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acme weekly ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

DEMO: Real-Life Use Cases of How Blockchain is Enabling Companies to Better Serve Customers

digital week online, but we are back. uh. thank you, james half for the next session of yours. uh, this is the demo section and we are with the most high energy show on blockchain. james, all yours go exactly with the show that never sleeps, uh. so, uh, this section is gonna be about uh, real use cases for blockchain, and we're lucky to have with us uh, three different companies with different uh opportunities for you know uh, who are using blockchain in their own way: uh to uh, to help us do the things that we do already, but to do them better. uh, and the beautiful thing about most of these platforms is that they don't make you understand that you're using blockchain. instead, they go right to the use case of why you, of what you need to get done and get it done better, and then, as you peel the layers back, you realize you're working on a blockchain case. i think that that's uh, you know, that's really the future of how this, how blockchain, is going to go to mass adoption. so we're going to start with uh, with uh, vanessa malone. uh, who's from uh, what from? from trace locker, who's going to give us a demonstration of a platform used for uh, for logistiks, uh, which is run by a company called horizon fintiks. thanks, james. hi everyone. my name is vanessa malone. i'm the head of marketing for trace locker. tray soccer is a powerful supply chain solution that leverages the ethereum public blockchain and it creates a digital record from the seed to sale. the smartphone app enables self-certified registration throughout the production, supply and shipping of medical cannabis, cbd and other regulated goods. all of the verified data is notarized via a digital fingerprint on the blockchain, so it makes those submissions in. it goes further to storyboard and certify their experience and actually create an efficacy rating for those products. so it's really a timely tiknology. now, perhaps more than ever, supply chain partners and regulators are demanding transparency and accurate information. so, that being said, i want to demo just the app from the b2b side and then quickly go over it on the retail side as well, and, as james pointed out, this tiknology is live and in use today. it actually went out a couple of weeks ago, so i actually encourage all of you watching to go to the app store and download trace locker, and you can actually actually follow me along as i get to the retail side. so i'm going to share my screen and show this video, just so you have a visual representation as i'm going through uh, the apps, the functions. so trace locker: it was designed with leading medical cannabis and cbd cultivators from israel, canada and switzerland and it was built to align with cultivation, distribution and compliance processes. so we're going to follow susan. she's going to be our medical cannabis cultivator and we're going to follow her. she uses treslocker to successfully grow, test and ship her products to market. so tracelocker it allows companies to record each of the critikal steps involved in cultivating, from seed to sale. at the heart of tracelocker lies a powerful blockchain back office and it ensures that every piece of information is recorded, secured and verified and it's associated with a verified user. so this recording process we call attestation. each profile is created, establishing a blockchain e-wallet on their smartphone and with uh, our integrated kyc app, each user's identity is verified and it's in accordance with local regulation and in compliance with international aml standards. only verified users can record these events. so, using face id, susan enters the trace locker app and begins recording these event details and these are immediately stored on the blockchain. it was designed to be a really seamless process and, you know, be verified by regulators, customs officials and consumers. so susan creates a company page and she's able to track multiple large greenhouses with separate grows. she's able to put in the mother plant, trek from genome to seed. us records, all the necessary info. so all the steps- taking cuttings, pictures noting the grow zone, watering time, pestikide use and lighting- can all be logged using the app and it can be completely customized. so with the batch ready for sale, it's ready for that product to go to the lab for testing. so what she is going to do is create a profile. she's going to put in the lab name, address, weight of the sample side, sample size, and then susan is going to take a photo of that shipping label when the lab verifies the potency and terpene analysis. susan then takes a picture of the lab report and now the entire cannabis patch is shown to be legally compliant and ready to be packaged and sent to the market. so chase locker continues to help in this phase of getting this product to the distributor and retailer. so, using the app's proprietary process management, susan creates a qr code for the shipment and it's called a digital twin. the shipper puts that qr code onto the shipment. so when a customs agent scans the trace locker code, a web page opens up that shows all the relevant information about susan's product and all the attested events entered by her and the team are on there. so because this info is tamper proof and attested to by a natural entity, the custom agent is happy and ready to authorize the shipment for sale. so, finally, the distributor that receives that shipment scans the qr code on his trace locker app, thus making the digital twin qr code as delivered, which prevents cloning. so, from cultivation, you know, to uh to retail, it really ensures that the product is compliant and at the quality that consumers expect. so from there i just want to quickly jump to the um. let me pause the share. i want to quickly jump over to my phone to show the app from the retail