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adblock for twitch ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Block ALL Twitch Ads in 1 Minute (2022)

this is going to be a super quick video on how to block twitch ads, and this works so good and it's so easy to do so. I had one way that I did, using um Powershell and like your command prompt, but this extension has recently been updated and this extension is working, so I'd like to make a quick video on it, so let me show you. so let's say, we go to xqc stream. we're going to get an ad. see, let's see how many we. so we have one 12 second ad. well, it's probably 15 seconds [Music], I'm gonna assume all night. then, okay, let's go to pain with only another ad you can be, and this is two. okay, so this one would be 30 seconds, okay, so let me show you something. let's go to the twitch extensions, and this one are not twitch extensions, my apologies, this is my um Opera extensions. this works on Opera and Google Chrome, whatever you want, and it's called Purple ads blocker. so it's added to Opera ADD extension. so when you add this extension in your settings, you don't have to change anything. so with the recent update, there was a few more settings that you'd have to play with, but right now you don't have to touch anything. so right here. it's on, it's ready to go. you can come in your extensions and just make sure it's enabled. so enabled, allow an incognito, you know, just in case you know you like your Incognito browsers. and let's go back to Twitch so we'll refresh T-Pain's page. so remember how we had two 30 seconds ads. you're gonna get- hey look, we're here- no ads. so another thing is, sometimes you'll have that little black circle for just a little longer and all that's doing is blocking more ads. so say they had four ads on their Channel playing. it's gonna that little black circle May spin for like five seconds because it's going through one ad, two ad, three. it's just slowly blocking each ad as it goes. so let's try shroud again. no ads right here. let's try xqc- no ads Summit. to be honest, no ads- some of the boys, so I can return them. it's called Purple ads blocker. it works beautifully and get rid of those annoying twitch ads. I hope you found this video useful and enjoy your day. I'll see you in the next one.

