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acqua di gio ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Ladies React | Acqua di Gio Absolu Instinct | Compliment Test

[Music]. hey, guys, were back again today with the lovely Alexey Ainsworth. I like CEP. how are you? I'm doing great, and today we are going to smell the newest flanker in the Aqua to show series: absolute instinct. you ready? all right, let us know what you think of absolute instinct. it's very masculine. it's. it smells like an old school co-op. I can feel that, um, something like my dad would wear. very, very true, aqua. dgo is the heir Joe is the most sold fragrance of all time. so most people's dads, yeah. so this is it. this is a spin-off of the original. yeah, my dad, just like what. would you want to smell it on anyone else besides a dad? smells like. it smells like an old guy. yeah, so more mature gentlemen. yeah, so like 40s and upper 50s, and now it DS. enough fifties, enough, yeah, clean, it's clean, but it's like must be clean. that makes it yeah on a scale of one to ten. if someone like youthful Ward's, someone in their 20s or 30s, would you be like, I don't worry about cool and Luke has the dry down for you. so this is once it's settled. [Music]. I still give it about the same five out of ten. so what's funny to me is when I initially smelled this for the first time, I couldn't smell it at all. I was in the department store and there were so many fragrances around and this was the first one I sprayed and it just smelled like a mix of all the fragrances to me and it's very powdery to me. I've worn it a few times and I have gotten two compliments while wearing it, but I think there's better ones in that in this series. this upon my least favorite of the group: what about you lived? yeah, I mean, it was kind of like over the, the GE of DNA in general, it says a whole again like it, like that at Geo. it's just doesn't catch me, it doesn't grab me. it's alright, it's not bad though. it's all good. I feel like it's just lately. this book is something you can wear. you smell nice, but it won't make you stand out. yeah, like it's not memorable to me, exactly like I forget what it smells like every time I go back and smell it. yeah, we're like other fragrances, like even the original, like aqua. do I remember it the whole time? so, yeah, so five out of ten. yeah, all right, jelly Allah, what do you think of aqua? to joe, absolute instinct. hmm, okay, it's good. it's like summary. there's something it's like fresh, like C, salty, like it's like motion II. you know I'm getting a lot of ocean vibes from it. yeah, I like it nice. what is it again? aqua -, Oh, absolute instinct. it's an aggressive name but it's a good smell. I'm here for it. do get like powdery vibe. does a lot of people speak these small powder powdery like? yeah, ish, I didn't get that. now it smells like you know, the star blush smells like blush to me. okay, and I walk into lush. this is what. I'm fine. so is that good or bad? no, I've got good of ten. how good? um, I would say I don't know. it's like whoever does? maybe like a seven and a half, just like. it's like I don't know if I really would like this like on somebody. oh good, I love this smell. does that make sense? it's like, it's like that, it's not like yeah. so if the guy who ran this you'd be like, oh, you smell nice. no, you smell really fresh, like I would be into it for sure. cool, yeah, seven and a half for absolute instinct. so it's the newest brand? no, it just came out this week in America, but it's been out in Europe. for a minute, I don't think I spilled over. yeah, right, what do you think of absolute instincts? alright, the last instinct when we did get himself this somehow like I smell like a powdery. it's smells like like baby powder, kind of fresh in a good way, I mean in an old lady way. okay, this one I know has. no, it's a wood. this is bad lemon. I don't like this one. this one I definitely don't like. okay, scale one to ten for absolute incident one. all right, yeah, there's someone like I promised, but this is smells like baby powder. I didn't even like the smell of am cover. I mean I like babies, but not no one. I would not know. I had to know. yeah, I'm dead, oh yeah, yeah, it's alright, I do smell it's very powdery. I'm not a big fan of it - geo DNA. so that's definitely like old man's in, like that's in, like the Old Spice category. yeah, yeah, still old man, did they say it smells like it smells like powdery old man? no, it smells like it like don't swear, okay, so it's like an old man's that like 20 worked out and like he's in the locker room, like you know, has to powder his areas. that's what it smells like if I was like to picture some kind of instinct. it's weird. well, it's weird, I still equally don't like it. what do you think? absolute instincts? no, but it smells like strong, like I'm sorry, but um, it just smells like it just was strong. it all smells like: um, it has it had a smell that like it's not like the marketing of American smells- I don't know how to describe it. like it smells like I walked into like my aunt who's Russians house or something we could just have a head like a different smells. they gravitate towards, and that's what this smells like, not that I've added something about really strong, though. do you like it? it's new to me. it smells like someone cut open a lemon tree. yeah, it's like. if you smell it, you close your nose. you're gonna like: yeah, I like you from far away, like maybe you're going to eat with someone that wasn't wearing this and you smell it across the bar. you'd be like: well, that's a good one worth coming from if you're with them. it'd be a little strong. all right, sexy on the guy, right? um, all right. personally, I don't know if I would like if someone wore this. it just smells a little weird to me, Keeler, it's kind of weird because it's a flanker of a flanker for the company. so, oh, yeah, I like, I like absolute much better. absolutely instinct to me is just, it's okay, like I feel like it's trying a little hard. letters, too many tones going together for me, I don't know well. so one to ten just might be my lowest one yet, and we were like at three, I don't want to be too mean like not a man, sorry, absolutely instinct, absolute instinct. awkward, a joke, worse. yeah, it's not it. no, it's not as strong. okay, Victoria, we want you to let us know what you think of aqua - oh, absolutely instinct. this is the newest aqua job series. huh, it's confusing. I don't know what to look for in a set. I feel like it's a lot of different elements combined to meet this one super cent. but to me it smells like department store, because when I first smelled this at the department- the word- I actually couldn't smell it and they I didn't understand why and I left the department store, waited like 10 minutes and then Reese meld it and then I was like: oh, I can smell it now. yeah, it's um, it's not very distinguishable from anything else. it kind of just smells like something it doesn't have. I can't really decide. what do you like it, though? is it like? no, it's nice, it's not bad, it's just not. scale 1 to 10. it's already feeding to me a few like: yeah, a skillet 5, I'm not, I'm not feeling this one. and then here's the dry down of it. I mean, know where it is on the paper. drag down it's even less. that's a 4.5. it's not my favorite. it just feels like it's trying to be a lot, and by doing that it ends up being nothing. are you gonna have any skin spelling? yeah, I'm gonna be skin cell. it smell it only because I have gotten compliments on this. it's not much. no, it doesn't smell bad, it's just it's not impressionable and it doesn't really see. it smells better on the skin, but it does on the paper for sure. still, 5.5, like I don't know, it's not, it's nothing special, it's not bad, it's just it's. it's. it's okay. a department store, very much cool, yeah, and it just smells like it's trying too hard, very of it. never try to aqua to show absolute instinct. [Music].

