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abercrombie and fitch ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Is Obesity "Brave And Stunning" when Marketing Abercrombie and Fitch Ads?

what's up ladies and gentlemen of,youtube boogie2988 coming at you all,again to the power of the internet and,the more observant ones of you might,have notiked,that i've been on youtube for 16 years,and the entire time,i have been very fat i mean i used to be,fatter but i'm still fat now and that,makes me a bit of an oddity not just,because you know i'm one of the largest,human beings to have ever lived but also,because i'm one of the handful of really,fat youtubers that ever made a name for,themselves in fact i think i can count,all of us on one hand including myself,and one of the accusations that fat,people on youtube face or in social,media anywhere is that we are,normalizing fatness we make it seem like,it's okay,to be fat and that's actually the same,allegation that abercrombie and fitch is,facing,for allowing a fat person to be in one,of their advertisements and in fact the,backlash was so bad they ended up,deleting the advertisement so here is,the advertisement this was just a simple,post,to their instagram of this uh fairly,obese woman and people lost their mind,on twitter and of course it was twitter,it's always twitter but of course people,on twitter clutch their pearls grab,their panties put sand in their vaginas,and just went to town [ __ ] in the bed,over this one tweet read new abercrombie,and fitch had just dropped this season,they are featuring diabetes and heart,attacks and let's just be honest being,morbidly obese is not healthy anyone who,is fat needs to know that and if you,don't already know it there's a very,important lesson in the pipeline,potentially a heart attack or a stroke,or diabetes or all three of those just,one leading to the other,uh that's the facts of it here's the,thing though we don't need a reminder,about that every time we stand up it,hurts,we're fairly aware that being morbidly,obese sucks another twitter user said,who's going to look at that picture and,think to themselves i want to look like,that i'm ordering those shorts i don't,know who that person is but i would like,to get to know them because i i know a,lot of fat people but none of us have,any self-esteem left so if that person,looks at that pair of shorts and says i,would look good on those i want to own,them,congratulations society has not,destroyed your soul yet,i i wake up every day and i put on the,same pair of sweatpants i have 12 pairs,of the same sweatpants and i just rotate,them out i wear the same black graphic,tees this one i had designed and is,available in my merch store you can pick,it up in the link down below i dress,like a cartoon character because i know,no matter what i put on i'm not going to,look good so i don't care if you're fat,and you care what you look like you're,leagues ahead of most of us so,congratulations on healing here's one of,my favorite ones she was a pretty face,too bad society told her not only was it,healthy to look like this but it was,also brave and empowering,okay hot take time get ready to,unsubscribe i know you're gonna where in,the hell has society ever told you it,was healthy to be fat i've never met a,doctor that didn't chastise me for it i,didn't meet a bully that didn't chastise,for me there there's not a morbidly,obese woman on the internet that has not,been told by some in cell that it's not,okay to be fat and even if you still,believe that for some reason eventually,you're gonna get the life lesson that,teaches you it's certainly not healthy,but again like i said for most of us at,our size we're in constant chronic pain,we're aware that it's not healthy we,need help standing up sometimes,we're aware however i do find it brave,and stunning not to just wear this,partikular outfit but then then to be,photographed for it and put on the,internet at large people of course she,knew people are going to tear her up,chew her up and spit her out and destroy,her that is i think that is brave