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90s fashion ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Unforgettable Hair and Beauty Ads from the 80s and 90s

Hair and beauty ads from the 80s and 90s were some of the most memorable and influential ads of all time. These ads used catchy jingles, iconic slogans, and memorable visuals to promote products that promised to make consumers look and feel their best.

Some of the most famous hair and beauty ads from this era include:

1. Clairol's Dear Santa campaign

- Promoted a range of hair products, including hair centers, heated stylers, foot fixers, and anti-dandruff shampoos

- Used catchy jingles and memorable slogans such as Powerful Little Son of a Gun and No Flakes, Just Terrific Hair

2. Yardley's Pot of Gloss campaign

- Promoted a new type of lip color that was wetter, shinier, and glossier than ordinary lipstick

- Used iconic visuals and jingles to showcase the product's benefits

3. English Leather's A in English campaign

- Promoted a new type of aftershave cologne that promised to make men irresistible to women

- Used witty slogans and catchy jingles to showcase the product's benefits

4. Revlon's Skin Balancing Makeup campaign

- Promoted a new type of makeup that promised to balance skin tone and texture

- Used beautiful visuals and soothing music to showcase the product's benefits

5. Max Factor's Colorfast Lipstick campaign

- Promoted a long-lasting lipstick that promised to stay colorful all night long

- Used iconic visuals and catchy jingles to showcase the product's benefits

Hair and beauty ads from the 80s and 90s were not only memorable, but they also had a lasting impact on the beauty industry. These ads helped to promote new products, create iconic slogans and jingles, and set the standard for beauty advertising for years to come. While some of these ads may seem dated now, they continue to hold a special place in the hearts of consumers who grew up with them.

80s Vaporwave Aesthetic Commercial Compilation | Vol. 4 | 80s/90s Fashion, Hair & Car Commercials

Advertisements have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. They are designed to catch our attention and persuade us to buy a certain product or service. Advertisements are everywhere, from TV commercials to billboards, and even on the internet. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the ads that were popular in the past.

Popular Ads:

- Oldsmobile Silhouette: This car is the logical choice for space travel, and it's perfect for the enterprising family. The modular seats pull out easily, and there's a place for everything.

- Xena TV: This TV combines digital video and audio with the performance to back it up. It has picture in picture with triple flashback and a single remote that can run everything.

- Afro Sheen: This concentrated shampoo pampers and conditions your hair as it cleans. It's the perfect product for a beautiful natural hair.

- Alberto European Hairspray: This hairspray is designed for flair and fashion to hold the exciting styles of today.

- Image Salon: This is a one of a kind brand that is only available at fine salons.

- Tropicana Resort and Casino: This is the perfect place for players who want to have fun and enjoy the island fabulous Barbie tropiclean Patti.

- Tab: This is a low-calorie drink that comes in different flavors.

- Vo5 Hot Oil: This product penetrates and conditions your hair deep down for daily damage.

- Wyndemere Waiver: This product gives you soft, deep, professional looking waves without a perm.

- CompuServe: This service combines the power of your computer with the convenience of your telephone to bring you hundreds of online services.

- Soloflex Muscle Machine: This machine offers 32 exercises in one workout program for a beautiful body.

- Seven Up: This drink has a clean refreshing taste that is perfect for any occasion.

- Pontiac Firebird: This car has more standard equipment than ever and is outrageously beautiful with raw sleep power.

- Dodge Trucks: These trucks come with a 5 year 50,000 mile warranty on engine power train and outer body Rustom.

Advertisements have come a long way over the years. While some of these ads may seem outdated or even ridiculous, they were once popular and effective in persuading people to buy a certain product or service. It's interesting to look back at these ads and see how they have evolved over time. Despite the changes, the goal of advertisements remains the same - to catch our attention and persuade us to buy.

A Guide to Vintage Ralph Lauren Ads | Old Money Inspiration

In this video, the focus is on vintage Ralph Lauren adverts from the 80s and 90s. The old money aesthetic is the pinnacle of style and inspiration, and these ads are the epitome of aspirational marketing. They have been providing old money inspiration for decades and are even collectible items.