STOP Using Chrome: Ad-blockers Will Stop Working Soon

a lot of you are completely reliant on Chrome and chromium based browsers, and it is time to stop. [Music]. thanks to hookies for sponsoring this video, you can get 25 off Windows and office with coupon code ts25. so they've got Windows 10 Pro. I've got home. you've got Windows 11 office 2021- 2019- and this is the one I use- 2016, because it still works very well. putting in coupon code ds25, click apply and then watch these prices come down- wonderful. once you're finished, all you have to do is click on your user account up here, go to your user Center, click on my purchase orders and then you'll see everything you've purchased right there. just view Keys and codes and you can just copy and paste your key. hit start type, activate the gun activation settings, paste it in there, click on next and you will be activated. you know, I never liked how Microsoft has different prices for different people. if you're a home user, you're going to pay 10 times more than an oem Builder or a corporation or something like that, and that's why I like heading to places like cookiescom to get the OEM keys so I can pay a price that makes sense. so thanks to them for sponsoring. and now to our regularly scheduled program. chromium is an open source browser and it's the heart of most of the browsers out there on the market, like Chrome and Vivaldi and brave and Edge. they all run on chromium, which is an open source repository that is maintained by Google. Now each have their own flavor of chrome that has different features and stuff like that. some are better than others. Edge is actually much better than Google's own implementation, but at its core, Google can really control what happens with each of those browsers and I didn't realize this at first. I'm going to try to make this as simple and fast as possible, but Google is rolling out a new update to the way all of the extensions are handled and it's going to completely disrupt the way ad blocking works. there are several different artikle artikles here, but what's happening now? it's called manifest V3. the Manifest V2 was the, the development platform that was being used for all the extensions before and I'm not going to get too into it because I want to make this fast and easy to understand. but essentially, with the new version, the ad blocking platforms are having an almost impossible time making their stuff work. there are too many restrictions. essentially, with ad blocking platforms, they are not allowed to change the web page before it gets to you and that's changed a lot of how they work and there may be some workarounds and stuff like that, but it's going to be difficult and what I guess is really going to happen is a lot of those ads are going to get through on all of those platforms. so if you value your privacy, it's also going to affect, like privacy, you know, Badger and stuff like that. if you value your privacy and you also don't want to deal with a gazillion ads on every website, you need to get away from all of the Chrome based browsers. that makes me sad, because I did really like Vivaldi a lot, but they are still based on Chrome and Vivaldi. people, if you're watching, please switch over to Firefox. you can use Firefox and create your own version. I know it will be a bit of a pain, but please consider switching over to fire. here you can see like, and Edvard is toking about how difficult it's going to be to make any of their stuff work correctly and how a lot of the ads are just going to get through. and this is a- you know, a company who wants to, you know, sell. well, they give you a free version, but they also have a desktop version and stuff like that. um, you know they're working, they're for profit, but they're saying, hey, it's going to make our business very difficult to do and blocking ads is not going to be easy. the one ad blocker that is going to work is called Adblock, and a lot of people use Adblock and don't even realize that it's the evil one. Adblock Works behind the scenes with a lot of different ad Publishers to whitelist these ads so that even though you're using Adblock, they're like: okay, this one, they paid us a little bit of money, so we're going to let them through. this is a safe ad, it's okay, can go through. that one is going to work much better. so you're still going to get ads even if you have ad block. but the other ones out there, like ad guard and stuff like that ublock origin, it's not going to work as well, if it even works at all. the solution is to get Firefox. Firefox is really the only way to go and there's a few different varieties of Firefox. I, I partikularly, like Firefox, but then you also have stuff like ice dragon and there are some. this is what I like: ice dragon quite a bit and I like Firefox. it's a better experience, in my opinion, has a lot of features, but that's not what this video is about. it's just a heads up that you need to wean yourself with away from chrome and chromium. it's really easy to do. when you download Firefox and install it, it'll say: hey, do you want to import all your passwords and all your history and everything your bookmarks? your bookmark bar across the top of the page here, like you want to import all that stuff? and you can easily do it. it's seamless. and then suddenly you're on Firefox and your life is better. so, yeah, it's time to switch to Firefox. share this video with everybody out there, because we don't need, you know, our ad blocks to stop working. we don't need all the trackers to be following us all over the Internet. that's one of the big things: the cookies and The Trackers. those are going to be nearly impossible to block, and the reason is: is that is what Google's business is. they follow you all over the Internet. they need those tracking cookies so they can sell your data, because your data is worth way more than you are as a human. that's what they are after. so switch over to Firefox anyway. um, get my new album, would you. it's beautiful and euphonius and the link is in the top of the description and here's a sample: [Music] mostly focused on- like old dos, soundtracks, style stuff there. tried to limit myself to keep it as pure as possible, but there's also some Super Nintendo and some SNES stuff- Super Nintendo and SNES- oh my God- in the same video- and regular Nintendo stuff on there. so lots of different fun styles. hope it gives you a sense of nostalgia for things that you've never heard before. see you later.

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How to Block Twitch Ads (Now That Twitch Adblock is Gone)