side. so once it hits there, let me quickly share my phone. okay, great, so. so now i'm a consumer that's interested in this product. so any one of our trace uh trey soccer licensees can put this qr code in their store um on their sites, which, of course, are vanessa. wait a second, we still see your trace locker- other methods. sorry about that. should we be seeing your phone? or what? should we sing? yes, you should. no, can you see the phone? thank you, sorry about that. okay, so now, uh, one way or another, i find the cannabis product. so what i do is i scan that qr code and i'm taken to the page that shows, uh, the product. it shows everything that i need to know. it shows the flower used, the cbd concentration, efficacy rating- i see that there are 20 through 23 reviews on there. it has two and a half stars, so good to go. so how do we get those reviews? uh, when a consumer receives the product, you see the qr code on the package, so, and it has a note on there that says: to scam to view a storyboard. so if i click this plus sign here, i'm now able to see all of the atta, the events that were tested for, from seed to sale. i can see even from the start, when susan created that, that company profile. i can see all of the photos that she put in. i can see, even if i tap this, i can see a picture of the mother plant, etc. all of these events are notarized on the blockchain as well and actually, under canadian law, which is where most of our clients are right now- medical cannabis companies- they can't make any claims, but, using the tracelocker app, companies can encourage their consumers to give feedback and they can give them a non-cannabis related reward. so i see that the reward is actually free calling minutes. so i'm interested. so i consume my product and i download the trace locker app, which you can see here, so i go in and see a treatment session. i get my product, i consume it, i'm going to hit scan qr, gonna scan that product. sorry, it's gonna check my face id and send that verification to the blockchain. so now i'm gonna give my efficacy feedback. i'm going through it's saying: what symptom are you treating? i'm in the us and the elections are coming up, so i'm going to say stress dosage. i'm going to put in 200 to 300.. i'm going to say that it was really helpful and that i felt very relaxed after s.

How to make money online for free 2010

hi, my name is Brian Baer. thanks for watching my video. in this video, I'm going to prove that i make over twelve thousand dollars every month from an affiliate program. i'm going to log into my accounts, log into my paypal account, improve their making all this money from a free to join program to the. the best way to make money is risk-free, all right. i don't have to convince you to spend any money or to pull out your wallet or anything. it's free to join. you can cancel at any time, zero risk. there's no selling at all. you don't have to bother your friends and family to join you. you don't have to worry about having a lot of you know contacts in your email account, anything like that. i'll show you how to refer people that are on the internet and so that you can start making money right away, but I provide the best of training and marketing tools as a top affiliate. you don't have to worry about me pointing you in the wrong direction, because I'm making more money when you are. there's a very easy setup process and, again, there's no experience required at all and anyone in the world can join. okay, let me just log into my account. the first way that they pay is with a bonus referral program. they're paying one hundred dollars for every five people that you bring in between Monday morning and Sunday night every week, and I get this deposited into my paypal account every week and I'm going to prove that to so far this week, I'm at 55 for eleven hundred dollar bonus. so if you bring in five people, that's 110 people's 200. I'm at 11 hundred already. and the other way that they pay is with monthly commissions. they're paying me a dollar for every one in my network, five levels deep, every month, and you can be infinitely wide in your level one. so it's not any kind of a pyramid structure or anything like that, but Bend with them a little over a year and it just want to show you how many people I have here. ok, almost 4300 active affiliates in my downline and I get paid for every one of them every month. the reason why I have this incredibly high amount of people is because i'm basically looking to make money with people, not from them. ok, i'm making more money when these people are, so i am showing them exactly what i'm doing and wanting as many people as possible to duplicate what I'm doing now, since I'm making so much money in commissions. I thought I'd make an account in my wife's name. there's her account, her name that is, and her accounts about five months old, and she has 3545 people in her down line as well. so i'm making this and this, and that's not including the money i make from the bonus referral program. ok, so let me just show you my paypal account just to prove that they're actually making these deposits into my account every week from the bonus referral program. i'm just going to go through a few pages for the sake of this video, but here it is, here these deposits. you can see that it's every single week. go to the next page here. if you look to the right of the video, clicked on the link, it would take you to a page that looks like this: if you click on the green sign up now free button, it'll take you to a forum where you would be registering your web address or your domain, and remember that the dot WS domains are free. ok, so i would choose something either professional or catchy, and just just know that, whatever web address or domain that you choose, make sure it's a dot WS, so that it's free to join today, and that that it's something catchy or professional or even your name. if you want to brand yourself, and and that's it, you don't have to to set up your own website or anything.

