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Add Pictures to Shopify: A Guide

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! In this video, I will be showing you how to add an image to your custom content on Shopify. It's a fairly simple process, but I haven't seen any videos on YouTube that show how to do it. So, I'm here to help you out!

Steps to Add an Image to Your Custom Content:

1. Go to the Files section in the Settings tab and upload your image.

2. Copy the link to the image.

3. Go to the Customize section and select Add Section > Custom Content.

4. Delete the Custom Text section.

5. Type in img source= followed by the link to your image.

6. To add a link to the image, type in href= followed by the link you want to add.

7. Save your changes.

Adding an image to your custom content on Shopify is a quick and easy process. By following these steps, you'll be able to add an image to your content in no time. Don't forget to share this video with others who might need help with their Shopify store. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment below!


How to Import Videos from Google Drive to Shopify

In this video, Rebecca from Readcreative shows how to import videos from Google Drive or other platforms to your Shopify store.


1. Download the photos from Google Drive and unzip them.

2. Go to Shopify home page > settings > files and upload the photos.

3. Download the product CSV file by going to products > export > all products.

4. Copy the new image URL and paste it into the correct column in the CSV file.

5. Import the CSV file by going to products > import and choose the file. Check the box to replace any current products.

6. The process is complete.


- CSV is a spreadsheet that contains all product information.

- It is best to download the photos and upload them to Shopify instead of connecting them directly from Google Drive.

- Shopify creates new URLs for images upon import.

- The CSV file may have a different name for the image source column (e.g. image URL).

- Make sure to replace any current products when importing the CSV file.

Importing videos from Google Drive to Shopify may be a daunting task, but it is the best option for stores with a lot of photos. By following the steps provided in this video, you can successfully import videos to your Shopify store.

How To Add Slideshow To A Page In Shopify | Easy for Beginners (2022)

In this article, we will learn how to add a slideshow page on your Shopify store. We will discuss two basic ways to add a new product slider or a new slideshow on your Shopify store.

Method 1: Editing code

- Go to your Shopify home page and click on online store.

- Click on actions and then click on edit code.

- Duplicate the code before editing if you are a beginner.

- Click on templates, add a new template, and leave it as it is.

- Copy and paste the slideshow section code and save it.

- Add your images and customize the slideshow.

Method 2: Using Apps

- Go to your app section and click on view more apps.

- Choose Smart BN Banner Slider or Product Image Slider Carousel.

- Install the app and follow the instructions.

- Customize and add your images to the slideshow.

Shopify is a great platform for ecommerce businesses. It offers a lot of customization and ease of use. With the above methods, you can easily add a slideshow page on your Shopify store and make it more attractive. If you face any issues, feel free to ask questions in the comments.

How To Add Photo Gallery To Shopify 2020

Welcome, everybody! My name is Marcus Tone, and in this video, I will be teaching you a simple way to add a gallery to your Shopify site. So let's get started!

Step 1: Sign up for Cycle Else's Photo Gallery Widget

- Scroll down below to the description and click on the link.

- Sign up for free using Gmail, Facebook, or normal mail.

- Once signed up, click login and find the Photo Gallery widget under applications.

Step 2: Create Your Widget

- Choose your preferred template from options like trailer products, seller photo shoots, wedding photography, or travel.

- Change the layout, content, and background color to suit your preference.

- Click Save and choose a plan based on your needs.

Step 3: Add the Gallery to Your Shopify Site

- Copy the code and add a section for custom content in Shopify.

- Delete the existing content and add a custom HTML section.

- Paste the code and adjust the size to 100.

- Voila! Your perfect photo gallery is now added to your Shopify website.

Thank you for watching this video and learning how to easily add a gallery to your Shopify site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me down below in the comments. I also recommend checking out other applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Reviews, FAQ, and Interest Feed that can be useful for you. Have a great day, and see you soon!

[2022 Free] Create CUSTOM File Upload PRODUCT OPTIONS on Shopify - Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

In this video, Andrew from Ecom Experts will guide you on how to add files to your orders in Shopify stores. This feature will allow customers to add images or files while checking out, making it easier for the store owner to handle print-on-demand orders.


1. Duplicate your theme to avoid affecting your live version.

2. Add a new template called customizable and replace the existing code with the code provided in the document.

3. Create a new section called product customizable template and paste the exact same code from the product template.

4. Look for the type is equal to submit line and add the line item property for custom pictures.

5. Publish the version online to make the changes live.

6. Change the product template to product customizable to allow customers to upload files while checking out.

7. Remove the show notification option to make the changes reflect on the cart page.

8. Customers can now upload files and images while checking out, and the store owner will receive a link to those files.

Adding a file upload feature to your Shopify store can be done easily by following the steps mentioned above. It will save time for store owners while handling print-on-demand orders, and make the process smoother for customers as well. Be sure to duplicate your theme and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any errors.

How To Bulk Upload Images To Shopify (Without Using CSV Import) | Shopify Bulk Image Upload

In this video, Jake shows how to bulk upload product images to a Shopify store using an app called Pixio. He explains the importance of having clear and up-to-date product images for customers to get a proper representation of the product before purchasing. Bulk uploading images can be a tedious process, especially if there are multiple product photos for each item.


1. Install the Pixio app from the Shopify app store and create an account.

2. Create a collection in Pixio to hold all the product photos.

3. Ensure that all products in the Shopify store have the correct SKU numbers in the inventory section.

4. Name the product photos with the SKU number in the title.

5. Upload the product photos to the Pixio collection.

6. Match the product photos to the Shopify products using the SKU number.

7. Upload the selected assets to the corresponding products.

8. Wait for the upload to complete.

9. Check that the product photos have been successfully updated in the Shopify store.

Bulk uploading product images to a Shopify store can be time-consuming, but using the Pixio app makes the process much easier. By following the simple steps outlined in the video, Shopify store owners can ensure that their product images are clear and up-to-date, providing customers with a proper representation of the products they are purchasing.

Free Shopify Tutorial DIFFERENT IMAGES FOR DESKTOP AND MOBILE 🔥 2021 | 🏆 The Shopify Hub 🏆

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to show different images based on the device being used. This is an easy file that should work for most themes and it's quick and easy.


1. Join the Econ Graduates group.

2. Click on the Files tab in the group and download the tutorial file.

3. Open the file in a text editor and copy the inline style and image options.

4. Go to your Shopify store and select the main theme.

5. Click on Actions, then Edit Code and go to Sections.

6. Click on Add New Section and name it something recognizable.

7. Paste the copied code into the new section and save it.

8. Click on Customize Theme, then Add Section and select Image with Mobile Filter.

9. Choose the mobile image and desktop image options.

10. Save and preview the changes.

With these easy steps, you can show different images on different devices for your Shopify store. Join the Econ Graduates group for more tutorials and files, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback.

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