The vintage ads are timeless and never too editorial, making them very wearable even today. They create a world that you want to escape into, just like a theme park. Inside Ralph Lauren world, there are different lands to explore, such as old money aristocratic land with stately homes and tweed outfits, or equestrian land with polo shirts and riding boots.

Ralph Lauren also incorporates classic British style or American Western wear in their campaigns, and even has a safari collection that gives off African safari or Indiana Jones adventure vibes. They also incorporate naval elements and laid back coastal vibes in their campaigns.

Lastly, academia land is a major part of preppy style and the dark academia aesthetic, both of which incorporate university life and academia.

Overall, vintage Ralph Lauren adverts are timeless and aspirational, providing inspiration for old money looks and classic style.

90s Fashion for Millennial Girls | Amazon Prime Video

The following article includes various dialogues and conversations between different individuals. The use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms has been incorporated to provide a natural flow to the conversations.


- I am not at all scared. Did you understand?

- We'll see.

- It's a tramp in the garb of the thief.

- Where the hell have you guys landed from? From the Central Jail no less.

- Who are you to be questioning us? We're going to do the asking now, okay?

- Where are you coming from? Why?

- Because we're cops. Cops.

- But you look like crooks.

- But that's the idea. All the crooks of the world think we're one of them. And that's exactly how we catch them. For instance, you're a thief. But you look like a heroine. She's very good looking. Gorgeous is the word.

- Good morning uncle. Naughty brat. Always enters like a storm.

- Papa has sent back the library books and thanked you. Brother, your bill. Sir, here it is.

- Give me the books so that I can leave. That is fine.

- Nisha, will you do me a favour? Will you check this bill while I return from the stores?

- Of course. Thanks, but no mischief. Now come on.

- Staring at sister. My God, stop!

- Who are you? Why have you come here? Tell me, I'll kill you.

- You'll kill me? Why did you scold me? What were you doing here? Nice way of asking for it. We had come last night too, but people had mobbed you, so what's your name?

- Kajal. That which is applied to the eyes or the one that is put on babies to ward off the evil eye. Both, I guess.

- What shall I write?

- Anything that is nice.

- My bangle. Rahul, have you seen my bangle?

- Damn. Now I am sure I won't find it. It was my favourite bangle.

- Mine too, Rahul. Come on, give it to me. Come here and take it.

- What childish behaviour. Give it to me. Come closer.

- Here it goes. Happy? Come closer. Closer. Rahul, stop it. Closer.

- You're late again. Can't wake up so early?

- Can't wake up, or were you scared? Rahul Khanna is never scared but loses to Anjali Sharma every day in basketball. Don't want to play.

- What's the point? You will lose again.

- I won't lose today. You say that every day. We'll see. We'll see.

- Why are you staring at me?

- Actually, I have never seen a girl like you. If I have seen, then I have not met her. If I have met her, then the talk might have never gone ahead. And that is why I have never succeeded in life. But now I have met you. Now I think I have chances of progressing in life. Shut up.

- Don't shout, otherwise the lift will stop. Shut up.

- Saw? The lift stopped.

- I am not at all scared. Did you understand?

- Fool. What happened?

- Baby, why are you giving 1000 volts shock in this darkness?

- Wow. So many bulbs have lightened up in my heart. How did all this happen, baby?

- Shalini, his entire group is this type. Nobody is interested in studying. Dance, drinks, and dating. This is their lifestyle.

- Great. What a life. Really. So is this why you come to college?

- You are so boring, Priya. College days are meant for this. We must enjoy these days. Once you're out of college, you'll get married, have kids. And then all your life you have to look after your kids. Let's have fun.

- What's the problem? Why don't you understand? He's a womaniser.

- So what? I don't think so. Darn you, Priya.

The article includes various conversations between different individuals, incorporating the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. The conversations are written in a natural flow to provide an authentic feel to the dialogues.