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A Look at Future Cars From the 1950's Car Safety Cartoon

Wow, what a beauty. by golly, I think I'll buy a new car and say, Mellie, how long have I had the old one? one year, east- 14 days, 11 minutes 43 seconds. well, I'm ready. you know, one day, 11, 2, 3, 2 hours from when, three days a week, it's a tough life. I've never eat anything synthetik in my entire life. give me license number, wjk day or 1/2 I get to be hot 3. no Trump iPad. do you mind if I pass? no doubt about it. this bus is a little old fashioned. well, that was delicious. that concludes tonight's thrilling episode of our three dimensional Western brought to you by energy. the combination of soft drink can be n desert with the three-dimensional flavor, good, good taiga at your local market. hello, folks say that now we are going to bring you a special entertainment feature which will show the development of the automobile. quiet, Hey, thank your pardon. oh, and I'm not. you say those new models look terrific. they are terrific. you should see what your grandfather used to call an automobile. okay, Sam, start the show now. folks believe it or not, this is actually an automobile. when grandpa was a seventeen-year-old high flyer, or around the turn of the century, this car was the hottest thing on wheels. grandpa's newfangled horseless carriage changed his whole life in more ways than one. hovering was a thrilling experience even in those days. since there weren't any doors in grandpa's green boat behind, it was a little too thrilling. every trip was an adventure in those days. and one thing you could always depend on: a flat tire. the old retaining rays on the rims didn't always retain what they were supposed to return. shock-absorbers hadn't been invented yet and road conditions were ideal for testing the fatigue and failure points of automobiles and drivers. grandpa's car didn't have much acceleration for passing, so he found himself on the wrong side of the road for longer than he should be caught out at night. Grandpa's gas or oil headlamps weren't much competition for a couple of fireflies. the little speedster had no tongue and it was far from comfortable in an unexpected shower. the windshield was a great improvement, but without a wiper even Grandpa's 20/20 vision couldn't keep him out of trouble. the runabout didn't have a self-starter and often the 10 horsepower engine didn't respond of a hand crank. occasionally, even on good rollers, individual parts failed without warning. actual snap when dragged links and steering knuckles failed. it was hard to tell what might happen. with every passing year, improvements came thick and fast. stronger and safer. wheels were developed with demountable rims for tires. doors were added to keep people safely inside. tops became standard equipment. windshields protected motorists from bugs and the elements. wipers were invented to help the motorists drive safely in bad weather. the driver's seat was moved from right to left to make passing Caesar. the electric starter replaced the old hand crank. this remarkable invention enabled grandpa to get into the automobile driving act, and she really loved it. as the years went by, the automobile manufacturers continued to improve their cars and make them safer so that more and more people could use and enjoy them: press steel wheels for greater strength, stop lights to warn following drivers. rearview mirrors, four-wheel hydraulic brakes to increase stopping power. bumpers to add more protection. rubber covered pedals to keep feet from slipping. safety glass increased passenger protection. tremendously welded. all steel bodies and all steel tops meant more strength and safety. bumpy roads were smoothed out with shock absorbers and ran Horford sail along in comfort and safety. through the years, the automobile changed from a novelty to an Assessor. it created a new way of life. it provided a whole new concept of transportation for industry and we became a nation on the move of work and pleasure. besides designing better automobiles. the manufacturers develop research and testing tikniques to help them build safer cars. the science of metallurgy met the challenge of creating more efficient and stronger parts and assemblies. scientists used all kinds of tiknical equipments in research and development programs. ingenious torture tests were designed to reveal fatigue and failure points in parts and assemblies and light the parts of assemblies. the cars themselves were tested under all kinds of driving conditions to make sure that they would operate with maximum efficiency and safety. at the end of the rugged test run