NEW! Acqua Di Gio Profondo | Fragrance Review

I'm Chris, you're watching fragmental- another brand-new release for you today. this one is the latest in the line of aqua DG. Oh, flankers. this time it's a blue fragrance. it's called profundo. the original aqua dgo was released in the 90s and it just proved to be a massively popular sense, right up there with things like events, us, just everyone was wearing it, so much so that, like jean-paul Gaultier's lamal, it was kind of associated with that time period, with the 90s. but it's still very popular today. many people wear it. I had a friend who swore by it until I started getting him onto other fragrances. some people claim the original awkward a deal is a little dated. I can see why because it is a smell that we associate, you know, with the time it was released, in the 90s. but the fragrance itself, the scent profile itself, it's just lovely, bright, aquatik citruses. so I don't think it's a dated smell. I think the associations with the time it was released make us feel like it's a little bit dated. so that loads of flankers in this line that have also been very popular. partikularly awkward, egl Profumo, which I have here. this one always crops up on top 10 lists, partikularly top 10. some lists. very popular fragrance took the DNA of the original and just made it a little thicker, a little richer, sweeten things up a little bit. it was more full-bodied, added a really nice incense in here and had some culinary notes with sage and rosemary. so really nice sentence, very popular scent. we also had any awkward dgo flankers of absolute and absolute instinct. now, I'm not so familiar with those. I have smelled them in store but I've not really worn them properly so can't really comment too much on how they compare to this new one. but today we are toking about the brand new of flanca. this is, as you might be able to tell from the bottle, they're aquatik, marine blue fragrance. so let's dive into my thoughts on this one. first of all, we'll take a closer look at the bottle. on the note in Acqua di Gio profundo we have marine notes: bergamot, green, mandarin, rosemary, lavender, Cypress mastik, which is a pine light resin, amber, mineral notes, patchouli and musk. while we're here on the close-up of this bottle, first of all I think it looks really nice. I think this blue frosted glass is a really nice addition to the Aqua dgo line. one thing that I have notiked, just when comparing it to my prefer MOBOT 'el, is the cup is not magnetik, it just clicks into place, so it's not a deal breaker. I do enjoy that magnetik cup on Profumo. I just think it adds an extra touch of class. so we don't get a magnetik cup on this one- certainly the one that I have here- or for this video. so just thought I'd point that out just in case it was something that might concerns some people. probably not, but I just felt it was worth mentioning. alright, so let's get into my thoughts about the scent. first of all, let's tok about the opening. the opening of profundo is gorgeous. we get this lovely sweet Mandarin. it's fresh, its invigorating. the Mandarin starts off quite sweet and more like an orange Mandarin, so nice and fruity. it's got a lovely kind of fruity pop to the fragrance and then after about 20 minutes this Mandarin seems to kill a transition to be more of a green Mandarin. so it becomes a little more sour and a little kind of less ripe and juicy smelling. so it's a nice transition actually, because this green Mandarin just really fits nicely with the marine Accords that that it's combined with here in the opening. so we've got these aquatik, slightly salty marine Accords. a little bit of sourness in there. kind of reminds me of the the yuzu in the opening of the 2016 version of Invictus aqua. it's not a sweet fragrance like that. it doesn't have that Invictus aqua sweet bubblegum DNA underpinning the fragrance. this is a much kind of sharper fragrance, more sour, less sweets. got this kind of- you know, salty marine Accord. I would probably say the lovely opening to this. you pretty much get this mandarin for run about the first hour of the fragrance. interesting little story: when I sprayed this, when I've been testing it, so I'm here on the top floor of my house and my wife and kids were downstairs, so which is two floors down, so I sprayed this quite a way away from them and I got downstairs kind of thirty minutes later and they said: have you just sprayed something down here? because it smells really nice, it smells sweet and fruity. I said no, the the only thing I've sprayed was right up on the top floor and it was the. it was profunda. so they really enjoyed the opening. I think they found it very, very pleasing and I was quite surprised that they smelled it because, whilst it projects nicely and it's got a lovely little pop, I was surprised than the molecules managed to find their way- all you know, down to floors in the house, right down onto onto the ground floor. but they picked it up, they smelled it, so I guess it does travel and that probably means it's got a pretty decent seizure. so after about an hour this Mandarin just begins to fade and the kind of salty marine life aquatik notes seem to come more to the forefront. and I believe that a new molecule was, I think by firm anak was patented and used in this fragrance. it's called aqua zone and I think it's just a molecule that gives us this kind of feeling of marine, like Accord, this deep blue sea. in fact