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adoption ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Dog Adoption Ads- July 18th: Set One

hi, this is shadow and she's almost three months old. she's really nice, really sweet, playful and she's looking for a great home- she the dachshund- and a nice family. she is great with children. Humane Society in Williamson County took a hybrid little boy. he's only 10 and me now. he's a one-year rule hug and chihuahua mess- no in district yet, but he really, really, really want surprise. it was lots of love and affection. i'm sure you know lame soon. he's good with other dogs and young children. this ebony doing tricks, she can sit, bow, go down and come Williamson County Humane Society. she doesn't know a chick yet how, she loves to run and she needs a good home mix. she'll sit in your hands, unless you have a tree near her then she'll be a little storm warm, but she's 12 sweetest over brussels griffons you'll ever meet. now, if you have any good, if you have a need for Haley has a nice little hyper dog. she'd be good. this is boss and he's looking for a new home. he's really energetik and playful, as you can see. ya, he had no neck problem, so that, so had this fancy collar. yeah, he's got a really sore neck but he'll probably get over that and he's a nine-month-old poodle mix really squeeze, waiting for someone to know.

Firsts with the Arntsons | Adoption from Foster Care | Ad Council

[Music]. when Scott and I had thought about expanding our family does our kids were getting older, we knew that we wanted to do it, probably in a non-traditional way, such as through adoption or foster to adopt. we felt like our families still had room to grow. when we first met Isaiah, he was 16, going on 17, and I instantly knew that age didn't matter, that I could be his mom regardless. I just kind of knew, like this is, this is where I was meant to be. I think there's a myth that you need to have a child from infancy to really bond and have those first moments with them. the first time that he actually had his driver's permit and had made me feel pretty darn proud. I always teach my kids to drive with a manual. that always makes for interesting moments. I took the wrong turn up a hill and then I didn't know what to do, so we started kind of rolling back down, going backwards, back into traffic. I'm in the passenger seat, boom, oh, this isn't very good. and he was super calm, like even though we were in some serious danger. Isaiah's first Thanksgiving with us. we do what's called a turkey track here in Duluth is a 5k. on Thanksgiving morning, Isaiah, he told us that he was a runner and we're like: perfect, let's go do this. we run in teams. the losing team- where's the stuffed turkey hats the next year? within the first couple seconds he was gone. he pretty much finished in the top 40 out of about 3,000 people. I have won't lose to them, hopefully, when I say of first started spending weekends with us, he wouldn't leave his shoes in the entryway. he kept on doing that for several months after he moved in and I remember coming home by night I opened up the door and there were these big tennis shoes sitting right in the entryway and that's when I knew that. I say it felt like he was home and that was a pretty cool feeling. when Isaiah got accepted into college and he was able to partikipate in athletiks there, it was the proudest I think I've ever seen him. it was awful running my first college race. I was just kind of special to see. like everyone there, I really like my family come with me. it's like I just like I love it. it's fun to watch him compete. I was a track coach and it's something that I think we can relate to each other on. I have parents that I love and that's just I think that's pretty incredible. I only have one mom mode. it's not any different for Isaiah than it is for for Ashley or Deming. it was definitely nothing perfect about me as a father, but I enjoy every day of it. I've had the privilege of holding two beautiful babies in my arms and I've also had the privilege of Isaiah looking Australian eyes and saying: I want to join your family, and I can tell you that feeling is exactly the same. it is pure love you.

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2 Best Motivational and Emotional ads By LG

[Music], [Music]. [Music]. you'll need a hardening Peters, including who? [Music]? honey, come on, he said he called me. [Music] Amerika, Amerika, she, al, Emily. [Music] don't kill me, look. [Music]. [Music] along. [Music]. oh, she crazily Moraga, wanna read color. [Music]. [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Music]. [Music] halogen. [Music] screwed on. [Music] presenting ng puri care, air purifiers and water purifiers as pure as your love. [Music]. my mom, hmm, Papa Baja, don't keep us, which everyone John, [Music], named beta domani for me was very for safety - I get to fly on the Space Shuttle in America. pass some on my wrist, okay, pudgy, he had pushing your Keith leather grungy [Music]. well, might be, become. deal with a bad kid again. [Music]: the life is good, life is good. mm. lookie home, I said daily, like we really should. you're good, yes. [Music]. [Music] mrs Sharma, uh-huh, Manny, Neiman, well, hello, madam, but Gigi, hello, Marvel, TV, jaw repair, owning a sauna, Papa Sonia, very, very strong, especially my guiding star theory, papa or Mary sapna core and any money. I love you. [Music], [Music], [Music]. [Music], cello's and looky hum. I said Tilly, like we really should.