on the proving grounds, they were disassembled down to the last boat and checked and studied in the new detail. here after year. manufacturing processes steadily improved to make sure that every automobile that left the factory was in good working order. each car was subjected to more than 2,000 inspections. cars became safer and more reliable. so when van't hoff, still plenty spry in spite of his age, sent out for a little trip, his car was reliable, safe, comfortable and easy to drive. safety door locks kept grandpa's secure inside the all steel body. the adjustable seat quickly placed him in a comfortable position. the automatik translation made driving easier and easier. controls meant safer driving. styling contributed to safely. a low center of Lee gave more stability. tubeless tires meant increased safety. new equipment kept grandpa warm in winter and cool in the summer to add to his comfort. and a more comfortable driver was a safer drivers. more powerful and reliable engines were developed to make driving more efficient. when grandpa passed another car, he did it safely and easily. wraparound windshields and larger rear windows increased visibility tremendously. sealed beam headlamps. guided van are safely at night. power brakes made it possible for him to stop easily, quickly. directional signals that the other fellow know the drivers intentions, our steering, not only parking a breeze. it made all driving easier. even in the foot old days of the 1950s and 1960s, grandpa could rely on his automobile to get him to his destination quickly, safely and fresh as a daisy. so you see, folks, all of you who are living in the year 2000 are fortunate because through the years the automobile manufacturers have had as their goal your safety first. they have constantly improved the quality and safety of automobiles and they will continue in the future, as they have in the past, to create cars that are more than new growth, more responsive, more dependable in every situation and easier, more pleasant and safer for all of us to drive, including, of course, grandpa. that's the ding-dong truth. folks look at me going on a hundred and seventeen. it's this easy modern living that does it well. so long kids gotta go pick up another new bottle you.

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Cold Email Teardown™ - Selling Ads and SEO Services #coldemail

today on cold email teardowns. we're breaking down an email for an SEO agency, so if you're an SEO agency and you're hoping to generate more clients today, this is the video for you. first, who am I? I've sent over 2 million cold emails. they call me the cold email King. I'm also the author of the book cold email Manifesto. if you don't know, cold email is the process of sending a message to somebody who has never met you to pitch your agency Services, SAS, business, whatever you need to pitch. and in today's video I have a cold email here from arshad, where he is trying to sell his Services. it's not working, so we're going to break it down and create the ultimate cold email template for selling SEO and ads to food companies in America. stik around. this is going to be a good one, but before we jump in, make sure you like this video And subscribe for more cold email teardowns. let's go. here's the email from arshad: hi Alex, I provide services in full stack digital marketing and SEO and Skilling Food Industries related to American businesses. we help you generate 3x Roi through social ads, Google face- I can tell you when I stopped reading. I stopped reading right here. I provide services in full stack digital marketing and SEO and scaling Food Industries related to American businesses. I don't know what this means already in scaling Food Industries related to American businesses. I know what he's trying to say and I'll break it down in a second, but like what? what is this? if people can't follow your thought process through the email message, then they're never going to respond and you might even get marked as spam. let's continue. we help you generate 3x Roi through social ads- Google, Facebook and Instagram. from my experience in digital marketing and SEO usually becomes a priority when that happens. I thought you might be interested in learning how we helped Authority VR and fresh one succeed in their new Direction without any hiccups. we can do the same for Acme. if you'd like to chat, let's set up a call, maybe for this Saturday or early next week. you're asking for a call? oh, my God, you can suggest any day. why don't you ask for a call on Saturday? doesn't make any sense, dude, holy, help me. help me, please. okay, let's break down this campaign and let's