profunda translates from Italian into English as the deep, and you know you do get this deep blue sea feeling with the fragrance. I would say after the opening, though, as you get into the mid and we've got these aquatik notes, it does seem to kind of reign in and dial back on the projection. so I think the projection for the first hour is really nice with that lovely fruity pop, and then as it starts to dry into the heart of the fragrance, we lose some projection. it is still projecting nicely and we are getting the marina chords projecting a little bit, but not quite as much as that fruity opening to the fragrance. also in the heart there's a slight culinary field, which is something that we got with Profumo as well, and in this one we have rosemary, so the rosemary here is giving us that culinary field. we've also got some Cypress, which kind of slightly fresh green accord, and there's some lavender as well. so all these things are combining with these nice marine aquatik notes. so the heart is is very pleasant, if maybe leaning a little generic. but there's only so many iterations of blue type sensed I guess you can put together. so to me the, the heart of this, does lean a little kind of generic blue sand. you will feel like you've smelled this fragrance type before. I do prefer the opening. I think the opening is more assertive, are more interesting than the mid. but the mid is okay, it's, it's fine. as it dries down it becomes closer to ask incense on, think we're probably toking around about the four hour mark. you've got a skin scent, but it's a very pleasant skin sense. it becomes smoother. we lose the fruits, will lose the Aquatik notes and to me on my skin it became a nice kind of smooth unbury scent. I wasn't really getting a lot of patchouli in this, so I don't think it's a strong dose of patchouli, but was getting a kind of nice rounded smoothness, perhaps coming from the amber and there's some Musk's in here. so just dry down to a very pleasant skin scent, albeit very close to the skin, and I don't think you're really getting a lot of projection after around about the four to five hour mark. join the scent geeks. every Monday, as we podcast about all things fragrance, you'll find us anywhere you can usually find a podcast. links are in the description below this video. see you there, geeks. this one takes that original aqua DG, lat, DNA and modernizes it a bit more and makes it feel a little more contemporary. out of the two, I probably enjoyed them both equally. I would say I love the original awkward -, geo. it's bright, it's fresh, its its citrusy. it's more citrusy than this one in fact, but the original is less aquatik and kind of less sea salty than this one. so I do.


*NEW* Acqua Di Gio Eau De Parfum by Giorgio Armani! [2022] | BEST AdG? | Fragrance First Impressions

i've actually heard more than one person say that awkward. joe's one of the more inspired designer fragrances in the designer arena for men's fragrance and i guess really the figures can kind of back that up. it's one of the best sold men's fragrance of all time, for good reason. hello everyone, i'm tommy with studio synth. welcome to another video review of a brand new scent. i'm really excited to be taking a look at a new aqua dijo fragrance. this is a brand new release in the aqua joe line of fragrances by giorgio armani. it is none other than aqua dejo eau de parfum. that and more is coming your way, so stay tuned. [Music]. welcome back everyone. so today we're taking a look at aqua dejo eau de parfum. now aqua dijo has been a staple for many men in terms of a signature scent fragrance for many, many years. giorgio armani has thankfully released many aqua dijo flankers. they've not been stingy with that dna. many men have their favorite aqua dijo fragrance. among them is aqua dejo profundo, the very recently released aqua dejo profundo lights, and my favorite, which is very hard to find now, the limited edition profumo special blend. if you guys run across this, grab it up. it is an excellent version of the aquajoke dna. but today we're going to be looking at aqua dejo eau de parfum, so super excited about this. so before we do anything else, let's take a look at that presentation. the box itself kind of an off-white. the front says in brown: aqua dijo giorgio armani eau de parfum- refillable spray. today we're looking at the 125 mil bottle, or 4.2 fluid ounce. one side of the box says giorgio armani is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. your fragrance bottle is designed to last, refillable and recyclable. refills sold separately with a small qr code. below that. the other side is blank. on the very back of the box is the ingredients listing, address information, upc and various stikers. on the very bottom of the box is a truncated version of that. the top of the box has an embossed ga logo. the bottle is transparent. the juice itself is transparent says aqua dejo giorgio armani eau de parfum, and it is designed to be refillable. you can use the same glass flakken over and over again and it's made to last. on the very bottom you've got the batch code as well as some additional information and stikers- very hard to see because everything is again transparent. that's it for the presentation. simplicity has always been kind of the theme for aqua dejo and that's why so many people resonate with it. so many guys really appreciate the fragrance itself. your standard fragrance bottle size for giorgio armani is 