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Shan International Thematic 2022 | #DifferentYetTogether

here we are. come on in. [Music]. this is your new home mirror. can i take your coat? i'll just put these: [Music]. [Music], foreign. [Music]. i'd like you to meet my parents, your grandparents. they've been really excited. [Music]. would you like to see your bedroom? [Music] [Applause] mirror. [Music]. she thinks you'll like it. [Music]: hi, would you like to try some [Music]? [Music], favorite, say: [Music].

Innovative ad-tech startup used top down brand adoption to grow - Advocado

Hello guys, today on our podcast we have Jeff and Brian from Advocado, an amazing name that's bridging the gap between the digital TV marketing and paid ads. so, guys, tell us, what do you? you guys do What's Advocado? Sure, so What we are? we really get a good job, right same what we did, coz it's pretty simple In that we transform traditional television advertising into a real time getting trigger so that your search ads are at the top exactly when somebody's most likely to search, say when your TV ads running on a network. That's awesome. so that sounds- you said it pretty, as it's an easy problem to solve. but how do you actually do that? How do you bridge somebody watching TV and somebody looking on the phone for that same ad that just showed up? Sure, so we have a Pad, tiknology- that is actually laid into a TV ad. so within, and we have a network of computers that are watching TV for that partikular watermark and when they pick up, the watermark is on TV. it sends our system of trigger and it tells us which ad is running, on what station, what market, and we know exactly which peaks are created. and then we can turn around and, in real time, tok to Google, find out what the first position bid is for all the keywords that our client cares about at that very moment, make a bid adjustments to them by keyword. so by the time you have a chance to go- oh, that was pretty interesting, I think I'll pick up my phone and search for something. we've actually made sure that our client owns a share of voice in the search, in search for that partikular market at that very moment. That's prefect. so you're pretty much driving the cost and click-through rates, which ultimately drives a better conversion. so that's the main problem that you're actually solving, right Exactly, there are really two kinds of things that we're solving. one is the fact that over the last couple of years has been a big battle between digital and traditional advertising medium. where do you put your money? We think the answer is it's still both right. Traditional gets scale, digital gets precision, but no one's really been able to take advantage of it. So one is: we're capturing intent that folks like Google have identified for a decade that when people are watching TV. they just did a report and a hundred percent of the brand study saw an increase in search activity immediately during and after a TV ad. So this is known, but people can't take advantage of it. so our platform makes it possible for advertisers to actually be there, whether it's locally in a TV market or with the cable system, even down to the neighborhood level, when somebody's most likely to search. Perfect, let me just do one check. I usually cut the section off. is it still on, right? Yes, yep, still good. Yes, Alright. so, guys, tell me a little bit about the company. what's they join you in? Yes, so we have been working on the project for about two years. we did our first kind of Minimum Viable Product test back in 2017 really to establish, you know, is it gonna work? is it gonna have the impact we thought it would? the results astounded us in a positive way. so we spent most of 2018 actually building out the platform because we wanted to launch it. we wanted to do so in across the entire US, and also we want to make sure that the platform itself fits scale quickly. we knew we'd be dealing with a lot of advertisers doing a lot of search volume, and so we wanted to have that scale on day one. so we launched in September out of beta and we've gained some really really significant traction, both on the revenue front but as well as on the kind of recognition front, How many brands have you been working with so far? So, multiple