make this into something that will work. Target is Food Industries related to American businesses. which means what? let's go over to lead shark and let me try to figure out what he's toking about. just give me an industry category. that's all I'm looking for and that's all you really need in order to actually generate leads. and a good place to start with that is inside lead shark. you just hit industry and let's type in food, and I think he's toking about food production. so food production lead location, United States. let's see what we're toking about here. hit, start searching, and so we're looking at things like Hoffman Sausage Company, Agri beef, chocolate production, Okana. there's 15 000 leads here. that's great. I'm sure we're gonna add more soon. let's download one of these leads. let me get Chad Hartman, bridgewell agribusiness LLC. let's grab this and I'll just download this selected lead. make sure we clean it up so it's not agribusiness LLC. and so we open up the Excel from lead shark and you can see the company name is now cleaned. it says bridgewell agribusiness, ready to send. but more importantly, let's look at the company website here on LinkedIn and the regular website. okay, and the reason why I'm doing this is I just want to get a good idea of what these guys do. so, off the bat, I do not know if they're even running Facebook ads, meaning why are you trying to sell Facebook ads to companies that don't run Facebook ads. it looks to me like they're a food wholesaler and a factory, meaning their clients are mainly going to be restaurants or maybe other businesses that are buying in bulk, maybe other factories, who knows- but it's not going to be somebody who's buying from Facebook ads. so let's keep that in mind when we pitch people. so the target is: let's see what we called it here- food production in the United States, but let's say the offer is SEO. let's say it is SEO, and then the case study would be here. right now. he has two case studies. one is authentikity VR, which isn't related to this Niche, and the other one is fresh one. fresh one which sounds like it could be related to this Niche. fresh one making fresh, convenient, Nationwide, terrible website. so that's the case study. you helped fresh one do what recently. I helped fresh one generate an additional 30 contracts in the last two weeks and more than 500, 500 x their business. so I'm just making up a case study because I'm not this company, but he needs some kind of case study because he doesn't have anything written in terms of what he did and I would frame the case study like this: recently we helped XYZ do whatever in x amount of time. so recently I helped fresh one generate an additional 30 contracts in the last two weeks and more than 500 extra business- great. so now that we have the tok, we got the target, the offer and the case study- we can roll into the cold email campaign. so let's do that. we'll start with the subject line. our basic subject is: quick question. I like that one because it works in the majority of cases. if you want more subject lines for your cold emails- 77 plus to be exact, all for free- you can go to email10kcom subject and grab that download. hi, Chad came across Bridge well while looking for food production companies and figured you'd love this. recently I helped fresh one generate an additional 30 contracts in the last two weeks and more than 500 extra business, and I'd love to do the same for you. can you take on new contracts? [Applause] Bridgeville. thanks arshad. and here is the torn down and rebuilt cold email. subject: quick question: hi Chad came across bridgewell while looking for food production companies and figured you'd love this. recently I helped fresh one generate an additional 30 contracts in the last two weeks and more than 500 extra business, and I'd love to do the same for you. can you take on new contracts at bridgewell? thanks? arshad, reads cleanly, gets the point across and this will get more responses than what he was sending before. if you want to learn more about lead generation, be part of a community of awesome people and have me help you out on weekly calls, then join email 10K, which you can join at email10kcom. it also comes with access to all of our courses which show you how to write a good cold email, how to grow your business, how to grow your agency, how to grow your software product, and you can join all of that by going over to email10kcom right now. thanks for watching the video. be sure to smash that like button to encourage this type of content on YouTube. subscribe for more videos like this and I'll tok to you soon. thanks for watching. I'm Alex Berman.