and,stunning that's my hot take and i'm,stiking to it but there are some,grander points i would like to make here,um first off abercrombie has been doing,this tokenism stuff just like a lot of,corporate america where they show a,handful of large people they show a,handful of diverse people and they do it,as a marketing gimmick and i never find,that to be helpful in fact i think it's,pretty harmful and look i like to be,represented in media and advertising and,everything else that's why i'm a huge,fan of return of the jedi because job of,the hut makes me feel like i could run a,criminal empire and i wish mcdonald's,would be a little more realistik with,their ads i would like to see a big fat,guy in his car too lazy to walk into the,store going to the drive-thru ordering,17 cheeseburgers and then eating them,alone on the toilet while crying right,like i do that for me mcdonald's please,but they never do it enough they never,show obese people or people of color or,diverse people of any type they always,go back to the tried and true normalized,stuff right,they do it just enough to get the,checklist the check mark of the,checklist there's a fatty there's a,person of color there's a lesbian all,right we're done now back to straight,white thin models so they're not,normalizing these types of people,they're not normalizing these types of,bodies that is an absurd claim they do,it just enough to cause the outrage so,that they know it will cause to get,people toking about it and then they go,back to the normal stuff that they do,all the time that everyone expects them,to do that sells clothing but let's,imagine we did go ahead and normalize,this stuff in in television and movies,and advertisements and video games what,if we put a base characters in all types,of media,it's already normalized in america 42.4,of americans,are obese,a lot of people almost half of the,people look like some of the women in,these ads,so it is normalized it's just not,normalized in media this one,advertisement doesn't normalize it okay,it's just one of the millions of,advertisements people put out every week,okay and me and a handful of other large,creators on the platform doesn't,normalize it because the average content,creator who gets those types of views or,more views is probably a normalized,skinny healthy person even though,theoretikally forty percent of content,creators who are at the top should be,morbidly obese right,statistikally speaking forty percent of,american youtubers should be fat as [ __ ],and why is that by the way it is because,people like to look at skinny healthy,people we're our little stupid monkey,brains are wired that way it could never,become normalized that the majority of,people you see in media in a television,is going to be heavyset people,unfortunately because our brains just,don't seem to work that way so this is,not a fear you need to have,i think it would be interesting i would,think it would be interesting if 40,percent of people in advertisements and,television videos and movies and,everything else is a big fat fatty fat,fat like me that'd be cool i'd be,interested in watching those shows,but most people aren't,and that's just seems to be how it is so,you have nothing to fear about just,because they ran one ad with a fatty or,you see one fatty on youtube,you're probably not gonna have to see,too many more so calm the [ __ ] down and,i am so tired of the straw man argument,that says you know morbidly obese people,think it's healthy no we don't,the media tells us that it isn't the,internet tells us that it is doctors,family members friends strangers on the,street i mean one simple google search,will tell you that it diminishes every,aspect of your health reproductive,respiratory memory mood,it literally leads to diabetes heart,disease cancer there's nothing healthy,about it no one believes it's healthy,stop building that straw man argument,it's stupid and the only people that say,that it is are people that are,manipulating you into paying attention,to them long enough to get mad and give,them outrage clicks so stop it,stop i