you've been searching for a way to get rid of these ads, but you just haven't been able to find a way to do so. well, you've come to the right place. after years of searching, i finally found the way to block these ads. okay, come on, we're gonna. we're gonna do this real fast, okay, um, first things first. we're going to show you that it works okay. watch streamloads, no ads. right, you can hear soda chat, works everything. you're probably right. you refresh the stream. there's still no answer, which is nice. still on the right. okay, and now, how? okay, so, how? um, i'm gonna put all these links in the description, so don't worry. but, uh, you need, you're gonna need. you block origin. frank your faces. you need this for one of the things that we need for tamper monkey, which is another uh extension you need. and then, uh, this is the github on where i found the uh, the answers. so twitch had solutions. i just had this bookmarked this whole time because i've been like they. okay, so why you're probably here is because they removed the um twitch ad block, right, currently no public proxies. twitch ad block was taken down march 31st. and then, right here, he even says: twitch block is gone. there will be no version. sorry, i mean, if you does, twitter airboxcon will come back for in the version it existed. i currently work on multistream site that won't get a psod. i had no direct contact with twitch, nor got paid for removing the extension, so it's not going back to whatever. but that's not important. so this is a new way to do it. this is why you're here, okay, so you also need this, the. i'll put this in the description also. but, um, all you have to do here, when you know how to download the extension, you just press add to chrome and right here, all you have to do is copy this script, the whole thing. you can control a ctrl c and then you're gonna go to tamper monkey dashboard. um, i already have mine. but, uh, i can just show you how to do it. so you go, you go to the plus right here and next to install user scripts, and then you can just control a to select it all. you can delete it if you want, all right, but since it's all selected, you can just copy it. and after you do this, you can either ctrl s to save or you can press file and then save, and then it saves you. it is, twitch ad skip is the one that you want, and then you also are going to need twitch ad blocker, which is a greasy forkorg that i found because, ice, because trying to get this to work with tamper monkey, i was like, well, okay, so what? where can i download other stuff for tanner monkey? so then i just search twitch, twitch ad blocker 2, download this. you just click here and then you press install and then it should be in your tamper monkey, since it said reinstall, for me it's already here. but switch ad blocker two, and then these are just other uh things that i have for tamper monkey. you don't need auto chant, channel point claimer or local youtube downloader. i just have them already. uh, don't worry about that. um, if you do want them, i'll have those in the description also, but this just cleans up channel points for you automatikally. so you have to click in the bottom right of the twitch stream and the youtube downloader, just uh. if you go to youtube, click on a video- thanks, you're a good boy, i'm a good man. uh, you can click download video right there. but, um, you know, i mean that's just if you want it, don't worry about that. okay, so, since i already have this downloaded. i'm gonna delete one, okay, but um, it should be everything. you just need these two: the twitch adblocker 2 and the twitch ad skip. i'll just have them all in the description so that you can do that. i'm just fine. i'm glad we finally have a way to block ads again. uh, with rip twitch ad block you will be missed, but uh, and that we have another solution. thanks for watching. [Music] foreign.

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[ ✔ CHECK DESC ✔ ] Twitch AdBlock - How to block Twitch Ads [UPDATED!] (Works on All Browsers)

hey guys, it's social here and i'm back with a video today. so today i'm gonna be showing you how you can block the twitch ads, and this is the second video to my older video. this is gonna be the newer version that you can use to block the ads. i believe the older version isn't really working as well anymore. people are having sort of black screen issues and sort of that. i've been having that as well, but i found two new methods that you can use which will be able to block the ads for you. so first of all, i'm going to show you the best method that you can use to block the ads without any issues, uh, in terms of delays or anything like that. so the first thing is the purple ads blocker. so if you just go ahead, it's got poor reviews, but it does actually work. if you just go ahead and add it to chrome- i believe there might be a firefox version, i'm not sure, but just add it to your browser. and if you go up here and then go over to purple ads blocker, click on settings. you can see the options here, but actually you don't want to change any of these settings, so just keep them all the same. just leave it by default. you go over to a twitch stream. load any twitch stream. now the ads will be gone. uh, it's been working for the past couple weeks now haven't seen any ads will be installed. and be sure, if you do do this method, if you've done the things on my older video, you want to remove those settings from there as well. so forgot the options here. go to my filters, make sure you get rid of whatever's here and then, if you go to advanced settings, make sure, and you might be able to not be able to see this. so if you look here, if you go over to advanced settings and then just make sure that this is removed, make sure it looks like this, or what you can alternatively do is just click on reset to default settings and then it will go ahead and remove all of those settings for you. so, once it's installed, as i said, go to auto stream. ads will be gone. now, if this method does not work, we want to do is go ahead and remove purple ads blocker. so go over to here. go to purple ads blocker, remove from chrome and then go ahead and download the alternate ultimate player for twitch so you can go ahead and add this to chrome. i'm going to go ahead and add it and i'm going to quickly remove the purple ads blocker here to show you this. and then, if i just go over to any twitch stream here, so i'm just going to open up jake and bake live, open this up. it's going to go ahead and open up in so to get the chat. if we just uh should be able to get the chat here, hold on, oh, here we go. so just click that over there and you'll get the chat back. you won't be able to view any of the videos on the channel, anything. you have to disable the extension. but if you use this method, it will go ahead and you won't see any ads at all. um, also, if you uh, there may be a delay, i believe there might be a delay that gets added on. if you use this, you might not be able to use the um, the reduced delay option, uh, so if you use this method, there may be a delay in sort of the chat in the stream, uh, but that is the second method. so if the first method doesn't work, use this method. it will block the ads completely and, yeah, i hope you guys will enjoy your twitch experience with no ads, so i'll see you guys in the next video. you got any questions or feedback? leave it in the description outside in the comments, and i will see you guys in the next video. peace out, guys. [Music] you.