125 mil, so this is a 4.2 fluid ounce bottle and it is refillable. i'll show you here. and, of course, the more that you purchase of aqua dejo, the more of a discount that you're getting on the juice itself. i think it's fair to say that whenever you think of aqua dejo- at least the og, aqua digio- you think of driftwood, right, and that's one reason i really like this cap. not only does it have the ga logo on the very top of it, but the wood itself is very rough hewn and i like that raw feel and appeal to it's not like super shiny or modern looking and that's the appeal, i think, overall of aqua dejo as a branded fragrance presentation is great, going to look great sitting on the shelf. it feels great in your hand. it's very easy to travel with because of the size, even the bigger size- you can put in your backpack, your suitcase. well, let's tok a little bit about the fragrance itself. what are the notes that make up aqua dejo eau de parfum? aqua de joux eau de parfum by giorgio armani, features top notes of marine notes [Music] and green mandarin, with heart notes of sage [Music], lavenden [Music] and geranium, resting on a base of vetiver and patchouli. so, like the presentation, the formula is relatively simplistik, not a ton of notes, if that's all the published notes that are in the fragrance. the fragrance has as its inspiration the infinite sea. it is, at its heart, a marine fragrance. it is sea salt, fresh, invigorating and powerful, definitely part of the muse that inspired the fragrance. so, without waiting any longer, let's go ahead and check out the juice. i'm really excited to see what this smells like. one of the many reasons that so many men resonate with aqua dijo as a fragrance is. it's just so inviting and welcoming. it combines some of the best features and the aspects of fragrance period. we've got this bright, open and in this case it goes straight to marine notes. you've got marine notes, you've got green mandarin orange, so you're going to get a combination of citrus and salt. and then in the heart we've got sage, lavenden and geranium. sage is a really nice, spicy, fragrant note. lavenden is lavender, except more camphorous, a little bit more powerful projects, quite a bit more. and then, of course, geranium is a very hearty, masculine floral note for men that adds like a lemony appeal to the fragrance. and i'm getting that right away already, as soon as you smell this on a tester strip, it's got this aqua dejo- oceanic, lemony appeal- and when i say lemony i mean citrus- is just so appealing. it's so bright, it's so refreshing, it's like a little slice of sunshine pulled down and put in a fragrance. think back to your last vacation where you actually went to the beach. you stood on the sand, breathed in that fresh air coming off the ocean. you know, because there's always a breeze, there's always a sea breeze on the sand typically- and you just got that invigorating, refreshing, immediately relaxing sensation. that's exactly what you get in this. so the combination of that lavender and geranium is wonderful in this. it's very powerful and powerfully projecting and of course, as mentioned in, lavenden is a bit more they've, but it's about 20 percent more of that camphor that's in the typical lavender, so it's going to project a bit better and last a bit longer. i'm going to try it out on skin though before i go into a bit more of a descriptor, because i really want to wear this. i don't have anything on, so i'm definitely going to be rocking out aqua dijo really like this bottle. because my camera doesn't know which to focus on, i'm going to set it out of its out of the way for a moment and tok to you guys and let it dry down just a bit and then i'll return with my final thoughts on aqua dijo auto parfum. alright, guys, my first impressions, or at least my final thoughts on my first impressions. i really really like this. not only does it harken back to when i first purchased aqua dejo, it's taken aspects of the fragrance that i really enjoy and beefed it up a bit and maybe slightly modernized it, without forsaking its original roots. okay, in other words, it it smells fresh and new without actually going in a different direction. it's a true eau de parfum of the original eau de toilette. i think that was the safe bet for giorgio armani to do that, because so many people really love the scent profile of aqua dejo that it wouldn't have been smart to take it in a new direction. that would have upset quite a few people. i'm really happy they didn't tamper too much with the original dna. so it is the aqua dejo that you know and love. it's like a new take on that dna without again taking it in a different direction- extremely invigorating, refreshing and seaworthy from the get-go. soon as you spray it on you're going to get that bright citrusy green mandarin in combination with some very lightly briny but mostly salty sea notes. it's got that immediately recognizable aquatik feel and aquatik body to it. as it dries down you start to get a feel for what seems like driftwood. there's no published wood notes in this, but that combination of vetiver and a little bit of a hearty geranium gives it kind of a woodsy, along with the patchouli kind of a trio. so you've got the vetiver, patchouli and that geranium kind of a give it a nice backbone or background, the citrus and the aquatik. it's kind of a juggle between the two because as i'm, as i'm wearing it, i'm catching a bit of both, sometimes both s.

