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Ad-Free One UI: Removes Ads from Apps

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

If you have just bought a Samsung Galaxy device, there are some apps that you may want to consider deleting to clear out some storage on your phone. In this article, we will showcase the apps that you should probably delete first as soon as you get your specific Android device.

Apps to Delete:

1. Samsung Folder - Go through and determine which applications you use from here and delete the ones you don't use.

- AR Zone

- Samsung Galaxy Shop

- Samsung Health

2. Microsoft Folder - Decide if you want to use the Microsoft Office Suite. If not, delete OneDrive and Outlook.

Other Samsung Apps:

- Samsung Free

- Internet Browser

- Zed Application

Stopping Background Apps:

- Go to Settings > Apps

- Force stop apps you don't plan on using

Deleting apps you don't use or need can help clear out storage on your Samsung Galaxy device. Be sure to only delete apps that you are sure you won't use to avoid any issues with your phone.

Remove ADS from Your Samsung Phone | No More Ads??

In recent times, it has become normal for even mid-range smartphones to have ads in their user interface. While this may be understandable for brands like Xiaomi or Realme, who offer affordable pricing, it is unacceptable for premium brands like Samsung to include ads in their high-end phones. However, Samsung has announced plans to remove ads from at least some of their smartphones. In this article, we will examine the reality of this ad-free experience.

Stock Apps with No Ads:

1. Dialer, Messaging, Camera, and Settings - These stock apps have never had ads in their UI.

2. Gallery, Calendar, and Calculator - These apps also do not have any ads.

3. File Manager and Voice Recorder - These apps are frequently used and have no ads.

Stock Apps with Ads:

1. Game Center - This app has ads, but since it is not frequently used, it can be tolerated.

2. Samsung Pay - There are promotions in this app, which can be considered ads, but they are not very sneaky.

3. Samsung Stock Browser - This app promotes Samsung's own products, which may not matter much since most people use Chrome.

Disabling Ads:

To avoid ads, make sure to disable all marketing and customization services for each app where ads are seen. Also, disable the notification for ad-related promotions.

Samsung is taking steps to remove ads from their smartphones, but there are still some stock apps with ads. However, it is possible to disable these ads by following a few simple steps. Overall, an ad-free experience on Samsung phones may not be 100%, but it is possible to minimize ads.

The Simplest Way to Remove Bloatware on Android! (No Root Required)

Bloatware is any app that is unnecessary and takes up space on your device, including pre-installed apps like Facebook on Android phones.

There are three types of bloatware apps on Android: third-party bloated apps, manufacturer apps, and Google apps.

Some of these apps take up a lot of storage, send unnecessary notifications, and slow down your phone.

To remove system bloatware apps that can't be uninstalled easily, you can use the Universal Android Deep Loader tool, which is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

This tool helps you remove system apps that can't be removed natively, but it's important to note that the apps that you remove don't come back when you install a system update. However, they will come back if you do a factory reset.

It's also important to stay away from critical apps in the OS and to be careful when removing system apps, as there is a risk of causing problems in your phone.

Manufacturers should make removing bloatware from phones a lot simpler, and users should have the choice of what apps they want and what apps they don't. A native tool or option in the settings to remove system apps would be better than relying on third-party tools.

Using the Universal Android Deep Loader tool can free up a lot of storage on your phone, and it works on phones from different manufacturers like Realme, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.

Removing bloatware can improve the user experience, but it's important to be careful when removing system apps and to know which apps are critical to the OS.

How to Block All Ads On Android Phone Easy & Fast 2022

In this video, the creator demonstrates how to block full screen and pop up ads on your phone for a lifetime. The creator explains that seeing these ads on your phone is problematic, and traditional methods may not work. The creator then shows how to download and use the Advert Premium app, which blocks ads on your phone.

Steps to block ads on your phone:

1. Search for Advert Premium app on Google and download it from the first link provided.

2. Install the app and open it.

3. Click on protection is disabled and turn it on.

4. Click on create local Vivien and then click ok.

5. Ads blocked and trackers blocked will show as zero initially, but after using the app for some time, the number will increase.

6. Once the app is installed, no more pop up or full screen ads will appear on your phone.

Blocking ads on your phone can be a frustrating task, but with the Advert Premium app, it is made easy. By following the steps outlined in the video, you can block all pop up and full screen ads on your phone for a lifetime. Say goodbye to annoying ads and enjoy uninterrupted phone usage.

Ads in Samsung Phones WILL FINALLY STOP - Samsung confirms!