THANKSGIVING ~Shop list w/Ads|Aldi| Save-A-Lot|Acme| Week of Nov 18, 2016

hey friends, it's April Holly Smith and I am here with my weekly ads and of course it's a big shopping, huge shopping holiday. so I'm going to go through and tell you about what I'm gonna do and what I'm gonna get, and hopefully this will not be too stinkin long. but it's a food holiday and these ads are all extra big. so the first thing we're going to start with is acne, and acne- it has a huge- and I mean huge- ad again this week that this $0.69 turkey. I'm going to be going and getting one of these. I know I got a turkey last week. that was my little turkey. I need a big turkey, a 20-pounder, and I'm gonna go ahead and pick that up here. they have some other things down here that I'm not getting them. if I have pumpkin pie, I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna make my cranberry relish myself, all stuff that I'm not in the market for here, things that are just too expensive for my taste. now, on this page there's some great stuff, and this right here, this Cool Whip- this is why I'm going to Acme and not to giant eagle, and I'm gonna go through some of the giant eagle ad and show you that this is why I'm going here. this is the best price on Cool Whip. I get lots of Cool Whip and what I do is I watched, I stik it in the freezer because it keeps there and I will totally use two or three for the pie eating that is going to ensue. the other thing is this is: this is also the one of the best prices. now you'll notike it's from 10 to 16 ounces. these are gonna be ten and twelve ounces and this is gonna be 16. this is the kind of using your microwave and this is the kind you put on the stove and what kind of my gonna be getting the kind you put on the stove because I need that extra four ounces. I'll probably get two or three of these corn ice. I don't have any frozen corn and also, just whenever a different store has something on sale, I like to get what they have that my other store doesn't have. mmm stuff I'm not gonna be buying. you know I get my lunch meat at duma's. their chip shop is so much more expensive to do. it's a whole dollar a pound cheaper. ouch pumpkin pie- this is. it's super cute, but its its icing and the rest of this stuff is stuff that I don't need. so you know, I just got crescent rolls last week for 99 cents. this is all a lot of dairy that I don't eat. sugar ice is on my list, but all these is still a dime cheaper. nah, frozen stuff that I just don't need. notike. they have this down here, which is the generic whipped topping- ten for ten. why would I buy that? because it costs more getting at the name-brand duh you. now we have the next couple pages, which are chips. I'm not too much in the market for chips or peanuts. bread also something I'm probably gonna be getting at. all these bacon- oh, they can smell so good. these grapes don't seem too bad to me, but I'm just I don't think I'm gonna get all, so I don't know that I'm getting any. Marie Callender's, I'm gonna double-check the coupons and see if there is one, but I don't buy that without a coupon and it will be by stuff that I can't make, like the French silk. so I'm not had a dairy in it and I really shouldn't be having that at all. um, chicken stok, all these raw flour- still cheaper at all these. still cheaper at all these. this is a regular price for me. this is not a. I would not buy it if what were more than this. so it's a regular sale, regular sale. I don't have ready, I don't use ready whip because it's it's real cream and I'm no dairy. so all of this is non-food stuff. but happy holidays. I think that's super cute. back to some food items. coffee isn't so bad, but I get mine at Sam's if you're gonna make green bean casserole. sometimes this makes things a good deal, but I'm not gonna be getting the mushroom soup. so I don't know if this pasta sauce is tastes that great, but that is a good price. 88 cents, 88 cents or 85 cents for pasta sauce is a great deal, but I'm not in the market for it this week. other stuff I'm just not in the market for, okay. so I've got some things to say about this page. cranberries for a 12 ounce bag- mmm-hmm. I'd like to see a whole pound. these are way expensive. these are 33 cents at every other store. some, some of them, are three pounds for 99 cents, which is 33 cents a pound, and someone just say: throws research path. also, their celery is high, like everything here is is pretty high. so other stuff that I'm just not in, that I'm not. I know that this is like a holiday thing. it's just not for my holiday. so to each their own and seafood, and you know again, and that's, that's just for someone else's holiday, not mine. now there is an insert in here which I took apart because, well, I needed to photograph it. yams: 2, 4, 5, that's it. okay. I, I felt like a new. well, egg noodles are gonna be on better sale: $2. no, this is a dollar 25 to go. ten for ten on these. yeah, that's okay, but I just bought five of those last week cuz they were 79 cents. so I'm just I'm not there. down here we have some stuff. this is pumpkin and this is two, two, four, six, three dollars. fourteen a pumpkin is about what the pumpkin is, so I'm just not gonna be too excited. broth: cheaper at all these cheese they add on the other side. on this side, there is some stuff. they have a 60 cent deal. if I was shopping at a regular store this would be a great deal, but I didn't. I saw only in all theses cheaper. I am gonna pick up some of these because 88 cents for it leader is a