Commercials of the Dot Com Bubble | Late 90s/Early 2000s Internet and Tech Company Ads

In today's world, the internet has become a one-stop-shop for all our needs, be it shopping, entertainment, education, or job search. The convenience of online services has made our lives easier and faster.

Online Shopping:

Amazon.com offers a vast range of books on various subjects, and the great discounts make it an attractive option for book lovers. CD Now provides a range of music albums, while Beyond.com offers software and other office requirements. EToys is a great place to find toys for kids, while B-Hicks.com helps in finding the right car.

Job Search:

With the IT revolution, the job market is rapidly changing, and getting certified with TIK skills can help one land a high-paying job. GotAJob.com offers a fast, free, and easy way to search for jobs.


From Italian films to video games, there is something for everyone on the internet. Netscape.com provides faster searches, while Snowball.com offers a list of the coolest sites. Cisco Systems is empowering the internet generation, while UPS ensures the safe and timely delivery of shipments.

The internet has revolutionized the way we live our lives, and with the convenience and accessibility of online services, it has become an indispensable part of our daily routine. The future looks bright, and the internet will continue to be a game-changer in the years to come.

These Indian Ads are so Stupid | Funniest TV Ads Part 4

Advertisements play an important role in promoting products and services to potential consumers. While some ads are creative and interesting, others are unrealistic and lack logic. This article explores some of the most absurd and nonsensical ads that exist today.

Absurd Advertisements:

1. The Bulb Ad: An ad for a bulb claiming to make clothes whiter is utter nonsense. There is no logic to support this claim.

2. The Fairness Cream Ad: Racist and sexist ads promoting fairness creams are nothing but propaganda. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that fairness creams can make someone's skin tone lighter.

3. The Wide Screen TV Ad: The ad shows two people trying to pass a water bottle, but they cannot do so because of the wide screen. This ad is illogical and lacks any real meaning.

4. The UpGrad Ad: The ad features a donkey and KRK, making fun of people who work in MNCs. The ad promotes UpGrad as a solution for working professionals who want to specialize in a particular field. While the message is good, the ad is nonsensical.

5. The Fat Husband Ad: An ad showing a fat husband trying to pass through a narrow space by sucking in his belly is ridiculous. The ad lacks creativity and is unrealistic.

Absurd advertisements are a waste of time and resources. They do not promote the product or service effectively and can even damage the brand's reputation. Advertisements must be creative, logical, and meaningful to capture the audience's attention and promote the product effectively.

Guyana Old TV Ads. Part 1

The following article features various businesses in Grenada, including a security service, bookstores, fashion stores, a bank, a university, and a furniture store.

Trooper Security Service:

- Offers efficient button and armed guards, cash escorts, and patrols at affordable prices.

- Contact Captain James Light at 50809 or 70164 for reliable and secure service.

San Copa Books:

- Offers books on African Americans, Indians, Asians, history, philosophy, religion, Islam, health and nutrition, fiction, and children's books.

- Also sells ethnic clothing and jewelry.

Homeland Zulu Fashion Store:

- Sells ready-made dresses, sashikis, gowns, hats, coffees, bags, and other novelties for gentlemen, ladies, and children.

- Also sells fabric from Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal for customers to create their own fashion.

- Contact at 74976.

Citizens Bank:

- Offers an accommodating and open approach to banking that puts customers first.

- Provides easy access to decision makers.

- Contact for loan options.

Saint George's University:

- Offers various schools, including arts and sciences, medicine, graduate studies, and itinerary medicine.

- Contact at 473 444 4680 for enrollment information.

Around Rooms Furniture Store:

- Offers a wide range of furniture and household items for the small man's income.

- Includes beds, suites, cabinets, kitchen safes, coffee tables, corner stands, dinette sets, room dividers, and more.

- Contact at 15 Lombard Street Georgetown.

These businesses offer various services and products in Grenada, catering to different needs and interests. From security to fashion to education to furniture, there are options available for all customers.

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