Mad TV: Abercrombie Parody

to get their picture taken with Santa,when you can get your picture taken with,the Abercrombie & Fitch boys yeah merry,Christmas to us,hold up shorties each photo costs 10,bucks and the proceeds go to charity Oh,what's your DS that it's to pay for the,40 million dollar lawsuit against us,yeah a bunch of minorities sued,Abercrombie cuz they only hire Foxy,white guys my guess,I've never seen a black person working,at Abercrombie and Fitch,well that's [ __ ] all because we have,three of them working here right now so,what are they way back in the supply,room yo back room we need more yard I've,waffle tees up here pronto,all right ladies we only have enough,time for you to lose 20 pounds so why,don't you just suck in your guts and,smile yeah we don't need this yeah you,know you guys are so obviously in love,with each other you should get a room,somewhere yeah we do have a room more,like a cab,beautiful surfboards and the procced,--ax bearskin rug yeah it's just us boys,being boys playing bongos roasting,weenies,yeah we need those whopping he's right,away stingray midnight Panther on the,duck yo Dawgs big ups for hustling with,the stokage yeah mad props homies now,hurry back to the stok room before,anybody sees you know in case you,haven't heard people of color have won,the right to work in the front of this,store no justike no peace let's burn,this mother down well hold on dogs,Abercrombie doesn't have anything,against black people otherwise it,wouldn't have a poster 1 on our wall,black guy that's a photo negative of a,white guy Stark my man hey listen guys,it's not about your skin color you just,don't have that certain Ambercrombie,cannot say qua oh you mean like waking,up in the dew-drenched meadow at sunrise,yeah without any clothes or body hair,then to warm up you bend over and,stretch out each other's hand strings,then you go canoeing taking turns,stroking each other's or,nice six-pack Panther,Rock & Gun stingray,tight glutes midnight,oh excuse me do you guys have a bathroom,yes,well clay is it no maybe you should try,the Panda Express honey,I take it back you guys are total,Abercrombie yeah especially Panther with,this free fall cargo and vintage,Shetland scarf,check out stingray and his bluff,Mountain lightweight oxford midnight is,chilling in those Abercrombie kickback,slacks,yo midnight catch gang tackle,you

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Abercrombie DELETES Body Positive Ad After Negative Tweets!

