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Ad-supported Streaming Services

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Many people have questions about commercials on streaming services. Are some services better than others when it comes to the amount of commercials? In this article, we'll dig into this question and see what we can find.

Main points:

1. YouTube:

- Skippable ads cut down on commercial time.

- Only a couple of minutes of commercials over one hour of show.

2. Premium or commercial-supported services:

- Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, etc.

- Dual tier services with a commercial-free premium tier.

- 3 to 6 minutes of commercials per hour of television watched.

3. IMDb TV and other single tier services:

- No paid tier to remove commercials.

- More commercials than dual tier services.

- 6 to 8 minutes of commercials per hour of television watched.

4. Cable or satellite:

- Minimum of 16 minutes of commercials per hour of programming.

- Streaming services are much better than cable or network television.

Streaming services vary in the amount of commercials they have, but overall, they are a better option than cable or network television. YouTube has skippable ads that cut down on commercial time, while dual tier services have less commercials than single tier services. Cable or network television has a minimum of 16 minutes of commercials per hour of programming, making streaming services a better choice for cord cutters.

If Streaming Services Were Honest | Honest Ads

Are you struggling to decide what to watch on TV? Do you want to avoid confronting your relationship issues? Look no further than Hortflix, the premier movie streaming service that has everything you need to distract yourself from reality.


- Thousands of viewing options, including old shows and new films featuring cash-grabbing stars

- Popular workplace sitcoms and brand new prestige dramas, like Apptastrophy and The Student

- Arthouse crap with decent titties thrown in, alongside 90s movies with talking babies

- Shiny new Hortflix originals that we'll aggressively promote for a month or two before letting them vanish into the content ether

- Basic and premium tiers, both with ads because why not?

- Real television channels with even more ads because we've balkanized into a patchwork of ever-growing subscription fees

- Formulaic and morally uncomplicated legal procedurals set in cities you can find on a map

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Hortflix now and enjoy the soothing sounds of content. Don't worry about the growing number of studies linking binge-watching to various health issues, just sit back and let us raise the monthly fee once we've got you hooked. And if you're really smart, you'll steal your parents' password. This is the content you want, whether you know it or not.

Ads on streaming services continue to evolve


As the streaming wars heat up, customers are not the only ones who have to make decisions. Advertisers are also adjusting their fight for viewership. With the rise of streaming services, more opportunities have become available for advertisers to reach their audience. Streaming services allow for hyper-targeted advertising, which means advertisers can get a more personalized view of their audience's purchasing habits and preferences.

However, with this level of targeting comes a tradeoff. Users give away data about themselves, including their purchasing habits, location, and more. Advertisers can use this information to create more targeted experiences, but it also means users may feel like their privacy is being invaded.

Despite this potential drawback, targeted advertising can be beneficial for both advertisers and viewers. Viewers can receive advertisements for products and services that they may actually be interested in, and advertisers can make more informed decisions about how to reach their audience.

As the streaming wars continue, it will be interesting to see how advertisers and streaming services evolve to create a more personalized and engaging viewing experience for customers while also respecting their privacy.

HULU Ads Tutorial 2021

In this article, we will be discussing how to create an ad inside the Hulu ad manager. We will cover the steps needed to create a successful campaign for one of our clients. We will also share tips on how to improve the performance of your campaign.

Steps to Create a Successful Hulu Ad Campaign:

1. Log in to your Hulu ad manager dashboard.

2. Create a campaign name and select the campaign date range.

3. Choose your gender and age targeting based on your product demographics.

4. Select your audience targeting based on behavior, demographics, interest, and ownership.

5. Choose your location targeting by searching for zip codes, cities, states, or DMAs.

6. Select your content genre targeting to show your ad only with specific content genres.

7. Choose your platform targeting based on mobile, living room, or computer.

8. Determine your campaign budget and set your goals by targeting a number of specific impressions.

9. Upload your video ad or select one from your ad gallery.

10. Double-check all of your information and proceed to payments.

Creating a successful Hulu ad campaign requires careful planning and targeting. By following these steps, you can create a campaign that reaches your target audience and improves the performance of your prior campaigns. Don't forget to allow three business days for Hulu to review and approve your campaign before it goes live. With these tips, you can create a successful Hulu ad campaign for your brand or business.

