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Academy for Ads: Mastering Online Advertising

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

In this section, we will discuss the Google Academy for ads and how it can help individuals learn about search engine marketing and pay per click advertising. Google Academy offers a certification program that can enhance an individual's resume and prove their ability to use Google Ads.

Google Academy for Ads:

- Google Academy for Ads offers a certification program for AdWords mobile, AdWords search, and other components.

- The AdWords fundamentals assessment is required before taking the certification exam.

- The interactive experience on the website allows individuals to brush up on concepts and learn the basics.

- Once the certification is completed, it can be added to an individual's business documents.

Benefits of Google Academy for Ads:

- Google Academy provides up-to-date information on how to build a search engine ad for a particular year.

- The certification program can enhance an individual's resume and prove their ability to use Google Ads.

- Google Academy offers instructional tools that provide individuals with comprehensive information on search engine advertising.

Google Academy for Ads is a great tool for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge of search engine advertising and improve their resume. The certification program and instructional tools provide comprehensive information and up-to-date knowledge on how to build a search engine ad.

Academy on Air: Capture attention with best-in-class video ads

In this episode of Academy on Air, we will be discussing how to design creative for your YouTube for Action campaign. This is the third episode of four that will focus on YouTube for Action. We will start by discussing the importance of creative design, followed by the story arc that we recommend. We will also teach you how to design your creator from mobile and how we can help you get your creative if you don't have one.

The Importance of Creative Design:

Creative design is crucial for your YouTube for Action campaign. It shows off your business while giving your viewers a way to take action. The TrueView for Action ad format has specific characteristics that can influence how we think about our creative.

- TrueView for Action has a skip button, which means the ad can be any length and duration, but viewers have the choice to skip after five seconds.

- TrueView for Action has a call to action button, a customizable button that allows viewers to click and take action directly from the ad unit.

- Using signals from across Google Search, Maps, and other platforms, you can be sure you are reaching audiences on YouTube who are already searching for what you sell or are likely to buy based on shopping patterns and live stage.

- Sound is crucial to impactful creative. 95% of YouTube ads are seen and heard, so using sound is essential to reinforce the most salient components of the ad and drive more action.

The Story Arc:

We recommend following a story arc when designing your creative. Top-performing ads follow a certain arc of a story. They start with high energy and an action-oriented audience. They grab attention by establishing a problem or need, followed quickly by introducing the product or service as a solution. They keep explaining the benefits or features to maintain connection throughout the ad and finish with an offer or resolution and a strong call to action. We refer to this as the explainer story arc.

Designing for Mobile:

More than 60% of YouTube views are on mobile, so designing ads that are thinking about mobile first is crucial. Use close cropping, faster cuts, and faster pacing to get to the point fast and be fun. Use bright footage and larger text for easy reading. When placing text or graphical overlays, avoid the bottom where the skip add and call to action overlays are and the right corner where the visit advertiser prompt text will appear.

Creative design is crucial for your YouTube for Action campaign. It is the single greatest force multiplier when it comes to improving campaign performance. Following the story arc and designing for mobile can help you create effective creative that could drive action for your business. If you don't have a creative, we can help with our YouTube trained video production partners. Whatever your budget and timeline, we have options to help.

MAX Academy - How to Create Ad Units

In this article, we will discuss how to create your app and ad unit within Max. Monetization is an essential aspect of any app, and creating an ad unit is the first step to setting it up. We will cover how to manage your waterfall, create an ad unit, and adjust its settings.

Steps to Creating an Ad Unit within Max:

1. Click Max and then click Add Units. It will take you to the main ad units page, which shows all the apps and ad units you've created on Max before.

2. Click the Create Ad Unit button. Name your ad unit and select the platform it lives on (AppLovin and Max are connected to the Google Play Store and iTunes Store).

3. If your app is not live, you can still add it to Max by typing in your package name manually. Click the Manually add your package name option, drop in your package name, and hit create.

4. Select your ad type or format. For example, in this case, we will build an interstitial ad. It is best practice to use a single ad unit ID for each format within an app to ensure that an ad is always cached and avoid unnecessary bandwidth usage.

5. Toggle ad unit settings, such as frequency capping, banner refresh rate, and bid floor.

6. Hit save, and the ad unit will be successfully saved. Copy the ad unit ID, which is crucial for the integration process.

Creating an ad unit within Max is a crucial step in setting up your app's monetization. We covered how to create an ad unit, select ad type, and adjust ad unit settings. By following these steps, you can effectively manage your waterfall and ensure that your app is optimized for monetization. Remember to copy your ad unit ID, which is essential for the integration process.

