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acorn newspaper classified ads

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video tutorial, Adi Por Dilla teaches viewers how to create a classified ads website using a WordPress theme called Lisfinity. He explains what a classified ads website is and how it can help individuals and businesses sell their goods and services online. Adi discusses popular classified ads websites like Craigslist and Gumtree and how they make money through paid ads, promotions, and Google AdSense.

Adi compares two ways of creating a classified ads website: using a WordPress theme or hiring developers to create it from scratch. He explains the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, noting that using a WordPress theme is faster and cheaper but may limit functionality, while hiring developers can ensure a unique end product but is more expensive and time-consuming.

Adi then showcases Lisfinity, a new WordPress theme designed specifically for creating classified ads websites. He demonstrates its features like Fields Builder, Search Builder, pricing packages, promotions, and microtransactions. He also highlights the elementor support for the home page and the vendors feature, which allows other people to sign up and become vendors on the website, enabling administrators to charge them for submitting their ads.

Adi concludes the tutorial by answering common questions about Lisfinity, such as its ease of installation and editing products, what kind of classified websites one can create with it, and whether special hosting is needed. He gives his verdict on the theme, noting that it has some bugs but is constantly being updated and is a great choice for anyone looking to create a classified ads website.

Advertisement | How to write a Classified Ad | Format | Example | Exercise | Class 12

In this video, we learned about advertisement writing, including the definition and purpose of an advertisement. We also explored the two main types of advertisements, classified ads and commercial or display ads. Additionally, we discussed the seven types of classified ads, such as situation vacant and lost and found. We then delved into the format of classified ads, which involves a heading, content, and contact person, all enclosed within a rectangular box. Finally, we practiced drafting an advertisement for a situation vacant in a college. It's important to note that the heading and content must be tailored to the specific question at hand. Remember to hit the like button, subscribe to the channel for more updates, and good luck on your exams!

Classified Reverse Publishing

In this article, we will be discussing how users can place ads and manage them on the back end, as well as how to export them for print. We will also cover the process of approving ads and changing their details.

Placing an Ad:

- To place an ad, click on the Place Ad button on the classifieds page.

- Choose the category and type out the ad details.

- If it's a paid ad, fill out the credit card form.

- Once the order is received, it will be pending for approval.

- A free ad will receive an email summarizing the ad details.

Managing Ads:

- To manage ads, go to the classifieds tab.

- Click on the title to open the editor.

- Edit or cancel the ad as needed.

- Manage images by uploading them to the editor.

- Change the expiration date to keep the ad on the site longer.

Exporting Ads:

- Click on the Classifieds Reverse Pub button to generate a tab file.

- The tab file can be downloaded and saved for future reference.

- The file contains all the ads to be exported for print.

With this information, users can easily place and manage their ads on the classifieds page. They can also export their ads for print, making it a convenient and efficient process.

It's a font thing!

In this article, we will be discussing various topics ranging from fonts to forgotten film and online video awards. We will also explore how technology is changing the way we watch television and how it affects our daily lives.

1. Fonts:

- On the show Wheel of Fortune, hosts Pat and Vanna discuss their favorite fonts.

- This taboo topic may lead to more conversations about fonts and their importance in our daily lives.

2. Forgotten Film:

- Photoworks is offering a promotion to develop and digitize up to five rolls of forgotten film for free until November 20th.

- This promotion reminds us of the good old days of film photography before the rise of digital cameras.

3. Online Video Awards:

- TVGuide.com is currently taking votes for the first annual online video awards, which recognizes the best professional video programming created for the web.

- The awards will be handed out on December 1st in Santa Monica, California.

4. Changing Television Habits:

- With the rise of technology, viewers are no longer tied to their couches to watch television.

- Many New Yorkers now use their cell phones or the internet to watch their favorite TV shows.

Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we watch television. As we continue to embrace these changes, it is important to remember the value of past technologies, such as film photography, and to recognize and celebrate the innovative work being done in the online video industry.