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Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu

okay, what's up, guys? this Jeremy, I'm here at m-- influential as you can see, and this is my review about Giorgio Armani. absolutely, let's see. Oh, crystal, can I ask you for our opinion if you like this fragrance and could you tell us if you would like to smell this on a man? or is that just an average fragrance for men? what does spontaneously come to your head? strong enough for a man? it's just so-so, yeah, a teenager fragance, like it's casual, casual, family, enough, cool, very nice description. thank you, let's see, I don't know this woman, sorry. can I ask you, do you like to smell this on the man? or is this just an average fragrance? average, nothing extraordinary about it. it's a typical men's cologne fresh out of the shower. okay, cool, thank you, okay, guys. so quick description of this: aqua dijo, absolutely. we have, of course, the superstar, aqua dijo. we have a sensor, which is a good addition. it's a stronger version of the original aqua dijo. we have the absolute mega star, which is aqua dijo Profumo, with addition of incense and patchouli, both very strong and masculine fragrance notes that make the DNA more masculine, and it's great. and this one is a youthful approach to the original aqua dijo, so it's more fruity. it's not only aquatik like the original aqua do. it has a big lot of fruits at it, so it's more teenager friendly. oh guys, Benjamin Travis, Travis, sorry, I'm sorry, man, would you wear this fragrance or is it just average for me? personally, I wouldn't, but it's still. it's still not bad. it's a new Armani, but, okay, my ranking also will be just average. yeah, it's, it's the fruity. it's forgettable. yeah, I prefer sweeter. yeah, yeah, like cool. thanks, Travis. yeah, here in a second. okay, guys, so that's the explanation. how long? how does it smell? how long does it actually last? it doesn't last so long. it clearly does not last as long as the Profumo and also not as long as the Essenza. if you want to compare it with the aqua dijo, i don't compare it with that because Acqua di Gio is aqua dijo. this is a very teenager, friendly, teenager fragrance and in that teenager vibe we have a lot of competition, like Invictus aqua. we have ever chromium pitch first instinct. we have even your Sahaj fragrances that are better in performance, more unique, better ladies reactions. so for me, this is not a fragrance that blows me away, but let's see. I also asked other girls what they think about this fragrance. so let's see what they thought. one second, don't look pleased because you might know the fragrance. okay, because we might know the fragrance. so if you would smell this on a man, would you think he smells sexy or not? what's your first impression? yes, you're now blue. it's not. it's not blue, the Chanel. I love this. the guy, the superstar here, makes cool videos about Donald Trump. so good to see you. you see, the guys are all insides, are you guys? okay, it's clean and sharp, super sexy, like you have a real job. yeah, it smells like you have a real job. okay, cool. okay. 1 to 10. if 10 is the best friends ever alliterated [Music], it's high up there, like it eat good. and also what I did in my office in Germany. I asked the girl: which one do you prefer? this one or aqua dijo Profumo? so let's see what she said. what do you think about this fragrance for a man? is this attractive or not? yes, it is. how attractive? from 1 to 10? immediately an 8 out of 10. do you find it unique, so it smells different, or does it smell like everything else? it's different of good, okay, cool. I would like to know. please, please, take this in the left hand, okay, and this one. we have to see which one you prefer between these two. so this in the right hand and let's see which of these two is better left. all right, I think this one, yeah, nice, market-wide. more masculine, yes, I think so. more depth, nice, cool, hello. so, as you can see, this is the fragrance. that is a nice release. it's good, it's inoffensive, but in that inoffensive, fresh compliment, get a fresh out of the shower realm. there are better ones, like Joseph's OSH, Bleu de Chanel. you know the story, so this for me, is just an OK release. that's aqua dijo. absolutely. thanks for watching, guys, peace. [Music]. [Music].


so i have done a full review on just about all of the aqua dijo fragrances, profumo profando, absolute, absolute instinct, uh, profondo lights. all of those have been covered here on the channel, so that way they're at your disposal. if you want some information on them, you can look those up. there's one that i'm missing, though, and this one is, uh, kind of a big deal. it's the original aqua dejo porom came out in 1996, and what makes this so absolutely special and insane is that this is like only the number one best-selling, most popular men's cologne out there. yeah, i know, not a big deal, right, that is a big deal, and people still look this one up. people still purchase it, people still wear it. there's still a lot of love for this original fragrance, as there should be, so i figured now would be a good time to finally get a full review out there. just so it's out there. if you want to grab this for yourself, it will be linked up down below so you can purchase it for yourself. you guys know i have a lot of love for this entire fragrance line, so i'm excited to dive into this one. i'm going to tell you how it smells, which i'm sure you know, how it performs and just when you can wear, just the general run down. so when you first spray this one on, it opens up incredibly fresh and bright. you get a whole bunch of uh top notes in here: a lot of citrus, orange, lime, lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange. there's two types of orange in here up top- a whole bunch of stuff. so it's incredibly bright, vibrant, fresh, citrusy, summery right off the top, big attention grabber here off the opening. every time i smell the opening of this one it's just like wow, that is really nice. i love how the orange mixes with