maybe they go back the other direction,but maybe they won't,[Music],how's everybody doing my name is anthony,bryant logan and today we're going to,tok about abercrombie as in the,clothing line label whatever you want to,call it abercrombie and fitch deleting,a post from an ad because of a tweet,storm basically,people are like hey wait a minute this,does not make a lot of sense you guys,are abercrombie why are you,posting this thing that normalizes,obesity and i'll place this right here,on the screen we get to an artikle in a,little bit but here's the picture,right here right,this is just one of the women that were,in the picture now come on you know,abercrombie and fish this this is not,really,if you've ever seen abercrombie fitch,before you got you have more lean and,young looking models and,this right here is not abercrombie fitch,okay,and then the person who was posted said,new abercrombie and fish had just,dropped this season they are featuring,diabetes and heart attacks now nothing,against anybody that happens to be full,figured or obese or whatever it is,but facts are effects when you have a,lot of weight on you like that,your chances of developing these things,that are very debilitating go up,before they open up the southern border,and let fentanyl just come across,unfettered the number one cause of death,of all americans was heart disease,and heart disease is caused by obesity,so this is not any kind of way,a good thing to aspire to and it doesn't,make any sense for,a clothing company,to put that out there it doesn't make,any sense,for,i guess you would say modeling agencies,or whatever to put that out there as,some kind of vision of beauty now i,understand the retort hey abl that's,more realistik well maybe it is but,first of all two things first of all,should it be realistik should it be,realistik to have obesity be the,standard,i mean because obesity really is is,sickness you don't see many elderly,people who are obese because they're,gonna die early due to the things that,they're doing to their body that's just,what it is and i wish that,it wasn't that way i would hope that,people could just be healthy and,whatever do whatever they want but,that's just not how our bodies are,created all right,obesity,will kill you sooner than later and if,you are obese right now today's the day,to change it you can change your life,but i'm going down to brag behold i'm,preaching so i digress um,models,and i i think modeling should be more,about aspirations it should be about,goals,it's not realistik to have everybody be,all the males be six foot three and six,pack abs and all this that and the third,that's not realistik but it should be,aspirational it should be a goal it,should be a thing that you should reach,to,you might not be able to reach it but,hey,shoot for the stars and land on the moon,that's what my philosophy is,you'll be healthier and happier as a,result at least in my humble opinion as,long as you don't go down and grab a,hold of bulimia and anorexia as long as,you're just being healthy that should be,the main goal healthy you don't have to,be,a model on a cover let gq magazine but,at least be healthy,right and i'm not really sure why,they're pushing obesity because,there's somebody else that is has this,going on and that's lizzo,now you you guys know who lizzo is she's,been around for a little bit,um they put her on the vmas last night i,didn't really watch that i just turned,on my tv and i saw two dudes kissing so,i turned off that's not really my cup of,tea if you're into that hey knock,yourself out but i'm cool on that,but lizzo i feel like,you know you see my little comment,you know modern-day menstrual they look,make it look ridiculous she has on the,construction tarp look at this outfit,right here,they they're making her look ridiculous,because,her whole shtik is that she's obese,that's the whole thing,she's talented musically but there are a,lot of musical talents out there that,don't have any kind of stardom anywhere,near a lizzo because they don't have,that extra thing,that puts them over the top,in her case it's being obese and then,they dress her ridiculously to to,further it,you could find something that would make,her look a little bit better than this,what appears to be black tarp black,trash bag they're making her look,they're making a mockery out of her,they're mocking her openly and she don't,really care because she's able to get,plenty of money and be successful so,yeah i'll be this,obese,mockery of a person i'll let them dress,me ridiculously because i make money as,a result it's pretty embarrassing and,you're pushing forth this unhealthy,body type it's not even about being,pretty or whatever because you could say,lizzo's not necessarily ugly in the face,but when you 400 pounds or however,however heavy she is it don't really,make a difference so let's go back to,the abercrombie situation this is the,full um picture right here,of the young lady,for an abercrombie finch ad this is,supposed to be something you would buy,and here's something else though,the whole reason why models are,typically thin or at least,in yesteryear they're pretty thin is,because,they're just like clothing hangers you,march them out there to show how the,clothes look,can you even see,why you want to go to abercrombie and,buy something like this,why would i want to buy that it's like,all right i want to see how the clothes,look on just just,when i go shopping,on like let's say amazon or something,like that,i want to be able to see how like this,polo shirt for example would just look,it could just be on a on a flat surface,with no person wearing it,but with this right here why would you,go to a store that's not walmart or,target to buy something like this this,appears like,you,dug this out of the back of your dresser,and threw it on,like it's too small first of all it's,too small it don't really fit well it,doesn't look good,so if you're a model,your objective should be to make the,clothes look good and she does not,succeed right here,so i think there was more pictures so,she don't look too bad this lady right,here she don't look too bad,i mean you're a little,you could look better you know what i,mean for to be a model now i'm not,saying i'm a top model either but i'm,not i'm also not the kind of guy that's,going to be modeling pictures for,abercrombie and fitch you know i'm over,here doing my my youtube thing that's,what i do actually i said to what i'm,good at i said to what i know,all right,and yeah so,a lot of them don't look too bad i think,i suspect this could be something else,going on because with some of these ads,you got to watch out you might get a,little,you might you might get a little,something extra you might get a little,something you might get a little,surprise in that dress if you catch my,drift wink wink but i'll move on,so they don't look too bad they look,okay,i mean this person right here if they,are biological um xx,then they uh look okay,but um or uh this right here does not,look good it does not look appealing,it's like,what would make me want to go buy that,if i was a young lady i would not say,hey that's cute that looks good,and and then you got these guys right,here,most guys ain't gonna be built like this,and that's fine like i say you gotta,aspire to be that,all right,and the main thing is probably these,pants they get on and use uh in these,sandals they're wearing so that should,be the main thing you focus on right,the pants and the sandals,all right because it's it's just like,like i said you could just lay on the,flat surface and that'd be kind of how,it looks,all right now you got to understand if,you weigh 700 pounds and you confined to,a wheelchair or your bed,that won't look the same on you,it's not going to look good on you you,can't really wear anything that's going,to look good,that's just the situation,so it may not necessarily be realistik,to look like that,or,another you know like a tower banks back,in the

