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Ad-Free: Top Android Launchers

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Android devices offer a vast range of customization options, and one of the first steps in customization is installing a custom launcher. With so many launchers available, it can be challenging to choose the best one. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 best Android launchers that are unique, customizable, and fluid, without consuming too much battery.

1. Nova Launcher:

- Offers a plethora of features in terms of customizability.

- Seamless integration with Sesame for a faster universal search.

- Lightweight on system resources.

2. Smart Launcher 6:

- Minimal yet customizable launcher.

- Features a powerful search engine and automatic app sorting.

- Offers configurable gestures and hotkeys.

3. Launcher iOS 15:

- Brings iOS's launcher to your Android device.

- Provides the iPhone's home screen like widget section.

- Offers the full-on iOS feel on your Android phone.

4. Launcher Android 12:

- Customizable launcher that takes Google Pixel Launcher as a base.

- Offers various gestures, dock customization, and more.

- Requires less time learning.

5. Microsoft Launcher:

- Designed for productivity enthusiasts.

- Offers a smart card composed of several actions, daily wallpapers, and support for landscape mode.

- Customizable home screen gestures, ad draws icon shapes, and more.

6. Niagara Launcher:

- Limits itself to offering a simple and practical interface.

- Focuses on productivity and simplicity.

- Offers a single-page home screen with frequently used apps and an alphabet site.

7. Total Launcher:

- The most customizable launcher out there.

- Allows you to make the launcher work in any way you want.

- Offers a standard dial, contact page, and app drawer.

8. Hyperion Launcher:

- Offers a ton of features like Nova Launcher.

- Customizable folder colors, easy icon selection, and integration with Google Home feed.

- Multiple accent colors and the ability to change the font.

9. All in One Launcher (AIO):

- Shows everything possible on the home screen.

- Displays frequently used apps, notifications, time, weather, date, alarms, timers, mails, calendar events, Google feed, and more.

- Offers quick actions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

10. Ruthless Launcher:

- Lightweight yet feature-rich launcher.

- Allows you to change fonts, icon shapes and sizes, app launch animations, custom grids, swipe gestures, and more.

- Offers a smart android that displays your top-most notification in the glance wizard.

In conclusion, choosing the best launcher for your Android device can be challenging, but this list should make it easier. The launchers mentioned above offer various features and customizability options, making them unique, fluid, and customizable. So, go ahead and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Top 7 Best Android Launchers in 2022 | Most Customizable! | Guiding Tech

- Customizing Android devices is a popular feature.

- Using a good wallpaper and a third-party launcher can provide access to a unique interface and personalized experience.

- In this article, we will discuss the top launchers that offer a plethora of customization features for Android devices.

Top Launchers:

1. Total Launcher:

- The most customizable launcher out there.

- No fixed layout; modify everything as per your liking.

- Offers free themes and tutorial videos for stunning setups.

2. Launcher:

- Best option for those who prefer a stock Android Launcher.

- Adds a lot of customizability to the Google pixel launcher.

- Offers customization of the dock, home screen setup, gestures, and more.

3. Action Launcher Pixel Edition:

- Based on the Google pixel launcher.

- Offers a fully customizable search box and actual search functionality.

- Enhanced customization options and compatibility with material U.

4. Nova Launcher:

- Personal favorite and a top-rated launcher.

- Completely customizable layout with options to change the style of grids, add custom gestures, and use third-party icon packs.

- Seamless integration with Sesame for faster universal search.

5. Hyperion Launcher:

- Offers similar smoothness as Nova Launcher.

- Cool animations and a ton of features like folder covers, gestures, and custom docks.

- Ability to change the font and multiple accent colors.

6. Alpha Launcher:

- Lightweight yet feature-rich launcher.

- Custom gestures to launch apps, ability to hide apps, and fully customize icons.

- Handy mini bar and tabs inside the app drawer for better organization.

7. Microsoft Launcher:

- Designed for productivity enthusiasts.

- Offers a smart card composed of several actions including tasks, sticky notes, a calendar, frequently used apps, and screen time usage.

- Customizable home screen, gestures, app drawer, and icon shape.

- Using a third-party launcher provides access to a unique interface and personalized experience.

- The top launchers discussed in this article offer a plethora of customization features to make the experience truly your own.

- Download links to all the apps discussed can be found in the description box.

Best Android Launchers (Summer 2022)

Android smartphones have a major advantage over iPhones - the ability to transform them in mere seconds by downloading a new launcher. There are thousands of launchers available, but here are some of the best ones that can completely transform your Android experience.