everything else going on. the orange in here is giving it a bit of a creaminess in combination with that super bright, fresh punch that you get off the top. one thing that you do pick up on in the base a ton and that even comes through in the opening, is the musk. you get a good amount of a nice masculine, cleaned musk that starts off in the beginning and carries through to the entirety of the scent. that musk really helps to make up the base of this scent and of course, one of the main players of this one is the c notes, the aquatik notes, the watery notes, whatever you want to call it. yeah, that plays a big part in the scent. that's giving it this watery, fresh, summery sea breeze type of smell. so if you didn't know this already, yeah, this is an aquatik scent. it may not seem like it right off the bat when there's only one aquatik note and then a whole bunch of other- citrus and woods and musk and everything else and florals, but that's kind of the main focus behind this one. this has completely revolutionized men's fragrances. it has just come in and completely changed how we do things. i mean, this really kicked off the- uh, men's aquatik genre and since then we have had a whole bunch of other aquatik fragrances. none of them quite lived up and matched the success of this one, but there were a lot more released after this one was so kind of took one fragrance and one fragrance brand to put this out and it got everyone else wanting to get some of that. and of course it has spawned a whole bunch of other flankers on the line as well, all of which are really good. so this is easily a signature set, one that can be worn any time of the year- spring, summer, fall, winter, doesn't matter, given the note breakdown. a lot of times people are going to be gravitating to wear it in the summertime, spring and summer, in the warmer months, and that's going to be a really good time to wear it. but you can also wear it in the fall as well, because it can be one that can be worn for not only any time of the year but any situation as well. a lot of times in the fall- at least in the beginning of fall- you still have a lot of warm days. sure, the lows will be lower, but sometimes- at least here where we live- the high temperatures will still get into. you know, 75, 80 degrees, and if the sun's out that's pretty warm. that's a little bit too warm to wear something. that's going to be a warm, spicy scent, you know something with a whole bunch of other heavier notes. so in times like that you would still want something fresher, and so you can wear this one into fall as well. it'll carry you through the entire year. this is good for the type of person who just wants one cologne. you know one thing that they can wear for any situation. so this has never been a beast mode scent. people tok all the time about how it's changed over the years and all of that, but for me, with this bottle here, which is a new bottle, i get six, seven hours longevity. i don't think that's terrible. sometimes you may get a bit more, sometimes you might get a bit less. it just depends on your skin chemistry. but for me, for a fresh aquatik scent, i really can't complain. i find it to be a pretty moderate scent in terms of its projection as well. in the heat, in the hottest summer days, it will push out even more, so that's a positive. but on days where maybe it is a bit cooler, it will sit a little bit closer to your skin. not a skin scent, but it's for me more of a personal bubble scent, one that people have to get closer to you for them to pick up on it anymore. for me, that's what i like. i really don't like to be the person who projects and fills up a room. i'm kind of taking on the role of the cologne guy, because that's not appropriate in all situations. and in some situations people will be like: oh man, look at that. you know he smells great, i can smell from over here. in other situations it's like: oh yeah, look at that, that's. that's awesome for me. it's just not really my thing. i mostly wear fragrance for myself. believe it or not, that is the thing: i like: to smell good. i like to know that i smell good because it makes me feel better, so that's why i do it. so having something with more moderate projection is something i look for these days. so performance all around for me is pretty good and i can't complain. all in all, this is an ultra iconic men's fragrance that just about everyone has smelled, and i can't imagine how many bottles of this are sitting on people's bathroom sinks- something i think about all the time because, as someone with a collection, obviously you and i know not to store your fragrances in a bathroom- and most likely we have a designated spot to store our fragrances- but for just your regular user, they probably don't, they don't think of these things, and so it probably is in their bathroom because when they get out of the shower they apply it. just imagine that. think about that. maybe it's weird to think about other people's bathrooms, but every time i see a best seller like this, i'm like man. this is probably sitting in a lot of people's bathrooms and it probably has been for years- or not probably, i know it has been for years. legendary, iconic stuff that definitely deserved its own video here on the channel. it's awkward to show: come on, alrighty guys. that's going to do it for me. that was my full review on aqua dejo by giorgio armani, the iconic, legendary men's fragrance. it lives up to the hype, it lives up to the uh, the, the community and the, the title that is earned around over the years. i mean this stuff, it deserves it, it deserves a success. so if you have tried this before- kind of a long shot- i don't know if everyone's tried it, but if you've tried it, let me know what you think down below. that's going to do it for me, remember, if you want to shop this for yourself, pick up a bottle. the link will be down below. thank you so much for watching. stay safe, stay healthy. we'll see you tomorrow with another one. take care.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profondo Lights FIRST IMPRESSIONS - The BEST Acqua di Gio?

