means
buying a number of products via a
liquidation site
and while the drawback of it is you do
have to spend a lot of money
or not a lot but more money than you
would with coupon or cashback
so it's a little bit more intermediate
that's a drawback but the benefit of it
is you're sourcing
all these top branded products that
already have demand a lot of times and
people are already looking for on these
other retail websites
and you're able to buy them super super
cheap because you're buying them in bulk
from a liquidation company okay
so that's a benefit of liquidation and
then obviously let's say you source a
pallet of like 150
top branded products offer like i don't
know two bucks then obviously you're
paying three hundred dollars for the
palette you're getting 150 items
all with top brands i do this with shoes
all the time i do this with clothes with
clothes all the time
and i list them on poshmark and
basically what you're doing is you're
solidifying that you're buying all these
products at a super low price
you list them all on those same websites
poshmark ebay mercari
offer up facebook marketplace and then
you just slowly let them sell
off because the name of the game there
is the more things that you have listed
obviously the more potential sales that
you can make and then the more you know
it's going to trickle that slow cash
flow to you
and it might take you realistikally a
couple weeks to a month to make your
money back on that pallet
but then once you make your money back
typically how it works is like
let's say you spend three hundred
dollars you're paying two dollars per
product right
so three hundred dollars on a pallet of
150 products that are top branded
slowly you sell that off and then you
make your 300 back
in three weeks let's say right but then
you still have like 130 products listed
on those sites that are
all going to be potential profit as they
slowly sell off and trickle you cash
flow right
and so you can imagine just how easy it
is to scale that business because the
obviously pallets you buy then you can
slowly start building up that reservoir
and all your listings
and eventually as you kind of profit on
those pallets it will just be all profit
and all listed on these websites so it's
a very very great way to kind of scale a
reselling business
from home you can order all those
products just like you almost would
going to a thrift store or you know a
goodwill or something like that right
but you don't ever have to leave you can
just order from liquidation websites
they will deliver it to you and then you
slowly list all these products
on those sites from your home very very
easy right so that's a great way to do
it as well
now the next one is retail websites so
there's a bunch of retail websites
there's tens of thousands of them out
there but ones that come to mind
that are super popular that you know is
really going to relate this idea better
to you
are like walmart or best buy or target
or anything like that right and so you
can literally go
manually to retail websites and look
through the clearances or
you know slowly manually compare the
difference in prices from
a retail website like walmart for
example to amazon and if there's a
difference in price then obviously you
can buy it cheap on one
website resell it on a website like
and profit the difference right but you
don't that's how it used to work you
don't actually have to do that manually
and slowly source
yourself and waste time like you would
you know if you were going out to a
retail store physically
at like walmart and scanning things
there right or if you're going out
you know physically and going to a
thrift store right
you can use software now there's a lot
of software out there that works i
recommend either looking into source
mogul i have a tutorial on source mobile
i will drop that up in the right hand
right now as well as link it down at the
bottom of the description if you want to
check it out
later on when you're done watching the
rest of these actual websites that i'm
about to list here
um so source mogul's a great one that's
the one that i use as well as tactikal
arbitrage a lot of people recommend that
one as well
they both work very very well right and
that way you can hop on the software
the software will literally compare you
can choose a store there's lots of ways
to use them
but you can choose a store specifically
and let the software literally compare
every listing on that website if it's
walmart for example
you're looking at like ten thousand
listings on that website and comparing
all ten thousand
ten thousand listings super quickly with
the software to
all the other listings on amazon and
finding their specific
match on amazon and letting you know if
there's a price difference so you don't
have to scan it manually and waste your
time the software is doing all the heavy
and all the work for you so retail
websites are great way to do it
highly recommend that you look into
those and again liquidation like i don't
think i i believe i said this
liquidation retail sites literally
all of these there are tutorials on this
channel just check the playlists if you
want like a specific playlist
on a specific way to source okay now the
next one is deal websites for
retail sites right so a deal website you
do actually have to scan through
manually but what the deal website
you know creators do is they already are
out there looking for these deals
for you and so you can go to a deal
website there's a bunch of them that
come to mind uh one that comes to mind
is like slick deals another one that
comes to mind is like ben's bargains but
again there's a number of these listed
on the cheat sheet
uh linked down in the description for
free that you can literally go to
and every single morning i used to do
this now i use software and i also
source wholesale which is a little bit
more scalable and books which is a
little bit more scalable
but when i was still just kind of
starting out or like not doing this that
i would go to these sites manually
source them in the morning so it's great
for beginners right
especially if you don't want to spend
any money on software even though the
software is super
like super cheap and going to pay for
itself like immediately anyway
but if you don't want to go out and
spend money on software deal websites
are great for beginners to get into
online arbitrage because you can go
there every morning or every afternoon
or whatever whenever you have time
source them manually and the deal
website is literally listing all the
best deals for you
and then you can compare the prices from
amazon and you don't have to go to a
website like walmart for example
and scan through 10 000 listings
manually which is never going to happen
right i'm going to take you forever
uh you can literally just go look at
like the top 10 or the top 20 that they
have listed there
and a lot of times you can compare them
very very quickly and find a good deal
you know within a couple minutes to
maybe like 10 to 15 minutes
of your time invested so that's a great
place to go as well deal websites you do
have to scan them manually right you
can't scan a deal website with this
you know in this case with software so
you can either go to the retail websites
and use software
or go to the deal websites and there's a
couple deals listed there depending on
the site
sometimes it's a couple sometimes it's
like a couple you know dozen or a couple