great price. so that is the Acme ad round. ow, hi, alright. so here I have the all these ad and it is chock-full of good, good, good stuff. so, first of all, you see I'm already pencils circled some stuff as I started to look. we're gonna start here. I did buy one of these last week. if you watch my haul video, you'll know I had a little struggle with that and but I did get up the right price on that. I bought a 13 pound turkey onions, our own field. this is a good price. maybe one of these I'll pick up. I have some already. I don't need celery. we just literally pulled every bit of the seller out of the garden and I have it in the dryer right now, which is why I'm filming on this table and not in the kitchen. cranberries I bought last week- same price, great deal. I got two of those. this, this is a really good deal. the- they're a 33 cents a pound. remember what I said in the acne ad. they won the 45 cents and I'm, like you know, three pound bags, so they're 99 cents. I'm probably gonna get three bags of those because, well, I am going to other stores that will have them priced the same. save a lot, has it the same? but all these tips to have smaller sweet potatoes in their bags, and that is ideal for me because I like to bake them and have them as like a baked sweet potatoes, as opposed to I am where I would be like cubing it and sugaring and baking it. so that's a great price. though look at this: ten pounds. well, I can't seem to get that to focus very well, ten pounds is a dollar forty nine. I'm gonna be getting two of those, cuz we use a lot potatoes. potatoes are delicious, so here we go. our crescent rolls are on sale again for $0.99. I may or may not buy some of these once I get the numbers kind of worked out. so I got one of these last. we get the same price. so my mashed potato means are all good and I bought that because Chris's work is having a Thanksgiving potluck and that whole box is going to be made and sent for that here. this is a score. I feel like it's like hiding here the fresh family packed chicken breasts: five pounds average, so they're gonna be about 795, about eight dollars. I'm gonna get a tray of this and this is going to be my food, like my nan turkey food, or I will put them into freezer meals and swap out some beef or pork. but this is, this is the, the good. I will probably I will spend eight dollars and get at least one tray at that. other stuff, other stuff: spinach is on sale for 99 cents again. it's been that way for a while. this is the baking stuff. I've gotten some of this already through the. this is a great price. on the, the mini morsels, I like these better than the regular ones when I make cookies and that is a great price down. forty nine. it is regularly a dollar seventy nine in my

Weekly Ad Review|HUGE|Aldi|Save-A-Lot| Giant Eagle| Marc's| Acme| April Holly Smith

ah, it's me, April Holly Smith, and it is time to look at the ads. and I'm just gonna warn you, this is good, take some time today because it is the Super Bowl of food sales, it's Thanksgiving time and it is on like Donkey Kong. so first and foremost, we're going to look at the save-a-lot ad, and dollar twenty nine is not terrible for grapes it's okay- only because it is getting into winter and you know that these are imported from the other half of the world. so threshold pineapples: $0.99. that is a good price, especially if you're gonna be doing a ham. you just like pineapple. it's a good price if you're gonna be doing. you know it doesn't keep forever, but it does keep a while. so if you got an unripe one, which would mean all of this part was very green instead of these yellow tips, you might be able to keep it until Thanksgiving. or if you have an early family or friend friends giving, you could have that. this is a great price for a hamshank. probably this until Christmas. it's gonna be a really great deal, like some of the best. so, alright, let's tok turkey here. save a lot. you know, save a lot is my homie. I know it's like. sorry, I'm having to move dishes because stuff is in the way I had to fix my lighting. okay, so there is a lot of stuff. this is a huge save a lot add, but I'm just gonna tell you this stuff is not on sale. not really. this is a good price for the off-brand soda, but literally it's the off-brand. I'm gonna get this all set up right. so anyway, um, these are all regular prices, just regular, regular price at save a lot. so I'm not really excited about any of these things, other than you possibly knowing that these are the prices for them. this, I know, is a regular price because it's what I paid for all the time. so something don't sail here. and again, nothing on sale here. these are all regular prices, regular prices, regular prices, regular prices, regular, regular, regular, regular. this is not a good price. they'll buy this right now, just don't. it's a better price at all these. this 79 cents for the whipped topping is a good price. we got to stop this again. huh, better, isn't it anyway? this Cool Whip. that's a good price for Cool Whip, kind of no matter what, and I do recommend buying a couple of those and freezing them. they have some deals they're worth celebrating. these are what they would call their special price deals. yep, all these. sugar is it's cheaper, I mean, unless you have to have Domino's or Domino. but C&H is kind of like their regular store brand down 49 for that is not a good deal. don't do it. you can go to Target and get it for 88 cents. a target isn't even a good place to buy groceries. cream cheese- I feel like it's better price at at all these also, I there's just like just not really happy with any of this. these, I feel like, are okay. I don't know, I'm not enthralled with anything. literally, my answer is like no, okay. so these are split chicken breasts. they're okay. they're not my favorite, frankly, because they're on the bone. if you like to make chicken stok, it's cool. it's a good thing because you can bake them, take the chicken breasts off and then make stok with the rib portion which is underneath of the breast. that's cool. I don't know- it's not myself. 