لقد حان الوقت. أخيرًا حصلت على Acqua Di Gio Profondo Lights الجديدة. تم طرح هذا الإصدار أخيرًا للبيع في الولايات المتحدة ، لقد استغرق الأمر وقتًا طويلاً منذ الإعلان عن هذا قبل أن تتمكن من طلب ذلك بالفعل ، وقد حدث هذا بالفعل مع الكثير من الإصدارات الجديدة التي تم الإعلان عنها مؤخرًا. وأنت تفكر جيدًا ، إنه أمر رائع. سأكون في المتاجر هنا في غضون أسبوع أو أسبوعين, ، لكن الأمر سيستغرق بعض الوقت. في هذا الفيديو ، سأقوم بإخراج هذا العطر من علبته, وأظهر لك العرض التقديمي وأرى كيف تنبعث منه ، وسأخبرك, يا رفاق, ما, إذا كان, يجب عليك التحقق من هذا بالخارج أم لا. وإعلامك أيضًا كيف يتراكم مع هذا البرنامج الأصلي Profondo ، لذا دعنا ننتقل إليه, ، دعنا نمضي قدمًا ونفرج عن هذا الصندوق, وسأقول إنني أحب تأثير قوس قزح الصغير هذا على الصندوق الذي سأعرضه. أنتم, يا رفاق, كيف يبدو ذلك? ، فهناك هذا النوع من النظرة العاكسة لقوس قزح التي تظهر في المقدمة: Acqua Di Gio Profondo Lights. انا احبها. أنا أحب الطريقة التي يبدو بها. حصلت على شعار Giorgio Armani في الأعلى ، لا شيء على الجوانب. توجد بعض المعلومات على ظهر الصندوق. هنا وهناك نظرة جيدة على الجزء السفلي ، لذا هذه زجاجة بحجم 75 مليلتر, وهي متوفرة أيضًا في زجاجة بحجم 40 مليلتر, موقع الويب. اعتبارًا من الآن, رمز الدُفعات على هذا واحد هو 38u11mt ، لذلك هناك نظرة جيدة على الزجاجة من أجلك. كتصميم متدرج واضح في الجزء السفلي الأزرق لأعلى, في أعلى ختم Giorgio Armani في الجزء العلوي من الغطاء ، يوجد الجزء الخلفي مع رمز الدفعة هنا على الزجاج والجزء السفلي ، لذا لا يوجد غطاء مغناطيسي على هذا واحد, ينقر فقط في مكانه ،. من الواضح, أنهم يوفرون المال من خلال القيام بذلك. لن يكلفك نفس التكلفة مثل الغطاء المغناطيسي, الذي أحب الغطاء المغناطيسي أكثر, ولكن هذا ليس حقًا شيء من النوع الذي يصنع أو يكسر ، لذا دعنا نمضي قدمًا, ونرش هذا لنرى كيف يقارن مع Acqua Di Gio الأصلي و Acqua Di Gio Profondo. وفي الواقع, أنت تعلم أنني سأستمر في ذلك. وأرش فقط Profondo على الذراع الأخرى أيضا, فقط أولئك الذين يحدثون في بالضبط نفس الوقت. علمي للغاية. وهناك نظرة جيدة على الزجاجة جنبًا إلى جنب ، أخبرني في التعليقات أي زجاجة تبدو أفضل, هذه الزجاجة أو هذه? ، لذلك هناك تشابه واضح في الأضواء العميقة مع العمق. ليس مفاجأة كبيرة, حقًا, ولكن من المدهش أن هناك ليس كثيرًا من Acqua Di Gio dna الأصلي في هذا واحد. على الأقل ليس لأنني التقطت مباشرة من أعلى. Profondo Lights هي أكثر خضرة قليلاً بالنسبة لي ، لذا فإن الهيل هنا سيكون أكثر من الهيل الأخضر, من الهيل الحار, اللذيذ, حقًا, وبرتقال الماندرين الموجود هنا يعطي القليل من اللون الأخضر أيضًا ، لذا فهو ليس حقًا مهاجمًا من الحمضيات Acqua Di Gio من الأعلى, وفي الواقع, هذا إكليل الجبل في ذلك السرو الذي يجلس في في منتصف العطر- ، يمكنك اختيار تلك العطور على الفور, تقريبًا. ، فلديك القليل من الحلاوة وأضواء Profondo, ، لكنه ليس عطرًا حلوًا حقًا, كما تعلم أنه ليس أحد تلك العطور التي تجعل الحلاوة هي الأولوية الأكبر ، لذا فهي هنا الرومانسية والطازجة. بالطبع, هناك القليل من تلك النوتة البحرية التي تتوقع الحصول عليها في كل واحدة من Acqua DI Gio ، نعم, ، لقد حصلت على هذا هنا أيضًا ،, أود أن أقول, على الرغم من أنه أكثر وضوحًا في Profondo مما هو عليه في أضواء Profondo. تأتي أضواء Profondo أيضًا أكثر سلاسة, وتقريبًا قليلاً, إذا كنت تريد تسميتها, ولكن مرة أخرى, هناك المزيد من التركيز هنا على الجانب الأخضر من Profondo. وهذا أحد الأشياء التي أحببتها حقًا في Acqua Di Gio Prodondo, التي استغرقها. أعطته Acqua Di Gio dna لمسة خضراء صغيرة. أحب أن أضواء Profondo تضخم قليلاً هذا الجزء من التكوين. حسنًا, ، سوف أمضي قدمًا, وسوف أتركه يجف ثم أعود. ونختتم هذا الانطباع الأول ، لذا سنعود في غضون ثانيتين من أجلك, على أي حال ،. حسنًا, أعطت Profondo Light بعض الوقت ليجف أيضًا ، وجعلت زوجتي تشمها وأعطت رأيها. ، لقد كان لديّ رائحة Profondo على هذا الذراع مقابل. لم تخبرها Profondo Lights على هذا الذراع أيهما. لم يخبرها حتى بماذا. لقد