1. Nova Launcher:

- Been around for a long time and just keeps getting better

- Highly customizable UI, from transitions to app store and animations

- Impressive gesture control, including opening specific features when swiping across an app icon

- Prime version unlocks all launcher settings for full customization opportunities

2. Poco Launcher 2.0:

- Fast and lightweight option that won't drain battery unnecessarily

- Simple, minimalist design with stock Android layout

- Apps drawer can be grouped by type or icon color for easy access

- Fan favorite nifty desktop shortcut cleanses memory and speeds up phone

3. Microsoft Launcher:

- Pleasing custom aesthetic with expandable dock and customizable widgets

- Customizable feed and gesture shortcuts for notifications panel, hibernation, or favorite apps

- Regularly updated and improved with most bugs squashed

4. Niagara Launcher:

- Short list of favorite apps and cascade and A-Z index for the rest

- Simple, straightforward UI for minimal distractions

- Media controls for fast access to music or other media

- Light and fast even on older phones

5. Minimalist Phone Launcher:

- Bare bones launcher with a hand-picked list of essential apps

- Blocks apps that may cause distractions and sets time limits on app usage

- Simple, efficient UI with notifications tools to prevent distractions

- One-time fee of £25 to unlock all features

6. Kiss Launcher:

- Minimalist launcher with only a search bar to find apps or settings

- Search history for fast access to frequently used apps

- Customize with preferred apps or contacts for permanent favorites

- Completely free

7. Smart Launcher:

- Central hub homepage with favorite app shortcuts and stacked app page

- Customizable widgets page and relevant Microsoft news cuts

- Smart search bar for quick access to specific apps or contacts

- Highly customizable with pro version unlock for just over £10

8. Big Launcher:

- Simple, straightforward UI for users with limited vision

- Oversized text and clear, easy-to-see icons

- SOS feature for immediate call and text to key contacts

- Completely free

There are many great Android launchers out there that can transform your smartphone experience. Whether you want a highly customized UI or a minimalist, distraction-free approach, there's a launcher out there for you. Try out different launchers and find the one that fits your needs best.

5 SUPER UNIQUE Android Launchers You Should Try!

As someone who loves customization, the author decides to try out some super unique third-party home screen launchers. They compile a list of five home screen launches that are either very much unknown or that are super unique.

Launcher #1: Stario Launcher

- A brand new launcher with less than 100 downloads

- Inspired by the minimalist phone concept

- Aims to bring a de-cluttered home screen experience to enhance functionality and productivity

- Home screen is just three simple widgets: a greeting and date widget, a clock widget, and a battery percentage widget

- Media player widget becomes active whenever any media is playing

- Apps are laid out in little pill-shaped boxes

- Minor options for customization are available, including making each application icon monochromatic

Launcher #2: AP 15 Launcher

- Presents a list of apps as text

- Granting the app usage permissions will increase or decrease the size of app names depending on how often they are used

- Some customization options are available, including changing the color or size of the text, changing the font, and hiding the system status bar

Launcher #3: AIO Launcher

- Presents important information without overcomplicating things with unnecessary colors and animations

- Filled with widgets, all of which are primarily text-based

- Allows viewing of a whole heap of information at just a quick glance

- Interaction with each widget is possible just as with a normal widget

- Swipe left to access all apps

- Stacks of customizations are available

Launcher #4: Computer Launcher

- Emulates a Windows desktop-style layout

- Comes complete with a taskbar and even a start menu for an authentic Windows-like experience

- A ton of fun customizations are available

- Inbuilt file browser lets you explore all the files stored on your phone

Launcher #5: Alpha Hybrid Launcher

- A futuristic home screen that plays host to a bunch of handy shortcuts

- Sci-fi esque animations and sound effects play as you tap each shortcut

- Swipe to the right to see all your apps

- Lots of customizations are available

- A seriously impressive home screen launcher that makes the experience super immersive

These five super unique home screen launchers will surprise and delight anyone who loves customization. From the minimalist Stario Launcher to the sci-fi-inspired Alpha Hybrid Launcher, each launcher offers something different and exciting. With various customization options available, users can make their home screens unique and functional.

5 Extremely UNIQUE Android Launchers You Must TRY - 2022

One of the reasons people love using an Android phone is the customization options it offers. In this video, we will discuss five incredible Android launchers that will completely change the way your device looks.