brands. so, in terms of specific clients, I think we've worked with about 10 or 12. if we go back, we had some seasonal folks, we did some politikal in health care last year and now we have some more consistent. but one of the biggest surprises- and it's great for startup- is our channel partners. so now we have agencies that want to work with us so that they can bring it to all their customers, right. so one relationship, multiple customers. we have TV station owners, large ownership groups that you'd be familiar with right- that want to use us to create new types of ad units that are coordinated ad units between broadcast and search, as well as things like cable systems. That's awesome. Well, that's a big challenge for every started company is they wonder how the heck I'm gonna have my first clients. Hundred channels, definitely one of those lead generation that's without a sales team, sort of Yep. they're working. so how did you gonna get through to these partner channels? any tips and advice you gonna share? Yeah, interestingly. so our original strategy was to go after predominantly agencies first, as channel partners. We fairly quickly realized that it was going to be a difficult road to convince an agency to take the flyer on a new product and really solving a problem that it'll be a manipulative solve before. They weren't willing to put their client relationship on the line for that. So we actually switched our approach and started going directly after the brand's themselves and once we get a brand, then we would end up working with their agency. when we were working with that brand, they would see the results and then all of a sudden, they wanted to take this to the rest of their, of their clients, So that with the brands, you get to the agency. Exactly, we actually pulled it. pulled it through the brands rather than going directly to the agencies, because you know the agencies are okay, that's great, but you know where's my motivation to put my neck on the line? Yeah, sure, And so it worked out really well. There's one more thing it's okay I want to share and I think, because you're toking to startups, right, that are trying to figure out how to get there, We also did some things where we just swing for the fences, right. so January, right, Superbowl, biggest advertising day of the year. We had a goal, right. so here we are. we launched in September- so we're three and a half months out of launch and we said we wanted the Superbowl advertiser And we sent a blind message to the head of innovation at avocados from Mexico. Obviously, we had some affinity and they they took us up on it. So we powered their Superbowl ad and created some amazing data and so things like that. So did you kind of burn your prize or just still, I want to pilot with you. Well, this was a one day, so we will tok about it. We'd literally we said we're gonna willing to offer the suit for one day for free, because the PR value of having that being the first activated Superbowl ad was huge for it and we ended up getting a lot of press pickups because of it And actually a couple of agency partners who worked with Advocados from Mexico have since brought us in to tok to other clients. That's fantastik. I mean, this is one thing to preach: our early stage clients - who are trying to get their first clients- is to build that kind of referral- not a referral but a lot more of case study. Exactly, You're doing it by going in with some brands and even tell them that we're not gonna charge you for this. Yes, I just opted and help you. I'm gonna bring you value, yeah, and build some metrics around like: are we gonna do a lift in CTR? we gonna do an increase in potential conversion? right, So these are some awesome ways to get in. Yeah, partikularly in the ad tik space, right, because there's a lot of fluff, a lot of promises that are fairly empty. Yeah, in the ad tik space. and so actually, one of our core values is facts over fancy, because we lead with facts, we lead with case studies And you know what, if it doesn't work, great, then you know it doesn't work and we're not the right fit for you, but we always put the data out there and let the data speak for yourself And for these kind of pilots. I think one of the key messages to the startups so is to make sure you don't undervalue what you're.