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Abercrombie and Fitch GLAMORIZE obesity thanks to White feminism

bruh,oh,my goodness so there is this abercrombie,and fitch ad that was recently deleted,from twitter and i gotta be honest with,you i always thought it was amber and,krabi right i know a lot of people,called it amber and crappie it's,abercrombie nevertheless that's neither,here nor there in this in this ad that,was deleted the reason why is because,there was backlash people were outraged,over this ad that they put up on twitter,now i didn't know what the ad was and i,was curious right curiosity killed the,cat satisfaction brought it back though,and i went looking for this ad and,apparently this ad was also available on,facebook and instagram they still have,it up on there and i check out this ad,and i'm like what's what's going on here,and then i see it,and it's uh it's a,uh how do i how do i describe this um in,in the zoo,in the zoo they'd be seen as maybe a,hippopotamus right or maybe a uh or in,the wild like a water buffalo but in,this case it's a morbidly obese white,woman okay that's that's that's cool,that's what it is that's who she is okay,that's what she is okay a morbidly obese,white woman and they have all the,handles of the of the models,[Music],now i remember,back in the day where a model,um model wasn't morbid morbidly obese,right where someone says there are a,body like okay okay i can see that,absolutely now you have individuals,saying that i'm a model and it's like,you're a model do you mean like a hand,model like what do you what you mean,but nevertheless uh i i find this i find,this to be fascinating because what you,have to think about,is where this all came from this whole,fat acceptance body positivity all that,this all started way back back in the,day when feminism okay white women,that's where this comes from we're,toking about way back in like 1960s,apparently where they had the fat,underground and the national association,for acceptance of fat people this shows,that obviously there is a lot of,misinformation in the medical field,concerning obesity or fat acceptance,nafa i believe all this stem from from,white women okay that's where this all,stem from now unfortunately like every,other disease and virus it has spread,into black women where now you have,black women doing this fat acceptance,and this fat inclusivity and this fat,phobic most recently uh lizzo which i,will do a video on that because what,aries spear said was 100 accurate,nevertheless um you you have to watch,out for this con game because this is,nonsense and here's the thing there's a,difference between normalizing something,and it was never was never we'll say i,guess abnormal in the sense right we,understand that people,are born with,defects,but we don't we don't normalize or,standardize those defects where that's,just a standard way that's a standard of,variation of a human no we understand,that a human has two arms two legs right,ten,ten ten fingers ten toes two eyes right,we don't normalize the abnormalities and,that is precisely what seems to be,happening,where fat you have these fat and obese,individuals and listen we all we have,seen fat and obese individuals it's not,anything crazy to us but now,they're they transition to making it a,standard well that's okay,that's there's nothing wrong with them,they're not it's not abnormal this is a,standard look,where this is accepted and tolerated and,promoted and bolstered in some areas and,that's what you know many of these white,feminists wanted they wanted to,to normalize as they wanted to promote,this and amplify this message that hey,you can be sexy at any weight that it,doesn't matter fat is right and all that,it's cuckoo for coco puffs okay absolute,cooking for cocoa puffs and find it,hilarious the hypocrisy of this,right off of coming from you know uh a,covet because we saw the data most of,people who are falling you know who were,who are getting needed were overweight,and obese people those were the main,people who were targeted by by this by,this illness it's crazy that you would,then go and try and glamorize you know,more morbid obesity,that's insane to me that's especially,coming from a fitness background that's,insane to me now don't get me wrong,i would see this also as a detriment to,the fitness industry because if you want,to say hey that's good that's okay then,what's the point of getting a trainer,what's the point of working out why for,what i this is good this is a standard i,i look like this this should be happier,you should be happy for me you should,accept me and not shame me,and it's like okay i guess,i i that's crazy,i want to say,black women black men do not fall for,this con game do not fall for this,hustle because that's exactly what this,is now i would argue there's a certain,as far as anti-black uh racism to it,okay certain undertone because you look,at the data four out of five black women,uh uh are overweight or obese,that is crazy okay that is unacceptable,all right and then you want to argue as,far as you can't find a man i'm sorry,men don't like water buffaloes okay,there are some there's a minority that,may find that attractive that may put a,ring on it all right but the vast,majority aren't attracted to water,buffaloes that's not what's happening so,the more you want it as far as go that,route of the white woman you want to act,like the white woman when it comes to,feminism when it comes to stuff that,doesn't benefit you,listen to me it doesn't benefit you you,want to act like that guess what you're,going to be alone you're going to be,alone alone alone with nothing but a cat,or a dog that's that's what that that's,what the future has in store for you if,you try to emulate white women let white,culture stay with white people now there,are certain things you can,you can adopt,okay or instill,in in yourself but a good chunk of that,you need to let them do them because,that's what's getting them as far as hey,boys are girls and they're transitioning,and drag queen story shows and all let,them do that,let them let please let them do that,don't hop on to that foolishness don't,hop onto that foolishness absolutely not,and i find it,absolutely disgusting that you have some,in them some of these some of these,these these plants all right some of,these sambos especially on the democrat,side some of these sambos who are who,who are allowing them to co-op black,history to promote their far white,liberal agendas,that is that is disgusting i see that as,traitorous behavior absolute traitor,behavior okay,so i'm just saying please don't fall for,this this is absolute,nonsense you may be in sodom and,gomorrah but you don't have to be of,sodom and gomorrah anyways guys that's,the video let me know what you guys,think whether or not you believe lucas,lucas this is absolutely great okay we,should be inclusive of everyone okay of,all shapes of all walks of life because,absolutely or being believed yeah you,keep that over there though you you you,keep you keep morbidly obesity and all,that you keep that over there by all,means please i i beg of you okay please,don't bring that over here now if you,happen to disagree with this video,you're more welcome to call in during,disagreement days which is typically,held friday through sunday there'll be a,number on screen you call in we duke it,out either or hope you guys enjoyed the,video if you did please feel free to,like share comment subscribe,that fun stuff till next time guys be,amazing,we don't normalize the abnormalities,[Music]