Twitch Ad Block | Block All Twitch Ads | Working

hello youtube. you're here to find out how to uh block ads on twitch. you're really annoyed that there's lots of ads on twitch now and you just want to block them. so today i'm going to show you how, with a ad block that also blocks youtube ads. uh, you just need to do a little finicky with it, i'll show you. so you're going to go to the chrome store, just google chrome store. in the chrome web store, i'm going to search u-block origin- and it should be the first one, or, if it's not the first one, the one with 25 000 reviews, that is, a 4.7 star rating. you're just going to click that and you're going to click add to chrome and then after that you're going to click on this little puzzle piece to bring up your extensions, and then you're going to go to ublock origin here, click it and you're going to click these gears in the bottom. right after this, it's going to bring you to the settings page and you're going to want to go to my filters. after you're in my filters, you're going to want to copy and paste this text i have in the description. it's going to look like this. i'll just label them one and two, because there's two. this is the first one. you're just going to paste it here and click apply changes. so copy it from the one in the description, paste it right here under my filters and hit apply changes and go back into settings. you're going to scroll down and you're going to see this section right here near the bottom that says advanced. when you're here, you're going to check this box that says i am an advanced user, because it won't be checked for you, and then click on these three gears right here. now. this menu is going to look a little bit complicated, but it's very easy, i promise. go into this description, copy the line of like the link that is under the two in the description, and you're gonna go into this menu that i have on screen and at the very bottom it'll say user resources location- unset, and they highlight that. delete it and paste the link. exactly. just copy and paste it from the description here. so don't click the link, don't open it on a browser. just copy and paste it, uh, into the bottom for user resources location and then- don't don't forget to- at the top, hit apply changes there and then you're done. you have no ads on twitch, even to people you are not subscribed to big creators like beyond the summit cs. a bunch of ads. see, i'm not subscribed- no ads. you will get no ads on any streams. uh, if you use this, the ewok origin also does block youtube ads, so automatikally. but twitch is annoying and likes to make workarounds for ad blockers, so you have to do this. uh, yeah, anyways, i hope you enjoy your new ad. free life on twitch. no one out of six thirty second unskippables. yeah, thanks, that's about it.