15 Leaked NASA Documents That Prove Aliens Exist!

For decades, scientists have been intrigued by the possibility of studying aliens. Despite numerous reports of sightings and encounters, concrete evidence of their existence has been elusive. However, recent revelations suggest that NASA has not only encountered advanced civilizations, but is also hiding them from the public. Leaked documents provide proof that aliens exist, and in this article, we explore 15 such documents.

15 Leaked NASA Documents That Prove Aliens Exist:

1. Gimbal Video: A leaked video from the United States military archives shows an infrared camera detecting an alien-like spacecraft flying over the east coast. The object appeared to rotate strangely and move differently compared to a regular aircraft.

2. Mars Photos: Richard Chogland, an American author, theorized that certain structures in photos taken by the Viking Orbiter in 1976 suggest the existence of alien life on Mars. He also claimed that NASA is aware of this but has kept it a secret from the public.

3. Go Fast Footage: Another leaked video captured an incredibly fast object moving across the waters that could not be compared to any man-made object. Scientists operating the camera struggled to get a hold of it.

4. Objects Seen Flying Near the Sun: NASA's live stream captured strange objects flying towards the sun, leading to speculations of alien spacecraft. One object was described as metallic and built like a spaceship with a gigantic extension.

5. Mysterious Black Cube: In May 2020, a black cube was seen floating beside the sun in a NASA live stream before the feed was cut off. It has been sighted near the sun before, leading to speculation of alien involvement. However, the reports were debunked as a corrupted telemetry block.

6. Black Knight Satellite: The Black Knight is a strange black object that was seen orbiting the Earth in 1998. It was cataloged as space debris, but its origins suggest it may have been placed by aliens.

7. Buzz Aldrin: During NASA's first space flight, Buzz Aldrin and his team saw large objects floating alongside them. A lie detector test confirmed their encounter with aliens, but Aldrin later denied the claims.

8. UFO Spotted on Navy Ship: Video footage captured by a fighter jet circling the Mediterranean Sea showed a triangular-shaped aircraft parked on the USS Fort's side, leading to accusations of the US government collaborating with UFOs.

9. Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: NASA's announcement of investigating flying objects led to a leaked report of confirmed unidentified objects exhibiting and operating with advanced technology that humankind has not invented yet.

10. FLIR Video Footage: A video taken in 2004 showed an oval-shaped object white in color and approximately 40 feet long, later named Tic Tac, hovering in the skies near the coast of Southern California.

11. The Kecksburg Files: The Kecksburg files contain information about a mysterious crash incident in Pennsylvania in 1965. A large metallic acorn-shaped object with strange hieroglyphics was hauled to the Air Force Base in Ohio, with the Pentagon claiming it was a meteorite.

12. Alien Objects Spotted in 1960 Mission Photos: A mission photo taken over 60 years ago showed an object that looked like a UFO, leading to speculation of alien involvement.

13. Reports of UFOs: A Freedom of Information Act exposed 1500 pages of sightings and reports about UFOs, with some reports citing physical effects on the eyewitnesses.

14. TR-3B: The TR-3B is a triangular-shaped aircraft that is said to be part of the US Air Force's black projects. However, it is speculated to be of alien origin due to its advanced technology.

15. Extraterrestrial Life Exists: Finally, leaked documents reveal that NASA believes that extraterrestrial life exists and has been actively searching for it.

The leaked documents provide concrete proof that aliens exist, and it is clear that NASA has been hiding information from the public. The revelation that advanced civilizations have been encountered and that extraterrestrial life exists is both exciting and terrifying. As we continue to explore the vast universe, we can only hope that we will make peaceful contact with these alien civilizations.

The Top Ten Alien Cover-Ups | Ancient Aliens (S13) | FULL EPISODE HD

Over the years, the government has been accused of covering up the truth about extraterrestrial presence on Earth. However, many of these claims have been dismissed as conspiracy theories. In December 2017, the New York Times published a front-page headline revealing that the US government was funding a secret program to investigate UFOs. This article explores the top 10 alien cover-ups, as identified by the Ancient Aliens team.

Top 10 Alien Cover-Ups:

1. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATIP)

- The Pentagon's top-secret UFO program was revealed by the New York Times in 2017.

- Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon official, ran the program from 2007 to 2012.

- Elizondo claims that he continued to work on the program out of his Pentagon office for the next five years, with the help of officials from both the US Navy and the CIA.

- In June 2020, the government acknowledged that UAP investigations have continued uninterrupted but under a new name, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

2. Area 51

- Declassified documents from the CIA acknowledged the existence of the top-secret military research facility known as Area 51.

- Many believe that in the darkest corners of Area 51 lurks an even bigger secret, one that hides the ultimate evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

3. The Book of Enoch

- The Book of Enoch was banned from the biblical canon during the Council of Laodicea in the 4th century AD.

- According to many biblical scholars, the reason for this was most likely the controversy over the accounts of fallen angels descending to Earth in order to mate with the daughters of men.

- Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the Book of Enoch was removed from the biblical canon in order to cover up the truth about humankind's extraterrestrial past.

4. Project Blue Book

- Project Blue Book was a top-secret government program launched in 1952 to investigate UFO reports.

- The Robertson panel concluded that the evidence could all be dismissed as natural occurrences and was not worth the effort of the government.

- In 1969, Project Blue Book was shut down on the grounds that there was no proof the unidentified objects posed a national security threat or were of extraterrestrial origin.

5. Majestic 12

- The Eisenhower briefing document is a memo that was allegedly written in 1952 by the first director of the CIA, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, to president-elect Dwight Eisenhower.

- The document reports that a secret group within the US government called the Majestic 12 was formed to examine crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.

- Government officials denied the existence of the Majestic 12, but those who have researched the documents remain convinced of their authenticity.

6. Kecksburg UFO Incident

- In 1965, a bell-shaped object crashed to Earth in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

- Witnesses described the object as the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and reported seeing symbols that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs on the bottom of the craft.

- The military arrived at the scene and ordered the firefighters to leave, and the whole incident was hushed up by the government.

7. Rendlesham Forest Incident

- On December 26, 1980, strange lights were reported on the horizon in what appeared to be a possible downed aircraft in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk County, England.

- US servicemen were dispatched to the site and reported seeing a craft of unknown origin.

- The incident has been described as one of the most credible first-hand accounts of an alien craft on record.

8. The Battle of Los Angeles

- On February 25, 1942, during World War II, the city of Los Angeles was subjected to a massive anti-aircraft barrage, apparently in response to an attack by an unknown object.

- The military later claimed that the object was a weather balloon, but witnesses reported seeing a craft that resembled a flying saucer.

9. The Roswell Incident

- In 1947, an object crashed to Earth near Roswell, New Mexico, and the military quickly recovered the wreckage.

- The government initially claimed that

Most Effective Way to Build your Network Marketing Business || Prospect on Demand

- MLM for CEOs is a channel providing key insights to company owners operating within the multi-level marketing space.

- In this episode, we discuss how to teach people how to prospect on demand, build their lead list, and get people into their teams.

- We credit Eric Worre and his book Go Pro for providing valuable insights in this space.

Why Build a Lead List:

- Without anyone to talk to, there is no business.

- Mismanagement of expectations can ruin relationships with prospects and create a negative perception of the industry.

- Honesty and transparency are essential to building a successful business.

- Company tools are important resources to equip independent business owners with the power to bring people to show the content.

Eight Step Invitation:

1. Connect: Build rapport and establish a relationship with the prospect.

2. Qualify: Determine if the prospect is someone you want on your team.

3. Invite: Use a simple, clear, and duplicatable invitation to show the prospect the tools.

4. Expose: Use the tools to expose the prospect to the product or opportunity.

5. Follow Up: Follow up with the prospect to answer any questions and address any concerns.

6. Close: Help the prospect make a decision to join the team.

7. Get Started: Help the new team member get started and provide support.

8. Duplicate: Teach the new team member to duplicate the process with their own prospects.

- Building a lead list is essential to the success of any business in the multi-level marketing space.

- Honesty, transparency, and clear communication are key to building strong relationships with prospects.

- Using company tools and following the eight-step invitation process can help build a successful team.

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