Launcher 1: Good Launcher

- Simple and minimalistic launcher

- Reduces distractions and focuses on productivity

- Clean home screen with most used applications

- Access to all other installed applications by swiping up

- Allows configuration of home screen apps and gestures

- Great for those who prefer a clean and minimalistic look

Launcher 2: Modern Theme Launcher

- Comes with 50+ beautiful themes for customization

- Free themes and wallpapers

- Changes the entire look of the Android device

- Must-have launcher for those who want quick and easy customization

Launcher 3: AOG Launcher

- Gesture-based launcher

- Allows drawing of gestures to launch applications

- Assign gestures for different tasks and controls

- Inbuilt app locker

- Customizable grid size, dock, and background color

- Great for those who love using gestures on their phone

Launcher 4: Custom Live Wallpaper

- Allows creation of beautiful home screens with third-party launchers

- Use presets from the Play Store for customization

- Sets up amazing looking home screens

- A must-have app for those who want to create unique home screens

Launcher 5: Microsoft Launcher

- Highly customizable launcher

- Organizes everything on the Android phone

- Personalized feed with tasks, notes, and frequently used applications

- Various customization options such as gestures, icon packs, and wallpapers

- Perfect for those who want to personalize their phone and stay organized

These are some amazing launchers that you should definitely install on your Android phone. Let us know in the comment section which is your favorite launcher from this list. Don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more such videos.

Best Android launchers (2022)!

All the best third-party Android launchers offer unique features, such as customization or a minimalistic aesthetic. In this article, we will discuss the best Android launchers to install on your phone in 2022 and beyond.

1. Nova Launcher:

- Most popular third-party home screen replacement for Android

- Offers exceptional user experience

- Nova Launcher 7 rewrite provides faster, lighter, and more customization options

- Customization options include folder pop-outs, home screen grid layouts, icons, fonts, size, and more

- Added search functionality goes beyond in-built device search

2. Launcher Launcher:

- Mimics the Pixel Launcher found on Google's smartphones

- Provides just enough customization options to make it worth a visit

- Set custom icon packs and adjust app accent color and create your own shapes

- Attack on widget favors pre-Android 12 design

- Google Discover feed can be added

3. Niagara Launcher:

- Forgoes traditional homepage layout

- Relies on a small pool of favorites

- Widgets show upcoming events, weather, battery stats, and more

- Notifications can be shown on home screen

- Alphabetical sidebar lets you quickly scroll to any app

4. Microsoft Launcher:

- Great for those heavily invested in Microsoft services

- Offers synced calendars, to-do lists, sticky notes, screen time, and recent activities data

- Your feed panel mimics the OnePlus shelf

5. Ratio Launcher:

- Aims to curb bad smartphone habits

- Offers app timers and tracking app usage

- Monochrome theme with a splash of color

- Conversations shelf groups all contact chats into one place

6. Less Phone:

- Reduces smartphone usage by limiting app access

- In-built to-do task list

- Ridiculously basic, points you further away from your smartphone

7. Action Launcher:

- Developed into a more capable version of the Pixel Launcher

- Offers custom folder icons and app drawer folders

- Widget stacks and iOS features available

There are plenty of launchers available on Android, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for customization options or an app that helps reduce your smartphone usage, there's something out there for everyone.

Best Android Launchers (Summer 2021) | Transform your phone!

Now Android is a great operating system for smartphones, but adding a launcher can completely alter the experience and freshen up your device. In this article, we will discuss the best Android launchers that you can download from Google Play right now.

Best Android Launchers:

1. Nova Launcher

- Long-term favorite launcher

- Every aspect can be customized

- Impressive gesture control

- Majority are free or cost just a couple of quid to unlock the full premium version

2. Poco Launcher 2.0

- Fast and super light

- Simple minimalist design

- Includes groups of apps based on type

- Nifty desktop shortcut

3. Hyperion Launcher

- Simple stock Android experience

- Impressive depth in settings

- Smart gesture support for easier one-handed use

- Full customization of UI theme, animations, and icons

4. Action Launcher Pixel Edition

- Stock Android vibe with added customization

- Includes bonus bits like an expandable dock

- Good selection of gesture shortcuts

5. Microsoft Launcher

- Very frisky and improved over time

- Proper dark mode

- Slick and enjoyable launcher

- A dedicated section for messages from key apps

6. Niagara Launcher

- Streamlined and quick

- Short list of favorites

- Neat and efficient with a handy search bar

- Simple customization options

7. Ratio

- Minimalist vibe to separate apps into category drawers

- Surprising amount of customization

- Very free and funky

8. Kiss Launcher

- Keep it simple, stupid, face

- No widgets or multiple pages

- Search bar to find whatever you need

- Surprisingly intuitive

9. Smart Launcher 5

- Home page acts as a central hub

- App page with all your stuff sorted into categories

- Shed load of customization in pro version

- Can be rearranged or removed entirely

10. Lawn Chair Launcher

- Oldie but goldie

- Good selection of customization options

- Free to download and use

There are many great Android launchers out there that can freshen up your smartphone experience. From the long-term favorite Nova Launcher to the minimalist Niagara Launcher, there's something for everyone. Try out a few and find the one that works best for you.

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