but it's a great way to go especially if
you're a beginner and find great deals
so that's another great place that i
recommend that you check out now the
next one is going to be ebay
and book websites now i don't want to
get too too much into this because i
have a number of tutorials on how to
actually do this but what i like to do
is i use software to actually scan
book websites like alabas and
um they literally never pop like biblio
there's probably like 10 to 15 book
websites out there as well as ebay
and with the software i use e-flip and
zen arbitrage you can find tutorials on
how to use them 100
free in the actual book arbitrage
playlist where it's like book reselling
playlist on this channel
and there's countless tutorials on how
to use them in source
both of those software's also come with
a free trial so i recommend watching
those tutorials
joining the free trial and you can start
sourcing and solidifying profit for
immediately today if you do that right
so book websites are great as well as
ebay because
the software is literally going to a lot
like the software for the retail
is going to the the book websites and
comparing the books on those websites
and their prices to the amazon detail
page and the price there
and literally spoon feeding you
different book opportunities to buy
where you can buy them on one website or
ebay or a book website
sell them back on amazon for profit
margin and literally lock down that
profit margin
because the software is telling you and
doing all the heavy lifting for you so
book websites are another one now one of
the ones that i did want to touch on
because it is
you know it is a way that you can source
from home but i don't recommend it
because it's so overplayed a lot of drop
shippers use it and
the quality of the products is garbage
is wish or aliexpress so you can
actually source from wish
you can actually source from aliexpress
and resell those prof products because
they're super cheap
but a lot of drop shippers use those
websites and the quality of the products
as well as the shipping time to you
is super super low so i probably
wouldn't recommend it but i just kind of
wanted to touch on it briefly
because it is an actual place that you
can source products if you want to okay
now three more i'm gonna run through
really quickly the first one is
you can actually you don't have to
actually physically go to the thrift
store right
or physically go to the goodwill just
like the retail websites you don't have
to physically go to wall to walmart for
example you can source walmart.com
with software you can literally go to
the thrift store website or the goodwill
like goodwill.com right
and source through products there so
that's another place that you can do it
i don't think that there's any to my
knowledge at least
software that will do this for you but
again it saves you time you don't have
to physically leave and go to the store
and you can look at all the deals there
online right from your computer right
from your couch okay
now the next one that i want to tok
about really briefly is drop shipping
and the last three tutorials that i
actually did were all on drop shipping
so i recommend going to check them out
drop shipping in an in there's a bunch
of different ways to drop ship
but the way that i recommend that you do
it is kind of like a hybrid between
retail drop shipping and arbitrage like
i tok about a lot
so you can do that on poshmark you can
do that on facebook marketplace and you
can do that on an offer up very very
and if you want to check out more
information on how to do that basically
you're gonna it gives you access to
amazon's entire inventory entire
warehouse entire logistiks
entire storage because you don't
actually need the products physically
before you actually list them yourself
for sale right
and so it gives you access to all their
inventory and you can list all that
inventory without ever having to store
any of it yourself
without ever having to buy the products
ahead of time and source inventory ahead
of time
and spend money before you lock down the
profit before you're insured the sale
and the profit right
so it's a great way to kind of leverage
amazon and all the products on amazon
but if you want a full tutorial on that
like i said the last three videos that i
dropped before this video right here
are all on drop shipping one is uh
poshmark drop shipping
one is facebook marketplace drop
shipping and one is drop shipping on
offer up okay
and finally the last way to source is
wholesale websites but one thing i
didn't touch on with liquidation as well
you know the same true with the
wholesale and also very true there
is that you do need a resellers permit
to source liquidation
and wholesale okay so i did a whole
video on i think there's three to four
simple steps that anybody can take to
get a reseller's permit i will drop that
up in the right hand corner right now if
you want to check it out
and i will also link it at the bottom of
the description below if you want to
check it out as well
after this video is done but you need a
reseller's permit it's very very easy to
go get and then you can source from
and you can source from wholesale
websites so wholesale is in my opinion
the most scalable form of online
reselling you can source wholesale
directly from your computer
right from your couch or from your home
right and you can also
sell it directly on amazon right from
your home right you don't ever need to
leave you can have it shipped into fba
you can manage all your products
directly from your computer and i
again i have an entire uh playlist if
you're interested
on you know how you can sell more from
wholesale how you can use software to
source for you
and a number of other sites that you can
use there's also wholesale sites linked
in the
free cheat sheet if you want to grab
that there and if you guys are really
interested in scaling not just one of
these but learning like all of them and
using them as
metaphorical metaphorical tools in your
reselling tool belt
i recommend checking out the free video
it's a quick free 10 minute video link
down in the description it should be the
first link there
that will show you how resale university
can help you which is my premium you
course that literally covers every
single one of these in depth
we'll show you how you can scale it and
we'll it will that short video will
not just give you like a quick back-end
demo of like the student perspective
of the course but it will also tell you
how it can help you specifically right
not other resellers it actually gives
you a personalized prescription
of the best way and then you know how
you can progress through reselling to
scale it up eventually
if you want to you know side income if
you want to scale it up right from the
get go and you already have money to
it will give you a personalized
prescription of how to do that the best
way and get results the quickest
and it will also give you several
examples countless examples of dozens of
that it's helped other resellers just
like you so i recommend checking that
free video out
if you're interested in learning more
about any one of these or all of them
resale university is a game changer and
it has helped so many other resellers
and it's literally everything that i do
myself so i hope you guys enjoyed this
video that's how you find products to
resell from your couch

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