Bryan Braman on his past life as an Abercrombie & Fitch model

- I have some amazing stories of chasing,the pigskin around the country.,Lived in many different places,,met many different people. But this is the story,of how I became an Abercrombie & Fitch model.,So it's,spring, 2007.,I was offered a chance to play football,at Long Beach City College.,I made my way down to Long Beach,,and the living situation there was,a really big housing complex.,So we were actually kicking it out,next to the pool, having a few drinks.,Beautiful day, Southern California.,And there was actually a young lady,that I became friends with.,And, obviously, the light must have been,hitting me just right, because she looks,over at me and she's like, "You look like a model.,You could be an Abercrombie & Fitch model.,Seriously.",And, you know, obviously, I'm eating it up,,I'm loving the compliments.,And from that moment on, it just kind of festered.,It became something that I wanted to look into.,And we actually kind of hatched this whole plan,on how I'm gonna become an Abercrombie & Fitch model.,For those of you that don't know,,they actually recruit their models,from the stores that they, you know,,obviously, have in various spots - malls, flagship stores,,shopping centers and stuff like that.,I was gonna make sure my hair looked great.,I was gonna put on a tank top.,Obviously, being in Southern California,,I had spent a lot of time on the beach,,so my tan was amazing.,The hair was right.,I think it was currently, at that moment, a faux-hawk.,I mean, it fit me.,Well, I had no idea what I was doing.,All I knew was, I'm supposed to walk into the store,,and somebody's supposed to approach me.,I don't know why I was so nervous.,I had no idea why I was so nervous,,but when I showed up, I saw the greeter,on both sides. They both said hello.,And I just really slowly start, like,,walking through the store, like, oddly,trying to make eye contact with everybody in the store.,Hey, do you see me?,Do you see me?,You know, the mirrors that they have in there,,I'm checking my hair, making sure it's looking right.,Make sure that my shirt is,,you know, making the muscles look big enough.,And I make it back to the front of the store.,And one of the managers approaches me,,and offered me to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model.,And at that moment I was like, "It worked!",I was so ecstatik inside, because it was....,It started out as a joke.,It was something really funny that me,and a friend came up with next to the pool.,And it actually turned into something.,And my first day, out in front of the store,,I put my jeans on, flip-flops. I don't have a shirt on.,And I have to stand in front of the store for four hours.,It's kind of funny how many people actually,think you're a mannequin when they first walk in,,and how you scare them when you,reach out and say, "Hey, how's it going?,Welcome to Abercrombie & Fitch.",Cornrows, shirtless, Speedos.,I really didn't hold anything back.,And the people, the photographers,,everybody that I met along the way....,It was amazing.,And I wouldn't change it for the world.

FZQ #2: Abercrombie and Fitch Ads: Whatever Happened?

Oh whatever happened to Abercrombie &,Fitch ads now I don't really know I was,not a big I didn't I had to look this up,because I'm so I'm not much of a college,guy or Ivy League guy or necessarily,like a hunk um,and so basically what I was starting to,realize was that the old Abercrombie &,Fitch like um motive,motif was it kind of reminds me of like,the ancient Greek ideal of manliness,it's like mmm naked men that are,beautiful um and the Greeks kind of just,loved that stuff and I think there's,always like um part of probably mostly,men but um anyone who wants to embody,that ideal of the Mike Jeffries the,longtime CEO of Abercrombie who was,responsible both for the rise and fall,because the rise because of his style,sentence and his choices and his um work,ethic and all that stuff and the fall,because of things he said about how,Abercrombie's for the cool kids and,stuff he um he called the UH he said,Abercrombie was the essence of privilege,and casual luxury and it's like it's,kind of like a certain kind of heaven,for mostly like privileged people like,white people who are good-looking and,who go who are already hooked up to go,to college and stuff um and that was,sort of like an ideal that's starting to,get attacked eventually because the CEO,I mean he said things like you know he,made sure that there were the sizes that,they were selling were only so small and,stuff because they they we only want,good-looking people in our stores so,there was a problem there and so,I was thinking it's kind of like a,battle between the sensitives and the,jocks um and the reason that jocks ever,won and we're successful in the first,place because everybody wants to be,good-looking and everybody wants life to,be easy and it looks like Abercrombie 4,presented an image of like kind of like,the ideal life you know not only are you,good-looking but you're also you went to,the Ivy League college and so you must,be smart too and all the good-looking,women love you and everything the other,big thing that caused the decline of,Abercrombie and Fitch and stores like it,is that the Internet is changing the,value of brands like it used to make,more sense to invest lots of money in,brands and now with the internet like,Amazon is kind of like taking over it's,almost like you feel like all the,biology of the Amazonian jungle is like,swarming the Greek gods and sort of just,like eat it,eating them in a pool of maggots or,something and that's happening to lots,of different brands and stores or retail,stores in general our clothes are often,closing because of the internet and,related you know things related to the,Internet so the actual history of,Abercrombie & Fitch is it's like pretty,uh researchable it's easily researchable,and there's some really good artikles on,the internet about that the question is,will the Greek will the archetype of,like Greek masculinity research,somewhere where somebody else who is an,Abercrombie & Fitch will realize there's,a market for this like you can you can,create this image and sell and mittened,is a really good business model where,you can sell lots of things based on the,image of like the sort of totally,successful on you know easygoing like I,always had money and always will have,money kind of person maybe that will,come back I mean because I think the,latent needs to like worship Greek,worship that the male body is is latent,in in like the what of the population in,general there's like a latent love of of,that so,maybe it will research in some other way,okay,[Music]