89 cents for iceberg lettuce is a good deal right now and 99 cents for, even though this is an off-brand, is good, especially for, like ranch and Italian, because you can keep these for a long period of time, because they're shelf stable and, like the Italian especially- can be used as a marinade or a seasoning with your meat, so that might be something you look at getting, not necessarily just as salad dressing, but as a marinade as well. and of course, this is Friday and Saturday sable that is notorious for having like two-day sales that are not Saturday and Sunday, so just be prepared for that. so, honest to Pete, unless you're gonna get a ham, I don't feel like it's really worth making a trip to save a lot. so how often do you hear that for me? so, yep, goodbye, goodbye to you, doo doo, doo doo. goodbye to you, see you. 80 songs, okay, all these. here we go. now I'm gonna look at all the ads this week, which I do not usually do, so this is gonna be an extra long video. but look this: California right grapes- they're 99 cents again. way better, they have red grapes. get them at all these. that's the go on this pomegranate- great price. 69 cents- great price, unless you're getting them for 50 cents. pretty decent. this cabbage is a decent price for the middle of winter, but it's not really a great Thanksgiving price. this is a 12 ounce package of cranberries- good price. and because it's not a leftover, 99 cents. this is 99 cents for 3 pounds. so this is 33 cents a pound and that is a good price. that is the target price that you are looking for. from here until Christmas you should not be paying more than 33 cents a pound, and I can tell you that all these is not going to be the only store that has that type of price. so while it is a good, a good price, it's an everywhere kind of price. so over here we have ninety-nine cent for Butterball turkeys- not a good deal yet it's a good deal as far as turkeys go in the year, but it's not a good deal for turkey at Thanksgiving. um, no, we're not doing that. they do have hamshank portions: 99 cents, which is the same as the save-a-lot, but again, i don't feel like you should make a special trip for save a lot when you can just get it at all these. so this is a good price again: a dollar 69. now I will tell you, I'm gonna caution you for this, just because I don't want you to eat a bunch of chicken and be tired of pulse when turkey comes around. so if you want to do these and put them in the freezer, it's a really good time. this is it great? and it is a limit of 4. it does say that so, and also it says this reduction taken at register. so what that's going to mean is, when you go in and buy the pack, it's gonna say this: what it's gonna do is on the label, it will not say a dollar 69, but it will ring up a dollar 16. I thought I had one in my fridge, but I don't. it's something else. so beware, when you go in and go, oh, why does this say a dollar eighty, nine to nineteen? because it's gonna do it at the register. so just be aware that that's. you have to do some math whine. that's nice. I'm not commenting on that cheese- again, not on sale, because it's not the red and yellow. so be aware of that. here's an entire page. nothing's on sale. none of these are red and yellow, none of them. I mean it's nice that there's a bunch of pages in this, but hey, man, I want some on sale stuff. look, this is on sale right here and literally nothing else on this page is. so be informed that this is what the price is for everything. and no, unless you really need it this week, wait, because it's going to. it should go on sale and I will say: this pesto sauce is so friggin good, makes me sick because there's cheese in it. but if you can tolerate cheese, it's worth having. so this is the one thing on this page that's on sale. over here I have a whole bunch of stuff. it's not food. um, good to know all these good to know, not my thing. a whole nother page of not food, right? yep, oh, wow, another page of not food. okay, I'm sorry, I thought this would go to food. so, back page: something to eat, finally, okay. so look, this cream cheese is a great, great price. if you are a cream cheese user, if you are on the keto diet, buy this and put it in your freezer. also, check and see when the expiration date is, because once you put in the freezer, that doesn't matter. but if there's a long time between now and the expiration date, you can put a couple in your fridge and store them for that amount of time. and because I know not everybody has a ton of freezer room and I'm I'm sensitive to that, but that's a great price. and what did I say about this stuff here not being on sale? I just saw this. also, look their butter as the same price as all these like every single day. where did it go cream cheese? here? it's a whole dollar more. just say no guys. well, okay, I take it back. this is a two pack, so it's equivalent, but I'm dollar than idea. it's still actually cheaper to buy to at all.