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Adrian Morrison's Tiered Dropship Template

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey there, it's Sara from HealthOut, and today we are going to give you proven tactics on scaling from 0 to 10,000 within 30 days using Facebook Ads. We will be joined by Adrian Morrison, who has had incredible results with Facebook and recently went from zero dollars to ten thousand dollars in sales in less than a week for the launch of one of his Facebook ad campaigns.

Tactic 1: Use Facebook's automation tools to create a super high converting campaign

- Create two or three different variations of your ads

- Run these creatives on a small, very low-risk $5.00 per day budget

- Utilize Facebook's campaign budget optimization

Tactic 2: Use emotions to create huge click-through rates for your Facebook ad campaigns

- Sell emotions, not features

- Humor and curiosity are two effective emotions to use

Tactic 3: Optimize your ad and sales funnels

- Duplicate your winning ad and run it on other networks

- Sell people different products on the backend

- Increase your conversions by creating a high-converting landing page

Choosing a scalable and popular product is crucial for a successful Facebook ad campaign.

- Go for products that have a big yet highly passionate fan base

- Create a dummy ad to see if you can reach 100,000 passionate fans

By implementing these tactics, you can scale your Facebook ad campaign and make over ten thousand dollars a month. Remember to trust Facebook's incredible algorithm, sell emotions, and optimize your ad and sales funnels. Choose a popular and scalable product, and don't forget to create a high-converting landing page.

100 New Updates To Shopify?!

Hey everyone, it's Adrian Morrison here, and I'm excited to welcome you to tonight's Prophet Power Hour. We have some great things to cover, and I want to make sure you all can see my screen, so please type a one in the chat box if you can. While we wait for everyone to join, I'll go over some important links and recommendations.

Bullet Points/Numbered List:

- Use Shopify's 14-day free trial through my partner link for exclusive gifts

- Check out my recommended vendors, including Pillow Profits, Shine On, Zen Drop, and CJ Dropshipping

- Don't overload your store with apps that don't work together

- Automate and optimize your sales page for maximum effectiveness

- Focus on the macro and avoid majoring in the minors

- Use a flash sale button in your menu to increase average order value

- Focus on sales copy, the buy button, and visual images to appeal to customers

By following these tips, you can create an optimized sales page that appeals to customers and boosts your e-commerce success. Don't get bogged down in the

3 Steps To Success With Shopify

Hey everyone, it's Adrian Morrison here and I am excited to welcome you to the Profit Power Hour. In this webinar, we will be talking about both e-commerce and affiliate marketing, which are great ways to potentially achieve success online. Our goal is to teach you new ways to potentially generate income online and grow your business.


- We are currently doing a split test teaching both e-commerce and affiliate marketing

- These are free webinars that are designed to teach you new ways to potentially achieve success online

- Our main focus is on e-commerce, but we also teach affiliate marketing as a side hustle

- We have a Facebook group called the Profit Power Hour, which is a great resource for motivation, support, and research

- We also have a free business funnel for affiliate marketing that you can access through the password ERC2022

Types of E-Commerce Stores:

- General Stores: These stores have a wide

I WASTED $100K on course "gurus"... here's what I learned.

- Investing in courses and coaching can be overwhelming and expensive.

- Many courses promise passive income and quick success, but it's hard to know what to trust.

- The author has spent over 100k on courses and coaching and has learned valuable lessons from their mistakes.

Lessons Learned:

- Only invest in courses and coaching that offer specific skills and systems that can save time and accelerate growth.

- Don't be swayed by manipulative sales tactics or promises of easy success.

- Research the person or company offering the course or coaching and look for genuine results and a supportive community.

- Don't expect to get rich quick - building a successful business takes hard work and dedication.

Examples of Courses and Coaching:

- Instagram Growth and Monetization

- Some Oven's Course Accelerator

- Funnel Hacking Secrets

- E-Commerce Empire Academy

- Niklas Text Motion Graphics

- Knowledge Broker Blueprint

- Funnel Scripts

- Funnel Like A Live

- 10x Growth Con

- Be intentional with your investments in courses and coaching.

- Look for specific skills and systems that can accelerate growth.

- Research the person or company offering the course or coaching and look for genuine results and a supportive community.

- Don't expect to get rich quick - building a successful business takes hard work and dedication.

Authentic or Charlatan: Anthony Morrison and Adrian Morrison

Anthony Morrison is a successful internet marketer who sells digital info products. While he is transparent with his online business, he is more interested in making money by teaching others how to make money online than starting a real business.

Value Taking:

Anthony Morrison profits from buying domain names that new business owners need and then upcharging them, and he also profits from MLM schemes that use deception to convince people to become their own business owners.

Unethical Practices:

Anthony Morrison sells courses to people who are not ready for the information, and he uses emotional hype to sell more and more products. Most people never actually build anything and never see any real profit.

While Anthony Morrison is successful in his business, it is important to be aware of his tactics and not fall for his emotional hype. The true purpose of entrepreneurship is to provide value to the marketplace, and we should strive to do so in an ethical and transparent manner.

[LIVE DEMO] How To Launch a "Dialed" FB AD!

Building a Winning Facebook Ad Campaign: Launching Your Product with Confidence

Adrian Morrison welcomes everyone to the webinar, introduces the product they will be launching, and explains the importance of social media for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

1. Building Your Online Presence:

Adrian highlights the importance of building a social media presence on all platforms and recommends his own Shopify apps for increasing conversion rates.

2. Launch Plan:

Adrian outlines the launch plan, including finding the niche, building the audience, launching ads, email marketing, optimizing, and scaling.

3. Identifying Your Target Audience:

Adrian explains how they identified their target audience, including dog rescue groups, influencer dogs, subscription services for dog products, magazines, and dog websites.

4. Launching Ads:

Adrian discusses how to launch ads using the AIDA formula and presents four different ad variations to test.

5. Facebook Campaign:

Adrian explains how they set up their Facebook campaign using CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) and shows the profit margins for their product.

Adrian introduces Roger, their media buyer

Pre-Holiday Promo Plan Revealed

Hey everyone, it's Adrian Morrison here, coming to you from the hospital where my wife is in labor. Baby Drake is on his way and expected to arrive tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I won't be able to do our usual Profit Power Hour webinar tonight, but I still wanted to provide some valuable training for you all.

As we head into the holiday season, it's important to have a plan for your business. Here are some tips and strategies:

- As the holiday season approaches, it's important to have a plan for your business.

- There are two types of vendors to consider: China dropship vendors and US dropship vendors.

- While China vendors may offer higher profit margins, they may not be able to guarantee fast shipping times during the holiday rush.


1. Use US dropship vendors, such as Zen Drop, Shine On, Printful, and T-Launch. These vendors may offer slightly lower profit margins, but they can guarantee faster shipping times for your customers.

2. If using China dropship vendors, be honest with your customers about shipping times and set appropriate expectations. Consider adding a holiday cut-off date to product pages to let customers know if an item will not arrive before Christmas.

- The holiday season is a lucrative time for e-commerce businesses, but it's important to have a plan in place.

- Consider using US dropship vendors for faster shipping times, or be honest with customers about shipping times if using China vendors.

- Remember to set appropriate expectations for your customers to avoid refunds and negative reviews.

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