REACTING TO PARROT CRAIGSLIST ADS! *how do I adopt them all*

hey, feather fam, and welcome back to live laugh birds where we live and laugh with birds that have flown away. so today i'm going to be reacting to some craigslist ads, and if you don't know what craigslist is, craigslist is basically a site where people can list things for sale and a lot of people use it to re-home their pets, including birds. a lot of these parrots on craigslist are in pretty bad conditions because the people didn't know what they were getting into before they got them. if you don't have a bird rescue near you but you still want to adopt a parrot, then going to craigslist can be a great way to find birds that need homes. and unfortunately, a lot of the birds you'll see on craigslist are small parrots, such as budgies, especially because budgies are so cheap, they're so easily impulse bought and a lot of people just get them and then can't take care of them. so now i'm going to go ahead and search craigslist and look for some bird ads. so the first one here says cockatiel for sale 150. it says they have 12 cockatiels. i'm guessing this is probably a breeder. that cockatiel is adorable, hanging upside down. it's really rare to see a cockatiel that does that. so it looks like all of these cockatiels are in one cage and it looks really crowded in there, even though the cage is a pretty good size. but you can't have 12 cockatiels in that size cage and it looks like there's only two dowel perches in the cage. dowel perches are really not good for bird's feet and to me it looks like i can't see the entire cage, but it looks like there's only these plastik balls and that disco ball as toys and there are no shredding toys in this cage. oh my god, these poor cockatiels. it looks like that water is literally green, like i don't think they've changed that water. it looks like there's bacteria growing in there. that is just disgusting. here you can see that one of the cockatiels is clearly a feather plucker. there's a really disgusting looking nest box at the bottom of the cage. i have no idea if they're using it or not, but look at the bottom of that cage. that is absolutely filthy. it looks like they have not cleaned that cage in forever. now you can see at the bottom of the cage there's this kind of bowl or pot, and i really hope that's not a food bowl, because you can see it's literally covered in poop. that is disgusting. there are 12 cockatiels living in this filthy small cage. so next we have an ad for a cage and it says: bird cage complete. if you can look at this cage, it is absolutely way too small for any type of bird and it literally comes with no good supplies. the only thing it comes with are these two plastik perches, plastik food bowls and no toys. so it is nowhere near complete. so, if you don't know, plastik perches are terrible for your bird's feet, even worse than dowel perches, because they're completely smooth and slippery and they have no grip to them and birds can get arthritis, sores, bumblefoot infections. it says: birdcage complete. will fit parakeet, canary or finch. um, yes, that is true that a parakeet canary or finch could fit physically in that cage, but i could fit in a closet. does that mean i want to live in a closet? no, it says that the dimensions are 17.5 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide and 10 inches deep. now, the only purpose for this cage that you could use it for is a travel cage. that should never be any bird's cage. the only thing good about this ad is that there's no bird in that cage. so the next one just says: bird, just bird. that's all you need in life. birds [Music]. i have five bird for sale- cocktail 140 each. they're clearly cockatiels from what i see. i don't really see the size of the cage, but it looks like they're all kind of crowded in one corner and they're all sitting on a dowel perch. they also have this plastik water tube instead of a bowl, which those grow a lot of bacteria. small bird cage for 15 cajun. good condition, good for small birds like parakeets and finches. no, this cage is not good for any bird. beautiful parakeets starting at 20. now, as you can see here, there are tons and tons of birds crowded into this one tiny cage. and this is what i mean by budgies being viewed as disposable a lot of times. they're very cheap, they're very easy to breed, so people breed them in mass quantities and sell them for cheap prices, and they're only sitting on this one dowel perch. i don't even know if there's multiple perches in this cage, because it looks like this cage is so crowded that a lot of these birds are just hanging onto the side because they don't even have room on the perch. this is a very sad situation and no birds should have to live like this. so the next one here is a quaker parrot and i absolutely love quakers. now i don't see the entire cage, but this cage looks really really small from what i see and again, there's only one dowel perch. it looks like this is a trend here. there are so many dowel perches here. there are no visible toys in this cage and the food bowl right on the bottom of the cage looks like it's filled with only seeds. it also looks like mixed into those seeds maybe there's like some colored pellets, but i can't really tell. both of those are really bad for your bird. you should not be feeding your bird a seed diet and you shouldn't be feeding your bird colored fruit pellets because those are so high in sugar. seeds are extremely high in fat and can cause fatty liver disease. now, if you look at the description, this is something that took me a while to notike. but right at the bottom here it says possible trade for other bird. now why are you giving up your bird if you're going to trade it for another bird? that is just treating them like disposable objects, like you're trading pokemon cards, like you shouldn't be trading your birds. if you can't take good care of your bird and you're needing to re-home them, why would you ever get another one teamed cocktails and lovebirds for sale for a hundred dollars. i am not a legal drinking age. stop trying to sell me cocktails. what's with the cocktails? they're duckies. now i can't see the cages, but it looks like all of these birds have really severe wing clips. on this one cockatiel, it looks like one wing is a lot shorter than the other and it looks like they cut through the secondary flight feathers. now, i'm against wing clipping in general, but if you're going to clip your bird's wings, it's really not good to have one wing longer than the other, because birds need their feathers to be symmetrical in order for them to be able to balance. when one wing is shorter than the other, when they actually jump off of a high surface and attempt to fly, they're going to spiral to the ground and fall really heavily and crash and they can severely injure themselves. this is a really dangerous wing clip, especially when the feathers are so short. so next we have an adorable english budgie and a kakariki. now kakariki's are so adorable and i love that. these birds are at least tame and they come out of the cage. but look at this wing clip again. this kakuriki has a really bad wing clip. it looks like what they did was they left a few of the primary flight feathers, but then they cut all the way down the wing and they clipped all the secondary flight feathers, which you should never do now. here you can see the cage, and again it looks like a really small cage, and i can't see a single toy in here. it is so important for birds to have toys to keep them occupied. you can't be expected to just live in a room with nothing to do, like you just go crazy. and the only perch i see is this one white perch, and it looks like either a sand perch or a plastik perch. i can't really tell which, but both of those are not good for your bird's feet. sand perches irritate the bottom of your bird's feet because you're basically having your bird walk on sandpaper, which is really irritating and abrasive. these birds are absolutely adorable and they look like they're bonded, so i just really hope they go to a good home. next one: here is an ad for a medium bird cage. guys, this is not medium, this is a.