Academy for ads (Traducido al Español)

Welcome to Academy for Hands, where you can learn about using music software. In this video, we will guide you through the setup and usage screens of Academy for Hands.

Getting Started:

- First, you need to input an email associated with your Google account.

- Click on the icon on the top right to view and edit your profile.

- Make sure to add a recovery email to stay connected.

- Include your company's email if participating in the program.

- Choose to share your learning information with your colleagues.

- Save changes or click on the left icon to go back to the homepage.


- Use the left menu to navigate through the website.

- Find courses and recommendations on the homepage.

- Use the search bar to look for specific products.

- View small courses with evaluations and earn medals.

- Access your library to view your progress and course history.

- If you have questions or need support, visit the Academy for Hands help center.

We hope this video has helped you get started with Academy for Hands. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to take the surveys provided. Visit our website or leave a comment below. Thank you for watching!

How to promote Your app with Google Ads. Andromo Academy

In this article, we will be discussing how to promote your app with Google Ads. We will go through the step-by-step process of creating a campaign and targeting the right audience.


1. Create a Gmail account and go to ads.google.com

2. Choose New Campaign and select App Promotion as the goal

3. Choose App Installs as the subtype and select Mobile apps platform and Android

4. Paste your app link from Google Play and give your campaign a name

5. Set your location, language, and budget (e.g. £10 daily)

6. Choose bidding for install volume and select All users

7. Use Google's Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords for your app

8. Filter keywords with high monthly searches and low competition and set an average bid for your campaign (e.g. 20 cents)

9. Set up an ad group with headlines, descriptions, images, and videos

10. Upload images and videos of specific sizes and insert a YouTube link for your app video

11. Review and save your campaign settings

12. Monitor your analytics and adjust your settings as necessary

Promoting your app with Google Ads can be an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase installs. By targeting the right keywords and audience, creating compelling ads, and monitoring your analytics, you can optimize your campaign and achieve your goals.

Become a Native Ads Pro with Joe Addona | Affiliate Marketing Academy

In this episode of Affiliate Marketing Academy, Olivia interviews Joe Adana, a native ads expert from Outbrain. They discuss how to succeed with Native ads as an affiliate marketer. Joe explains that Native ads are a great way to get in front of people when they are consuming content on the open web, and not just on Facebook or Google. He suggests that the most successful affiliates commit to diving into Native ads as a completely new channel, testing different variations of creative and being willing to optimize frequently. Joe also recommends having a pre-lander or advertorial page before the offer page for compliance purposes and to help qualify the lead.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

- Native ads work well in niches such as health, fitness, beauty, and lead gen for things like solar and life insurance.

- The budget for starting out as an affiliate marketer should be three to five times the CPA goal, usually between $300 to $500 a day for health products under $100.

- A landing page is necessary for Native ads to help qualify the lead and for compliance purposes.

- Testing is crucial in Native ads, but it's important to commit to testing a little less frequently than Facebook ads, usually with four to six total pieces of creative within a campaign.

- Soft conversions, such as click-through rates to the landing page, are just as important as hard conversions, such as purchases.

- Compliance is a concern in Native ads, and having a pre-lander or advertorial page before the offer page can help lay the groundwork in a compliant way.

Platforms - Smart Assessment Answers 2020✅Academy for Ads✅Live Exam Pass✅100% correct✅

Platforms 2018 Smart Assessment Answers 2018 provides valuable insights into the world of programmatic advertising and the various platforms offered by Google. This article summarizes the key questions and answers from the assessment.

1. What is a type of data aggregated from a variety of suppliers and then curated into targetable segments?

- Third party data

2. DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to buy media on Facebook and Twitter.

- False

3. This type of Google audience is composed of users who are actively intending to buy certain products or services in the near future or have a high propensity to buy if they find the right product or offer.

- In Market Audiences

4. How does programmatic benefit advertisers?

- Media is more targeted allowing advertisers to select only the impressions they want.

5. DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to control their organic listings.

- False

6. What is Google’s creative HTML authoring tool called?

- Google Web Designer

7. Which platform should publishers use to define the areas of their website that they can sell as ad space?

- DoubleClick for Publishers

8. DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to import data from non-Google search engines.

- False

9. Which Google audience captures users who have demonstrated a qualified and recent interest in a given topic?

- In Market

10. By default, DoubleClick Search will favor Google inventory.

- True

11. What reason would a customer want to use GDN over DBM?

- Access to exclusive inventory via deals

12. DoubleClick Campaign Manager allows advertisers to build rich interactive ads.

- True

13. A trading desk is the same as a demand side platform.

- False

14. What should an advertiser use to track digital campaigns across channels?

- Data management platform

15. Search management platforms only access search engines and don’t offer social or display functionality.

- False

16. What platform allows advertisers to gather valuable insights into how users interact with their site or application?

- Google Analytics

17. Google Analytics 360 is the free entry-level analytics platform.

- False

18. How would DoubleClick Bid Manager best be classified?

- Demand side platform

19. What is Google’s DSP?

- DoubleClick Bid Manager

20. Identify the type of ad format that is typically full-screen and covers the whole real estate typically in mobile app.

- Interstitials

21. Personally identifiable information (PII) data such as name, email, phone number, and mailing address are examples of third party data.

- False

22. Identify the interface where publishers log in to control their campaigns and report on performance.

- Ad server

23. What is Google’s creative platform for building dynamic creative?

- DoubleClick Studio

24. Appnexus is an example of a stack player.

- False

25. Google has an affiliate marketing platform.

- False

26. Select the platform that allows advertisers to combine data feeds for reporting and visualization.

- Google Analytics 360

27. What does DSP stand for?

- Demand side platform

28. What’s the term for when publisher ad servers are used to upload the creative from advertisers?

- Ad trafficking

29. DoubleClick’s sell-side solutions benefit from being integrated with the buy-side solutions.

- True

30. Google Web Designer allows clients to author custom interactive HTML5 creative.

- True

31. Using both DFP and AdX allows publishers to use advanced features such as dynamic allocation.

- True

32. Criteo is an example of a point player.

- True

33. Attribution 360 can help advertisers see the impact of their TV campaigns.

- True

34. What is the DoubleClick advertiser ad server called?

- DoubleClick Campaign Manager

35. Advertisers can import their campaign data from DCM into GA360.

- True

36. An advertiser using Google Analytics 360 can use first-party Google audiences and DoubleClick audience data.

- False

37. Which of the following does DoubleClick Studio help advertisers do?

- Build custom HTML5 creative assets

38. Which platform type can an advertiser use to track time spent on their site?

- Analytics Tool

39. DBM is the only demand side platform with access to YouTube’s TrueView format.

- False

40. Some clients use both the AdWords and DS interface.

- True

41. Which one of these companies offers a competitor to DoubleClick Search?

- AppNexus

42. What’s another term for the publisher side of media transactions?

- Sell side

43. A publisher ad server allows publishers to conduct which of the following activities?

- Inventory management

44. What’s the name of Google’s search management platform?

- DoubleClick Search

45. A publisher’s most valuable asset is the audience it has access to.

- True

46. First-party data is defined as data owned by the advertiser and collected from online and offline sources.

- True

47. In a programmatic auction, the winning bidder is the one with the highest score when the quality score and bid are combined.

- False

48. DoubleClick Bid Manager is restricted to buying Google Media.

- False

49. Which type of ad format matches the look and feel of a publisher’s site/app?

- Native ads

50. What is Google’s enterprise solution for tracking website engagement?

- Google Analytics 360

51. What’s the best definition for programmatic?

- Automated media buying

52. Which conversion types can DoubleClick Search pull in?

- All answers are correct

53. DoubleClick Search allows advertisers to import conversions from multiple sources such as DoubleClick and Google Analytics.

- True

54. DoubleClick Search is designed to have a similar look and feel to AdWords.

- True

55. AppNexus is a competitor to DoubleClick Bid Manager.

- True

56. Which tool allows marketers to aggregate action and analyze their data to inform their audience targeting strategy?

- Data Management Platform

57. AdX inventory is exclusive to GDN and DBM.

- False

58. Which platform should publishers use to sell their inventory in an online marketplace?

- DoubleClick Ad Exchange

59. Select the best Google tool for website A/B testing.

- Google Optimize 360

60. Which of the following is the online marketplace for the buying and selling of programmatic ads?

- Ad Exchange

61. Identify ALL of the platforms that offer attribution analysis.

- All answers are correct

62. Using Google Analytics 360, an advertiser can turn measurement into action by creating audience lists for future targeting.

- True

The Platforms 2018 Smart Assessment Answers 2018 provide useful information on the various platforms offered by Google for programmatic advertising. By understanding the different platforms and their functionalities, advertisers and publishers can make informed decisions on their marketing strategies and achieve better results.

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