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Ad-Free Adventure Capitalist

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

The article is a transcript of a video of someone playing the game Adventure Capitalist and making a lot of money. The player is excited and amazed by the amount of money they are making and they keep buying upgrades, managers, and other things in the game to increase their profits. They reset the game several times to claim angels and start again. The player is overwhelmed by the numbers and the amount of money they are making. They buy everything they can and keep upgrading to make more money. The article ends with the player leaving the game for a while and planning to come back later.

I BEAT THE GAME! AdVenture Capitalist 125

Hello and welcome back to Gaming with Hrothgar! Today, we are going to complete Earth on Adventure Capitalist. This is a milestone achievement and I am excited to unlock the giant pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We have been on this journey for over 500 days and reached over a million views on the entire playlist. Thank you for all your support thus far. In this episode, we restart the game once more to make sure we have all the upgrades and unlock all achievements.

- Completing Earth on Adventure Capitalist

- Milestone achievement

- Excitement to unlock giant pot of gold

- Journey over 500 days and million views on the playlist

- Gratitude for support

Bullet Points/Numbered List:

- Restarting the game to ensure all upgrades and achievements are unlocked

- Completing the angel upgrades

- Final achievement for unlocking all upgrades

- Completing everything on Earth

- Potential restarts for Mars

- Adventure Capitalist series has been unscripted and unretaken

- Completion of Earth is a long-awaited achievement

- Thanks to viewers for being a huge part of the series

- Personal realization to take a vacation from YouTube during vacations

- Slaughter of difficult names in comments

I Earned $1,000,000,000,000 So I Could Buy Stupid Things in AdVenture Capitalist

have enough money to upgrade the bankto level 25which means we re gonna make even moremoney per hour and that s going to be ahuge investment in our future earningswe re now up to 15 billion dollars andwe have so many upgrades to buy andinvest in it s hard to keep track ofthem all but it s exciting to see ourprofits grow exponentiallythe next big investment is the shrimpboat which is going to cost 2.5 billiondollars to upgrade fullybut it s going to give us 3.2 billiondollars every time it touches downwhich is an insane amount of money to beearning from one businessbut we re also investing in the moviestudio and the donut shop and the pizzaplace and the hockey team and the bankand the

My Money Has Too Many Zeroes In It in AdVenture Capitalist

It's time for Earth to start making money, as we have already made 1.5 septillion dollars since we left. We hit tier 5 in an event, which earned us the dark knit jacket. The banks are already making 5-6 quintillion dollars every few seconds, and now they're making 7.4 quintillion dollars every few seconds. We have a lot of angels, currently at 77,000, and if we restart, we'll have 5.7 million.

Bullet points:

- Upgrading the banks is the first priority as they're already making a lot of money.

- We're not going to restart, but we'll use 20 gold to increase our profits.

- We've added a 27 times multiplier to Earth and a speed multiplier. The banks are now making 15 sextillion dollars every second.

- We sacrificed 10 angels to buy all profits times three. This increased our profits to 206 trillion dollars a second.

- We bought all profits times three for the banks and increased their earnings to 662 octillion dollars a second.

- The oil rig is now making 959 trillion dollars a second.

- We sacrificed 100 million angels to get angel investor effectiveness another two percent.

- We used 20 gold to go from 6 trade until Ian to 55 quinvigintillion.

- All profits times 25 is now available for purchase.

With upgrades and investments, we have managed to significantly increase our profits. From banks to oil

So I decided to speedrun AdVenture Capitalist and became the fastest billionaire of all time

Adventure Capitalist is a game about making as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. It starts with a lemonade stand and progresses to owning a hockey team and a bank. This article will cover a speed run of the game, without using the Facebook like system.

Speed Running Adventure Capitalist:

- Start by upgrading the lemonade stand and buying a newspaper delivery.

- Invest wisely, choosing the best investments that give the highest return on investment.

- Upgrade smaller shops, as they still add up to a significant amount of money.

- Get managers for each business to help with operations.

- Focus on getting a hockey team, as it speeds up the game significantly.

- Use time warps and upgrades to maximize profits and reach one billion dollars.

- While not the fastest method, this speed run is more entertaining and doesn't use the Facebook like system.

Speed running Adventure Capitalist is a nostalgic blast and a satisfying game to play. By investing wisely, upgrading smaller shops, and getting managers, it's possible to reach one billion dollars and complete the game. While not the fastest method, this speed run is more entertaining and doesn't rely on the Facebook like system.

How To Win At Adventure Capitalist Without Spending Any Money!

Welcome to Steve's video on how to complete the game Adventure Capitalist without spending any real money. In this article, we will explore the different planets and how to progress through them, as well as the items available in the shop and how to use them effectively.


- Start with the Mars planet as it is the quickest to complete

- Use bonuses obtained from Mars and Moon on Earth, which is the slowest planet to finish

- Moon planet progression is slow but still quicker than Earth

- Aim to complete Mars first, then work on Moon and Earth simultaneously

Shop Items:

- Avoid one-hit bonuses and time warps

- Concentrate on items that benefit you permanently, such as multiplayer bonuses

- Multiplier bonuses do not work as expected, but still have an impact

- Use the flux capitalist in conjunction with multipliers for maximum impact

- Watch adverts for bonuses and consider buying the forever and ever upgrade instead of smaller upgrades

Completing Adventure Capitalist without spending real money is possible with the right strategy. Focus on progressing through planets efficiently and using shop items wisely. Don't be tricked into buying unnecessary upgrades and watch adverts for bonuses. Good luck and happy capitalist-ing!


Adventure Capitalist is a game that allows players to automate businesses and earn profits while away from their phone. With the help of the developers, we have compiled the top five tips for getting rich quick in the game.

1. Hire Managers:

When starting out, it's important to hire several managers to get your businesses running. This will allow you to walk away and relax while your profits multiply. Managers are multipliers, so make sure you're fully staffed up.

2. Use Add Bonuses:

Adventure Capitalist gives you a legit reason to watch ads, which is two time multiplier bonuses to your profits. Needless to say, 2 million is better than a million and it really does speed things up. Don't ignore this one.

3. Strategic Upgrades:

The next upgrade in the list isn't always the best one. There's an art to picking the right one for you at the right moment. Take a look down the list because you might be able to spend a little more money to boost all of your businesses at once or get a larger upgrade overall. Don't just buy the thing you can afford this second, and the payoffs will be big in the long term.

4. Angel Resets:

Claiming your angel investors is a grand idea, but this usually means restarting your game. This isn't always in your best interest if you haven't got loads of time to play right now. If you're not interested in building up from scratch all over again, stay as you are and just keep watching those numbers climb. You can use gold you've earned or bought to claim angel investors without resetting the game, but if you're not planning on doing that, just be mindful of what it means.

5. Special Events:

Every week, you'll have the chance to play in several limited time themed events. Not only is this a chance to start a little mini micro business, but you'll get additional rewards like gold vaults and suits that help you out in the regular game. It's well worth checking out.

In conclusion, by following these top five tips, you can become a successful Adventure Capitalist player and start earning profits quickly. Remember to hire managers, use add bonuses, choose strategic upgrades, consider angel resets, and take part in special events to dress for success and earn rewards that boost your game. Happy playing!

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