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A Day in the Life Of Chanel Stevens : Super Affiliate

Published on: December 15 2022 by Chanel Stevens

Meet Chanel Stevens, a successful super affiliate who has been in the affiliate marketing industry for over a decade. She has been able to make a living off of affiliate marketing and has built a reputation as one of the top affiliates in the game. In this article, we will be taking a look at a day in the life of Chanel Stevens and how she manages to stay on top of her game.

Morning Routine:

- Chanel wakes up at 5:30 AM every day and begins her day with a cup of coffee.

- She spends the first hour of her day checking her emails and responding to any urgent messages.

- After this, she heads to the gym for a quick workout to get her blood pumping and to clear her mind.


- Chanel begins her workday at 9 AM and spends the first hour reviewing her daily to-do list.

- She then spends the rest of her day working on her affiliate marketing campaigns, analyzing data, and brainstorming new ideas to improve her campaigns.

- Throughout the day, she takes breaks to stretch and recharge her batteries.

Evening Routine:

- Chanel finishes her workday at around 6 PM and spends the rest of her evening relaxing and spending time with her family.

- She enjoys cooking and often prepares dinner for her family.

- After dinner, she spends time with her kids and watches TV or reads a book to wind down.

Chanel Stevens is a true inspiration to anyone looking to make a living off of affiliate marketing. Her dedication and hard work have paid off, and she continues to thrive in the industry. With a consistent morning routine, a focused workday, and a relaxing evening routine, Chanel has been able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

A Day in the Life Of Chanel Stevens : Super Affiliate

- Chanel Stevens shares a day in the life video to show the reality of entrepreneurship

- She wants to dispel the misconception that making money online means living a lavish lifestyle

- Chanel explains that she enjoys nice things and experiences, but her day-to-day life is still ordinary


- Chanel runs errands and checks her mailbox like anyone else

- She emphasizes the importance of flexibility in her job as a CPA marketer

- She doesn't focus her entire day on making money, but enjoys other activities and experiences

- Chanel shows her pantry and fridge, which are not extravagant, and shares what she's having for dinner

- She encourages viewers to value their time as their most precious resource and to be willing to manage it effectively

- Chanel's day-to-day life is normal, but she enjoys the flexibility that entrepreneurship provides

- She wants to share the reality of what making money online entails, rather than perpetuating a glamorous image

- Chanel invites viewers to let her know if they enjoyed the video and want to see more of her day-to-day life.

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