Samsung to Remove Ads from Proprietary Apps: What We Know So Far

Samsung recently held a town hall meeting for its upper management and employees, during which it was revealed that the company is finally getting rid of ads from its proprietary apps. In this article, we will go over what we know so far about this update and what questions remain unanswered.

Key Points:

- Samsung is removing ads from basic apps such as weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.

- The update will be ready by later this year, but it's unclear whether it will be limited to certain countries or available to all Samsung phones.

- It's also uncertain whether the update will remove ads from all Samsung apps, including push notifications.

- The term update could refer to either an app or operating system update, but it's more likely to be the latter.

- If it's an operating system update, newer Samsung phones may not have ads, but older ones might continue to see them.

While Samsung's decision to remove ads from its proprietary apps is a positive move, there are still many unanswered questions about the update. It remains to be seen whether the update will be available globally and whether it will remove ads from all Samsung apps. Nonetheless, we can hope that other phone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Realme will follow Samsung's lead and minimize the ads they show in their apps.

Best Ad-Blocker Apps on Android!

Blocking ads on Android can be confusing with so many options available. In this article, we will narrow down the best ad blockers on Android and explain their pros and cons.

1. Private DNS Provider:

- Easiest and quickest way to block ads on Android.

- Minimal impact on battery.

- Blocks ads on the whole system and cannot whitelist apps or websites.

2. Next DNS:

- Customizable ad blocking from their website.

- Extra security features to stop cyber attacks and threats.

- Different block lists and the ability to block phone's OEM from tracking you.

- Parental control section to restrict certain apps or websites.

- Allow list to allow certain domains for apps or websites.

- Analytics to keep track of the number of queries being blocked and what type of domains are being accessed.

3. AdGuard:

- Blocks ads on both browser and apps.

- Removes space where ads used to be.

- Customizable DNS filtering and server selections.

- Stealth mode to protect personal information.

- HTTPS filtering for better ad blocking experience within the browser.

- Consumes more battery than Next DNS and has privacy concerns.

4. Rethink DNS:

- Completely free with no subscriptions or in-app purchases.

- Firewall to block any apps from accessing the internet.

- Active community with a Telegram channel.

- Gets updated relatively well.

5. Block This:

- Prettier looking interface with a variety of different block lists.

- Wide selection of DNS hosts to join.

- Active community with a Telegram channel.

- Developers are very active.

6. DNS66:

- Hasn't been updated in almost a year.

- Outdated UI.

- No community or easy way to contact the developer.

- Still works well and is free to use.

7. AdAway:

- Requires root to take advantage of its features.

- Edits system host files instead of filtering.

- Blocks ads faster if rooted.

Next DNS is the best option for those who want a customizable ad blocking experience without downloading any app. AdGuard is great for those who want extra protection and clean up those blank ad spaces. Rethink DNS is completely free with a firewall to block any apps from accessing the internet. Block This is also a good alternative with a prettier interface. DNS66 is outdated but still works. AdAway is the best option for those who have rooted their phone.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Initial Setup & Disabling ADS in One UI

Hey guys, Gotham here! After a long time, I have finally switched back to using a Samsung phone. My last Samsung phone was the Note 2, but now I have the Samsung Galaxy A50, which comes with Samsung's One UI. In this video, I will show you the initial phone setup and walk you through the settings that I prefer.

Setting up the Phone:

- Agree to Samsung's terms and Privacy Policy

- Restore data from another device (or set up the phone as new)

- Enable Wi-Fi

- Add Google account

- Set up face unlock (or another form of secure unlock)

- Add SIM cards and micro SD card

- Customize face unlock settings

- Disable unused apps

- Set up Samsung account

- Set up Samsung Pay Mini

- Enable lockscreen stories (or disable for no ads)

- Use smart dual SIM feature (if applicable)

- Customize quick settings area

- Adjust settings for sound and vibration

- Turn on battery percentage

- Set screen mode to AMOLED cinema

- Use fullscreen gestures

- Customize lockscreen

- Enable Samsung Pass

- Reduce animations for faster transitions

- Enable smart stay and disable palm swipe to capture

- Use AR emoji and voice control

- Enable assistant menu for easy navigation

- Check for software updates

- Customize phone's name and wallpaper

- Go through recommended apps by Samsung

That's it for the phone setup! I hope you found this video helpful. If you liked it, please hit the like button and share it with your friends. And don't forget to subscribe for more videos in the future. Thanks for watching!

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