Best Ad Blocker for Firefox Browser

welcome back to it reviews. my name is Martin and in this video I will show you the most popular ways to block ads in Firefox and test their effectiveness in practike so that you can choose the best one for yourself. also, for each method, I will run two small tests to highlight the real blocking efficiency. the first test will be randomly selected web page with embed ads opening. for the second test, I will use the web service for checking ad blockers without using any ad blocking methods. we have a result of 36 points out of 100.. well, let's move on. [Music]. method 1: add blocker and the browser. the first and most popular method is to use and add blocking ad on in your browser add-on. this is a small program which adds new or extends existing browser functionality. large software vendors, such as Mozilla, have their own stores for add-ons by third-party developers. all updates and themes for Firefox are available in the Firefox browser add-ons section on the official website. let's use the built-in search and enter the word ad block in the search box. as you can see, there are more than 900 different ad blockers. you can sort their position in their list by rating, comments, number of users and other indicators for demonstrating this as blocking method. I will use three ad blockers: adguard, Adblock Plus and u-block. they are in the top 10 most popular ad blockers and have adapted versions for Windows, Mac OS and Android, so if you like one of them, you can use it on all your devices at the same time. let's start from Windows. come on, open Firefox and hold Ctrl, shift and a key together to open the add-ons manager. find the search bar at the top, type add block there and press enter. this list contains all ad blockers that are available for installation in Firefox, but if you are looking for a specific one, change the search query and enter, for example, ad guide, and here it is first in the list. the process of add-ons installation in Firefox is very easy. you need to click add to Firefox on the add-ons page and confirm the permission required for its work. after installation, don't forget to enable it in private mode and check its settings in the just open tab, for example, adguard. you can additionally enable an anti-fishing module, auto update filters, set up a white list and much more. now let's go to our tests. we load the first web page and see that banners have been removed, which is a good sign. now let's run the second test and we get a blocking efficiency score 84 out of 100.. okay, well, let's move to the Mac OS. the Mac OS installation process will be almost identikal. open Firefox and hold down command and a to open the add-ons manager. then add blocker name in the search box. lets you the Adblock Plus in this case. go to the add on page, install it and give the required permissions to work. a new tab was open to, but instead of settings it requested a donation. in any case, AdWords plus didn't open its settings page, and I additionally show you how to change the add-on settings in Firefox. to do this, open the add-ons manager again and go to the extensions tab. find your ad done in the list and click on the three dots next to it and add-on that appears. select settings and now you can customize Adblock Plus to suit your needs. as you can see, there are fewer options. uh, then, in Edgard, but despite this, almost 5 million users use it. according to their Firefox add-on store and our tests, the first test is passed because the Banners are hidden, and the second test gives an excellent result in 100 out of 100 working points. as for Android, due to the nature of the platform, there are very few browsers that support the installation of add-ons. therefore, to manage add-ons in Firefox for Android just like in the desktop version, open the browser, click on the three dots and select add-ons. as you can see, there are 18 editions in the list. the block ads. you can use ublock, Edward and partially ghost tree to install an add-on such as u-block. click the plus next to its batch. then is the usual Grant permissions and confirm working in private mode to configure it. wait until the add-on appears in the enabled list, click on its badge and select settings. now let's test how ads blocking Works in Firefox for Android. we open the first website. there are no banners. then we open our second site and get 100 out of 100, which is pretty good. so our tests show that browser extensions are one of the best ways to block ads in Firefox. there are hundreds of different ad blockers available in the official Firefox add-on store, now free and paid, with customizable list of filters, additional Security Options, Etc method- two internal browser tools. the next method is based on non-standard use of the built-in features of Firefox. I will not describe in detail all Firefox features as this is a topic for a separate large video. however, if you are interested, then write in the comments and I will prepare a separate review of all the features of the browser. so open your browser settings and go to the privacy and security section. let's start with the feature at the end of the list, the https only mode. this feature enables using only https connections and there's allow house and encrypted HTTP connections. we select the first work option to enable it in both private and normal modes. next, we need this: switch the do not track feature to always option. Firefox will send the signals to websites that you don't allow them to track your activity. scroll up a few more tabs and you'll see a description of enhanced racing protection, a key Firefox feature which we'll use to block ads. set the switcher to strict to complete the ad blocking setup. in this mode, Firefox will block cookies which may break some sites, especially their authorization modules. so let's open any site and click on the shield icon next to the address bar. if you notike that the site is unstable and wants to add it to enhanced tracking protection mode exclusion list, then click on the switcher and now the site will work as usual. you can manage the white list of sites on the same tab with your browser settings. just click on the manage exceptions and you will see a list of all excluded sites. accordingly, to remove a site from the list, you need to use the button right here or open it again and change the switch's state again. as the first Test shows, this method can successfully block regular ads on websites. but the second test showed that, although it raised the effectiveness of blocking only in 68 points, this does not guarantee complete protection against statik graphic ads. the main advantage of this method is that the user doesn't need to install any additional software or add-ons. all the necessary functions are already available out of the box and can be easily configured. the disadvantage of this method is that you must exclude sites from ads blockings if they break their functionality. invisibility- method 3: add block software on the device. the next way to block ads in Firefox is to install Adblock software on your device, but in this case, as will be removed in all browsers and software with internet access installed in your system, and lock software installation is the same as other software on your device. for example, here's how to install adguard in Windows 1.. as always, the first step is to find, download and run the installer too. then, if you are an advanced user, you can try to change the installation options. if not, just click install. 3. after installation, you can leave the program settings as is or use them to fine-tune adguard. as you can see, there is nothing complicated here. you just need to select the types of content which you want to block, in addition to the main list of filters. 4. as in the browser version, Adblock software Also may have additional features. for example, there are filtering level settings, whitelist, parental control module, proxy server and others. please note that all features are available now due to the fact that Edgard provides if free trial period to all new users. more details about pricing you ca.