كانت تشم. للتو قيل هنا, شم هذه الرائحة التي تحبها أكثر وكانت رائحة Profondo, ولم يكن كل هذا قريبًا الآن ، هناك تشابه كبير بين Profonda Lights و Profondo خارج الجلد ، يمكنك بالتأكيد معرفة أن العطور هي تعلق الأمر مجرد. هذا واحد يأتي عبر أكثر ارضاء. عموما, إذا كنت تبحث فقط عن العطر للحصول على مجاملات, Profondo هو القليل أحلى. لديها أكثر من يشعر المائية. انها حصلت على أكثر من ذلك. فيبي العطر الأزرق لأنه أضواء Profondo قليلا أكثر اخضرارًا, وأقل حلاوة وأقل مائيًا. ولديها هذا اللي, هناك القليل من الغبار ، لذا فإن Profondo, بين الاثنين, يكون أكثر نشاطًا قليلاً وأكثر هشاشة. وقد يقول بعض الأشخاص لي أن أضواء Profondo أعذب. وهذا حقًا طريقة مغمورة لوصفها. يشبه Acqua Di Gio Profondo تقريبًا, مع رش شيء مثل Dolce & Gabbana K Eau De Toilette هناك ، لذا, فبينما هو طازج ، يكون أسلوب نضارة مختلفًا قليلاً عن Acqua Di Gio Profondo ، هناك تشابه بين العطرين ، لذا فمن غير الضروري امتلاك كلاهما. إذا كنت سأحصل على واحدة فقط, كما قلت ، فإن Profondo سيكون هو الشيء بالنسبة لي. ، يمكنك أيضًا التقاط بعض الأخشاب هنا, حيث يجف. هناك بعض نجيل الهند ، وهناك بعض خشب الأرز. لا يصبح رائحة خشبية أبدًا, ولكني لا أتوقع ذلك على أي حال, لأنه أكوا دي جيو. من حيث المواسم ، أعني أنه أكوا دي جيو, لذا فهو ربيع, وصيف, ورائحة نهارية أكثر من رائحة ليلية. وبالطبع, هي أيضًا آمنة للمكتب. ، سأرتدي هذا بشكل أكثر وضوحًا وأقوم بمراجعته على الطريق ، انظر ما إذا كان ينمو علي أكثر. حتى الآن ، فهو أسفل Profondo ، كما أنه لا بأس به ، لا أكرهه ، لا أحبه ، إنه في مكان ما في الوسط فقط. ، أتمنى ذلك. لقد كان الأمر مختلفًا قليلاً عن Profondo. وعلى الرغم من أنني معجب كبير بالنوتات والعطور الخضراء, أو مجرد العطور الخضراء بشكل عام, ، فإن الجوانب الخضراء المكثفة و Profondo Lights, جنبًا إلى جنب مع الحمض النووي الموجود هنا, لا يعملان بشكل جيد, بالإضافة إلى الطريقة التي تم بها سحبها في Profondo الآن ، قد تعتقد أن هذه النوتات الخضراء ستكون أكثر رواجًا في Profondo Lights ، لم ينجح الأمر بهذه الطريقة ، لا يمكنني حقًا تفسير السبب, ولكن فقط لم يكن. هناك. شيء واحد كان غريبًا نوعًا ما حول هذا هو أنه وا من المفترض أن تأتي مع عينة من هذا حتى أتمكن من تجربة ذلك قبل أن أفتح الصندوق ومعرفة ما, إذا كنت ترغب في ذلك ، وإذا لم تعجبك, ، يمكنك إرسال هذا مرة أخرى لاسترداد الأموال بالكامل ، وهذا ما يقوله موقع الويب. على أي حال, لم يأت بعينة من Profondo Lights ، لذا لم يكن الأمر كبيرًا بالنسبة لي, لأنني كنت سأفتح هذا بغض النظر. ولكن إذا كنت تطلب هذا وتتوقع الحصول على عينة صغيرة. يمكنك ذلك. قم بإجراء الاختبار مسبقًا لمعرفة ما, إذا كنت تريد الاحتفاظ بالزجاجة ، فقد لا تحصل عليها. على الأقل, إذا كنت مثلي, وكنت غير محظوظًا, أعتقد ذلك ، لذا أود أن أقول: ضع ذلك في اعتبارك. أنك قد لا تحصل عليه, على الرغم من يقول موقع الويب أنك ستفعل شيئًا. آخر يجب أن تضعه في اعتبارك هو أنك تحتاج إلى تجربة هذا من بشرتك, وليس شريط اختبار, لأنني قمت برش هذا على شريط اختبار لأنني كنت أتركه يجف. أيضًا ورش Profondo على شريط اختبار, وليس دقيقًا حقًا في كيفية شم رائحة بشرتك. أحيانًا تكون العطور ذات رائحة جميلة مشابه لشريط اختبار مقارنة بجلدك ، كان هذا بالنسبة لي, مختلفًا تمامًا, على أي حال, بما يكفي بحيث يجب عليك اختباره بنسبة 100 ٪ تمامًا من بشرتك. لا تعتمد على شريط اختبار ، لذا فإن Profonda Lights بشكل عام أحب الطريقة التي تشم بها من السهل ارتداءها ، إنها مجرد زائدة عن الحاجة ، فهذه هي المشكلة الرئيسية هنا, وحيث يوجد هذا التكرار وأنا أفضل هذا النوع من الصعب بالنسبة لي أن أقول نعم, ، قم بشرائه تمامًا. إذا كنت من كبار المعجبين بـ Acqua Do Gio, على الرغم من أعلم بالفعل أنك ستشتريه ، لذا أيا كان ، ولكن إذا كنت تتجول في رأسك ، فهل أحتاج إلى هذا? لأن لدي هذا وأنت غير متأكد من أنك ربما لا تكون على ما يرام, ، فهذا سيفعل ذلك من أجل أشكرك على التسكع معي اليوم. ، شكرًا لدعمك. ، ابق آمنًا هناك. وسأراكم غدًا مع فيديو آخر عن العطور. ، أراكم, يا رفاق.