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Address Required: Amazon Dropshipping from AliExpress

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Dropshipping is a popular way to make money on Amazon without the hassle of managing inventory. In this article, we will discuss dropshipping on Amazon from Aliexpress and whether it is a profitable venture.

Finding Profitable Products:

To start dropshipping on Amazon from Aliexpress, you need to find profitable products. Here are the steps to find profitable products on Aliexpress:

1. Go to Aliexpress and choose a category to search for products.

2. Look for products that have good ratings, are selling well, and have a low best seller rank.

3. Once you find a product, search for it on Amazon to see if it is already being sold and if it has a good selling history.

4. Check the price of the product on Aliexpress and compare it to the price on Amazon to see if there is enough profit margin.

5. Repeat the process to find more profitable products.

Dropshipping Process:

After you have found profitable products, you can start the dropshipping process. Here is how it works:

1. Create a listing on Amazon for the product.

2. When a customer buys the product, purchase it from Aliexpress.

3. Have Aliexpress ship the product directly to the customer.

4. You keep the difference between the Aliexpress price and the Amazon price as profit.

Advantages of Dropshipping:

1. No inventory management

2. Low startup cost

3. Flexibility in product selection

4. No need for a physical store

Disadvantages of Dropshipping:

1. Lower profit margin

2. Shipping time can be longer

3. No control over product quality

Dropshipping on Amazon from Aliexpress can be a profitable venture if done correctly. By finding profitable products, creating listings, and using Aliexpress as your supplier, you can make

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

- The misconception about dropshipping being dead

Benefits of Private Suppliers:

- Long shipping times and poor product quality with AliExpress

- Benefits of having a private supplier (faster shipping times, white labeling, negotiating lower prices)

How to Find Private Suppliers:

- Reaching out to suppliers that specialize in your product

- Contacting smaller suppliers

- Using an agent to connect with suppliers

- Using Auto DS to connect with top suppliers

- Messaging suppliers on Alibaba or AliExpress, but being cautious of scams and minimum order quantities

- Dropshipping is not dead, but working directly with AliExpress can cause problems

- Private suppliers are necessary for faster shipping times, better quality, and negotiating better prices

- Finding private suppliers requires caution and research, but can lead to better success in e-commerce.

How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

In this video, the author explains how to blind dropship from AliExpress and what it means. They also address the concern of customers seeing marketing material in the package and getting upset with the reseller.

How to Blindly Dropship:

- At the checkout page, leave a message for the supplier to not include any invoice or marketing material and to blindly dropship the item.

- Look for suppliers with a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million, which indicates they have experience with dropshippers.

- Message the supplier in advance to ask if they do blind dropshipping for extra assurance.

AliExpress Unboxing:

- The author demonstrates what customers receive when they order a package from AliExpress that has been blindly dropshipped.

- The author orders various items using ePacket shipping and shows that there is no advertising or marketing material on the package or inside the item.

- The author encourages viewers not to get held back by concerns like this and to find a solution instead.

Blind dropshipping from AliExpress is a simple solution to the concern of customers seeing marketing material in the package. By leaving a message for the supplier to not include any advertising and choosing a supplier with a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million, resellers can confidently sell items without worry.

Listing an Amazon Dropshipping Item from Aliexpress Step by Step | 19% Profit Margin with Unique UPC

In 2020, the focus will be on Amazon dropshipping, and if you want to learn how to do it successfully, subscribe to the channel and like the video. The team at Dunphy Amazon can manage your account and automate the process, with the cheapest done-for-you option on earth. To list an item successfully, you need six things: a UPC, a product that sells, the correct price, images, descriptions, and a title. You can purchase UPCs from nationwidebarcode.com. Snipe a successful seller on Aliexpress, add value to the listing, and create a unique product by using your own UPC. Use advanced view to add more information, and set the handling time at 20 days during Chinese New Year. The price of the plane is $37.86 with free shipping, and adding a carrying bag lowers the price. Set the price at $59.99 on Amazon, and after fees, receive $50.97.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

In this video, the speaker reveals how to dropship from China with less than 10-day shipping times without using AliExpress. The speaker discusses the benefits of using a private supplier and recommends two viable options for faster shipping times.

Benefits of Using a Private Supplier:

- Finding the best quality products at the best prices

- Helping with branding and custom packaging

- Providing consistent communication and updates on products

- Getting faster shipping times and increasing feedback scores

Supplier Recommendations:

1. CJ Dropshipping - Offers faster shipping times and lower costs compared to AliExpress. Has warehouses all around the world for local and worldwide dropshipping.

2. Source and Box - Offers competitive shipping times and has both dropshipping and wholesale products. Can source products that are not available on their website.

Tips for Getting Competitive Shipping Times:

- Always look for a 2.5 margin on any product sold

- Source upsell products from the same supplier for faster shipping times

- Use post-purchase upsell apps like ReConvert to increase average order value

Getting faster shipping times is essential for dropshipping success. Using a private supplier can help with quality control, branding, and communication. CJ Dropshipping and Source and Box are two great options for faster shipping times. Always strive for competitive shipping times and utilize upsells to increase profits.

I Tried Dropshipping on Amazon For a Week (Complete Beginner)

the reasons why people get suspended:

- Dropshipping is against Amazon's terms and services, so if they catch you doing it, they can suspend your account.

- If you're selling products that are not authentic or counterfeit, you can get suspended.

- If you're not fulfilling orders on time or if you're not providing good customer service, you can get suspended.

- If you're not meeting Amazon's performance metrics, such as having too many late shipments or cancellations, you can get suspended.

So, while dropshipping on Amazon can be a profitable business model, it's important to be aware of the risks and the potential for suspension. It's also important to have a solid plan in place for fulfilling orders and providing good customer service. And, of course, it's important to be transparent about your profits and your mistakes, as Joe Igor was in this video.

How to Place a Drop Ship Order on AliExpress 🔥 AliExpress Dropshipping Advice

How to Place a Drop Ship Order on AliExpress

In this article, we will discuss how to place a drop ship order on AliExpress for free. We will guide you through the process step by step and highlight the things you need to keep in mind while placing a drop ship order.


- Create an account on AliExpress if you haven't already.

- Find the item that the customer has bought from you.

- Add the item to your shopping cart.

- Double-check the shipping cost and select the appropriate shipping option.

- Click on Buy from this seller and proceed to the next screen.

- Enter the customer's shipping information or select a previously saved address.

- Add your payment information and leave a message asking to exclude pricing information.

- Place your order and communicate with your customer about the estimated delivery date.

Placing a drop ship order on AliExpress is a simple process that can be done for free. By following the above steps, you can ensure a hassle-free experience for both you and your customer. Remember to leave a message asking to exclude pricing information and communicate with your customer about the estimated delivery date.

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