Honest Trailers | Every Streaming Service

In today's world, where no one wants to pay for cable anymore, streaming services have become the new norm. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which service to subscribe to. In this article, we will take a look at some of the major streaming services and what they have to offer.

1. Netflix:

- Known for their vast library of shows and movies, including original content.

- Offers a variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets.

- Allows users to leave comments on shows and movies.

2. Amazon Prime Video:

- Includes free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime membership.

- Offers a mix of acclaimed programming and absolute garbage.

- Plans to use drones for delivery.

3. Quibi:

- Focuses on short-form content designed for mobile viewing.

- Struggles to attract paying subscribers.

- Lacks engaging content.

4. Hulu:

- Offers a variety of plans, including options for live TV and premium add-ons.

- Provides a life raft for drowning cable channels.

- Targets women going through a lot right now.

5. Disney+:

- Offers a higher caliber of programming.

- Crafted to meet the precise standards of Disney.

- Relies heavily on nostalgia and upcoming MCU content.

6. Other Streaming Services:

- Includes lesser-known options like Crackle and OnlyFans.

- Shares the same account login, which can lead to problems.

With so many options to choose from, it's important to consider what each streaming service has to offer before committing to a subscription. Whether you're looking for original content, nostalgic favorites, or live TV, there's a streaming service out there for everyone.

Hulu 101 | Hulu Review - The Basics

If you haven't heard of Hulu, then you've been living under a rock. Hulu is a popular streaming service known for its great original content such as Handmaid's Tale, Casual, and Little Fires Everywhere.

Plans and Pricing:

Hulu has two plans - Basic and Premium. The Basic plan costs just $6 per month and has limited ads. The Premium plan costs $12 per month and has zero ads. Hulu also offers the option to bundle with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus for just $13 per month.


Hulu offers a variety of original content that can't be found anywhere else, such as Little Fires Everywhere and Castle Rock. Hulu also releases new episodes the day after they air on live television, making it a great option for cord-cutters. Hulu's library includes older content such as I Love Lucy and The Golden Girls, but it's not as extensive as Netflix's library.

Sports and Kids Content:

Hulu doesn't have sports, but it does have a sports genre and offers a bundle with ESPN Plus for live events and news on over 20 different sports. Hulu also has a kid profile feature, making it easy for parents to find appropriate content for their children.

Hulu is a great streaming service with affordable pricing and a variety of content options. Whether you're a fan of Hulu's original content, want to catch up on network TV shows, or need something for your kids to watch, Hulu has something for everyone. Plus, with the option to bundle with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus, it's an even better deal.

Why Streaming Services Have Ads Now (Doesn't That Miss The Point?!)

Streaming Services and the Introduction of Advertisements

- Streaming services have become incredibly popular in recent years due to the ability to consume TV and film without interruptions.

- However, companies such as Netflix and Disney+ have announced the inclusion of advertisements on their platforms.


- Disney+ and Netflix are two of the biggest streaming services in the business.

- Netflix and Disney+ are introducing commercials to double dip their revenue.

- Netflix is losing subscribers due to the increase in prices and poor quality of shows.


- The inclusion of ads goes against the initial concept of streaming services, which was to move away from cable TV.

- Adding commercials on services such as Disney+ and Netflix defeats the purpose of streaming services as a replacement for regular TV.

- Consumers will have to pay more to remove ads from their viewing experience, which may lead to them cancelling their subscriptions altogether.

- More people may turn to piracy as streaming companies get more greedy and move closer to the cable television model.

- While companies such as Netflix and Disney+ may benefit from the inclusion of advertisements, it goes against the needs of consumers and the original purpose of streaming services.

- If consumers decide to cancel their subscriptions due to the companies missing the point of their inception, it would be a failure.

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